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The guys and their s/os letting down their hair after a long day before going to bed. Any rituals or sweet moments? :)

Noctis likes to find games to play with his partner. Co-op, competitive, doesn’t matter if it’s a single player thing and they take turns or take an both of them take up 1 end of the device each and play that way. He just wants to have fun with them.
He also finds himself resting his head on his s/o’s lap and enjoys the feeling of them scritching at or massaging his scalp- and falling asleep right on them. It’s a good thing he’s somewhat of a heavy sleeper so they can move him off and get him to bed.

Ignis and his partner would come to share a lot of comfortable silences. They both can relax and unwind during the preparation and consumption of dinner. And he likes to sit by them and just enjoy the time they can share while drinking a cup of tea, or coffee.
It seems like any time Iggy gets near them he always has to kiss their cheek. There is so much of that going on casually until the final cheeksmooch that says “goodnight”.

When Gladio is winding down for the night, getting close to going to bed, he invites his s/o to bathe with him. Mostly not for anything sexual (sometimes though…), just they get his back and he’ll get theirs.
And on tired nights he likes to sit up some place and read, with their head resting on him and one of his arms wrapped around them and pulling them in safe and secure.

As long as all is safe and good, Prompto likes to grab his partner so they both can dance. Not any specific kind, Prompto just likes to move to whatever music there is or what ever tune is in his head. (He sure does like to start singing and encouraging the both of them to be dorks and sing while they try to dance). It’s a fun, but it’s also a way for him to expend the rest of his energy.
If it’s early enough then he likes to find some place outside to sit with them and point at shapes in the clouds. If it was dark and with not much risk, then it’s the same for that but pointing out constellations instead.


30 Days of Phan Drabbles Day 16

Blindfolded | For some reason, Dan thought it would be kinky to blindfold Phil and guide him through some intimate encounters. | Phan | Teen and Up | 553 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Prompt:  Phan having sex, but Phil is blindfolded and Dan has to direct all of Phil’s movements. Dan gets mad at him (based on the Portal 2 Co-Op video)

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River City Tokyo Rumble is exactly what you want it to be ⊟ 

Oh man, I’m so happy to be writing these impressions. So, when Natsume announced River City Tokyo Rumble, there was a lot of confusion, particularly on my part, about exactly which game it was. Arc System Works made so many Kunio games on 3DS, none of which got localized. My best interpretation was that Tokyo Rumble was an updated version of the first Renegade game, a pre-RCR Kunio brawler.

With that in mind, I tempered my expectations. Well, I was wrong about which Kunio game it was, and my expectations were blown out of the water. This is a real sequel to River City Ransom. It’s hard to imagine a better scenario.

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