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In the Rough

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Previously: As soon as Yuuri has settled into his role as Prince Victor’s personal bodyguard, his childhood friend Prince Phichit appears. Yuuri fears for his secret, as there is no doubt that his friend will be more than surprised to find Yuuri here, in the palace of the Nikiforovs.

Yuuri’s blood runs cold when he hears the crier announce the incoming royal.

“Presenting His Royal Highness, Crown Prince of the Southeast, Phichit Chulalont!”

Of all the royals that could possibly be visiting during Yuuri’s tenure here, the only one that could possibly be worse than Phichit would be Mari. He and Prince Phichit (affectionately dubbed Phichan by a three year old Yuuri) have been friends since Phichit was born, and there’s no one in the world that knows Yuuri better. They played together as children, and rode together during their many visits to each other’s respective kingdoms. They even lived together for a time, when they took a few years to travel for their schooling. In fact, it’s not uncommon (or wasn’t uncommon, Yuuri guiltily thinks) for the two of them to sleep in the same bed; they’ve been doing it since they were children. At one point Yuuri’s parents had even wondered whether the two of them should be betrothed, but they both vehemently refused. They were much better off as friends, they knew. Besides, Phichit is in love with one of his guards, which Yuuri mercilessly teases (teased) him about regularly.

Yuuri has no doubt that Phichit has been made aware of his disappearance, but he also remembers writing the boy several letters when Mari first started to pull away. He can only hope that when– not if –Phichit recognizes him, that he manages to put the two together before he exposes Yuuri.

Luckily, Victor is still not here (though he will be soon) and the Tzar is overseeing Prince Yuri’s lessons after one too many ditching attempts. For once, Yuuri is alone in the throne room.

By the time Phichit and his entourage (Seung-Gil, Leo, and Guang-Hong, all of whom Yuuri knows well) arrive in a throne room, Yuuri is kneeling, as is proper. He’s sweating from nerves, and it’s all he can do to keep his voice from shaking when he speaks in Phichit’s native language, accent near perfect from years of practice.

“I formally apologize for making you wait. His Highness will be here soon, so please, make yourself comfortable.”

He hears Phichit’s sharp intake of breath and knows he’s been found out. “On your feet, soldier. Let me see your face.”

Slowly, so slowly, Yuuri rises to face him. He can hear footsteps coming from a direction of Victor’s bedchambers, and meets Phichit’s eyes desperately. In the few seconds that it takes for Victor and Otabek to reach a throne room, the two of them reach a silent agreement, a complex conversation that’s only possible because of how well they know each other.

A wide-eyed, desperate look. I’ll explain everything, I promise.

A look of disbelief. Yuuri, is it really you?

Lowered eyes for just a second. Later. I’ll tell you everything, just please play along.

The barest hint of tears. I missed you.

Bowed head. …I missed you too, Phichan.

A hand on the shoulder. You’ll explain later?

A tiny nod. I swear.

A light squeeze on the shoulder before pulling away. Okay.

The other three pairs of eyes widen in recognition as well, but they stay silent. If their prince isn’t going to say anything, Yuuri is sure that they won’t either; those men are nothing if not loyal.

“Yuuri,” Victor whines, jumping on his back with his entire bodyweight. “I missed you!”

Yuuri can’t help but glance over at Phichit self-consciously. The boy looks amused, eyebrow raised and arms crossed. Yuuri can read him like a book, but he can’t afford to react any differently from how he normally would, or Otabek may suspect something.

He pries Victor off gently but firmly. “Victor, you’re being extremely rude. Besides, it’s been less than an hour since I saw you last.”

“An hour too long,” Victor says, kissing Yuuri’s hand dramatically. Yuuri privately agrees with him, but that’s an issue for another time, especially since Victor is just teasing. “Though I suppose you’re right. I apologize, Your Highness. Welcome back to our palace. I assume that your trip went without issue?”

“Of course.” Phichit says with a mischievous smile, glancing at Yuuri for a fraction of a second. “I’m more than glad to be back, especially now that I’m finally here. I see you’ve inducted a new member of your staff.”

Victor’s grin is blinding, and Yuuri doesn’t know how to process it. He’s noticed that Victor carries himself like a man who has known loneliness; it seems as though he’s attached to Yuuri in the same way that a child would attach itself to a blanket. “Isn’t he great? So polite and well behaved. I’m proud to call him my personal bodyguard.”

“May I ask his name?” Phichit’s eyes sparkle with concealed mirth that Yuuri is sure only he can see.

“Of course!” Victor claps his hands once in excitement; he always does seem to enjoy showing Yuuri off. “His name is Yuuri Nishigori, of Yutopia. He saved my life in the forest, so I decided to bring him here and give him a job as a reward.”

Guang-Hong laughs when he hears Yuuri’s “name,” but manages to cover it up as a cough. “Excuse me.”

Yuuri gives him a severe look. Don’t forget I know about your affair with Leo. Not, of course, that Phichit would care, but it’s nice to have some blackmail material on his friends once in a while.

“Excuse my guard, he’s laughing at my antics. I must admit to some deception, Prince Victor,” Phichit says with a small grin.

Victor raises and eyebrow in that way that Yuuri has noticed means that he’s mildly amused. “Oh?”

Phichit nods. “You see, Yuuri and I have already met.”

Oh no, Phichit please no. Yuuri’s grip on the hilt of his sword anxiously.

“It’s a story quite similar to yours, actually.” Phichit smiles at Yuuri. I’ve got this. “I was travelling the continent for school a few years ago, and I wandered from the caravan of boredom. I found a view I particularly liked and wandered too close to the edge of a cliff. Your guard saved my life.”

Yuuri remembers that day, actually. Phichit had scared the life out of him, wandering off like that.

“Phichan, why would you go so close to the edge? You could have died!” Yuuri could feel his heartbeat in his throat. “If I’d lost you…”

Phichit was shaking, his usual grin far from his face. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“In fact, we became friends soon after.” Well, that’s a bold-faced lie, but Yuuri can’t expect anything different if he wants to keep his secret safe.

Victor looks at Yuuri with wide eyes. “Wow! My Yuuri is so amazing, why didn’t you tell me that you knew another royal?”

I know several, actually. Phichit just happens to be the one that’s here. “It, uh, it never came up, I suppose.”

“You were named for the missing prince, right Yuuri?” Phichit cuts in.

When Yuuri nods, Victor looks confused. “What do you mean, missing prince?”

“Ah, I forget how cut off this country is from its neighbors,” Phichit says, looking apologetic and slightly sad. The sadness, Yuuri can tell, is entirely real. He feels a sharp twinge of guilt about causing it. “Yutopia’s prince, Yuuri Katsuki, went missing several months past. He’s a very dear friend of mine.”

There’s a short period of silence, where Yuuri is sure that Victor is trying to find the appropriate words to respond to a revelation like this.

“Victor, if I may make a suggestion,” Otabek says, startling them all. “Pardon my intrusion into your conversation, but perhaps, for the duration of the prince’s stay, Nishigori should stay with his company. It may make the prince more comfortable, and I am willing to take over for him for and few days.”

Yuuri blinks. Otabek has just opened a way for him to spend time with Phichit and explain himself, without even knowing what he was doing.

He’s sure that Victor is about to protest, but there’s a distinct moment when any protests die. The look of absolute gratitude on Phichit’s face could melt a heart of stone.

“I… I suppose… that would be fine,” Victor manages. His hesitation confuses Yuuri, but the confusion is overpowered by something else.

He only vaguely notices the glances Victor keeps sneaking at him for the rest of the night, and he doesn’t think about what they mean. He’s going to miss spending time with Victor one on one, but it’s only for a few days. Besides, Phichit is going to be spending a lot of time in a presence of the royal family anyway, so things won’t be so different.

As soon as the two of them close the door to Phichit’s bedchamber later that night, Yuuri finds himself being tackled on all sides by four overexcited men. Leo, Guang-Hong, and Seung-Gil look skeptical when Yuuri explains his reasons for vanishing, but Phichit– Phichan, who knows how Yuuri’s mind works, who knows everything about him –nods and understands. He swears to keep the secret, as long as Yuuri promises in turn to be home in time for his sister’s coronation.

It’s enough, for now.


Imagine starts at 55 seconds.

“You guys having fun?”

The thousands of cheers from around the sold out stadium echoes through the cool night, every single one directed towards Justin. It’s kind of crazy to think about it - that people literally spend hundreds of dollars just to see him from what probably is a shitty seat at the back of an arena, but at the same time its flattering, and by now I bet his rather used to it.

“I don’t know if you guys heard me, Are you guys having fun tonight?!” He repeats into the mic, fiddling with the gold chain bracelet around his hand.

Once again the stadium filled with screams and cheers from the beliebers, this time twice as loud. I watch as Justin let his eyes drift over to the side of the arena, and decides to yell “Top row, you guys having up there?!” And they continue to cheer.

Then the other side, “What about this side, you guys having fun up there?!”

A small smile fell onto his face as he leans back and removes the gum from his mouth muttering, “Alright, as long as were having fun. Just livin’ the moment.”

Then continues to move forward and lightly strum the first notes to Cold Water. A second later his hand moves back to his mouth, placing the gum he removed earlier back inside. I can’t help but roll my eyes at my boyfriends indecisiveness. Once more he continues to strum the guitar before for the third time, removing his hand and looking down onto the chain.

“This damn bracelet is annoying.”

Suddenly moving his wrist towards the guitar and using his bracelet to tap the strings while saying, “You see all this noise, I don’t like that noise. It sounds wrong. I’m not diggin’ it.”

I can’t help but smile. Its so cute when he just speaks his mind, and I can tell the crowd feels the same since I do notice a few people chuckling up the front.

Turning towards the wings of the stage, where Scooter, I and the backstage crew are all standing, he jokingly adds, “See Y/N this is your fault - Giving me this bracelet.”

After fumbling around with it for a while trying to remove it, he grumbles “Stupid bitch.” Under his breath, causing not only me but the crowd to laugh. “One second guys.” He announces.

While still attempting to take off the bracelet I bought him for our 3 year anniversary, he decides to make a witty joke, beginning it with, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

The crowd actually responded with a whole lot of “Why’s?” And justin immediately respondes with “He wanted to get to the other side.”

A small smile cracks his lips as the crowd chuckles at his terrible joke and even chose to acknowledge how dumb it was by adding, “That was stupid.” then adds “but it was funny.”

Finally giving up, his head shoots up to look around the crowd asking “Does someone wanna come help me get this off my wrist?”

Girls from the crowd shoot up and cheer immediately with there hands in the air. As for Justin who is still sitting and waiting for someone come to his rescue. Scooter waists no time in suddenly beginning to push on my back, motioning me forward.


“Go help him.” He demands with a smirk.

“What?!” My eyes trail down my body, instinctively cringing at my purpose sweatpants and staff hoodie I chose to wear. I looked terrible. “Nah-ah. No way.”

“Who cares about what your wearing, go help him!” He chuckles.

“I care! Plus I don’t wanna just walk out on stage! That’s scary.” I pout but scooter shows no remorse.

“Just go!” He puts his arms on my shoulders and pushes me out onto the stage. This time, I can’t turn back because by the way every one in the crowd has heightened there screams, they’ve definitely seen me.

I sigh and mentally note ‘there no turning back now’ before jogging forward over to the seat Justin was seated on by the edge. Justin’s eyes trail around the stage, looking for the reason the screams in the crowd have increased, and once seeing me making my way over, smiles and extends a hand for me to grab.

I don’t hesitate to reach for his gesture and quickly dash over to remove this bracelet as fast as I can so I can get off the stage as soon as possible. At first, Justin is no help at all. Instead, he begins rubbing my arm and trying to get me to sit and stay next to him. “Justin, stop fidgeting.” I laugh.

Justin shrugs his shoulders as if not having any idea what I was talking about before settling and begins cooperating with the process. This bracelet is so damn stubborn! But after some pull and tug, Justin says, “Pull it from this side.”

“Yeah, and you unclip it from over there.”

The crowd aw’s in affection at our teamwork.

As we work together and finally get the bracelet removed, I jump up in achievement and grab a hold of the bracelet myself. As I’m about to make my way back off stage, Justin grabs my arm and pulls me back pouting. “Stay.”

I chuckle nervously and take a glance at the screaming crowd in anticipation, finally turning back to Justin to shake my head.

“Oh c'mon!” He encourages, grabbing my hip and pulling me towards him. I fall onto the seat beside him, my back pressed against his side while his arm rest around my waist. “Have a little fun. I’ll sing you a nice sooong.” He coo’s as if I was a child. “give you a little kiiiss. We can cuddllle.”

“Shut up.” I chuckle to which Justin smiles.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Meanwhile, the crowd has hit the fan, their cheers going wild in a frenzy of excitement. Justin places his arm around my shoulders while using his hand to hold the right notes on the guitar neck. His other hand strumming lightly at the body.

After commenting about how terribly the guitar is tuned, he finally begins singing Cold water in a soft, melodic tone.

“Everybody gets high sometimes you know…What else can we do when were feelin’ low? - C'mon sing it with me baby!”

I chuckle at his enthusiasm and decide to not ruin the song and just keep my mouth shut, but frozen with a smile.

“So I wanna lay with you told I’m old!” He sang, causing my to furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

“Baby you sang it wrong.” I whispered into his side.

Still strumming the guitar, he looks over at me “Really? I did? Well then how does it go?”

“It goes, ’What else can we do when were feelin’ low? So take a deep breath and let it go -…” I quickly sing as Justin smirks.

I hadn’t realised that justin had actually moved the mic towards me, causing my voice to echo throughout the entire arena, the crowd cheering like crazy in the background while Justin smirked menacingly.

“Hey!” I pouted. “You stuffed the lyrics on purpose!”

“How’d you know?” He chuckled sarcastically. “Well, since you started it you gotta finish. C'mon baby lets go!”

With a sigh, I finally decided to just give in and continue with Justin. “And if you feel your sinking….”


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30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October

Words: 1866
Warnings: smut, public sex

31st October: HALLOWEEN! | feat. Captain Boomerang

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// i f  i  b e l i e v e  y o u //

the 1975 drabbles

if i believe you + punk!jungkook

// if i’m lost then how can i find myself? //

Jungkook was an absolute legend on stage.

“Are you guys having fun tonight?” he asked seductively to the crowd, making sure to press his lips as close to the mic as possible. Excited screams erupted from the venue and you smiled widely to yourself. No matter how many shows you attended, you were always entranced by his presence on stage. He had so much charisma, with the way he looked out into the crowd with sultry eyes to how his raspy voice rambled over the lyrics he wrote himself, a lot of them unsurprisingly about you.

You could remember the first day you met Jungkook. He looked like he popped off a page of Rolling Stone, wearing nothing but black (black skinny jeans, black t-shirt, black leather jacket, black Doc Martens…) and his signature smirk. It was odd to see him scanning the aisles of a bookstore, but when he later explained that he was trying to find a book for his best friend, you only found it endearing.

Everyday since then, you have found yourself attached to the punk rocker who had a specific soft spot for someone by the name of Y/N. From the way he sang you to sleep at night to how he had a secret passion for Disney movies or even how he always burnt the pancakes no matter how hard he tried. Dating Jeon Jungkook was nothing short of perfect, but you couldn’t help but feel a little…lost.

He had a set path and a mind full of dreams. His band was gaining so much momentum that it was almost too hard to keep up with. More and more gigs began to pop up, and there was even rumors about a record deal dancing in the air. It’s amazing, definitely, but it also made you feel like you didn’t have your own life. You toured with him, helping out backstage however you could or simply keeping him company when he was feeling low and homesick. His world was bright and loud and exciting, while you didn’t even know if you had a world.

But then Jungkook would kiss you, and you could find your purpose all over again.

Hands grabbed at your arms suddenly, jolting you out of your trance. You looked up from your spot by the stage to see your boyfriend, grinning widely as he pulled you up close enough to him so that he could lock his lips to yours. He was sweaty and breathing hard, but he still tasted like spearmint and happiness. His guitar- that he had haphazardly swung onto his back- pressed against your shoulder, reminding you just where you were. But in that moment, you tried really hard not to care. All you focused on was the beautiful, dark boy softly kissing you like it was his last minutes on Earth, and in that moment, you decided:

If loving Jungkook meant that you were lost, you didn’t care if you’d ever find yourself.

It was the first time in her entire life that she’d snuck out. It’d been several days since her father had attempted to kill her or whatever he was trying to do, and she looked normal beneath her make-up. But, the bad dreams and horrible flashbacks just wouldn’t leave her alone. So, she tied up bedsheets like she’d seen on television and snuck out the window of her second story home. She ran until she found herself in a bar, her outfit a little shorter and tighter than something she’d normally wear. Why? Because she thought she should look the part, if she wanted to fit in and get herself into some trouble.

The Long Island Iced Tea tasted like regular tea to her, so drinking that powerful concoction was quickly taking its toll on the young woman. She felt lighter, freer, smilier, but on the negative side, dizzier. As she leaned back to take the final swig of her glass, she had to reach out to grab the neck of a nearby stranger, laughter following once she’d swallowed. “I’m so sorry, I thought the floor moved. Or like I could fly and I needed to be kept on the Earth.” She nodded to the empty cup, “I don’t get why this stuff is illlllllllllegal. First law I’ve ever fricken broken on purpose. Wanna have a drink with me? You do. I’ll answer for you. You definitely, definitely do. Don’t worry – I’ll buy. I have lots of gold.”

“The Man From The Past” - Derek Luh Fanfic (PART 31 - THE LAST PART)

(the gif and pictures are not mine, I found them on we heart it and tumblr)

PART 30 

A week later - The night before the wedding 

‘Okay, guys have fun tonight, don’t be too long tho, tomorrow’s your son getting married.’ I said to my parents holding Ethan on my hip. 

‘Don’t worry, we’re back before 11!’ My dad chuckled as they left the house and shut the door. 

Today was my mom and dad’s 25th Marriage anniversary. They have been married for 25 years, can you believe it? Can you imagine being with someone for 25 years and not get bored of them? I honestly can’t believe that you can be with someone for such a long time, but I guess that really is love. They’ve been through everything and anything, but their love never failed them. 

‘Mommy’ Ethan said leaning his head on my chest. 

‘Yes, baby?’ 

‘Ethan tired’ He said rubbing his eyes. 

‘You’re tired?’ I looked at the clock to see it showing 8 p.m. I was kind of surprised that he was sleepy since he never falls asleep before 10 p.m., it’s like impossible mission. ‘Let’s put you to bed, love.’ 

After I put him to bed and kissed him goodnight, I sat on the couch in the living room again and started going through the channels. Since there was nothing interesting on TV, I turned it off and just sat in silence. 

My mind went back to mom and dad being 25 years together which led me to Derek and I. I miss him, God I can’t without him. I crave his touch, his lips on mine, his arms around me. It’s been 3 years since we kissed. I tried so hard to move on, to forget him and start without him, but it’s like he left a mark on me. My heart doesn’t want anyone but him, it cries for him, it screams his name. 

Somehow, I think our love is as strong as mom and dads. We spent 3 years without each other and we’re still in love, he did what he did in the past and I forgave him because I love him, we have a child which was made out of love.

My fingers were quicker than my mind and I found myself dialing his number. I was literally crying while waiting for him to pick up and I really don’t know the reason. Maybe it’s because I started to feel physical pain how much I miss him. 



‘Y/n? How did you get my number?’  He asked.

‘Ian..’ I said shortly. 

‘Are you crying? What’s wrong?’ 

‘Derek, I need you. I need you so bad.’ I sobbed. 

‘What’s wrong, baby? Did something happen?’  I felt warm around my heart at him calling me ‘baby’.

‘No, you don’t understand, I need you in my life, I need you here beside me. I can’t take this anymore.’ 

‘Oh, y/n. I was waiting for so long to hear this.’ He said. ‘I love you.’ 

‘There’s something important I need to tell you..’ I said. 


‘Ethan is your son, Derek. You’re his dad.’ I said and seconds later I heard beeping signaling that he hung up on me. 

‘What..?’ Did he just? 

My heart broke into one million pieces. I was so hurt, I couldn’t believe he would do something like that. 

About 15 minutes, later the doorbell rang. I looked at the time and saw that it was 10 p.m. My parents couldn’t be back already. 

I opened the door to find Derek standing in front of them. 

‘Derek?’ I said quietly, tears still sliding down my cheeks. He said nothing but tightly pulled me to him into a hug burying his head into my neck. 

I continued to cry and I don’t know if it was because I was sad or happy because I didn’t know how I felt. 

‘I thought you got mad when I told you.’ I said pulling back and looking at him. 

‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’ He asked holding my face between his hands.

‘I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t..’ I said squeezing my eyes. He wiped away tears under my eyes and kissed my forehead. 

‘It’s okay, baby.’ He said gently rubbing my back and leaving kisses on my head. ‘It’s okay now.’


‘Do you want to see pictures of him when he was a baby?’ I asked. 

‘Yeah’ He said smiling and caressing my arm. 

We were sitting on the floor and next to my bed on which Ethan was sleeping. I was sitting between Derek’s legs and he had his arms wrapped around my waist. 

‘Let’s start with this one.’ I said showing him the picture. ‘This is the first ever picture of him taken.’

‘Oh God,look at his hands. They’re so tiny.’ Derek said smiling at the picture.

‘Yeah, these ones were also when he was around 3 months old’

‘You’re so beautiful here.’ He said and placed a soft kiss on my head making me blush a little.

‘This one is my all time favorite.’ I said remembering the morning I took this picture. ‘He woke up crying and I took him out of his cot and put him next to me on the bed. He immeaditely stopped cying and then we were cuddling all morning.’ I said putting a smile on Derek’s face again.

‘These two are with his favorite uncle.’ 

‘Oh, this happened recently actually. I was making breakfast and he was crying and I took him in my arms and sat him on the kitchen counter and I just opened the fridge to take the milk out and he put his hand into hot water.’ I said. 

‘Oh God.’ 

‘Yeah, I can’t literally take my eyes off of him for one second.’ I said looking at him. ‘But he’s till the best kid in the world.’ 

‘It’s because he has the best mom in the world.’ He said and I turned myself to him wrapping my arms around his neck.  

‘I love you.’ I whispered before connecting out lips. 

‘I love you, too so so much’ He said. ‘How about we go to my place?’ 

‘Ethan is sleeping.’ 

‘We’ll take him with us of course.’ 

‘Okay.’ I kissed his lips before getting up. Derek carefully took Ethan in his arms, but he shifted opening his eyes and starting to cry. 


‘Shh, mommy is here, love. It’s okay’ I said rubbing his belly. 


‘Finally’ I sighed as I got out of Derek’s room. ‘He’s asleep.’ I said. Derek pulled me down to him making me sit in his lap. He started kissing my neck making me moan. I tangled my finger in his hair gently pulling on it. ‘Baby..’ I started grinding my hips against him making him throw his head back giving me opportunity to leave marks all over his neck. 

‘Shit, y/n..’ He moaned. ‘Come here.’ He put me beneath him taking off my tank top and unzipping my pants. ‘I missed you, I missed you so much.’ 

‘Wait, babe..’ I said stopping him.

‘What’s wrong?’ He asked. 

‘I don’t want this to sound like I don’t love my child because I adore him, but please use a condom this time.’ I said looking at his eyes and he started laughing. ‘It’s not funny, okay? We’re not having sex if you don’t put the condom on and don’t even try to start with ‘I’ll pull out’ shit because you said that 3 years ago too and look where we are now.’ I chuckled. 

‘Okay, babe.’


The Wedding Day

‘Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this company, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony.’ 

‘They look so happy.’ I whispered to Derek who was holding Ethan in his arms. 

‘Ian, do you take Bella to be your wife? Do you promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and honor her all the days of your life?’ 

‘I do.’ 

‘Bella, do you take Ian to be your husband? Do you promise to be true to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and honor him all the days of your life?’ 

‘I do.’ 

‘What God has joined, men must not divide’ 

‘Oh my God, they’re husband and wife now.’ I whispered into Derek’s ear. 

‘Bella, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.’

‘Ian, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.’ 

‘I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.’ The priest said to Ian. He looked at Bella and they smiled to each other before connecting their lips together which was followed by everyone clapping and cheering. 

‘Our wedding is gonna be even better.’ Derek said into my ear. 

‘In your dreams, baby.’ I smiled and kissed his cheek. 

The End 

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Mischief Night

You, Stiles, and Scott have always been best friends and loved to prank Coach on Mischief Night. It was basically the only thing holding your friendship together right now. Between the Dread doctors and Roscoe in the shop probably never getting fixed, it’s been tough for you guys to hang out and have fun. So tonight for old times sake went to Coach’s house to prank him. You couldn’t do the prank anymore in his classroom or office because he doesn’t work at Beacon Hills now. So your boyfriend, Stiles picked you are your brother, Scott up with his jeep. Stiles honked his jeep’s horn from outside, and you texted him,
“Be right out :) ”
He replied,
“Ok ;)”
Scott soon after came in your room and said,
“Ready to go?”
“Yup!!” You exclaimed.
You both took the bags full of toilet paper rolls, eggs, and string out to the jeep. You hopped in shotgun before Scott could,
“Hey!!! Y/N!!! I always sit in shotgun!”
“Sorry, you were too slow.” You turned back around to see Scott glaring at you when he went through your seat to get to the back of the Jeep. He climbed past you and you evilly smiled the whole time. Once Scott was in the back you put your seat back up and climbed in. You realized you never even said hi to Stiles,
“Hey” you said leaning over the console to quickly kiss him, you knew you guys had a long night ahead of you. Stiles pulled out of the driveway and you all started to talk about what you had to get done to Coach’s house.
“So y/n you have to get all the toilet paper all over his house and any trees around his house. Scott you have to egg the whole house after Y/N is done with toilet paper so it’s harder to clean up for him. I have the key so-”
“ WHY DO YOU HAVE A KEY TO HIS HOUSE?!?!” You and Scott screamed at the same time.
“God you guys need to calm down, I just got a copy of it don’t worry it’s not his key.”
“And that makes it any bett- you know what just forget it” you said.
“Anyways before I got rudely interrupted.” Stiles said looking at you.
“I will go inside and do the dirty work because I know his house from when he tutored me for a while last year.”
“Are you sure the klutz and spaz of us three should be doing the inside work?” Scott said.
“Have you been to Coach’s house lately Scott?“stiles said sarcastically.
"No…” Scott sneered and gave in to Stiles going inside instead of him.
When you got to his neighborhood, Stiles parked down the street so Coach couldn’t see the infamous Jeep that everyone at school knew. So you all got the bags of supplies that you needed and walked the 2 blocks to his house. While you were walking Stiles started talking to you,
“Have you thought of your mischief night wish yet?”
“No. What’s that?”
“It’s kind of like an 11:11 thing, at 11:59 you make a wish on mischief night, and it usually comes true.”
“Usually.” You said sarcastically back to him.
“Well I know it worked for me last year.”
“Because I wished that you would be my girlfriend by next mischief night, and look where we are now.”
You blushed, and held his hand while walking. You remember last year on Halloween Stiles told you how he felt about you at Lydia’s party. He was dressed up as Batman, and you were a 80’s girl. Scott finally convinced him to ask you out because even though you wouldn’t admit it, you liked Stiles, Scott could tell by your heartbeat racing every time you talked to him.
“Y/N you alive?” Stiles said knocking out of your daydream.
“Oh,yeah, sorry.”
“So everyone get to work.” Stiles clapped his hands lightly. Scott and Stiles began to walk off and you suddenly realized something,
“Wait! What if he wakes up?” You said to them whispering.
“Everyman for himself.” Stiles said turning his head, smirking and winking at you. That made you nervous, the two most protective people of you were just going to leave you there?! You knew they wouldn’t, or would they! You started to take the toilet paper rolls out of the bag you carried with you. Stiles had show you how to tipi anything, from trees, houses, playgrounds, or cars you name it. You started with his car. It was a small soccer mom minivan. You laughed to yourself what a silly car for coach, you expected at least a truck. Once you finished the pathetic van, you moved on to the 3 trees in his front yard. These took more arm power because they were really tall trees, and Stiles wouldn’t be satisfied until the WHOLE tree was tipied no matter how tall the tree was. You were almost finished with the 2nd tree when you saw one of the lights in the house go on.
“Shit.” You whispered to yourself, before you saw Stiles bursting through the front door of the house.
“GO! GO! GO!!” Stiles screamed. You dropped all the toilet paper and started the run. You looked behind you to see Scott running from behind the house with egg cartons still in his hands.
“Drop them Scott!!!” You yelled behind you, still running not far behind Stiles. He dropped the cartons and was rounding the sidewalk and now all of you were out of Coach’s sight. You all peeked behind a bush to see Coach running out his house screaming into the night,
You all fell to the ground laughing so hard. But you quickly had to start running to the Jeep because Coach started to walk towards the laughter. You all jumped into the car and Scott stopped in front of the car,
“Y/N let me sit in the front!”
“Scott seriously?!”
“We have to go, NOW! Stiles yelled.
Scott just got in the back and you in the front. As soon at the door locked when you slammed it shut, Stiles took off.
In the mirror you could see Coach in his pajamas running down the sidewalk screaming things you could even make out. Once you were a good distance away Scott said,
"Dude what happened in there?!?”
“ Coach got a freaking pitbull since he left Beacon Hills! It almost bit my face off.” Stiles said dramatically.
“Well I got his car and 2 trees done.”
“I got the whole back of the house covered in eggs.”
“Thanks guys, I appreciate it."Stiles said to you and Scott. You could tell Stiles was upset about his favorite night of the night of the year going wrong. So after some more sad silence in the car you whispered,
"Sorry it went wrong babe.” You said giving him a kiss on the cheek and he held your hand and kept one on the wheel.
“Thanks.” He said sending you a grin.
“I did get one thing though inside."Stiles said mischievously.
"What?” You and Scott in unison.
“I put bleach in his shampoo.” He said cracking up. You all laughed about what Stiles did all the way home. When Stiles stopped at your house to drop Scott and you off, he walked you guys and said,
“It’s going to be 11:59 in a minute!”
Scott thought the whole wish thing was stupid so he went upstairs,
“Goodnight weirdos” he hollered down the stairs.
“Goodnight!!” You both said watching the clock. You and Stiles sat on the couch counting down the seconds.
“Three, two, one!” You said. Both of you sat in silence on the couch for a minute wishing your wish over again in your heads until 12:00 hit.
“What did you wish for?” Stiles said.
“I can’t tell you, it won’t come true!”
“You can tell me, that rule doesn’t happen on the mischief night wish.”
“Really?” You said.
“I don’t know, I just want to know what you wished for!” He said laughing.
“Fine, I wished that next mischief night we will still be together.” You said quietly looking down.
“ I know that’s going to happen already.”
“How?” You questioned him.
“Because that’s the same thing I wished for” he said, and then kissed you.
“Now how about some Coraline?”
“Yes please!” You said turning on the TV.

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DUDE it is so much fun spending concert days just stalking everyone that is going that night. I LOVE seeing your outfits, posters, and smiles. I hope you guys have so much fun tonight!!