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I loved the small interactions that Danai & Andy had in the panel :)

I did, too! Considering how they had everyone separated, I’m glad we got what little we did. My favorite is Danai’s face when Chandler sold out Andy over the “Coral” thing. (How you gonna go against the family, Carl?)

But she went right to defending him. She was like, Y’all not about to gang up on my TV man like this. 😄


Ran an educational skull table today! It’s so great to see kids and adults so interested, asking questions and being able to handle and look closely at things they wouldn’t normally get a chance to. Some kids kept coming back during the day, and teaching other kids what everything was! Passing on their newfound knowledge. A good day.

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i just read "In the Wake of Scandal" and am both awed and horrified at the potential AU at hand. Aside from the addressed collapse of the hero world for losing their second "#1 Hero", the investigation that will most likely be conducted will dredge up so many points of contention for Shouto. Specifically regarding his mother, who as far as we know is still in the psychiatric ward. (1/?)

I pray greatly that Endeavor at least spared her from public outcry and had her committed to the ward quietly, though in all honesty if he did it would be more to protect his image as opposed to anything resembling care for his wife and family. If it was done in secret, the HeroForum would erupt at the news of Todoroki’s past, and be further divided depending on the information they choose to cling onto… (2/?)

In any case, the crux of my ask is, given the insane places you could take this, are you considering expanding on this with a chapter or two, or will this remain a oneshot? I’m fine with whatever you choose, I just had my mind blown with your writing and just had to share. Sorry I did it in asks, and thank you for all your fic contributions to BNHA, they’re simply amazing in the ways they make me think about all the characters in new lights. (3/3)

(In the Wake of Scandal)

Thank you!

And yes, Mrs. Todoroki definitely risks getting caught in this as well–in name at least, if not in person. Especially when you consider “Shouto has a burnt left eye” + “His fire-quirked father abused him” imply that Enji was the one who burned him. Enji himself (or his lawyers) may come out and clear the air on that, in the process making it known to the world that Shouto’s mom was the one who burned him.

And yeah! I do have thoughts on continuing it. Not really as a linear story so much as just, expansion on how things are in this AU world. Blog posts in this world that gained traction. Explanations of how the media + pro heroes are handling this scandal. How things have changed around UA and around Shouto particularly.

I’m very interested in this AU and there’s a bunch of stuff to explore. (And like, if other people are interested and have ideas I think it’s totally cool for other people to expand on this too if they like. Its definitely not a case of “original idea do not steal” anyone’s free to throw their two cents in.)


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