have i ever mentioned i'm not very good at photoshopping things

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Hey :) love love love your blog! I was wondering about the graphics you mentioned.. I would love it if you did a whole post on how to make them, I'm so lost in that area haha.. thanks a million

oh man oh man oh man okay. first, thank you so much for the compliment, it means so much to me that you like my blog, thank you bby <3 and okayyy let’s do this. oh boy. alright anon, i’m not a professional or all that good by any means and there are other amazing graphists that make amazing graphics but i got you, so welcome to-

let’s begin:

okay i use photoshop to edit my graphics but you don’t need to ok??


  • so when you make a graphic, you need to specify your image size.
  • tumblr photos (like the one i have above) has a horizontal length of 500 pixels 
  • so your image should be 500 x a number. the one i have above is 500 x 200 pixels. you can make it 500 x 300, 500 x 700, whatever your heart desires.
  • facebook timeline covers are 815 x 315 pixels, instagram photos are 500 x 500 (but they’ve changed so you can have any size)


  • so anon! i’m assuming you want to make graphics like the ones i’ve made before, right? (bc i dabble in lots of different graphic editing there’s a lot more different types of graphics but i think the one we want rn is like the one above)
  • so you should just start with a solid colored background
    • usually, light, pastel colors look the best. 
    • when you go dark, unless you go navy blue dark or some variant of gray or black, the background usually looks hard to look at and is less pleasing to the eye.
  • so yeah! solid, light colored backgrounds work just fine.
  • but you can hit that up with some Patterns
    • yah so you can add patterns to your background if you wanna spice things up a bit ey (waggles eyebrows)
    • either go black, white, lgiht gray or go home when you do patterns. don’t try and mix up colors for patterns for backgrounds 
      • unless you’re super super sure that your pattern will look ok
    • you can make horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, crossed, etc. for your patterns and add them to your background!
    • do not make the patterns too bold or complicated or put too much, because the patterns on your background should be subtle. 
    • so yup, you can do things like i did in the header for this post! gray diagonal dotted lines. 

Text / Fonts

  • so next step is fonts or your text or whatever it is that you want to say in your graphic
  • typography and text is a whole thing in itself and you could write like, two hundred posts about it and not be done, but i’ll try my best to pass on a quick tuto for this
  • so first choose a text color that compliments your background. here this usually involves color coordination, but you can go by a few rules
    • and you can make cool text effects. for example make a few copies of your text and change the color just a shade lighter or change the color just a tad and kinda move the texts behind each other so they diagonally overlap to get a hella cool bg.
    • if you have a light / pastel bg
      • you can either do colors that are right next to what your bg color is (pink and white and orange, red and purple, remember the rainbow: ROY G BIV)
      • go with white. white is always an option. always looks hella good.
      • you can go opposite the color of your bg, so pink and blue, purple and yellow, etc.)
    • if you have a white bg:
      • you can work with any color, really, and it’ll look really nice!
      • go gray or black to get a more clean and crisp look.
        • special tip: to make your text pop but not look tacky, don’t go complete black. go very dark gray or just gray and the color makes a world of difference!
      • if you’re going to work with multiple colors, just remember to follow the color rules and u know what if u don’t know the color rules or just are too lazy just eyeball it
      • (no that’s not what i do with every. single. graphic i make hahaahaa h  aa (laughs nervously))
    • if you have a darker bg:
      • once again use white as ur text color
      • or just super light colors like sakura-color pink or something
  • then you’re going to choose a font
    • fonts are so darned complicated ugh ugh ug H
    • but okay. you can go on google and look up font tutorials to really get into the whole font thing but here’s a super basic rundown on fonts
    • use the basic, common fonts (but not comic sans please or i will poke you in the eyeball om g). here are the basics I use
      • vijaya, times new roman, arial (u can go all caps and get a super aesthetic thing)
    • use uniform, clean fonts (idk what to call these, i should know but wtv)
      • slim joe, big john, basic title font, brain flower, bebas, znikomit
      • whaTEVER idk these are the ones i can think of off the top of my head ok
    • use cool handwritten fonts
      • selima, levibrush, peach sundress, satisfaction
      • you can look on creativemarket in fonts to find more free pretty handwritten fonts
    • use weird but amazing fonts
      • fyi: never go overboard with the more complicated fonts never ever bc it only makes your graphic look yucky 
      • wolf in the city, men in black, franks, easy going stroke, a series of unfortunate events, romangridcaps
    • once again, there are rules to making different fonts and different styles go together, but once again, i say just eyeball it if it gets too complicated. 
    • i usually just slap a handwritten or cool font and add a preinstalled normal font to go w/ it in a smaller sized font

Shapes and Other Things 

  • you can then add different things and shapes to add extra dazzle to your edit
  • just add stuff
  • i don’t really know what to say for these shapes bc um honestly i don’t have a guide for doing this. i usually just randomly do whatever looks good to me.
  • squares, circles, and triangles are super cool though. you can experiment and play around and see what looks good to you.
  • also look on google for images that end with .png because those will have transparent bgs and are easy to use as shapes and stuff

Color Schemes / Palettes

  • i am way too lazy to explain all the color things but in general
    • go either similar or go opposite
    • light shades or colors go with light shades (pastel yellow with pstel orange) or color or light shades go with dark shades (dark dark gray with pastel pink)
    • colors go with colors right next to them on the spectrum (orange and yellow, purple and red, blue and green) or else opposite (red or orange with blue, purple and yellow)
    • and of course, white, gray, or black go with anything!
    • to look for nice color palettes to choose colors that go well together

umm so i don’t know what else to put on here. i’ll add stuff if i remember though. this was a super basic rundown on making a graphic, so sorry about not being able to answer your question more thoroughly, anon!!! 

but please, message me again if you have a more specific question like how i made my header for this post or how i made my minimalist edit, my ‘drink water’ edit, or my iphone wallpapers because i can answer your question if i know what type of graphic you want!!!

happy editing!! xoxo


more of my stuff: 

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I literally just read your comic from beginning to end. OMG. Like, it's been an hour but I'm still just like reeling from how WONDERFUL it is. You should be so proud of your hard work! *insert thumbs up emoji here*

kfgjkfgkdgj @thecrazydragonlady THANK YOU. i am pretty proud of it ;0;/ the early pages are pretty cringey to me now, but they were a learning process. i’ve really learned a lot about art working on this comic, so feel pretty proud of myself for that XD i do feel bad that i haven’t updated much in the last year but i am hoping to change that going forward ><;;;

also… i love ur username :xxxx

alsoalso…. apologies, but i will be using ur ask as home base for myyyy…


so if i haven’t replied to your ask in the last month, check under the read more. :’D

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Hello, I don’t know where to start but, just thank you I guess??? I never thought I’d get to 100+, I’ve only had this blog for a couple of months or so now? Not my first time having an RP blog but the first time I made one & actually used it for more then a week, & honestly couldn’t have wished for anymore of a welcoming experiences. I’m glad my muse for Noct as well as my love lasted this long to even see me getting this many follows!! He is my tired son & is so fun & easy to write & I am happy that so many of you enjoy my portrayal. I didn’t think I would be noticed that much to be honest ‘cause of how many other Noctis’ there are. They are all just as amazing & great to be honest!!

Onto the people!! Of course gonna but under a read more ‘cause I have a few things I wanna say & might ramble on. But here we go~!!

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you with anon, but I have a question: do you have any advice about making your own chipsets/charsets/facesets using only a mouse? And what program would you recommend? I'm planning to make a two games in RPG2k3 and RPG VX Ace Lite and I'm kinda new to pixel art, and my tablet broke.

yeah: don’t worry about your table breaking because you don’t need to use a tablet in the first place, unless you’re drawing something big.  Tablets work best when they move across the canvas, not when they quickly dot it.   Your mouse is king in pixel art. And a mouse is better in pixel art than a track pad, so you got a leg up on me too.  :p

First, let me set you up with some basic links:


VX Ace

And now, some tips:

  • Drawing out a sketch of how you want your map to look on Graph paper so you know what you need to create for it.  It helps because if you start out just goofing around, you might create too little stuff to put into your chipset.
  • Whenever I get partway through a map, I like to make mock screenshots to figure out if this is how I want my map to look, like so:

It helps me figure out if the tiles I made go together or not, or whether or not my tileset needs a more varied color pallet to match my sprites, or if the grass is too bright, etc. 

  • I like to make things in Black & White first so I can get a better grasp on value.  Colors that have the same value as each other blend into each other, hiding any detail you might of had with them.
  • Zoom out from time to time.  You want to make sure your sprite looks just as good at normal resolution as it does up close.
  • The order for character sprites is walking/facing North, then East,  then South, then West.  So you know, Never Eat Soggy Waffles/Never Ever Smoke Weed or what have you.
  • Uhhh I had a mapping ask I answered earlier this year that had a few tips
  • You get a character to bounce up and down when they walk by moving them one pixel up or down, like so:

nice & neat

  • For smaller character sprites, I made myself a grid with little markers (feet go on the light blue - i gotta move the beekeeper down) so everyone walks on the same plane (and no one’s a pixel off).  

And If your face sets are looking left or right, just have them all face the same way.

Here are some of my favorite tutorials:

Ok, hope this helps. c:


Well I use photoshop elements because I’ve had it installed in my computer for the past 7 years and I’m too lazy to find another program that works on mac :v (make sure to take anti-alias off when you use the fill bucket ok kids).

Most artist recommend getting a program that has layering capabilities (very useful when animating) and something that doesn’t have too many features to it.  The most recommended tend to be, Aseprite, GrafX2, GraphicsGale, & GraphicsGale, and you can find more here (along with links to the ones I just mentioned!).


emeraldawn, my bestie, my buddy, my friend-o till the end-o, my hands down favorite person in the world, the high to my five and the wind beneath my hooves (I’m a thestral if I’m gonna be a flying thing, obvs.) - as you well know: today is the day of your birth.  Your birthday, one might say (feel free to steal that.  It’s good, I know), so here’s some homework a gift.  [IT’S NOT SUPER SELFISH AT ALL BECAUSE I DID NOT JUST READ ALL OF THESE AND NOW HAVE NO ONE TO SQUEE TO ABOUT THEM AND AM HOPING TO EITHER REFRESH YOUR MEMORY OR GET YOU TO EMBARK UPON THESE JOURNEYS FOR THE FIRST TIME.  THAT’S NOT WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE AT ALL.  God, why do you have to doubt my good intentions always?  You’re welcome for your present, I guess, you combative butthole.]

1. Slightly Damaged, Still Good by Trelkez / trelkez​  |  2k

Believe me, boo, there is no better Failwolf Derek out there.  Also, um, enjoy this purely fluffsters fic, it might, um, it might be rare on this list here.  CORRAL YOUR SHOCK, WOMAN.

2. Sugar and Spice by standinginanicedress  |  40k

Oh my God, this is such a unique take on Spark-ness.  And I freaking love Derek in this, which deffo means you will too.

3. On Anchors and Rudders by Unloyal_Olio / unloyal-olio  |  15k

Yes, yes, a Sentinel AU.  And one I actually understood and enjoyed (MEGA-LY) and can blab at your face about so, here, enjoy your thing with your show that I never watched because I am not a thousand years old.  [coughs] Unlike some people.  [coughs]  I mean, what?  Happy birthday, tiger!  Rawr and such.

4. A Little Pick-me-up by kellifer_fic / kellifer-k  |  2k

Another straight-up adorbs one where OMG, THEY BOTH LIKE EACH OTHER THOUGH!  But–but they totally don’t know it for a little bit.  Can you read that enough???  I submit that you cannot!  Seriously, go read this now.  It’s short, dooooo it.

5. I Am Your Liege by relenafanel / relenafanel  |  2k

No, no, no, no, no, but MEDIEVAL AU, EM.  You are so fucking welcome, sis.  It is so fucking good but I need 100k more, at least.

6. Grounded on Living Skin (Incantation Ink series) by otter / thewinterotter  |  9k (30k for the series)

If you didn’t have a tattoo kink?  You do now.  But also WHY DID YOU NOT HAVE A TATTOO KINK???

7. Chasing the Horizon by stilinski / obroech  |  34k

Okay, but Hellhound Derek.  I’m fairly certain I’ve already made you read this.  BUT LET’S READ IT AGAIN IN A FORT THIS TIME BECAUSE IT IS THAT GOOD.

8. To Have Outlived the Night by stillane / stillaneforserious  |  23k

Oh, oh, but it’s so good.  Derek is so Derek and bad at communicating and Stiles is amazing.  Like, he has the best fucking lines in this and they make me LEGIT CHEER when I read them.  ENJOY YOUR FACE OFF HERE, DOLL.

9. Yours was a Good Heart for Me by stilinskisparkles / felicitysmock  |  3k


10. Abominable by Revenant / revenant-scribe  |  20k

So much credit to this though because every single fic I’ve read with Abominable-creature Stiles, I have not enjoyed and this one is aces!

11. The Butt You Rutt™ by eeyore9990 / eeyore9990  |  4k

Well, first of all, it’s eey’s so, one, you already know it’s good and, two, that’s also a pretty good indication that it’s super hot-heavy breathing-sexy sexytimes.  And it is.  Even if it’s not your kink, eey will make it your kink because that’s what eey does.  (FYI, this had better already be a kink with you though because RUTTING, my va-gine bro, RUTTING.)

12. This is Ridiculous by zosofi / zosofi  |  36k

Unicorns.  But unicorns in a way where you can still 100% see Derek and Stiles in all the Derek and Stiles.  BASICALLY, WITCHCRAFT AT ITS FINEST.

13. Beauty and the Ex by aggybird / aggybird  |  26k

You know how I love me some jealous Derek.  You know that.  Don’t even try and act like you don’t know that right now.

14. Derek Hale’s No Good, Very Bad Day by Mackem  |  2k

Okay this is 5,000% ridiculous but I 10,000% love it so suspend your disbelief for a hot minute and enjoy the crap out of this.  (Also, you’ve gotta love that handle, baby bird: MACK EM.  THE HANDLE COMMANDS ME.  [smacks kiss at your face])

15. The Time Travelling Werewolf’s Confused Spirit Guide by The Feels Whale / thefeelswhale  |  5k

TIME TRAVEL!!! And you know I love the ones that are all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.  (Also, really getting into this author.  JOIN ME, WON’T YOU?)

16. Whatever You Want (but You’re Gonna Have to Ask Me) by HalfFizzbin / halffizzbin |  3k

I could just so see this scenario playing out between Derek and Stiles.  It’s so perfect!

17. Balloon Animals are Awesome by DiscontentedWinter   |  22k


18. One Day I’ll Accept Normalcy (but that Day is Not Today) by jettiebettie / jettiebettie  |  16k

This has such a natural flow to it and deals with both the realistic and fantastical consequences of Stiles and Derek dating.  NOT TO MENTION THE SHERIFF IS A-MAZING.

19. Fate and Other Clichéd Terms by day  | 6k


20. Stumble, Tumble, Fall by keskasi / wutheringwolf  |  7k

Yeahhhh, you know how I feel about Parrish.  Here’s the refresher course on why he’s sixteen thousand kinds of amazing though.

21. With Metal on Our Tongues (We’ll be Dressed in Rags) by Rena / soldieronbarnes  |  19k

007, Em.  BOND, EM.  Q, EM.  DO THE THING, EM.

22. Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile by DevilDoll / devildoll  |  39k

Zombies.  BECAUSE ZOMBIES, EMERALD.  Making me use your full, Christian name with you.  I don’t want it to have to be like that but if it’s gotta be, it’s gotta be, okay.

23. The Well of Living Waters by kalpurna / kalpurna  |  30k


24. Released (From behind These Lines) by weathervaanes / weathervaanes  |  16k

Shut up, I know this is more my thing but GHOST!STILES, GHOOOOOOOST.  You know I love the dead ones.  YOU KNOW THAT.  And I promise you need no AHS knowledge because I know NOTHING about that show.

25. Gonna Write a Classic and jezziejay  |  6k

Mistaken identity and pining and miscommunication and all the cutest tropes to ever cute!  YOU SEE, I ENDED IT ON A HAPPY NOTE BECAUSE PEOPLE SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND NOT DEPRESSED UNPROTECTED PARENTAL SEX ANNIVERSARY.

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ{ ᴀʀᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴅɪᴛ ɢᴏᴇs ᴛᴏ ɪɴᴅɪɢᴏɴɪᴛᴇ, ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴏᴜᴛ! }

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ‣ Is doing this tacky yet?

Well, I don’t mind either way because! Yes! This blog’s reached its 1000+ followers and I’m honestly so stoked. I can’t tell you all how much joking around with this account, as well as developing minor and major plots, has helped me. Amidst the stress of real life that I’m sure we all have to some degree, RPing has brought me so much joy and I only have my RP partners and those who for some reason stayed with Wrath and his antics to thank for. You made RPing special for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Wrath was made on a whim and I would never have imagined he’d get this far, the most I’ve accomplished and why I decided to make this post. Despite his character adopting mannerisms and concepts different from those I’d initially planned for him, he still managed to turn into a muse I have the pleasure to spend my free time on. That and, through him, I’ve met incredibly creative and talented people that I might not mantain constant contact out of character, but whom I respect and admire a whole awful lot.

I adore each of you who still put up with all the unrelenting shitposting and immature jokes, but I gotta thank some particular people for directly dealing with me and/or my muse. Please don’t feel left out if you’re not mentioned! You’re just as special to the development of this blog. 

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