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Risk and Reward

Pairing:Barista!Lin x Reader

Requested?: Nope! It just came to my head one day and I ran with it.

Summary: You stop by a café to grab coffee on your way to work, said café also has a really cute barista.

Words: 5k+

Part One | Part Two

A/N: Well here we are. I had this idea for a real long time but it just never came together. Now I have gotten my shit together (thanks Ale and Kate) and I think I can start this series! Shoutout to Taryn for being a huge inspiration behind this series. Work Comes Home was the reason this idea even became an actual fic and not a passing thought. I really hope you guys like it!

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You quickly entered the coffee shop, shuffling up to the counter with a panicked expression. Your bus was coming soon and you were running late for your first day at a new job.

“Hi, can I have two medium iced caramel lattes?” You rushed out, already opening your wallet to find your debit card. You got it out and held it towards the barista who was just staring back at you.

“Is there something on my face?” You asked, running your hand over your cheek.

The dark-haired man seemed to snap out of whatever daze he was in, blinking rapidly as he straightened his posture.

“Oh! No, no I’m sorry ma’am. I, uh, I…” He struggled to finish his sentence and you giggled lightly, he was sort of cute.

“It’s okay. I space out too,” you paused to look at his nametag, “Lin.” You finished, holding out your debit card once again.

He nodded, taking your card and looking at the screen in front of him and pausing.

“…I’m sorry what did you order again?” Lin smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

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On a High

Request; Hi I was wondering if you could write a Troy Otto smut based off when he and nick are high? Maybe the reader was the one who gives them the ‘goods’? If you’re not comfortable writing this, that’s totally fine. Thanks! 
Word Count; 2.5K
Troy Otto x Reader
Warnings; just plain troy filth
A/N; I finally got around to this one, yay! I hope you guys like it! (Ps I’m starting a forever tag so if you want to be on the please let me know!) I’ll have some more teen wolf stuff come out soon guys, all my requests have just been FTWD lately. 


You were in no way unfamiliar with the inner workings of the outpost. Specifically, the slaughter yard, now functioning as a drug den. You were there every night as your father served up the “goods” to keen buyers. The trades kept you both safe, so you never worried too much about the dangers of some of the drugs. Some were mere placebos, which unknowing buyers always seemed to enjoy. You would laugh every time your father served them, far in your corner of the room, curled up on a couch away from the twitching addicts. Others were the usual drugs; cocaine, marijuana, fairly easy to come by. The rarer stuff was what scared you a bit, the odd glands, and the substances that had been toyed with for an extra kick. You sometimes tested the safer drugs, but you knew in your gut that he heavier stuff was not for you.

Tonight seemed no different as you sat in your corner, eyeing off a man mumbling to himself 10 feet away from you. You almost hadn’t noticed the two drunk boys stumble in through the door. One walking with a cocky swagger as he approached your father at the counter, the other hanging back cautiously, obviously uncomfortable. You couldn’t help but stare at him.

He was ruggedly handsome, the scruff on his face hiding a glass cutting jaw, his eyes a sparkling blue, the whites slightly red due to his half intoxicated state. He was the most beautiful man you had seen in a long time, and a refreshing change from the old, hairy men you had been used to here.

You could not hear what they were asking your father, but as soon as he reached for the glands you felt a heavy sense of concern flood your stomach. The first one ate his almost too eagerly, and you wondered if perhaps he was a little too familiar with the oddity. The other was reluctant, but under pressure, he swallowed his quickly, his face scrunching up at the flavour.

You knew that those glands were dangerous, you had seen bad things happen to people on them. Tugging at the back of your brain was a desire to follow the boys as they left, wanting to ensure their safety, particularly the one you had admired. You climbed from your spot as your father called out to you, asking you to be careful as you left the den. You waved a goodbye in response before climbing the stairs after the two gentlemen.

You hung back curiously throughout the night, watching them on their endeavours, eyeing out for dangers as they walked carelessly throughout the crowds, stumbling aimlessly. It wasn’t until you got caught behind a group of rowdy men that you lost them. With a huff, you turned around, walking back to your quarters in disappointment.

There was something about that boy that filled you with intrigue. You wanted to see him again, to talk to him, but seemingly, he slipped away. With a sigh, you turned the corner to your hallway, bumping into a solid figure. Before you could fall to the floor, two strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you back to your feet.

‘I’m so sorry.’ He spoke, the figures voice rough, yet somehow tender. Your eyes flickered up to discover the face of none other than your mystery man.

‘It’s alright,’ you smiled, pulling away softly as his arms loosened around your body, ‘I’m sure it was my fault.’ In stepping back, you were able to fully see the man in front of you, slightly coated in blood. He noticed the look of anxiety spread on your face as you looked down to see your own clothes now stained.

‘It’s just walker blood.’ He promised, putting his hands up in surrender with a smirk on his face. You hadn’t notice that your face was strained until you let go with a sigh and a laugh.

‘I guess we should clean up then.’ You laughed, gesturing to your own clothes. ‘Don’t want anyone else getting the wrong idea….’ You realised that you had not yet learnt his name, quirking an eyebrow at him to hint so.

‘Troy.’ He replied, extending his hand shakily, he obviously was still on his high. You took it with a grin, enjoying the warmth of his skin, his calloused fingers brushing against yours as he pulled away.

‘Troy.’ You smiled, the name was fitting. ‘I’m y/n. We can clean up in my room.’

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Kari’s RPF Song Challenge

This challenge is done in support of @wayward-mirage RPF Appreciation Day 2017, there for all fics MUST be posted to tumblr ON AUGUST 12th! No extensions! You can’t post before the day either. You have to post ON the day. Don’t worry about timezone.

I will make a masterlist a few days after - so the link to your fic has to be in this doc by August 13th (again no worries about timezone) if you want it included on the masterlist! Sooner is okay of course!

You can write for any actor, singer, fandom you like BUT I only reblog and read fics for these people - even if I don’t read them I will add them to the masterlist of course!

Marvel: Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan.

Game of Thrones: Kit Harington

Supernatural: Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Padalecki, Danneel Ackles (not on the show but to me she is part of this fandom), Gil McKinney, Jeff Dean Morgan.  



You need to pick a song off the list. You claim it by putting your URL and choice of pairing beneath it in this google doc. An example will be given in the doc. The link and title part you leave blank until you posted it - Only fics with a title and link in the doc before the 14th will make it onto my masterlist.

2 people allowed per song.

You can sign up twice but not for the same fandom. So if you signed up for Sebastian Stan (Marvel) you can’t do another song for Chris Evans (Marvel, but Jensen Ackles (SPN) would be fine.


You gotta tag me staring it is for “Kari’s RPF Song Challenge” in you A/N as well as use the tags RPF Appreciation Day 2017 and Kari’s RPF Song Challenge somewhere in the first 5 tags when you post.

You can write smut, fluff, angst - everything in between. Just use the probber warnings if needed. AUs are welcome too. 

It can be anywhere between 500 and 5k words. It can be a one shot or the start of a new series. Don’t throw it into the middle of an ongoing series since I plan on reading and have no time to read up on 10 30 chapter series to understand it.

The song can’t just play in the background. You have to use the lyrics to set the mood or have someone say the actual lyrics. You don’t have to write the lyrics onto the fic but use them somehow. You can used another version of the song - just make a note of it in the doc. 

You don’t have to send me an ask to join. As soon as your url and a pairing is written by a fic it is yours. You don’t have to follow me but it would be nice if you did.

Have fun! And be respectful to the people whose names you are using to create your fic.  

Link to doc just in case: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PbrIPrCE539tUfD4iC4nO8PnsHitBopHrBdvhvQO9v4/edit?usp=sharing

List of songs and tags for signal boost under the cut

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Look at that baby pokemon I hatched earlier from a baby egg!!!

@justyouweight tagged me to do an sds and I was only going to post the other two pictures but then I was tagged and couldn’t pass this up.

So lately my steps have been on the low, like 5k… today I decided to go outside and mow the lawn in this nasty hot weather and lots of that later, I reached my step goal. Cool.

But seriously, look at that baby pokemon!

Im about to hit the shower because I stink and my body does this thing after a big workout that it should stink and I always feel like I’m the only one that stinks and not everyone else around me when they ran like longer than me.

That’s just me.

I now tag… the beautiful people that are in this challenge that’s starting soon.

The #fitblrsummergames

Sds away!

oo we should all talk about our WIPs though. here’s mine

- admiral emma / ghost milah / the dreamshade mission was from snow & charming AU. glorious taco hat art has been provided by @queen-mabs-revenge. i’m already ehhh 25K into it?

- bartender killian / family law trial attorney emma AU. (because there aren’t enough of those.) just started, less than 1K

- killian having vivid nightmares about the underworld while living on the JR with belle, doesn’t get resolved until he moves in with emma. (mainly because i want to write some straight-up whump with some fluff at the end.) same deal, just started it

- charming goes through the portal and raises smol emma alone, deviation from canon timeline AU. already 5K in. gotta remember to tag @teamhook ;-)

i also have Big Ideas for

- milah first joining the crew of the jolly roger and learning about sailing from killian. slowburn with lots of sexual tension, since i don’t think they started sleeping together for awhile…. but then when they did it was CRAZY HOT

- a series of Captain Charming Hamilton/Garrow’s Law AU oneshots, because i am trash for 18th-century lawyers (and hook is SUCH an aaron burr)

- dark swan/deckhand hook as lawyers or (better yet) a prosecutor and her loyal detective lapdog, a la franziska von karma and dick gumshoe. 100% crack. 100% dedicated to @ripplestitchskein

tagged by @darknessfactor​ JUST in the nick of time, i was about to start working so thank you for saving me

1) How many works in progress do you currently have in progress?
i have four that have hit the 5k mark and are not very close to being done, and another half-dozen that have a few paragraphs and some notes. that sort of counts; they definitely are taking up mental space.

2) Do you/would you write fanfiction?

3) Do you prefer paper books or ebooks?
depends on what the book is. i have a hard time reading nonfiction in ebook form, but if it’s YA or romance or a mystery then i prefer to read the ebook.

4) When did you start writing?
when i could hold a pencil, i guess? i was writing bad self-insert RPF by 1992, although i would not have known to call it that. at some point i switched from that kind of thing to journalism, and then for many years was convinced that I Cannot Write Fiction Only Truth Will Do but someone talked me out of that nonsense and now i have a much more flexible relationship with “truth” and also “writing”

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?
like, my unfinished work? it’s not really one particular person. i’m lucky enough to have a number of people willing to read my work and help me make it better (that’s my main thing – can i trust you to tell me it sucks?), and so i try not to burden any particular one of them unduly by making them read 40,000 words about a band that broke up years ago if i think they’re not interested.  

6) Where is your favorite place to write?
this has yet to be determined. for a while i was doing pretty well writing on the train but then i made some bad train choices and was suffering for my art more than i wanted to be and now i just try to buckle down wherever i happen to be

7) Favorite childhood book?
this is not actually a question i can answer!

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?
fun. i have An Original Novel that i actually like but it’s not finished and i’m not sure it ever will be.

9) Pen and paper or computer?
computer until i get stuck, and then i switch

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?
i have a master’s degree in journalism, so…. yes? but i’m not sure that’s what is meant here by writing classes. i have never taken a creative writing class in my life. i’ve never even taken a college-level english class. 

11) What inspires you to write?
i have absolutely no idea. often i have a quick visual in my head of something and i end up writing a whole story so i can make it happen – many of my stories have been written like this. sometimes someone asks me a question and i’m bad at meta so i write a fic. sometimes i write in reaction to canon – it pissed me off, or made me sad, or whatever, and i write something to deal with my feelings. this never works, so i’m not sure why i keep doing it, but here we are!

tagging: anyone who wants to do this meme!


Hi, well I’m Alex and I’m from a tiny little town in the north of England and somehow I have managed to interest just over 5,000 people to check out my blog and even impress them enough to follow me. It’s quite a surreal feeling, I was at a convention last week and there were 10,000 attendees and it’s absolutely mind blowing to imagine that I have half that amount of people are currently following me.

I really just wanted to say thank you to you reading this. Even if you’re not a follower you’re still interested in me more than I could ever ask you to be. Just thank you for reading this, thank you if you’re a follower, thank you if you’ve ever messaged me or tagged me in something. Basically just thank YOU for being you and for being in a tiny bit interested in me.

It’s pretty crazy to think that I started this blog just over a year ago and here I am… 5k… I just can’t quite wrap my head around it. I’ve always tried so hard to be lovely to everyone who messages me because they are spending their precious time on me and that’s something, I’ve come to learn, is very very special. You only get one life and, hopefully, you are allowed to spend it however you’d like and the fact that anyone, especially someone I’ve never met in real life, wants to spend that time on me is just wonderful and makes me feel very very lucky. I guess that’s the only word I could use to explain how I feel. People message me and ask me how to get followers but I never particularly try… I just do my thing and I’m lucky enough that people like the things I do make. Having people appreciate your work is both wonderful and terrifying but in all is very important. As an aspiring artist it’s lovely to receive feedback on anything I create and it’s wonderful that generally the feedback is positive.

Anyway, enough about me, I want to give some very important people some appreciation because my blog wouldn’t be what it is without these blogs:


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tachibanamakoto, teraqua, terras-terrable-trousers, thanknamine, tiduspoo, twilightown, ufwhoa, ui-peace, wayfinderventus, yoshiohka, youarewonderfilled

I really hope I got everyone but if I didn’t I’m super sorry ♥

anonymous asked:

how about you stop bitching and just finish your fanfiction lmao

How about you go and fuck yourself with a cactus?

I am so fucking tired of getting this kind of attitude from people who don’t write fanfiction. 

“Oh, can’t you just update?” 

“Oh, just finish it!”

“Writing fanfiction can’t be THAT hard!”

“You have to finish what you started!”

I have news for you, anon, so listen well. Writing fanfiction is the most unrewarding, unappreciated contribution that anyone can make to a fucking fandom. You put hours upon hours into a 5K+ fanfic, or even a chapter for a larger work, and what do you get?

30 notes? Maybe more if you’re lucky or popular. And 90% of those notes will be likes. For every ten of those notes, you’ll get one reblog. And half those reblogs will have this thing you put hours of effort into tagged as “read later”. Meaning they didn’t even read it, so god knows what they actually thing about all your hard work.

Quality fanfiction writers put just as much effort into their works as artists do, but artists (for the most part) get immediate gratification for what they do. You see a cute fanart on your dashboard? You like and reblog it without thinking because, hey, who doesn’t want to see fanart, amirite? With fanfiction, you don’t get that fucking luxury. People have to go out of their way to read it. And for some reason, people hate reblogging fanfiction. 

Likes get you absolutely fucking nowhere. In fact, I find it to be the most discouraging thing possible when someone likes it and doesn't reblog it. To me, that says “Ah yeah this is cool but it’s not good enough to share with others, it’s not worthy of getting more attention. Good job, but not great.” And if you post it on fanfiction websites, reviews are great. The problem is, unless your fic is ungodly popular and well-known, you get maybe 3-6 reviews per chapter.

So, we have 5K words and countless hours of effort for six reviews and 30-40 notes.

That’s the reality of writing fanfiction. Unless you are a well-established and popular author in a fandom, writing fanfiction is an unrewarding, tedious process with no gratification whatsoever. Then you get fuckwits like you, anon, that think fanfiction writers owe you something. 

We put hours of our free time into something that has almost no payout. I love writing, that’s why I do it. But don’t act like I owe you anything.

Literally go fuck off.

miss-lana-winchester-deactivate  asked:

Uh How do I get followers? Lol I'm new here

The way  I got them was to just start following people, I usually automatically follow everyone who follows me (until that stupid 5k limit was put on here) also message people, post stuff, always tag your posts. I never promo my blog but you could do a post trying to get followers/blogs to follow.

Good luck, and welcome to the (super addicting) best website ever, don’t worry you’ll get followers in no tim (follow her guys!) I have met people on here that are more awesome than anyone I know in real life so don’t be afraid to get to know people and just be yourself..I’m always here if anyone needs someone to talk to or a follow/shout out whatever