have i got new for you

” We spiraled high on a gust of love
And I knew right from the start
Nothing could tear us apart

Till the day you broke my heart

And now it’s… too little too late Ooh-oooooh” 

“I didn’t mean to hurt you

You didn’t have a clue

So you went out and got busy 

And found somebody new 

And now we’ll be just friends “

mhhh…. i have a really bad feeling….

  • Robert: (on the phone) I bet you won't be so vague about your fee, will you? - Okay. Yeah, all right, I'll talk with you later. (hangs up) Moron!
  • Paddy: Sorry, I was looking for Chas. She said she let me know if Aaron rang, but I've not heard anything.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, he hasn't. That was his barrister. He's got absolutely no idea where they've taken him.
  • Paddy: We'll find out soon. It's not like he's new to all this, is it?
  • Robert: Yeah, well, there is that. The last time he was in, he thought about killing himself.
  • Paddy: Last time was different. This time he's got you.
  • Robert: Well, you don't want him to have me.
  • Paddy: All I've ever wanted is for Aaron to be loved. Me and you are never gonna be best mates. But he's mad about you. And I love him, so we're gonna have to work out a way to make this work, aren't we?

it’s hard right now and ive been stuck on this level. for a while i cleared levels so easily but im stuck in this limbo now. it’s hard. I keep trying but I can’t do it.

but I’ve got a new party; you who have my back and love me with your whole heart, you who listen and make sure i am okay. there are new items in my bag that might make things easier. new armor and new weapons will come.

and i am learning every time. i remember much from my last fight and although the strategy has changed, i do remember. I remember that the fight is worth it to see the next stage.

sometimes I lose and I fall down. i take a step back and reassess. i try to figure out what’s not working. i consult others; they give me suggestions. they help me. while I’m down they help me back up.

i have been fighting for so long but no boss has taken me. even through every impossible challenge, I am here. even with my bare fists, on my own I have continued and conquered.

so i keep trying. and trying. and I fall down but I always get up.

new things wait after every battle. i am ready to find them.

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// Hey everyone! we finally got word from Del, he wont be coming back, as far as we know, and told us to do whatever we wanted with the blog.

we will not be making any large changes, so you know.

Before you ask about modding for Paul, Pat, and Pudding, please know that the mods and I have decided against looking for new mods and will be handing the characters to a mod or mods who already works on the blog! We will discuss which ones a little further but otherwise no mods are needed.

we have Mod Tord taking Pudding

Mod Tom taking Pat

And myself taking Paul

Thank you! -Mod Matt


WIP : Ships for Providence

Hello everyone !

I stopped for a moment the painting of the minis and the design of new buildings to focus on the 3 ships.

Some of you may have seen them in some of my previous pictures. They come from Ainsty casting.

For a year, I was not sure how to manage them. I have no skill in model ships. But I finally got started. I started with the sloop-of-war, the smallest.

I initially painted a red part, but I did not like it. I preferred to use several shades of brown.

I put some cannons, but they are too long. I have to buy some smaller ones.

Now the most arduous happens. I have to make masts and ropes. I have no blueprint. Only pictures of sloops. I think I can do it. I hope, but it will take time.

Stay connected, more stuff will come soon !

Hello! Not long ago, I posted this question about which new character you were looking most forward to see in season three. I got more responses than I expected, so I hope you don’t mind I have done something a bit differently this time. I have listed people under which character(s) they chose, and then I have selected some answers, which I thought stood out among the rest.

Personally, I can’t wait to see them all come to life (well, maybe I’m a bit wary about Mr. Willoughby, but I think they will do better in the show than in the book), but most of all, I look very much forward to see Marsali and Lord John.

Anyway, thank you so much for answering my question, everyone!

Adult Fergus: @daydreaminglass, @myolgamakworld, @its-me-claire

Adult Fergus and Young Ian: @cpie1954, @nighean–donn, @yesglasshalffull

Adult Fergus and Marsali: @surana17, @bestof60, @phoenixflames12, @nolifesinceoutlander, @t4two2

Father Fogden: @surana17

Joe Abernaty: @hardcupcakeenthusiast, @outlandercoupling​ 

Lord John Grey, adult Fergus and Young Ian: @maxxeman1007, @ihatespoilers, @laydit

Lord John Grey and adult Fergus: @steelestories1, @yourheartisstillmine, @cputrbug, @lulu-tan79 

Lord John Grey and Young Ian: @whatifthisstormends, @kalendraashtar, @nolifesinceoutlander, @imaewfa, @denise-alwaysuselove, @outlanderaniluchy, @heartthesouth

Lord John Grey: @andorra97, @superaloyavanza, @rxqueenruby, @goldenoutlander, @whatisaweekend, @bestof60, @samheughanandcats, @phoenixflames12, @contemplatingoutlander, @hardcupcakeenthusiast, @surana17, @lesleepingcat, @omgturtlesoup, @theswedishlass, @awesomeeyeroll, @bluewillowmom, @myaccueill

Marsali: @hardcupcakeenthusiast, @omgturtlesoup, @lindseyylu17

Mr. Willoughby: @samheughanandcats

Young Ian: @Crazystupidoutlanderlover, @sweetenendvoices, @stopbashingmm, @classykdlady, @tumblninas, @lindseyylu17, @takemeawaytocamelot, @outlandercoupling

William: @laydit

There are 2 actually .I am anxious to see Lauren Lyle as Marsali because she becomes very close to Claire and they forge a bond that is interesting to watch grow and I am looking forward to seeing actor Will Johnson as Joe Abernathy as Claire’s friend and colleague.

Young Ian
, coz I just adore his relationship with his Auntie throughout the series, and Joe Abernathy, I mean proper #FriendshipGoals right there.

is who I’m most excited to see. David Berry’s lovely face is also something I’m looking forward to! Sam & David? On my screen? Together? Yes, please this is just wonderful.

Lord John
, of course. I tend to think of him as a such a major character later on, I sort of forget he new. Joe Abernathy is another. The show has done an amazing job expanding some of the more minor characters and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with him. Stern, for the same reasons.

Of course, Lord John… I also want to see what they do with child-William, even though he’s only 6 when Jamie leaves Helwater. I hope they give him enough time so we can see him and Jamie get some good father-son moments together.

I am so looking forward to finally seeing Joe Abernathy! He’s basically the one good thing about Claire being in Boston. The friendship they develop that then extends to his entire family and Bree’s family down the line is just so heartwarming. They accept Claire and what she and her family can “do” without question. Also Lord John Grey! His character is so interesting and only gets more so in later books.

Lord John Gray, Fersali
(totally stealing that from Cesar), Young Ian, Joe, there are just so many great characters in Voyager. Even Lawrence Stern.

Oh, Stern. Without Stern we wouldn’t have the Turtle Soup that we love.

think Marsali’s gonna be a firecracker judging by the real actress’ posts

Lord John
, because I want to see the chemistry and tension with Jamie and I’m sure Sam will knock it out of the park. William, for the same reason. God, the mixture of sadness and joy that his existence must bring… I think Sam’s glass face will be put to good use!

This may seem silly, but I am so looking forward to watching Claire care for baby Bree. Then next looking forward to Fergus & Marsali.

Me too, @saint-hildegard-of-bingen 😭😍 and I’m also looking forward to Young Ian and Joe.

Oooh fabulous question. Must say I can’t wait to see the Jamie /Lord John Grey dynamic on screen. ( I know technically he’s not a new character, but it is a new actor coming in, so I cheated, 😬)But also Young Ian because he is such an important character going forward and I love his story arc. But like everyone else, Joe and Fergus/Marsali too. Voyager is so rich with brilliant characters.

OH!! And Rollo! I’m wondering what kind of dog they’ll use..hire

, because the show has improved his character as far as his relationship to J&C. Also Young Ian.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Joe and Mr. Willoughby portrayed, especially because there aren’t many (if any) POC’s in the Outlander-verse thus far! Also because Joe is wonderful and I wish there was more of him! I’m also interested in finding out how Geneva will be portrayed. I wonder how annoying she truly will be…

Thank you ❤️️


Team Vampire Weekend (via Rolling Stone FB Live): Did you get another Honda in tribute to the old VW Honda?

CT: You know what? What’s today, Thursday? Six days ago, I did. But not necessarily in tribute to the original–well I guess if you want to say that. But, sort of back to touring with four people and not a ton of gear, so I bought–it served me well, it served us well - not just me, us well. I kept one of the license plates, shhhh. For a long time it got us where we needed to go and, you know, Honda has one of the best resale values on the market, let’s not forget that. Especially when you buy certified pre-owned like I did. So yeah, I do have a new Honda actually, but the plan is not to keep it for 10 years necessarily. The plan is to–it’s more utilitarian, to use it as it’s applicable for touring and then probably move on, to a more sensible mid-sized sedan.

(Pictured above: CT with Vampire Weekend’s Honda (their former tour van) near its resting place in Roanoke, VA; CT with his newly acquired certified pre-owned Honda prior to beginning his first DotW tour.)

foxy-mink  asked:

I'm wanting to fill my room with plants but I don't know what kind to get. I consider myself an eclectic~hedge witch, but I'm new to this. What would you recommend?

Hi there! Personally, I love succulents. They are very low maintenance and great mood boosters (they’re just so cute!). And! If you can get some Aloe Vera that can serve multiple uses 😊
I just got a Boston fern and that needs some sunlight but is also a very good house plant. It helps filter the air too! I used to have a house palm but then we moved. Those are also fairly low maintenance and just needs some sunlight near a window! I also am loving this ivy I just got. If it’s in a smaller pot it should stay contained. Ok sorry I just listed off random plants.
Depending on your climate, herbs are good to grow - for me actually the easiest to grow was sage. Something kept eating my basil but you can usually find basil, cilantro, and mint at a grocery store and can plant them in a new pot or keep them in the containers they come in. Make sure to read up on what not to plant next to what. I had mint all through college and it was wonderful to have! hope this helps a little and I’m sorry for rambling!


cleo met a new neighbour in the hall~

cleo, desperately trying to make a good impression: um.. hello.. neighbour? i’m cleo!! nice to.. meet you?/ :—-)
sully: new neighbours?! i guess that means you’ll have to have us over for dinner, ha!
cleo: suddenly i don’t k n o w…..,?? i gotta go.. wash my cat? 

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  • Ethan: Lighten up, yeah? It's just like being back at youth club, minus robbing from the tuck shop and smashing the pool table up.
  • Aaron: Never really liked the youth club.
  • Ethan: Come on, you have to meet my crew. - Jase. This is my new pad-mate.
  • Aaron: Aaron.
  • Jase: How long have we got the pleasure?
  • Aaron: A year, but I'm appealing.
  • Jase: Of course you are. We're all innocent in here, aren't we?
  • Aaron: I never said that.
  • Jase: You talking back? That's a very bad idea. You wanna learn some manners.
  • Aaron: You don't need to give me this hard-man routine, mate. I'm a Dingle, I'll do it in my sleep.
  • Jase: Do you know Cain?
  • Aaron: Pretty well, yeah, he's my uncle.
  • Jase: Well, I'll have to tell my old man. They go way back.

maxwelllucy473  asked:

Question: I'm a new YouTuber, got any tips for a good channel?

Don’t aim to be the best, but rather aim to be the best to the people who support you. Whether you have 10 or 10 million subscribers, make sure your community comes first.

Do what you love, genuinely thank people, and remember to always have fun. Good luck out there!

anais-ninja-blog  asked:

Imma give you the same one I gave @meleedamage because now I'm curious: Love Mercenary.

Love Mercenary:  

Darcy Lewis is totally cupid.  No joke.  There was a reason why she worked really hard to make sure Jane didn’t move on from Thor back in London.  She has a perfect record and she will ALWAYS have a perfect record.

That is, until she gets a new assignment.  James Buchanan Barnes and Natasha Romanoff.  She’s got to get these lovers back together and even with her bag of tricks (getting them stuck in an elevator doesn’t work since they’re both technically ninjas), they are proving to be difficult in their stubbornness and unwillingness to visit their mysterious past.

She needs help.  Enter Steve Rogers, best friend of the targets, super hero, and super sexy.  The Love Mercenary may have just met her own match.

I know I say this a lot but I still cannot believe that I got this many followers. I just can’t believe that this many lovely people actually like my plain potato of a blog. So her is a shotout to all these lovely people who have been with me since the beginning amd some new ones.

Here are some lovely mutuals that I’m lucky to have.

@deathraised: You are just such a lovely person that I’m happy to have on my dash. I love your portrayal of Judith and I can’t wait to have more threads with you, Posy loves her twin, her little cupcake.

@singlesighted: I’m so happy that you are one of my mutuals. And I love seeing you on my dash. I love your portrayal of Carl and I love the cute relationship Posy and Carl have. Cosy is my new favorite ship xD.

@fissarsi: I said it once and I will say it again, I’m so happy I have found you again. Seeing you on my dash make me happy and I love Enzo and Posys friendship.

@whispercr: You. Are. Amazing. That’s all I can say. You have been with me since the beginning when I first started this blog and followed me when I remade it and that means a lot to me. And Posy really loves her best friend, Lydia is her Pumpkin.

@lastjingol: I’m so lucky that you are one of my mutuals. You have followed me on your other blogs and you followed me on your Carl even when I didn’t have my TWD verse and that means a lot to me. And I love Posy and Carls relationship. I can’t wait to have threads with you on your other blogs in the future

More lovely followers that just followed more or have been following me that I am so grateful to have.

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If I missed any of you I am so sorry but I’m so grateful to have all of you following me and I can’t wait to have threads with you in the future.

Im back...

Ive had time to think and relax and im going to be rolling on here for a bit. I’ve put raffle prizes and other ideas for this blog on the back burner….

I got a new laptop, gaming laptop. My dumbass didnt save everything…and back them up onto here so I have to start OVER on alot and im just bleh right now.

I’m sorry for keeping everyone waiting. Really I am. If you one a raffle please message me about any questions or if you want to change your idea or what you want. 

Also Im sadly no longer working with Sai, the cracked version I owned does want to work on this new laptop. So Im using Medibang Pro, a art program I used before and I loved it, it was just super fucked on my old computer. 

Please give me some time with art, again IM sorry

“Stephen and the Rescue” - Digital Oil Painting

“Always adopt. There are so many wonderful animals who need good homes, like this guy here. Everybody on set loves him. Emily got me the arrow charm for his collar.”

Couldn’t leave out darling Stephen, and I wanted at least one painting to have a message about adopting animals from shelters. There are so many who need loving forever homes… please consider adopting the next time you search for a new pet.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.