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“Can’t you just bring them out, then?”
+++ Yes +++
“In that case–”
“Hold on,” said Rincewind, remembering the blue beerbottle and the spelling mistakes. “Can you bring them out alive?”
Hex seemed affronted.
+++ Certainly. With a probability of 94.37 per cent +++
“Not great odds,” said Ponder, “But perhaps–”
“Hold on again,” said Rincewind, still thinking about that bottle. “Humans aren’t bottles. How about alive, with fully functioning brains and all organs and limbs in the right place?”
Unusually, Hex paused before replying.
+++ There will be unavoidable minor changes +++
“How minor, exactly.”
+++ I cannot guarantee reacquiring more than one of every organ +++
There was a long, chilly silence from the wizards.
+++ Is this a problem? +++

– Hex tries its best | Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld II: The Globe

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YOU DID SUCH A GOOD JOB ON MY PROMPT!Another: Trini thumps a helmet onto a little girl's head and ushers her to the 'arena.' "Alright warrior, beat the fu-" "TRINI!" Jason rolls his eyes from the outside of the playpen, the word 'SECURITY' showing through his crossed arms. Trini grumbles as the carnival owner's daughter lets out a loud laugh from her station at the water slides. Stupid Kimberly Hart and her stupid hot pink bikini bottom showing underneath her 'life guard' tank top.

The Hart Family Fun Center, the only all year ‘round, indoor carnival in Angel Grove was thoroughly crowded with screaming children in the middle of summer. Trini had to admit that she could have a worse job, it paid well and the place was air conditioned, but the children left something to be desired. 

“Alright, alright, everyone out, we gotta get the next batch in,” Trini calls before blowing her whistle watching all of the kid run up to her partner, Zack to hand back the helmets and the foam swords to be sprayed with sanitizer. 

Her and her friend ran an attraction known as the Arena; a sort of water slide where kids were a part of two teams, one that guarded the tower and one that was supposed to try and get up it and slide down to the bottom to get points. 

“Eww, no girls!” A boy on the tower yells as a little girl steps up to Trini, a frown on her lips. 

Trini turns to glare at the boy, grabbing a yellow helmet from the stack. “Don’t listen to him,” She murmurs, fitting the head gear onto the child with a smile. “Now, pick out your sword,” 

The little girl moves to grab a pink sword from the pile, grinning up at Trini who thumps the top of her helmet gently. “Alright warrior, go and beat the fu-” She’s cut off when one of the security kids yells at her. “I uh-go win, kid,” She corrects, looking away from the blonde boy, Jason. 

She pretends to focus on starting up the fight music, but is stopped by Jason himself, his arms crossed over his red shirt, hiding the bold text of his title. “You know better,” he says, as though they’re friends and not just co-workers. 

“Yeah, yeah,” Trini mumbles, rolling her eyes as a loud laugh echoes across the room from the large wave pool across the way. 

She doesn’t have to look up to know its Kimberly fucking Hart, the owner’s daughter and the head life guard at the park. “I won’t do it again, now get back to whatever you’re supposed to be doing, I’ve got kids to watch.” 

She turns around to make sure the right track is playing, trying to ignore the giggles still coming from the Hart girl, with her stupid pink bikini poking out from under her stupid red life guard tank top. 

Trini forces her attention back to the Arena, watching proudly as the little girl makes her way to the slide, a grin on her face as the boy from earlier lays in the shallow pool of water below the tower. As soon as  the round is over and the little girl has returned her helmet, Trini walks over to her and places a few golden tokens into her hand. “You can get something nice at the prize counter with those,” 

“Thank you, ma’am!” The child exclaims, wrapping her arms around Trini’s waist for a moment before running off to a smiling father outside of the playpen. 

She watches them walk away before turning to Zack. “I think it’s time for a break, I’ll be back in ten,” Trini smiles, not really giving him a chance to say no before she’s walking toward the locker room. 

Trini settles down on one of the benches after grabbing her bag, cracking open an energy drink. “Those are bad for you, you know,” An annoyingly familiar voice sounds, even as Trini starts to chug the can, trying to ignore Kimberly. 

She finishes about half the can, only to find Kim sitting next to her, brows raised. “What do you want, Kim?” Trini asks, annoyance clear in her voice. 

“I just wanted to say it was cute, what you did for that little girl,” Kim replies, shrugging her shoulder a bit as she reaches over to grab the can from Trini, taking a drag. 

Trini scoffs, taking the drink back from the other girl, finishing it with narrowed eyes. “Thought you didn’t like energy drinks,” She says, crushing the can against the bench. 

“I never said that, I just said they were bad for you,” Kim says, getting up to stretch. “Never pegged you for one to share drinks,” She muses, leaning against the lockers.

“I doubt you have anything that can be transferred through sharing a drink,” Trini snorts, trying to ignore how good Kimberly looks lounging in front of her. 

“I think you just wanted an indirect kiss from me,” The taller girl suggests, a smirk on her stupidly perfect lips. 

Trini can feel her face heating up at the thought, but manages to find a come back. “This isn’t some bullshit anime, Hart, no one actually thinks about stuff like that,” She huffs, standing up to shove her bag back into her locker. 

She can feel the other girl’s eyes on her as she pretends to dig for something, when in reality she’s hoping the blood will drain from her face enough that she won’t get shit from Zack upon her return. 

“Trini,” Kim says from the other side of the locker door, the sound of her own name making the shorter girl shiver slightly. “Why are you hiding?” 

Trini takes a breath before slamming the door closed, coming face to face with the cause of her frustrating crush. “I’m not hiding, I was hoping I had a protein bar in there,” She lies, eyes narrowing at the brunette. 

“You’re a shit liar,” Kim murmurs, taking a step closer to Trini, a slight smirk on her lips. “Just admit that you want to kiss me.” 

The smaller girl swallows hard, the close proximity of the life guard forcing Trini to look up at her. “Why are you such an asshole?” She forces herself to say, grinding her teeth. 

“I’m the asshole? I’ve been trying to flirt with you since you started here!” Kim shouts, causing Trini to jump at the sudden volume change. “And all you can do is be a grumpy little shit!”  

“You call teasing me every day flirting?! What the fuck?” Trini retorts, jabbing a finger at Kim’s chest. 

“I just…you’re all stoic and shit…what else was I supposed to do?” Kim mumbles, looking away from the smaller girl. 

“You could just ask me out,” Trini replies, grabbing the taller girl’s chin gently, making Kim look at her. 

Kim bites her lip for a moment, her brow furrowing. “I guess…” She sighs softly, smiling a bit. “Wanna get dinner later?” 

“I suppose so,” Trini grins, standing on her toes to press their lips together. 

“It’s about time,”  

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Hi everyone it’s Chloe !!! Wow okay so as u guys can see I’m great at editing gkfbnfkmnfjn but I recently reached a small goal n I wanted to finally make a post to appreciate all of my mutuals!!!  💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 I love seeing each and every one of u on my dash and u all mean so much to me!! Even if we don’t talk all the time, just know you can message me and talk to me about anything! 💝 💝 💝 💝

💌 - We have probably talked and i ??? love you so much?? like I wld die 4 u??  💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 whenever i see you on my dash my heart goes !!! because you’re so sweet and i cant believe someone as amazing as u has even talked to me??

💖 - I probably admire you from afar because I’m too scared to start a conversation gfkndkn and like I can’t believe you follow my blog(trash)???? you’re out of my league omg but just kno i love u and your blog so much!! 💘 💘 💘  

💐- When I see your blog I get so happy!!!!wow I’m so glad I follow you and I love your posts so much!! u brighten my day and i love you w my whole heart!!  💞 💞 💞 truly a blessed mutual, 10/10, amazing !!

I hope I didn’t forget anybody( n if I did pls lmk!!)


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A Masquerade Affair

Chapter 1 of 2

 Ardyn x Fem!Reader. Chapter 2 will be NSFW

Word Count 3,498

   The reader is at a masquerade party and feeling out of place. While playing the part of wallflower they catch the attention of a dashing masked maroon haired man. 

 Here is my take on a sensual Ardyn, showing his ability to have a good night out. Being spiteful doesn't mean he can find pleasure in the little things sometimes. 2,000 years a long time and indulging in pleasures helps break up the tediousness of it all. 

Thought of this idea when @wolfgoddess77 wanted to see a more seductive Ardyn. Here is my attempt at pulling her in @thirsty-angst-lord  :-)  

 The champagne glass is cold against your hand as you lift it to your mouth and take a long sip, finishing the contents of what was your second glass. The fizzy liquid tickles pleasantly over your tongue as you swallow and a warmth begins to flush in your cheeks. Probably should take a break before this alcohol messes with my head further. Being tipsy if asked to dance also wouldn’t be good. The low probability of that happening causes you to smirk. It wasn’t because you didn’t look good. No, you knew you were looking fabulous in your crimson V-neck chiffon gown that accentuated all the right curves and a black lacy mask adding mystic to the overall outfit.  But sitting alone at a table while attending a masquerade party was not conducive to being asked to dance. Also the fact that you had turned down the first couple of men who had approached you upon your arrival, seemed to have put off any other offers.

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Imagine a faeformer falling in love with a human and thinking that they'll be together forever only to find out that humans don't live forever like they do.

You’ve just stumbled upon my faeformer Brainstorm headcanon…

Dear entitled tumblr mob who think that they know everything about how a Broadway show works yet hide behind your computers and know nothing about the history of Broadway;
It’s not just about oak as Pierre. You stupid Hamilton people mouthed off and now 100+ people are potentially out of jobs because ‘ohhh nooo I wanted to see oak as pierre’ well noW NO ONE ELSE GETS TO SEE GREAT COMET BECAUSE YOU MOUTHED OFF. MANDY PATINKIN IS LEAVING. They released that it wasn’t a race issue. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to see oak as Pierre. Who knows what’s gonna happen to the show now because of this. Honestly, Mandy patinkin would have made a fine Pierre, and now, guess what? They don’t have one. It was an issue of funds, not race. Comet is a huge ass fucking Broadway production, and it takes a heck of a lot of funds to keep it up. Next to Hamilton, what has oak done? He’s a relatively small name in the Broadway community, speaking honestly. Mandy Patinkin is HUGE in not only the theater community, but also in television and film and most people know who he is (if you were ever an Elmo fan as a child, you know him, even if you can’t place wherever else he’s been, like Sunday in the Park). Patinkin, being a larger name, would have brought in more revenue, while OAK WOULD HAVE BEEN ON PAID LEAVE AND HAD THE OPTION OF RETURNING (from what I’ve heard). It’s not just about oak, too, it’s about the set designers, the makeup people, the wigs people, the sound people, the lighting people, and everyone who could potentially be out of a job if comet closes. So, you whiny Hamilton people who were only in it for oak can please shut your mouths- because some of us were in it for the Comet as a whole.

It makes me upset that the tumblr mob can’t get ahold of itself and think for themselves instead of flocking to the opinions of those on tumblr who assume that every action against them is racist and intended to harm them personally. Broadway is a harsh place when it comes to things like this. If you were only there to see oak, and he is all you care about the production, then please stop. If you really cared for the production as a whole you’d stop sending hate towards the people in charge. Because some of us just really wanted to see great comet till at least next summer when they graduated.