have i ever said how much i love christmas food network specials

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pynch christmas hcs would save my life if you have time!

Yay OK! Sorry this is so late- I was hanging out with my family for a while for Chanukah.

  • Ronan is religious, obviously, so he goes to midnight mass with his brothers. Adam went one time the first year they got together and found it very weird and kind of uncomfortable, but was happy that Ronan trusted him with that side of him. After that, Adam confessed he wasn’t really into going to mass a second time, but he would come to church with them and bring a book and chill in the hallway (IDK how churches work- is that a thing? do people mill around in the hallway? I know that used to happen at my synagogue). Opal likes to go to mass so she would come along, but when she gets bored she’ll slip out and go into the hallway to join Adam.
  • After the service, they head back to the house and Declan and Matthew go to sleep, and Ronan makes a pot of hot cocoa. They decorate the cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkles and candy canes and the three of them- Adam, Ronan, and Opal- watch the stars together. In later years, when Declan gets married and sometimes doesn’t show up, and Matthew sometimes brings people home, and Opal gets older, the tradition fades away a little, until Opal is fourteen and makes hot cocoa herself and sneaks into her parents’ room with mugs and they all curl up on the bed together and fall asleep in a huddle, like she’s a little kid again.
  • Opal sees the nativity play at church and gets interested in the nativity story, so Ronan tells her a heavily annotated version of it, and Adam tells her about the history of Christianity, which she finds fascinating. (Adam makes a point of saying that she can pick whatever religion she wants. Ronan says “I don’t believe in brainwashing children so yeah, you can be a Catholic or you can be a heathen like Parrish, whatever you want”). It’s not ideal when she tells her friends, who are also six or seven years old, about how the Christmas tree is a pagan symbol appropriated under Constantine.
  • Ronan, embarrassingly, dreams a sprig of mistletoe the first Christmas morning he and Adam spend together. Adam spends more time laughing at it than kissing him.
  • Opal never buys presents for her family or for anyone- she always makes things. One year Blue teaches her how to knit and she knits things for everyone. Another year she gathers objects from outside and makes fairy houses. She whittles a heart out of wood for Adam, and says shyly when she gives it to him, that it’s so he’ll always remember he’s loved if he ever feels lonely at school.
  • Ronan dreams him a flower that year that glows a little inside if Adam needs some light, and he says, “same thing that she said. About why I made it. Whatever.”
  • Ronan has a good singing voice, but not when singing Christmas carols. Those he just belts out at the top of his lungs. He also has a particular affinity for finding whatever annoying-ass viral Christmas song parodies are popular that year and memorizing them. He loves them to death and Adam does not love them so much.
  • When Christmas services and gift exchanges and dinner are all done, everyone gets together in front of the fireplace and gathers in a huddle of various quilts and blankets- some old Lynch family relics, some presents from Blue or Henry or Gansey or the Fox Way women, some new ones that they bought, etc. They have hot cider and mulled wine and more cocoa and pass around roasted nuts and pie. Sometimes they watch a cheesy Christmas movie and make fun of it and sometimes they just sit around and talk and laugh. Ronan and Adam are usually curled around each other by some point in the evening- they just get closer and closer, until Ronan is running his hands through Adam’s hair and Adam is wearing a contented smile, warm and full and happy.
  • The Pynch household is known for its Christmas cookies. Ronan picked up baking as a hobby and over the years, he amassed more and more Christmas cookie recipes until it became A Thing. They have to give them away to the neighbors, send them to the Sarchengsey trio and to other friends, Adam gets a care package of them a few weeks before winter break when he’s in school, and he brings them to the office when he starts work. They’re really good and there’s so many. Sometimes Adam comes home to see Ronan watching some Food Network special on Christmas cookies and he’s just like, “I swear, Ronan, if you’re looking for new recipes- WE HAVE ENOUGH-” “Come on, Parrish, I can’t just watch Food Network?” “You have an ulterior motive. We have enough goddamn cookies in this house. I just stepped on a cookie that Opal dropped here.”
  • On their first Christmas together, after Declan and Matthew leave and Opal’s asleep, a little bit of snow falls outside, and Adam stands at the window watching it and remembering how the previous year, he’d been in a cold trailer, alone, and upset. He feels that kind of bittersweetness of not being entirely sure he deserved or earned to be in this warm house full of love and family, of feeling like he isn’t grateful enough, like it’s going to be swept away. Ronan catches him looking pensive and he stops washing the dishes for a second and wraps Adam in a hug from behind. He doesn’t say anything for a few seconds and then he says, “You need anything?” Adam says, quietly, “How can you ask that? You already gave me more than I needed.” “You belong here,” Ronan says, “you deserve to get everything.” Adam pulls Ronan’s arms around him a little tighter and holds him close and they watch the tiny glisten of the snowflakes outside, falling silently.

As someone who has recently started University (yippee!), never before have I ever had to think over money so much in my life. I’m luckily blessed with the fact that I don’t consume large amounts of alcohol, which therefore means I am in a better position than most at the moment. However, I’m still feeling the need to cut back and save on things here and there, which is proving difficult in many areas. One of these areas is coffee and tea, and unfortunately other people on a budget or trying to save money will feel this strain just like me. 

So here I am, writing a blog post on how to save money as a student, when you have an adoration towards hot beverages….especially since the cosy seasons of Autumn and Winter are creeping ever so close!

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