have i just started a 5k tag

oo we should all talk about our WIPs though. here’s mine

- admiral emma / ghost milah / the dreamshade mission was from snow & charming AU. glorious taco hat art has been provided by @queen-mabs-revenge. i’m already ehhh 25K into it?

- bartender killian / family law trial attorney emma AU. (because there aren’t enough of those.) just started, less than 1K

- killian having vivid nightmares about the underworld while living on the JR with belle, doesn’t get resolved until he moves in with emma. (mainly because i want to write some straight-up whump with some fluff at the end.) same deal, just started it

- charming goes through the portal and raises smol emma alone, deviation from canon timeline AU. already 5K in. gotta remember to tag @teamhook ;-)

i also have Big Ideas for

- milah first joining the crew of the jolly roger and learning about sailing from killian. slowburn with lots of sexual tension, since i don’t think they started sleeping together for awhile…. but then when they did it was CRAZY HOT

- a series of Captain Charming Hamilton/Garrow’s Law AU oneshots, because i am trash for 18th-century lawyers (and hook is SUCH an aaron burr)

- dark swan/deckhand hook as lawyers or (better yet) a prosecutor and her loyal detective lapdog, a la franziska von karma and dick gumshoe. 100% crack. 100% dedicated to @ripplestitchskein

anonymous asked:

Hey, can I ask you how you got yourself out there? You're pretty popular, and I just want to know how you did it? I want to be cool and stuff, just like you.

Oh wow well… first of all i’m super uncool I DON’T KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THAT FROM LOL pls I’m just a normal nerd but that’s super flattering 

(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

It all happened really fast so I don’t know if I even have an answer to this? I guess I would just say… I started producing original posts (I say original even though I they’re just gifs) and I just tagged them really well. And somehow they were seen and liked and reblogged by you nice people? I really have no idea how it happened. It feels like just the other day I was super happy about 100 followers and now soon it’ll be 5k. I don’t know if there’s a secret formula or something and I just stumbled upon it, but that’s how it happened for me.

I guess the takeaway from this is TAG UR STUFF? I honestly feel like a chicken with my head cut off sometimes because I’m not a Tumblr pro or anything!! Far from it actually, I don’t know half the stuff that I think bigger bloggers know… fgdshfjds I wish I could help more. SORRY


Hi, well I’m Alex and I’m from a tiny little town in the north of England and somehow I have managed to interest just over 5,000 people to check out my blog and even impress them enough to follow me. It’s quite a surreal feeling, I was at a convention last week and there were 10,000 attendees and it’s absolutely mind blowing to imagine that I have half that amount of people are currently following me.

I really just wanted to say thank you to you reading this. Even if you’re not a follower you’re still interested in me more than I could ever ask you to be. Just thank you for reading this, thank you if you’re a follower, thank you if you’ve ever messaged me or tagged me in something. Basically just thank YOU for being you and for being in a tiny bit interested in me.

It’s pretty crazy to think that I started this blog just over a year ago and here I am… 5k… I just can’t quite wrap my head around it. I’ve always tried so hard to be lovely to everyone who messages me because they are spending their precious time on me and that’s something, I’ve come to learn, is very very special. You only get one life and, hopefully, you are allowed to spend it however you’d like and the fact that anyone, especially someone I’ve never met in real life, wants to spend that time on me is just wonderful and makes me feel very very lucky. I guess that’s the only word I could use to explain how I feel. People message me and ask me how to get followers but I never particularly try… I just do my thing and I’m lucky enough that people like the things I do make. Having people appreciate your work is both wonderful and terrifying but in all is very important. As an aspiring artist it’s lovely to receive feedback on anything I create and it’s wonderful that generally the feedback is positive.

Anyway, enough about me, I want to give some very important people some appreciation because my blog wouldn’t be what it is without these blogs:


aeriiths, aeroras, aoizoras, aomination, apartofaworld, asunasyuukii, avzu, danderedreams, erenyeagerr, ghostcorpse, houkagoteatime, imventuscallmeven, izumou, kairiiis, khdecoded, khfriendlyreminders, kingdomheartsnyctophiliac, lost-wo0ds


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tachibanamakoto, teraqua, terras-terrable-trousers, thanknamine, tiduspoo, twilightown, ufwhoa, ui-peace, wayfinderventus, yoshiohka, youarewonderfilled

I really hope I got everyone but if I didn’t I’m super sorry ♥

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how about you stop bitching and just finish your fanfiction lmao

How about you go and fuck yourself with a cactus?

I am so fucking tired of getting this kind of attitude from people who don’t write fanfiction. 

“Oh, can’t you just update?” 

“Oh, just finish it!”

“Writing fanfiction can’t be THAT hard!”

“You have to finish what you started!”

I have news for you, anon, so listen well. Writing fanfiction is the most unrewarding, unappreciated contribution that anyone can make to a fucking fandom. You put hours upon hours into a 5K+ fanfic, or even a chapter for a larger work, and what do you get?

30 notes? Maybe more if you’re lucky or popular. And 90% of those notes will be likes. For every ten of those notes, you’ll get one reblog. And half those reblogs will have this thing you put hours of effort into tagged as “read later”. Meaning they didn’t even read it, so god knows what they actually thing about all your hard work.

Quality fanfiction writers put just as much effort into their works as artists do, but artists (for the most part) get immediate gratification for what they do. You see a cute fanart on your dashboard? You like and reblog it without thinking because, hey, who doesn’t want to see fanart, amirite? With fanfiction, you don’t get that fucking luxury. People have to go out of their way to read it. And for some reason, people hate reblogging fanfiction. 

Likes get you absolutely fucking nowhere. In fact, I find it to be the most discouraging thing possible when someone likes it and doesn't reblog it. To me, that says “Ah yeah this is cool but it’s not good enough to share with others, it’s not worthy of getting more attention. Good job, but not great.” And if you post it on fanfiction websites, reviews are great. The problem is, unless your fic is ungodly popular and well-known, you get maybe 3-6 reviews per chapter.

So, we have 5K words and countless hours of effort for six reviews and 30-40 notes.

That’s the reality of writing fanfiction. Unless you are a well-established and popular author in a fandom, writing fanfiction is an unrewarding, tedious process with no gratification whatsoever. Then you get fuckwits like you, anon, that think fanfiction writers owe you something. 

We put hours of our free time into something that has almost no payout. I love writing, that’s why I do it. But don’t act like I owe you anything.

Literally go fuck off.