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So I am not sure if this belongs in @prorevenge, sense it wasn’t planned on my part. It kind of just fell in my lap. Feels more than petty, so here I am.

For a bit of background: My next door neighbor is/was a college student. She lives with our actual neighbor, her boyfriend. Typical crazy college kid. Weekend parties, drinking on her patio all hours of the night, and weird hours. You know the drill. I figured she was trying to experience college life, so why not? You do you lady!

Anyways one summer night last year she was sitting out on her back patio with her girlfriends doing their drunk thing. I am out wrapping up on some stuff with my toddler daughter. She at the time had a medical thing going on that caused her to walk a little weird. Nothing life altering and something that would heal with time. She did have a weeble waddle to her, especially when running. Sometimes she would fall right over. She was out running around with the dog and the ladies next door were waving and telling her how cute she was. All good.

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Imagine your OTP # 3
  • *Person A has to undergo a heart surgery*
  • Person A: I have to go now.
  • Person B: I know. I love you ok? You got this.
  • Person A: Thank you, I love you too.
  • *after the surgery*
  • Person A: Where's ______?
  • Person C: Don't you know who donated the heart?
  • Person A: *in shock with tears already streaming down his cheeks*
  • Person C: Kidding, he just went to buy something.

In 2013, my boss’s wife got an email. It went something like this:

Dearest *** ******,

You husband told me not to write to you, but I decided I must. It is unfortunate what will happen to you, and I feel I have to say something to you in advance. ****** and I are in love, and he is going to leave you to be with me. He has kept the affair from you a secret, and he has kept it a secret from the other people in the military, but it will come out soon. Please be strong, and know that I do not wish you any ill will.


Suzy ******

At this point, I had been an Army officer for about 10 years. My boss was a general, and I was his speechwriter. His wife forwarded this email to my account, so it fell on me to confront him with the news.

“Oh, god,” he said. “Not again.”

Internet Scammers Try To Catfish The Military. I Stop Them.

anonymous asked:

Is it realistic to have a bladed weapon that operates sort of like a double ended light saber? As in you press a button or lever in the center of the hilt and blades come out of either end? Furthermore, could you see a bladed weapon fight club as something that may exist (it doesn't have to be legal and definitely probably wouldn't be)

On the first part? Not really.

You’ll see collapsing knives that are designed for push button deployment, out the front of the grip. But, for a full sword? No, or at least not with modern technology. Wear and abuse from normal use would quickly wreck the mechanical components. To say nothing of the blood and gore getting forced into the mechanism when you collapsed it after use.

So, again, limited to modern technology, it would be theoretically possible, but they’d have an incredibly short lifespan (maybe only single use), and be extremely annoying to clean and care for (if not outright impossible).

If you’re talking about some kind of hypothetical future tech, then, it will probably be an option some day. Self cleaning tolerances, and a mechanical stability that can’t be achieved with modern materials may make this viable. Though, at that point, this would probably be more of a novelty than a practical combat tool.

Double bladed weapons do exist. Well, I should say, double bladed knives exist, I have one somewhere. It’s awkward, difficult to hold, and I’ve still got a scar on my index finger from the first time I picked it up. These are a novelty. You buy one because you think it looks cool, not because you intend to use it.

There are a few examples of weapons that are designed to be double ended, mostly polearms, which would sometimes include functional spikes on the reverse end. It’s also not unheard of for a sword to have a sharpened, spiked pommel. That said, mounting an entire reverse blade onto a sword is something you’d usually only seriously consider if you’re either a Sith or Klingon.

On the second part, about fight clubs, “No, never; except they did.”

The basic idea of a fight club where people who don’t know what they’re doing wander in and start beating the ever living snot out of one another? Yeah, that can happen. I’ve actually been out on a farm in the middle of the night, dueling friends with plastic bokken because it seemed like fun at the time. It’s not exactly what you’ve got in mind, but that’s possible.

Thing is, there’s a huge difference between dueling with a high impact plastic katana, where screwing up means you’ve got new bruise on your knuckles, and screwing around with a live blade, where a mistake means critical injuries and death.

Organized, underground dueling also has some real world history. The only examples I’ve run across came out of 19th century military academies. I assume the reasoning is roughly the same as why I was on that Indiana farmyard in the middle of the night, it seemed like fun at the time.

Of course, in the case of military academies, we’re talking about students who’d actually been trained to use their blades, so it’s not exactly a fight club. Still stupid and dangerous, but they (kind of) knew what they were doing.

So, my first impulse on this subject is wrong. I’d say, “no one can possibly be that stupid,” except of course, I have been exactly that stupid. I also knew a couple idiots that decided to fight each other with a fire axe and cheap katana in their living room, without ever considering that, maybe, this was a horrifically bad idea. Tragically, they both survived unharmed.

As for a full on fight club? Not so much. When you have people who don’t know what they’re doing throwing punches, the potential risk of injury is, somewhat, limited. Untrained combatants are not a huge threat to one another. They can get some good shots in, and can make it hurt, but actually messing someone else up requires concepts like power generation and a vague idea of where to connect. Without them, it’s just guys flailing impotently at each other.

Blades are inherently dangerous. You don’t need to know how to put together an effective defense, or understand how to generate force, driving four pounds of steel into some poor schmuck doesn’t require training. Training does help; it teaches you how to put up a defense, and how to circumvent your opponent’s, but it’s not necessary for accidental death and dismemberment.

The fundamental problem with a bladed fight club is that the participants need to survive. They need to be in a condition where they can fight again next week. Getting carved up by a stray blow will put a damper on that. To say nothing of a stray death.

In Fight Club, the titular club was an expression of violent catharsis. For random guys who’ve never experienced real violence, it was an escape that presented the illusion of danger, without putting the participants in actual jeopardy. This kept the attrition rate fairly low, and allowed the group to grow. For something like this, that is absolutely critical.

If you start arming the participants, it would only take watching one guy getting opened up, and spraying blood all over the place before you might think, “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” When you start hemorrhaging members like this, it becomes impossible to keep the numbers up, and the club would die off quickly; figuratively or literally.


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So, I’m laying in bed, just kinda thinking, and I’m curious; what is cuddling really like? Like, can it be awkward or uncomfortable, or is it as good as people make it out to be? Maybe it gets hot too fast or you can’t stand staying in the same position for so long? Is it completely overhyped? I just really wanna know

honestly though, i can take people calling isak/even + happiness fan service when it’s not people in the fandom? you know, when it’s people who just hate the show or are still pressed out a poll. but it coming from the fandom? from people who actually watched S3 and seen everything they’ve gone through to get to this point…it’s just…wow. and i didn’t really want to post something about, but i still see posts with them being called fan service and it’s just…not sitting well with me.

yes. maybe them having yellow curtains as their wi-fi name is fan service. and yes them having fan art on their wall could be it it too. but their happiness? the happiness they’ve found in each other…how dare people call in fan service. because it’s the happiness between a boy used to run away from home and not wanting to go home, a boy who had to grow up at 16 and move out from his home because he realized that it wasn’t good for him. a boy who made his own family in the kollektiv, who used to live fake and struggle with internalized homophobia and used to be a bit ignorant, but he grew up and learned. And then there’s a boy who shines so brightly, and he loves so much and with his everything but the world just hasn’t been nice to him in return. Because he struggled with himself and his sexuality, because his friends turned on him and made him only feel worse when he needed them the most. A boy who has bipolar but is now taking life minute by minute. day by day. A boy who has decided to not let his bipolar define him. A boy who now has a job and he’s moved out from his parents house, and he’s the director of his own life. These boys found home in each other and they are now making memories together. And it’s not easy. It’s fighting over laundry and maybe even about who will do the grocery shopping. And it’s struggled with homework because I can’t do homework when you’re looking at me. 

And it’s a Isak who understands now that he can’t go around snooping for information about Even’s past, that Even will tell him when he’s ready. And it’s a Even who understands that he can’t tell Isak how he will react to certain things, because only you can feel what you feel. And it’s a Isak and Even who are better at communicating now because that’s the information you get after watching the scene in epi 6.

so to say that the happiness between this these two characters, who have come such a long way, is just fan service…it makes me angry.

That what have cartoons/animated movies taught me? Boy, let me tell you!

Adventure Time- Your journey will be filled with obstacles in the most unlikely situations, but you will be always be accompanied by the people you know and love. You’re not alone.

Aladdin- Don’t change yourself over the person you love. They will and need to love you by who you are!

Ben 10- If you find something, use it for the world’s advantage. Go out there. Make yourself useful!

Big Hero 6- Same as Ben 10, but still. Go and show the world what you got. You’re a legacy.

Brother Bear- I know that this is cliche but is the typical “you don’t know what you have until you lose it” lesson, but it’s still really meaningful.

Chicken Little- People might not be at your side, even your family, but your friends always will.

Dumbo- Don’t let your physical condition or identity stop you from chasing your dreams.

Fairy Godparents- Just literally, be careful what you wish for.

Gravity Falls- This show helped me to create a better link with my sister and helped me see the world in a different way. Your family and friends will always be your best allies!

Hercules- Doesn’t matter where you’re from, you still can go to distance!

Miraculous Ladybug- Don’t let your negative feelings control what you do! They can create disastrous consequences!

Steven Universe- Your purpose is something that you’ll find eventually. Your parents are leaving a purpose within you, it’s just a matter of time to find out what it is.

Voltron- A group or a team might be different physically, mentally, and morally but it’ll find a way to make things work. Teamwork.

Winx Club/World of Winx- Same as Voltron. Your world is out there, your purpose and the way you see things will change completely.

Zootopia- Well, heck. Try everything. Don’t give up, just try everything once again and again. Society might establish something, but do what you know it’s right.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask u something? I feel really dumb asking this and u seem really smart and well informed. In tfa Peggy says 'allow Barnes the dignity of his choice.' It comes up in fics a lot and I really don't understand the meaning of it. His choice to die? To fall off a train??? Anyways thx! You're absolutely stunning btw 😍

So basically Bucky would have been entitled to be honourably discharged on medical grounds after what happened to him when the 107th got captured. So he could have gone home. But he chose instead to stay in the war as part of Steve’s team, following him and fighting by his side. And that’s what Peggy refers to. His choice to stay and fight with Steve, to be by his side.

And thank you so much love 💖

trashqueenie  asked:

Okay, so last ask was a fail; new one! If you can (I don't know if I can do this) but, can I (please) have a Sasuke with pregnant s/o headcanon. If you can of course, if I can even do this... but thank you if you can 🙂

I got a bit carried away. Sasuke is sooo cute as a father yep, I’m ignoring Boruto. He just wouldn’t leave his family like that. fuck you, Kishimoto.~Admin Night

Sasuke with a Pregnant S/O

Originally posted by zindicienta

• Sasuke is the happiest, proudest man alive. He always thought he was going to die young and alone; still, here he is, sharing his life with someone for whom he’d sacrifice his life. And now you are going to have a child; his child. When you first told him, he was astounded, were you telling him the truth? What if something wrong occurred? But soon his face lit and a smile —a true, gentle, blissful smile— cut his cheeks. He took your hand and kissed it, everything slow and kind and tender, as if you were frail.

• Sasuke is overprotective of those he loves: every night, he fears something will happen and he is going to find himself alone in the world, again. This tendency only increased when you got pregnant. Even in the first trimester, every household chore was prohibited, he’ll supervise your alimentation and your sleep patterns. Sasuke will even try to convince you to leave work, especially if you are a shinobi. He will keep you comfortable and will comply to all your cravings; he is ready to give foot or back massages. This kind of behavior will only grow when your belly-bump starts showing:  in the third trimester, his attentions would be almost unbearable.

• He will leave up to you every decision about the child’s material necessities. You want their room to be white with clouds painted on the ceiling? Okay, he’ll get the paint, you stay away from the scent and sit down. Sasuke has absolutely no idea of any supply required to welcome the newborn: he’d leave the research to you and will learn with you as the items are bought. However, at the beginning of the second trimester, he had already chosen his child school, a detailed list of the jutsus he will teach them, and every single aspect of their education.

• Sasuke is going to spoil you. Ask him anything, he would get it for you without many objections. He’ll get up in the middle of the night to get you cookies from the convenience store. He’ll also do the impossible to keep you comfortable; every effort that you didn’t ask will be kept secret, though. Do you hate the smell of tomatoes? Miraculously, there isn’t any in the market —a plague infested the crops, he said. Why is the kitchen crammed with your favorite fruit? He has no idea, he didn’t do it.

• Awful with the emotional and hormonal changes. Sasuke isn’t very good controlling his bluntness: he has made you cry, scream and laugh without making any effort. When you are particularly volatile, he is completely lost. Sasuke will try to comfort you the best he can, which usually includes light embraces —he is afraid of your fragility—, and words that attempt appealing to reason.

• He’ll start to feel nervous weeks before the delivery. Actually, he is nervous through all your pregnancy, he stayed awake complete nights, admiring your calm face and mulling over every possibility of disaster. The last weeks, however, he is going to be extremely anxious and irritable. He snaps at anybody that gets close to you, is ready to kill nurses and doctors, and has a small crisis every evening. After your first contraction, he is trembling.

Title: it’s always been you”

written by: sleepywinchester { prev; deanwinchester-af }
summary: you and dean have somethings to catch up about. 
note: this is part 2 of 3 day part mini series based of 12x06 and this imagine (<- prev part). this was supposed to be a less than 600 words drabble but… i got carried away lol hope everyone enjoy this and if you do, please, leave feedback? i’ll appreciate it.  ♥
words: 901

“You shouldn’t be surprised that I’d enjoy the company of a ruggedly hot man.” Jody Mills replied to Dean’s surprise after acknowledging her casual relationship with Axa. 

You chuckled and lifted the home brewed beer onto the air, “Amen to that.” 

As the bottle reached your lips, your gaze found Dean’s, he pursued his lips together and their formed a smirk. You subtly winked at him, flirting in silence as you took a sip of the beer. 

“Y/N,” Jody turned to you, “I didn’t know you knew the Winchesters. How did you guys met?” 

You glanced at Sam and Dean for a second before turning to Jody. “We met when were 20,” you began to speak, “ironically in a Wendigo hunt,” you chuckled when everyone took a sip from their beers as you had spoken the magic word. Once again your eyes meet with Dean gaze.

“Yeah,” Dean cleared his throat, “we were young-”

“-and incredibly stupid,” you grinned finishing his sentence. “We thought we could kill the damn thing with silver… Left  town with this,” you exposed your arm, showing off the three slash scar the Wendigo gifted you. “to remind me, you kill that monster with fire. Good times.”

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anonymous asked:

Since the rrb have piercings, do you think the girls have 'special/hidden' piercings and/or tattoos

IM INTO THIS YES I’m all for the tats I just got think of what??? Maybe they match and got that heart at the end screen of every ep. Or maybe as a homage to their “unique power” they each have something like maybe Bubbles has a paw print and Blossom has a snowflake and Buttercup– idk the thing they did with her tongue was funny but I kinda want to expand that and give her something a LITTLE cooler still tongue related tho

which one of y’all were talking to me about legend of korra again? cuz i remember a discussion like

the history of the avatar contradicts the whole “the animals taught people how to bend elements” in AtlA cuz in LoK, we discover that the lionturtles gave people bending

and i said something like

maybe people forgot along the way?

so uh yeah, which one were you? cUZ BOI I GOT AN ANSWER WHILE REWATCHING LOK

lionturtles GAVE people bending, but it was the animals (dragon/badgermole/flying bison/moon (not an animal but you get it)) who TAUGHT them how to use it

ep 7 of book 2 shows a dragon teaching wan how to firebend :D

I Hope You Love Me Too

Prompt: Based on the song Please Notice by Christian Akridge

A/N: so sorry for the lack on inactivity. I’ve been finishing up this school year and I’ve had a lot of personal stuff going on, but I’m working on like four other stories so I hope I’ll have those up soon! Also this is written in like Ethan’s third point of view if that makes sense? It’s basically third person but in the sense of Ethan I guess? Anyway, enjoy!♡

Warnings; shortish 

And baby when you sleep, do you dream of me? And when you’re awake, do you think of me? I need to know, how do you feel? 

Ethan could never tell how you were feeling, even before you two got into a relationship. You were so seclusive when it came to your emotions. You could be expressing one thing, but feeling something totally different and he hated it. Especially when it came to him.

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A-Z NSFW: Taeil

Originally posted by xehunted

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

A = Aftercare 
All the boys love Taeil so yall need to stop sleepin on him and I kind of see him as somewhat of a second mom/weird aunt of the group, he loves his members and they love him. That love matches yours, so he almost instinctively wants to and does take care of you without a complaint. Taeil’s one of the boys that’ll have a warm rag on stand by and ready to go and fetch food or something so you can both just chill in bed for the rest of the day or until he’s ready for another round

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Taeil literally said his favorite body part is his abs, so I’m not going to push against that lmao. He’s pretty proud of them. On you, however, he’s got an obsession with your back. He likes brushing his fingers across you, watching you twitch at the slightest touch, feeling the soft skin beneath his fingers when he holds you. As weird as it sounds, but then again Mr. Cheerleader is kinda weird. 

C = Cum 
It’s all fun and games in the bedroom, things get tripped on and lamps get knocked over, sex with Taeil is kind of erratic and crazy, so you can’t really predict where he finishes. It’s like throwing a dart on a board of choices, but his favorite is cumming on your tummy, he gets to see you all spread out and out of breath, flushed skin, all for him. The sight alone is almost enough to get him going again…and he probably will in a few minutes. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
The cheerleading gag is a joke on him #OhMickeyYoureSoFine but it’s kind of seeped into his mind a little. It’ll be revealed eventually, everything does eventually with him, the bedroom is a safe place for you two, but Taeil just really needs to see you dressed up as his own little cheerleader, even if it’s just one time.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I don’t see Taeil having much experience or the most extensive knowledge. A basic level of ‘oh yeah i have a dick and it goes in things and things feel nice’ is about it, you’ll have to teach him a bunch of things but he’s a good learner. You’ll be able to mold him to match you easily. 

F = Favorite position
On the norm, Taeil’s a big fan of doggy style, like I said, he likes your back and from behind gives him the perfect position to see the way your back curves when he hits just the right stop and run his hands across the smooth skin. You riding him in a close second though, he can still have access to your back and he also likes switching it up with who’s in control. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
From the whole ‘taeil-hyung was chokin on an ice cube but he always plays like that we didn’t know he was about to fuckin choke to death’ incident, I’m really curious to what he does to those boys…..He’s a meme and a half, from the cheerleader to what we obviously don’t see. Sex with Taeil will probably be the most lighthearted and fun you can imagine, nothings taken serious, you trip taking off pants and he’s laughing for three minutes straight; it’s all giggles and fun with him.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
While the few times I’ve seen his tummy, it’s pretty smooth, I don’t think he gets to grooming much, I feel like he’s at an age when he doesn’t really care about shaving(especially if there’s no one to shave for). Rarely, he manscapes but usually he just let’s it do it’s own thing.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
By his own words, “I’m romantic Doyoung-ah” so I trust him XD Taeil’s that purposely over the top romantic, the whole ‘yo i spent $20 on the fake rose peddles that we’ll have to pick up after we’re done’ kind of crap that you literally have to tell him off for. His romance definitely drags in his human, and you might as well be dating a clown at this point. It’s so overly affectionate, the eye contact and holding your hands and light kisses with the fun atmosphere, it’s almost unbearable. Taeil is 10/10 ideal bf, don’t let him slip through your fingers. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
I lowkey feel like Taeil is a secret horn dog? Like I think he hides it well but he’s got high hormones and if you’re not near, he’s almost always in the bathroom. The where’s Taeil, we’re gonna miss dinner idk man he’s been in the bathroom for 10 mins bruh tf he doin kinda stuff.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
He’s 100% a switch, he really likes either him having full control, or you having full control. Most times with sex with Taeil, it’s a trade off during, half the time he’ll have you on your hands and knees and pounding you for all he’s worth, and half the time he’ll let you have him on his back while you roll your hips in his lap. One thing he’s getting increasingly more into as you have your control time, is you marking him up. One rule is, that it has to below his neckline so it’s easily covered, so it’s not uncommon for him to have hickies and light scratches across his chest and stomach, but he loves them. You’ll probably catch him more than once just standing shirtless and looking at your ‘art’ in the mirror.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Taeil is the definition of a wild card; anything can happen. He’s not a stickler for location as long as it’s guaranteed you’ll be alone aka no risk of getting caught. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, anywhere. He quite favors lockable closets backstage when he’s literally minutes away from performing on stage in front of an army of people. Throw a little thrill of being caught in with the knowledge the doors locked, and Taeil’s in a very happy place.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
I think 99% of the time, he’s the one that initiates sex, so what got him going isn’t necessarily something you did to him, more or less it’s just him letting his hormones free since you’re actually there to help him out if you agree to. But one thing that oddly turns him on is kind o f a generic relationship thing, it’s not uncommon for you to steal his clothes and wear just his regular tees throughout the day, but he really gets off on it. I’m sure every guy likes it, but Taeil takes it as almost a mark of ‘yup…that’s my babe yall back off’ kinda thing.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Taeil’s not really afraid of a location, he’s down to switch control all the time, he’s a clown in bed, it’s all light hearted and fun and good shit. But he puts his foot down full blown dom stuff, he won’t hit you and sure as hell won’t let you hit him. Spanking is one thing, but belts, paddles, all that stuff is not going to fly. He doesn’t get off on pain, he’s not here for it.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Taeil is certainly a pleaser, when it comes to sex, it’s basically just an excuse for Taeil to blow your mind. He’s really eager to please, and after the messy introduction to sex, he picked up on your body’s signals pretty fast and knows exactly how to turn your world upside down with his tongue alone. Seeing as you two switch, when he’s in control, he likes seeing you on your knees and if you’re going to go down on him, he’s not turning that away. 

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Again, he switches sex up quite a lot. Sex is almost never the same, there’s always a different location or position or atmosphere to it. In most cases, though, Taeil’s thrusts are pretty erratic; fast and pretty hard. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Because one of his favorite places to have sex is almost a public place, aka somewhere he’s literally about to have to work, quickies are pretty frequent, he enjoys them a lot. Helps keep his hormones in check, but he’s always ready for more…in depth…fun when he gets off stage and you can go home…

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
Again, @ location. Taeil’s pretty wild with you, almost anything is game, so he’s always open to experimenting with new positions or a little role playing, or a few new toys, anything goes unless he’s got a firm dislike for it, and what he doesn’t like is a pretty short list…so have fun ;)

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Taeil’s another member I kind of think of as a rabbit, he’s ready to go one round after the other after the other, you’ll have to literally tap out and call it a night before he’s done with you. That being said, I think he does cum kinda fast, a few minutes(like 3-5) is about what actual sex lasts, but he makes up for that with a few more rounds easily.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Because you two switch it up, and he does like to experiment, Taeil has a pretty fair collection of toys. Some silk blindfolds, handcuffs, various vibrators, etc. Makes playing with you all the more fun.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He is one of the ultimate teases in NCT, all the toys he has, his tongue and fingers, everything and anything will aid him into teasing you to the very max. One of the reasons you even decided on a safe word was just to give him a sign that the teasing was too much and you needed a tap out or for him to just get on with it and fuck you. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Taeil’s vocal’s are no joke, tbh. He’s got a good set of pipes on him and he uses them well. He’s a full blown moaner, and babbles a lot of nonsense usually. Groaning about how you feel, how beautiful you are, how much he loves you, how lucky he is, what he wants to do to you, what he will do to you, etc. You can hear him clear as day, and anyone in the dorm will too. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Role playing is a fun thing that happens semi-frequently in your sex life with Taeil. Nurse/Doctor, Teacher/Student, etc, but one thing that has been kind of shelved since was the maid outfit. You’d just finished actually having sex, and just lounging tiredly in the outfit, it was thrown out there just for the hell of it that you wondered what Taeil would look like in it. Long story short, he ended up in the too tiny for him maid outfit, it was a good laugh, aaaand then the door opened and in piled the members from practice…..awkward dinner followed. 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
I don’t think he’s that big tbh, I imagine him being pretty average in length(around 5 inch) but more on the thinner/slender side on things. Definitely enough to get the job done but not anything to email the president about, y’know?

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
This entire post I’ve been talking about horny, rabbit-like, fuck happy Taeil. That boy’s sex drive…..it’s out of this world….If aliens abducted him and tested him vs everyone else they’ve probed, their minds would be blown and wouldn’t know wtf to believe anymore. Good luck with him, may your nether regions survive. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Because his stamina is weirdly high, he can plow out rounds like no tomorrow, I don’t even see him being really tired after sex. Unless you two bone at night and it’s literally bed time, he’s ready to jump up and shower and move on with the day, unless you wanna cuddle. If cuddles are on the table, his butt is in your arms and pretty much out like a light.

anonymous asked:

Why about someone finding a "baby" picture of Anakin and comparing him and Luke? "This is Vader at 22 and this is The little prince!"

“Huh…I, ah…I guess he got his height from his mother, then.”

“What, lemme see?”

(Luke knows there’s trouble when he hears Artoo being smug and the Rebels chattering about something. Suspicions are confirmed when Rida calls, “Guess we know where you got your boyish good looks from, boss! Who’d have thought?”)

George: Harold….Dude…okay, one, this is hilarious. Two, how many times do I have to tell you you have to rub the lotion into your skin?

Harold: How do you rub something into your skin, George? I tried and I tried, and the layers just got thicker. 

George: Whatever keeps your skin soft, Harold. *pauses* Are those your Mom’s curlers?

Harold: Yeah, so?!

George: Harold….you’re adorable. 

Harold: You’re darn right I am. 

George: See you tomorrow Harold.

Harold: G’night George *slams his window shut*

Something incredible

I know this is slightly overdue but I’ve got an exciting opportunity to disclose with all of you.

Did you know that if every single one of you were to give me £1 I would have £3060. Isn’t that just amazing? 

This blog has become a more daily thing for me and I’ll continue to up my game and bring you the best Scottish and British politics, Scottish culture and Music, Scottish scenery and just all-round quality patter.

And to think what I could do with £3060, I daresay AyeForScotland tshirts or wristbands would become a thing. Just imagine…for one second…the opportunities…

But seriously folks, thank you very much for having so much faith in me that you’ve given my blog a follow. It means the world to me and as always I will endeavor to answer any and all questions you may have about the political situation in Scotland, and any other questions for that matter!

You are all the greatest and I love you all to death.

Yours for Scotland,