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I saw last time you played Dream Daddy..! :o How was it? What do you think of the game? I love your blog btw!

Thanks! Hmm, well I could analyze the good and the bad of the game without taking its popularity and the way it was released and marketed into account but if I don’t do that I think it’s gonna be half my critique. Is Dream Daddy a good game? Perhaps. Is Dream Daddy deserving of its popularity and ratings? No. At all. I don’t want to be negative about it and this isn’t a hate post or anything, it’s just the things that really bothered me. Believe me, I was super pumped for the game. Like, legit, I WAS DRINKING CHAMPAIGN WHILE I STARTED PLAYING IT. And all was well and good but then, it went downhill. 

1) The game has 0 length. Like, I literally finished playing it in 2-3 hours, WITH breaks. Yes, I only played Craig’s route (Craig is cool btw) but this is a DATING SIM right? So, it HAS to be sufficient and has to be long even if the player just plays ONE character route. Because people are like “no it is pretty big”. It isn’t. Not everyone is going to play ALL THE ROUTES just so as to feel like they played Dream Daddy ‘a lot’. A dating sim game, cause that is what it claims to be, should NOT be valued by the sum of the time spent on ALL ROUTES, but just INDIVIDUAL character routes. 

2) The sprites were very nice and I loved them. The backgrounds HOWEVER were actually lacking. Again, the background is fine, but it is lacking in the CONTEXT cause Dream Daddy is supposedly a good game. Look at this: 

The background is literally some plain line art with some flat colors. No shading, no nothing. Yeah it looks good but cmon. Do you know how quickly a good artist can draw this? Very. Do not forget I am here to defend all Visual Novels and Dating Sims cause I really am a fan of the genre. And I am only making this critique in comparison to the ‘standard’, ok? HELL, even HATOFUL BOYFRIEND had better background art 


3) This is an addition to my saltiness about the lack of art, cause literally the ONLY ART FOR THIS GAME was the 1) Sprites, 2) Backgrounds AND 3) Those picture thingies you would get as a bonus for finishing the game/ a character route. Honestly. For people who are not familiar with visual novels and dating sims, this is LACKING at best. Most visual novels of this kind have art for important scenes and if not they at least HAVE ONE FOR AN ENDING SCENE. But not Dream Daddy of course. I literally was sleeping next to Craig and we had the whole confession thing happening inside a tent in the woods or smth and there. Was. No. Image. Anyways you get my point. Moving on,

4) The background sound was straight up bad. Not the songs themselves but the whole tuning and looping was horrid. Like, the different tracks were on different volumes and some would like stop and then start again without making the looping discreet or anything. I VIVIDLY remember my ears dying when I was in a forest with Craig and the ‘forest sound’ was so overly loud (and of course you could not hear Craig’s casual “ah”s at all). Man the sound was a mess.

5) Rushed, poor and Rushed once more. The characters were interesting and the setting and concept was good, I give you that, but the way they handled the plot and DELIVERED it however… Again there wasn’t any length to it and the writing could have been more detailed. Even in important scenes, there wasn’t much to be said. It honestly felt like they just wanted to get it over with. And honestly the plot was kinda flat. Like yeah ok we went on some dates or smth (with DADBOOk,,, ok uh huh)(they obviously couldn’t make it somehow linearly connected through the story and had to use such an easy way of doing routes cause that would basically mean a lot of work to make)(once again) and you’d get the casual heartbeat and nice smooth talking and jokes but that was it. The plot was average anyways. I guess the part with the teddy bear and the devil children dissecting it was a fun twist tho haha. 

Anyways! I am not really a person who rants or anything like that, and I am not AGAINST this game or anything. I still liked the game. I just had to speak the truth and say how it felt for me, especially with a successful game like this, since, in this genre of Dating Sims and Visual Novels, it’s very difficult to achieve such success or be advertised as much, and I am just trying to be just about this. A lot of people put so much EXTREME work into these games and they pour their soul into it, and achieve better quality, and it is just a shame that a game like this would be elevated and be called a ‘masterpiece’ when it was honestly a rushed game without much put into it besides some good ideas and a few interesting characters combined with a very talented sprite artist. 


“I remember, Sam. I still remember.”
He was not making sense. “Remember what?”
“Dragons,” Aemon whispered. “The grief and glory of my House, they were.”

“The boy in him as cried and begged not to touch the young wolf, but who was he to tell him No to such tempting prey. Derek never even had a chance…" 

… and further with my Void Stiles drawing. 

Idk if this is intentional, but has anyone else noticed that Lance ends up handcuffed a lot?

Like, so far he has been restrained in



….let him go

Ok because I’ve talked about buff Donald Duck and my displeasure with human portrayals of him making him look like a child, I’ll share this.

Things we know about comics Donald:

  • wears a sailor uniform, fought in WW2
  • from the 1940s-50s
  • physically strong, probably muscly
  • in his 20s and 30s in most stories
  • kind of a ladykiller, is considered physically attractive
  • light-haired
  • (also does not appear to have weird voice)

With this in mind, I propose this human version of Donald:

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you mentioned at some point in the tags that your sketches look really messy but I'd love to see one! :)

cursed pictures

(this is something I sketched after chapter 510 came out but never actually got to finish it I really want to tho)

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Hello Sammy, I just wanted to check on you...Making sure you were ok.

>You get the feeling that Sammy isn’t used to all the positive attention he’s been getting recently…

quotes in the queue

“well I guess I’ll go fuck myself ” (galaxy wallpaper) 

“It’s like I’m controlling a fuckin fidget spinning fighter jet." 

’‘If I ever host a dinner party that’s so goddamn boring that people start talking about my salt shaker just fucking shoot me’' 

“sometimes you shit yourself,sometimes you don’t You think you’ll win,but you won’t”

(note: these may upload slowly because i’ve set the queue to post throughout the week that i’m gone)

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hi there! i uh, found you through googling for research, and found your praise kink asks. and i was just wondering if you, had any suggestions/tips for someone writing praise kink for the first time? it's i know its more than just saying 'good boy', but i'm having a lot of trouble figuring out beyond that for a lot of reasons;; thank you for your time, either way!

The best smut, like the best sex, is psychologically and emotionally, as well as sexually/physically, fulfilling.

You can string together a whole bunch of smutty words - he put his cock into the other man’s tight hole and drove into him until they were both panting and moaning their pleasure, etc. - and it’ll do something, you know? Readers fill in the blanks and sometimes go into smutty fic, especially PWPs, wanting to be turned on, so your readers will meet you there.

But if you want the really really good stuff, you need to get into their minds.

Why does praise (in this case, though I think this strategy is key to any fic with kink) turn them on? What is it about praise, specifically? For Harry, would it be about not getting enough praise in childhood, or about getting so much hollow-feeling praise from the public as a teenager, or about how people do and don’t praise him as an adult, or because he never received praise that felt good and wants to right that for other people, or something else? For Draco, would it be because he didn’t receive praise as a child, or because he received lots of praise as a child and misses it as an adult, or is it because he’s only ever received sparse praise and and those were the only moments where he felt wanted and good, or because he received sparse praise and a specific sort of praise is the only way he knows how to show affection? Conversely, are these reasons (or what are reasons) they might enjoy giving praise?

And then: are they aware of their own motivations? Does the giving and getting of praise turn them both on? Is one of them more turned on by giving and the other by getting?  Or is it more that one of them really wants it and the other isn’t especially into the kink itself but is really turned on by their partner’s reaction? Is this something they know about themselves? Each other? Or is it something they’re going to discover for the very first time in your fic? And if so, how is that discovery going to feel to them? Where are they going to feel it; what is that realization going to feel like in their bodies, and how is this sex going to be different from sex without kink?

Once you know the reasons why they’re doing this, you can figure out what it is they need to be praised for, what it is they need to hear. Is it “good boy”? Or is it “you’re so loose and open for me, you’re so good at fucking taking it”? Or, “you’ve got the best mouth in the world, no one does this better?” Or, “i could fuck you forever and never get bored of that arse”? Or “you’re so fucking beautiful, I can’t wait to see your face when I make you come”? Or, “I couldn’t stop thinking about this, you’re always on my mind”? You can also start thinking about how they’d need to give and receive praise. Is this stuff that just pops out during the course of everyday sex, or is it something that comes with a routine and outfits and kneeling and pre-negotiated power dynamics, or both at different times?

Basically: start with the why of it - why this specific kink turns them on, and what about it works for each of them - and use that as your guide to the rest.

  • me: Shipping real people is wrong. They have their own lives and stuff so it's weird.
  • me, lowkey: Kit and Emilia??? Wha.. noo... nooooooo I don't know what you're talking about?? Rolling Stones kiss where? Cute giggly moments??? I feel nothing

Happy Birthday Cloud :D~ It’s your second birthday (lol)

Finally made an art in time gosh XD;;; But yes it’s finally done~ \(owo)/