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I could use some cheering up and as an idea I was wondering if you could do the batfamily as 'things you've done' or something like that? If you feel like it, there's no pressure. Thank you for being around, your crack tag helped me a lot last night :)

bruce: got downstairs, realized my mom had guests, stared at them, immediately went upstairs again without a word as my mom kept yelling after me to come down

dick: every time i open the fridge at 4am thinking i’m silent but wake up the entire neighborhood because i remembered we have leftover food

barbara: i used to be an ultra fast reader in elementary school to the point my teachers never believed me when i’d finish assigned passages for reading in half the time compared to the other kids, so i once wrote a report on the text i had finished reading at the same amount others were done reading the assignment. added “you’re sometimes rude :)” in a corner for the teacher

jason: convinced with a straight face an ultra conservative teacher in high school that the smutty fanfiction she confiscated from the girl sitting next to me and kept showing me during class was in fact part of a book i was planning on publishing

tim: didn’t drink my (gross) antibiotics when i was sick but kept insinsting i had when my mom asked me why i was lying. the following morning i got a spoon, poured some medicine on it and then “dropped” it near the sink. my mom later found it and apologized because “it must have fallen on the floor last night and i didn’t see it”

damian: as a kid visited a family friend’s pet shop during rush hour, went to their backyard, played with some cats and dogs around the place, accidentally stayed too long so i was locked inside for two hours in the middle of the night. bonus: my father hadn’t realized

stephanie: told a very annoying kid of a family friend that children who shout all the time transform into donkeys later in life. he didn’t believe me so the next week they visited, i showed him a googled picture of a man with a literal ass for a head on the laptop. he cried (i laughed)

cassandra: age 13, blatantly told someone i would rip them a new one if they kicked their cat in front of me again. he took a step back

alfred: baked a cake to mask the smell of blood after i had patched up my wounded dog

You know, I can’t look at the past. I’ve got to go forward. I can’t keep trying to find something that I lost a long time ago. I guess one of my problems is I sort of never really appreciate the present until it’s past… What I really had to learn how to do was live in the now and not keep worrying about the past or worrying about the future… it’s like, I still have my friends who I’ve always had for years. And that is a scene within itself. It’s like the other night I had my friends over in my back yard and we just sat around and like roasted marshmallows over a fire. And that is like the best times people can have. Having an illegal fire in your back yard is great. That’s a scene within itself. And it was really good for me. Living life like that is really good for me. Maybe it’s not going to be at Gilman Street anymore, but it’s always going to be somewhere. Let the other kids take over that place now.
—  Billie Joe Armstrong
Lovesick Blues (Part 2)

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A/N: I have decided there will not be drama on this fic because I am a nice and happy person who loves her followers.

You got a package, the package that Sebastian told you about. You also got the new phone and the tablet. You thought he would give you work essentials, maybe a calendar for your desk or something. Instead, in the box, you found: an apple watch with all the applications you would need, a digital pen for your tablet, a pair of Google glasses and a pair of keys. One key for your new SUV, one for your new apartment on the highest end building in New York.

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Aw man I absolutely hate to beg but I’ve got less than no money right now and it makes me feel so down and stressed out .__. 

Please consider purchasing something from my shop and/or reblogging this so others can have a look. I’ve been working incredibly hard these months to try and make enough for my rent and bills, but I’ve gotten hit with 3 big bills this month and now I owe my flatmate money and it’s been difficult. I usually try to keep a positive attitude but all this has been getting to me, and it’s harder to keep my mood and productivity going. Thank you all for helping <3

William Nylander-Shy

If your requests are open, could you do either will Nylander or auston Matthews imagine where your kinda dating but not really, or something and your a shy person and his teammate makes fun of you. And maybe they have their first kiss together? Thanks and sorry if this is confusing! Your writing is great:))

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A/N - Aww thank you very much.  I’m very sorry about the long wait time on this and I very much hope you like it. 

Voices.  The closer you got to the locker room the louder and more distinct they became.  You were meeting your best friend, William Nylander, for lunch. When Will had first come to Toronto he had gotten lost and you had “saved” him by giving him directions.  Then when you had run into him again while getting coffee, you guys had exchanged numbers and the friendship had blossomed from there.  Up until now you had refused to meet any of his teammates or their significant others because your shy quietness tended to come off to other people as stuck up bitchiness.

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Angel’s Wings

Characters – Cas x Reader, Sam, Dean

Summary – It takes a near death experience for the reader to find out why she can see an angel’s wings.

Word Count – 5,983

Warnings – Canon-type violence

A/N – When I hit my 500 follower milestone, I did drabble requests. I only received two, so I am turning them into full one shots instead! This one was from @trinityjadec: “OH MY GOSH CONGRATS YOU DESERVE SO MANY FOLLOWERS!!! Could I have Cas and something with his wings? (still have an unhealthy obsession) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK”

Here you go, Trinity!  I hope you enjoy it and I’m so sorry for the wait! 

Also written for @percussiongirl2017’s I’m Finally Legal Birthday Challenge.   I got #37: Why can I see your wings?  And the song “If I Died Today” by Tim McGraw

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You would never forget the first time you saw Castiel.  You were sitting in the bunker library with Sam, discussing a possible vampire case up in Omaha that you’d been trying to research for several days, when the front door opened and Dean began descending the stairs with another man you’d never seen before.

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Is this an analysis? I don’t even know

Caspar: This is my friend Joseph Sugg

Joe: Don’t you say roommate anymore? Say roommate, for old times’ sake

Caspar: *laughs while crying inside*

Look at them I’m crying I can’t

Joe: Where are we going?

Joe’s excitement though and look at Caspar look at him just rip my goddamn heart out why don’t you

I can’t with them fuck this

Joe: I know you’ve got a toaster because when you moved in I had to help you set it up


Joe: Come here

The way Caspar looks at him I can’t

Caspar: Bullshit! You wouldn’t have said a year

He knows oh my

I can’t even

Caspar: It’s something very special, not many people in the world have it

Joe: A Caspar Lee book?

Look how he made Caspar laugh aww

Caspar: I feel like you take condoms everywhere, cause you always think you’re gonna get lucky

Well in that case it doesn’t seem so unlikely Caspar

Look at their happy faces <333

That was the best part though :’D

I don’t think I can come up with an appropriate caption for this

Carrying on with the bloopers

Caspar: Come a bit closer

Joe: Baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover

Why what a well fitting song Joe

Just stop will you

Caspar is just so fascinated by every word Joe says why does this hurt so much


Can I just say I missed this

Hi, I feel like I should preface this by saying that I finally just recently got caught up on CritRole, but that post you reblogged about Percy and Vex’s son (post/157430940863) got me thinking about Vox Machina 2.0 (ignoring such angsty/spoilery things as the Raven Queen and Tary), and this turned into something far too big for an Ask, so…

Percy and Vex settle in Whitestone, and soon have a bright son running about. Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo IV(called Percival to avoid confusion), is a perfect blend of his father and mother, an expert shot with any bow or firearm you put in his hands. Outside of the target range, he follows the path his mother set forth, taking to the woods surrounding the city as often as he can. Percy initially banned the use of any firearms by anyone but him, but when Percival crafted his own rudimentary rifle, with a surprisingly effective suppressor, Percy relented, ensuring that his son’s full creativity could blossom safely.

Keyleth and Vax refuse to settle properly, instead outright buying a skyship and expanding on it to make something resembling a proper, albeit mobile, home, naming it the Aramente. They soon have twins, Cassie(partially named after Cassandra de Rolo, partially just because Keyleth loved the name) and Lance(named, in a roundabout way, after Pike). Much to their mother’s chagrin, the pair eagerly take after their father, sneaking and hiding about the ship, and often slipping off entirely whenever they make port. After the fourth such expedition, Vax approached Gilmore and commissioned a pair of fine rings that he then presented to the twins as gifts, under the condition they always wear them whenever they leave the ship. Using a third ring, Vax or Keyleth can track their whereabouts with ease, thereby allowing some of the stress to be released.

Grog and Pike remain the best of friends, sticking to the roads in search of people to help, bad guys to slay, or ale to drink. They frequently pop back to Whitestone, serving as the fun Uncle and Aunt to Percival. He quickly learns that their advice is, while always fun, also typically the sort of advice that Mom and Dad might frown upon.

Scanlan and Kaylie similarly remain on the road much of the time, but most years, they spend the winter in Whitestone. The rest of the year, the duo are on the road, sometimes by themselves, sometimes with Dr. Dranzel, sometimes even on the Aramente, and all the while, creating new and exciting stories. While his relationship with the rest of Vox Machina was never quite as easy as before, he has rebuilt those bridges and stays in relatively regular contact. Kaylie is a wonderful hit with the younger ones, entertaining them for hours with her songs and tales.

The entire party, old and new members, come together twice every year. First, they make a pilgrimage to Draconia to witness the burdgeoning culture that has arisen from the ruins of the floating islands, and to pay homage at a statue in the middle of a valley, whose inscription reads “I Encourage Peace”. Secondly, they always make sure to come to Whitestone in time to celebrate Winter’s Crest with those they have chosen as their extended family, celebrating another year past, and another year yet to come.

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"i think yoongi hyung will bring me with him" I'm sobbing??? The question was "where do you want to go with the MEMBERS" and he just goes "i think yoongi hyung will bring ME with him" BOYFRIENDS

I’M WAY TOO FAR UP YOONMINS ASS!!! I’m the anon who cried over the y hyung will take me with him thing (or was tumblr being an asshole and swallowed it?) I just noticed that j said something about every member LMAO but hey he said “i want to go to…with…” but with y he was like “OF COURSE MY BOYFRIEND WILL TAKE ME WITH HIM” so I’m still crying:’)

and do you remember how the new york question was the only one about yoongi that jimin got right on kkul fm,,,, i’m not saying that he and yoongi have probably spoken about it before BUT

That was fun! It was really cool to finally hear something about Greg’s side of the family! Seeing all the Gems back together again was also a treat. We got some great comedy and a pretty cool message. And it was nice to just have a long episode with relaxed pacing, where all the characters could more or less just hang out, stress free.

I wonder if Andy and the Pumpkin Doggy are going to be recurring characters now?

Anyway, I rate episode 110, Gem Harvest, an 8/10!

And I’ll see you guys tomorrow… definitely not with five episodes… *sobs violently*

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Why do ppl think piper has a "im not like the other girls" phase? Bc she doesnt like makeup and stylish clothes? It was clearly stated in tlh that she was made fun if bc of how she looked by girls like drew and theres this scene at the beggining of tlh where her classmates are just being racist and say shit on her native heritage. So like, she doesnt have a phase, its more like a coping mechanism bc shes insecure and gender non-conforming why is everyone changing that?

Bc girls have been force fed the narrative that other girls are shameful and something you should want distance from, so when you’ve got a fandom composed of primarily young people who are only beginning to unlearn that narrative they’re immediately sensitive to and offended by Piper’s dismissive comments about her airhead siblings (“gah, is that where supermodels go to die?”) bc it reminds them of sexist things that they’ve heard before (“I’m not like the other girls” “I only hang out with guys, girls are too much drama”) and they immediately recoil. And because they’re only beginning the process of learning to recognize and call out misogyny they don’t realize that what’s going on here is a lot more nuanced than Piper just trying to be edgy by hating on other girls who are “lesser” than her by mocking them (which, let’s just be realistic here, most female YA protagonists will do and so it makes sense that your guard should go up). You’re right, Piper’s narrative is more about defense than anything else, particularly because she’s a brown Cherokee girl, and so her perspective is automatically different from “Jane the white girl who isn’t like the other girls because she read the great gatsby but don’t worry she’s still white and skinny and conventionally attractive except not like a beautiful bombshell slut so most boys don’t like her”.

But you’re largely dealing with a fandom of kids who still need to be taught the difference, so that’s why. Not to mention that Rick absolutely falls back on some sexist tropes to give Piper’s narrative a boost (AHEM, drew tanaka), so there’s still room for criticism.

Newt Scamander Imagine On Your Side Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 

You took Newt back to your house, not wanting to keep him around MACUSA, when they were already suspicious of him. Part of you felt weird, letting him into your home, but you had little choice. You unlocked the door and pushed him inside, closing the door behind you.

“Start talking Scamander. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.” You slumped into a chair and waited for Newt to say something. he wrung his hands and looked at you nervously.

“My case is full of magical creatures and they think it’s dangerous, but there’s nothing in there that could hurt anyone, I swear. Something’s going on here (Y/N).” Newt rambled and you believed him, despite everything. You knew he loved creatures and Newt wouldn’t lie about them.

“I believe you Newt, but we’re going to have to prove that they didn’t kill that senator. Do you have any idea who or what it could’ve been?” You asked, standing up and pacing the room anxiously.

“I have some ideas, but I can’t prove anything. It might be an Obscurus, but I don’t know how.” Newt offered and you nodded.

“It sounds logical. Alright, you try to find out about who’s doing this and I’ll talk to Graves. He’s clearly got something against you.” You replied and Newt nodded, stepping closer to you. 

“(Y/N), I’m sorry, about before. I know-”

“Newt please.” Your voice cracked and tears sprung in your eyes, not wanting to relive those feelings. 

“I haven’t talked to Leta since I left and I know I was an idiot. You were my best friend.” Your heart clenched at those words, remembering how you’d wanted to be more than a friend and how hard his neglect had hit. 

“Newt, we’ll talk another time.” You promised, your voice quiet. He nodded and stepped away. The two of you walked out of your home together and you stopped in the street outside.

“I’ll see you later.” You said, but Newt didn’t reply. As you started walking away, Newt called out to you.

“Does this mean you’re on my side?” Newt asked and you stopped, remembering the conversation all those years ago. You didn’t turn around when you replied.

“I’m on the side of what’s right, nothing else.” You replied, still unable to forget the hurt.

You walked into MACUSA, intent on finding Graves. Steeling yourself, you walked into his office and stopped, noticing that he wasn’t there. Hesitantly, you stepped inside.

“Mr Graves?” You called out, but received no reply. Taking a deep breath, you were about to leave, when something caught your eye on his desk. You walked over, narrowing your eyes, as you tried to figure out what it was.

“No.” You gasped, stumbling backwards, as the realisation hit you, that Graves was the one unleashing the Obscurus. As you tried to leave, you bumped into a figure behind you and froze.

“What are you doing in here?” His voice was cold and harsh. You didn’t dare turn around.

“I-I, um, I was looking for you.” You stammered and Graves chuckled darkly. 

“Well, it looks like you found what you were looking for.” You grabbed your wand and faced him, stepping away. He grinned evilly, brandishing his wand. 

“Don’t try anything foolish. It won’t end well for you.” He threatened, but you stood your ground.

“You’re a criminal. You’re trying to expose us.” You shouted back and backed against the wall of his office. Graves walked towards you, cornering you. 

“And you’re the only one that knows about this. A simple spell will deal with you.” He traced his wand over you and you mumbled a spell, sending him backwards.

“You might be able to stop me, but Newt will stop you.” You replied with a confidence you didn’t feel. Graves growled and muttered a spell, sending your wand across the room. 

“Well, I can think of an effective method to deal with Mr Scamander.”

Requests are open

I think the unusual thing about the diner scene in episode five (”I don’t have time for, or interest in, talking about your stupid picture of a cowboy”) is that the rest of the show goes to great lengths to show that Dirk Gently isn’t actually psychic in the traditional sense of the word.

We would’ve gotten more explanation-slash-context if we’d gotten the flashback scene they’d fimed, but still. The only conclusion I’m drawing here is that the universe had a very good reason for telling Dirk that Todd had drawn a cowboy, and the reason was that Todd needed a push towards actually believing that Dirk really is what he says he is.

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PEKO list five things that you want for yourself, GO! (Can be something big, or something as small as "I want a cheese sandwich for lunch"!)

F-Five things?

Hum…For the others to wake up. For Fuyuhiko to opens more to us and me….

Hmm…New ribbons would be nice. Hmm..I still have to say two more things…

….I would like to be able to talk with young mistress one more time…

And for the last thing…

*thinks of something*….!! No hum…*looks away before thinking of something else*

Being able to pet cute animals would be nice.

So I am not that good at explaining things but I’ve been thinking about this a lot and a bit worried too. So you all know Stevonnie right? I love her and I cried when she was introduced (and any time she is brought back but thats another story..). So I love her first outfit, very cute, shows them together and all adorable and whatnot.

At first I liked how the star was there but it not being a big part of the outfit kind of bothered me. Eventually I got over it and just accepted it. But her 2nd most recent outfit, with Connie’s work out outfit is what has me worried.

Would you see what has me worried? Its small but, its there.. Maybe another photo..

Do you notice how, not only the star is barely visible like before, but its looks like something else.. Oh yeah, A DIAMOND.

Like what in the world is that about?? I’m like having a mini heart attack that that is a thing. Maybe it was just how it worked out or maybe its more.. I mean her most recent fusion has the whole star and its the strongest they’ve been together so far.

Again, I am just worried about the whole YELLOW diamond showing up on their clothes, mostly because all of the Crystal Gems make sure to have a star somewhere, and them fusing together I feel they would get to choose a little how they look but thats just my two thoughts.. Anyone else worried about this??

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i got some angst here for y'all... ok so everyone lives but the chocobros' s/o doesn't... a few years after the ending they see someone who looks exactly, to a t, like their passed s/o but isn't and maybe in a happy and stable relationship with someone else (maybe they have a family or something)? (bonus if the s/o's body was never recovered so the bros might think there's a chance their s/o could still be alive)

Oh man, why do you guys do this to me? You’re all so freaking clever with these prompts that my tragic-loving self eats right up.

Okay, anon, remember that you asked for this sadness— so the angst queen delivered. Giving these series of drabbles a title like my “The Day Insomnia Saw the Dawn” because it’s gunna be epic.

Note: [I’ll be uploading each guy in parts (and linking them together) as I finish them, but right now I only have Noctis done— in which everyone but him has died and the s/o somehow traded her life for his]

Read at your own risk. Ow.

{1,603 words}

                           A World in Which You Don’t Exist


“I’ve… I’ve never been good at these things. Moving on.”

It was cold. Eos had experienced its first snowfall in ten years. Noctis shuffled his feet as he stood beneath the willow tree that marked your grave. It was just on the outskirts of Duscae, near the lake that the catoblepai frequented. You had loved it here. It was your favorite place to visit during your travels, always begging Ignis to stop the car when you drove near, if only for a moment to appreciate its beauty.

“I can’t help but think that you… that you would know what to do, how to make this easier—“ Noctis’ voice failed him as he pursed his lips and tried desperately to swallow his grief. He shoved his hand into his coat pocket, procuring a ratted carbuncle doll. The one he had given to you as children. The one you had held on to after all these years.

“I brought you something. I found it at Hammerhead after…” he crouched down beneath the willow’s weeping leaves. They stirred around him, icy with snow crystals. He bowed his head as he carefully laid the torn doll upon the frozen ground. He ran an idle hand along the granite that was used as your headstone for a body that was never found.

“You left it behind,” he croaked as the tears finally fell. “You left it behind— all alone.”

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Jacqueline smacked her tongue on the top of her palate, smirking. <<Ah! Already ahead of you>>, she gloated.

Nate lifted an eyebrow. <<Excuse me?>>, he asked.

Jacqueline shrugged. <<You know I’m a little… Over concerned when it comes to this baby. But after what happened with Wyatt…>>, she responded, her mind starting to trail off. <<Anyways>>, she got back on track, <<I thought it’d be nice to have someone take care of little bean in case something was to happen to us. And I think I know who, too>>, she explained.

Nate smiled, a mixture of love and sadness in his expression. <<Will you share that with me?>>, he asked.

Jacqueline shook her head no. <<Now finish your pancakes>>.

Unpopular opinion: Onision hates women.

He pretends to be a white knight and fights for women’s rights but in the end it’s either pervy or contradicting. 

Let’s ignore the most obvious proof of it (his videos arguing against Blaire, Trisha, Billie, each of his exes and any other woman) and go in on smaller details. 

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Dogtor Strange

Stephen is visiting Kamar Taj for a few days, and at one point, goes into the nearby town for some reason (I guess to find an artifact or something–who knows). Anyway, he gets attacked by this gang and gets overwhelmed by them. (He doesn’t have his cloak because he didn’t want to stand out too much and these guys manage to get the sling ring off of him). Of course, unlike the last time he got mugged, he’s able to put up a good fight this time, and now has magic too, of course, but one guy manages to pin him down….when suddenly, this blur just comes in out of nowhere and pounces on the guy, giving Stephen the opening he needs to fight back.

Once the fight’s over, he finally sees who or what saved him. A dog is standing there, barking and growling at the retreating attackers, before turning and giving Stephen this “look” and holding his paw out for a shake. It takes him a minute, but eventually, Stephen realizes it’s the same dog he gave the splint to about a year or so ago. Apparently, the dog recognized him and jumped in to help. Stephen then takes him back home with him (to the Sanctum, I mean), cleans him up, and eventually gives him away to a nearby shelter (because let’s be honest, he can’t take care of this dog and do his magic business too).

Cut to months later, and one day, Stephen’s reading (or meditating, I don’t know–just doing something) by a window, when he sees a lady crossing the street, walking her dog….“his” dog. The dog spots him in the window–does the “shake my paw” trick; Stephen just smiles and waves, and he overhears the lady saying something like, “Come on Sophie! Honestly, why do you always have to stop when we pass by here?” They go on their way, and Stephen just thinks, “Looks like we both found a place to belong.”

  • Caela: Hey, Frost? Have you seen J?
  • Frost: Not since last night after the heist, why?
  • Caela: I need him to look at something.
  • RG: Hang on, I got this.
  • RG: *sits on the couch next to Frost, arm around his shoulders*
  • RG: Hey there, Frosty-
  • J: *appears out of nowhere, throwing RG off the couch*
  • Caela: There he is.