have fun in the camps

"Have fun" should not be a rule

A lot of summer camps, youth groups, and other activities have a “have fun” rule.

The implied message is usually: This is a fun place. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. Fix your attitude and have fun doing the fun activities.

Sometimes “have fun” rules are explicit. Sometimes they’re more implicit, and come in forms like: making people sing a song every day about how much they love camp, announcements about “we’re all having so much fun!”, or whatever else.

The problem with this is: nothing is fun for everyone. People have the right to feel how they feel about things. It’s really degrading to tell an unhappy person that they should just feel some other way.

“Have fun” rules are especially problematic for many disabled people.

Because — most programs are not fully accessible, even when they think they are. Most of us expect to encounter activities that are inaccessible in ways that make participation impossible — or that make them no fun.

And often, initially fun activities are ruined when someone treats you in a degrading way or says something awful about disability.

Being left out when everyone else is having fun is bad enough. When there’s a “have fun” rule, it’s even worse. Not only are you hurt by the exclusion, you’re told that you’re violating the rules by being hurt and unhappy.

“Have fun” rules make it really hard to solve these problems, because they make it risky to admit that you’re not having a good time.

“Have fun” rules make problems harder to solve, even when the problem has a straightforward solution. All the more so when the problem is complicated. (Or only has a partial solution.)

“Have fun” rules actually make things a lot less fun.


11.2.17 (6/52 weeks of productivity)

I went to Albany this week with my family which was fun and relaxing - but also quite quite cold!
I also bought this book today about emotions which sounds really interesting so I’m excited to read it 😄
Much love to everyone ❤

Let’s Go Camping - Cashton


I should probably start putting warnings on these so…

WARNING: Smut, smut, and more smut

“Luke and Michael literally suck,” y/n groaned as Calum laughed in the driver’s seat.

“They weren’t ready yet,” Ashton said back laughing. “We kinda told them this morning we were going camping.”

“Well they need to be fucking prepared!” she yelled back. “I’m seriously so fucking mad.”

“They’ll join us tomorrow. Come on, the three of us can still have fun!” Ashton whined just as Calum pulled into the camping ground, the three of them hopping out, pulling out the tents, sleeping bags and pillows deciding the beers and food could wait until later. “I’m really glad you came up with this idea, y/n. We haven’t gone camping all together in…”

“Three years, Irwin. Three long, hard, lonely years,” she said back helping the boys to set up shop. They only had three tents mentally deciding each group of boys would share a tent while y/n had one to herself. By time they were finished setting up, it was close to dinner time, having taken them almost five hours to get to the secluded camping ground to not be disturbed by anyone. “I need some beers, boys.”

“Yes, princess,” Calum teased pulling out three folding chairs while Ashton tossed her an Allagash before popping open his own, sitting down in front of the blazing fire in front of them while Calum ended up dragging the cooler full of beers over before grabbing one for himself. “Do you think one cooler full of booze will be enough or should I text Luke and tell him to grab some more?”

“Is that even a question hood? Because the three of us can hold at least six each, and that’s eighteen beers which means it’ll be half gone before tonight’s over,” y/n stated, Ashton laughing slightly.

“Babe, you can’t handle six beers.”

“Are you calling me a lightweight, Irwin?” she questioned.

“I have to agree with him, princess. You’re about ready to pass out at four shots of tequila,” Calum chimed in. She pouted slightly before chugging the rest of the beer before motioning to Calum for another.

“Since when have I ever been able to handle hard liquor? The both of you should know tequila shots and I don’t mix well.” the boys downed the rest of their beers, opening another can each. The conversation went back and forth for awhile until their third beer when the topic changed to the celebrities version of hot or not.

“Mila Kunis?” Calum questioned as y/n raised her beer as if she was calling dibs.

“Hot as fucking hell. I’d do her in a mother fucking heart beat. Umm…Ryan Reynolds? God he’s so hot as well.” She propped open her fourth beer, about ready to just shotgun it for the fifth, which she did, both Ashton and Calum watching in awe as she tossed it into the fire ready to bring on beer number five

“Jesus, y/n…slow down, will you?” Ashton laughed causing her to roll her eyes, the effects of the alcohol hitting her at once.

“No, I will not slow down. You two just need to speed up. Now, Irwin, Ryan Reynolds, hot or not.”

“Not. The only man I think is hot is Will Smith,” Ashton said laughing as Calum downed his beer.

“Hey Calum, y/n, hot or not?” he questioned wanting to know his friend’s response.

“So hot,” Calum stated sipping at his beer, a stupid smirk on his face. “What about you, Irwin?” she was looking between the boys, a knowing look on her face even though her brain couldn’t process anything that was going on at the moment.

“Hot as hell,” Ashton mumbled back tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “What about you, babe? Is Calum hot or not?”

“Hot,” she said simply as if it was nothing important.

“And Ashton? Is Ashton hot or not, princess?”

“Hot,” she said once again, finally letting it click in her head what they were doing. “I have a very serious question, boys.”

“Go ahead, babe,” Ashton responded sipping his beer as she stood up wobbly as she pulled her shirt off as both boys watched carefully, their bottom lip between their teeth as she unbuttoned her shorts, pulling them down letting them fall to her ankles.

“Can this be our little secret? Just between the three of us?” she asked sweetly moving towards Ashton, sitting on his lap and running her fingers through his hair.

“And what exactly is our little secret?” Calum asked standing up moving behind her, pulling her hair lightly for her to look at him.

“Me taking the both of you in that tent over there,” she whispered pointing over to the boys’ shared tent. “I’ve always wanted to fuck Cashton.” Calum started kissing at the side of her neck.

“Then why haven’t you said anything, babe?” Ashton asked running his fingers up and down her bare thighs.

“Because I didn’t know what you would think, but now I’m too drunk to care,” she muttered as Calum left hickeys along her skin. Ashton watched her face contort with pleasure as Calum’s hand moved to grip at her clothed chest. Ashton brought a hand up, using his thumb to tap at her bottom lip instructing her to open it, taking his thumb in her mouth.

“Such a pretty princess,” Calum muttered against her skin before pulling the straps of her bra down, unclasping the back letting the fabric fall onto Ashton’s lap. “Do you know what would be sexy as hell? If you rode Ashton’s thigh. I think Ash would love to see you get off on his thigh, princess.” She bit her lip adjusting herself so she was only straddling one of his thighs, Ashton bringing both hands to her hips as she started to roll them against his clothes thigh. She gripped onto his shoulders as her hips moved faster, moans now escaping her lips.

“Fuck…just like that, baby girl. You like riding my thigh?” Ashton asked, watching her, grabbing her ass in the process. “Like the view, Cal?” He asked noting he was palming himself through his jeans watching her get off on his best friends thigh. Y/n turned her head slightly catching a glimpse of Calum.

“Fuck, yeah,” he responded watching as her head fell into Ashton’s neck as her body shook with her orgasm. “That’s probably the hottest thing I’ve seen.”

“What do you want next, love?” Ashton cooed in her ear as he ran his fingers through her hair. She pulled back from his neck looking backwards towards Cal who was still watching her, his jeans now by his ankles as he palmed himself through his boxers.

“I wanna suck Cal,” she muttered turning her body completely, still perched on Ashton’s lap, his hands running up and down her sides. He made his way towards her, dropping his boxers as she leaned forward a bit so her face was level with his crotch. She ran her thumb over his tip, his hips bucking immediately causing her to giggle. “I’ve barely touched you.”

“Listen, princess, I’ve wanted this for a long time,” Calum breathed as she ran her hand up and down his shaft. “It’s not going to suck itself.”

“You’re an impatient little bastard, aren’t you,” she teased earning a smack on the ass from Ashton.

“Play nice, baby girl. I really don’t think you want me to punish you,” Ashton rasped pushing her head forward to Calum’s crotch. She opened her mouth letting him enter her, one hand at the base of his cock, the other on his hip. She wasted no time bobbing her head taking as much of him as she could, her hand rubbing against the area’s her mouth couldn’t reach. Each time she got to the tip, she sucked harshly causing him to groan loudly, his hand tangled in her hair as Ash continued to rub at her sides. “You look so good you your mouth around Cal’s cock, babe.”

“Doesn’t she? She’s doing such a great job, Ash…but don’t you think she can take more?” Calum asked in a strained voice. She got the hint grabbing at both of Cal’s hips pulling him closer to her so her nose was pressed against his pelvic bone. “Fucking hell, you’re so good at this, princess.” Calum pulled her head off of him, a line of saliva was made from her mouth to his cock before falling onto the ground. “Stand up, princess, and help Ash over there get his clothes off.” She quickly got off the drummer turning to face him grabbing at the hem of his shirt, tugging it over his head before pulling down his jeans and boxers all too quickly. She could feel Calum tugging at her panties from behind before pulling them down her legs onto the ground. “Do you want to take her first, Ash? Or should I?” Calum turned her head slightly towards him, pressing his lips to hers for the first time that night while waiting for Ashton’s response.

“You can take her. I want her to ride me,” he said with a smirk on his face. Calum pushed her towards Ashton, forcing her head down to his crotch.

“Face down, ass up, princess,” he said smacking her ass causing a loud moan to escape her as she started to rub the red tip of Ashton’s cock. He pumped his length with the latex over it a few times before entering her slowly, a whimper escaping her lips when he was fully inside of her, instantly rubbing against her g-spot. He pulled out quickly, leaving his tip inside of her before slamming back into her, repeating the action over and over as moans escaped her lips. “Suck Ashton’s cock.” She did as she was told, Ashton tangling his hands in her hair helping to guide her head while Calum pounded into her relentlessly.

“M’gonna cum,” she muttered as best she could feeling Calum’s hand reach around to her clit, his thumb from his other hand poking at her other hole causing another moan to escape her, Calum sticking it inside of her sending her over the edge, clenching around him as he released into the condom before pulling out.

“Someone’s into anal,” he breathed chuckling catching Ashton’s eyes, a devilish smirk on his face. “We’ll save that for a more private venue, though.”

“Come on baby, come ride my cock,” Ashton coaxed patting his lap. She swung her legs over him, her knees resting on either side of him as she lined him up with her hole, easing her way onto him as they both let out graphic moans, y/n leaning in to press her lips to Ashton’s as she circled her hips against his, his arms circling around her to pull her closer to him. She started slowly bounce up and down on top of him, Ashton letting his hand fall down to her clit rubbing small circles knowing she would cum quickly, this being her third orgasm of the night.

“It’s too much,” she whimpered resting her face in his neck, her body twitching from the contact, Ashton continuing his movements loving the feeling of her clenched wound him.

“One more, baby girl,” he moaned, y/n nodding her head in response, not moving it from his neck as he hit her g-spot over and over edging her release on. “Cum for me, baby. I know you have to.” She did as she was told, her entire body shaking as she screamed, Ashton releasing from the sight of her squirting on him, her body still shaking from the power of her orgasm as he pulled out of her. “Jesus fucking christ…”

“She squirted,” Calum muttered, eyebrows raised as the girl attempted to catch her breath. “You know, we should really do this again soon.”

“Remember, this is between the three of us, alright?” she asked looking up from Ashton’s neck, earning a nod from both boys before placing her head back into his neck, exhaustion overwhelming her.


Can’t stop the absolutely excited Yongguk.

Having a child with Shane Walsh would include :

(Yay more prompts!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him and your child always hiding to surprise you when you come back from a run

-Him wanting to play with them and teach any kind of sport

-Him pulling them to sit on his lap to play with them when he has to keep watch around the camp

-Your child having fun rubbing his head whenever he had just shaved it and him letting them

-You warning him about spoiling your child too much and him just laughing it off

-Him loving to spoon feed your child during diner

-Your child always running up to him to show him their drawings and him always praising them loudly and picking them up for a big hug

-Him always looking for a little something special when on a run to give to your child

-Your child not wanting to let go of him whenever they fall asleep on him

-Him and your child play fighting before going to bed because they’re not ready to go to sleep yet

-Your child always wanting to help him whenever he plans something romantic for you

-Him giving your child his police badge and telling them to keep it preciously

-Him doing anything he can to keep you and your child safe

do you ever sometimes get the feeling that max maybe doesnt have the greatest home life

Art trade with @daveactualstrider!!!

need internet friends

hello! i am in need of internet friends! bcos sad life. here are the few things you might need to know:
-i literally like any kinds of music so anything would be lovely to fan girl about
-im mostly a die hard, pentatonix fan and i obsess over youtubers
-i like to read. so my fellow bookworms, i am here to fan girl over fictional characters!
-i think im funny
-i like to camp a lot so i have outdoor experiences and really fun stories about our camps.
-i can write short paragraph stories.
-im lonely :c

my name is Beah and i was born in the 31st of August (Virgo). My favorite artists are Melanie Martinez, Pentatonix, Against The Current, Paramore, Maroon 5 and etc. but if you have any new bands that you would like to let me meet, that’d be lovely! :))

heart or reblog because i need friends. im friendly i swear and i’d love to know more people from any country :))

hit me up at ig or twitter: bbeahsantos kik: xbeahcorner //9/7/16: active af