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  • Ciel: I've never been in a snowball fight.
  • Lizzie: Really?
  • Ciel: I don't even know the rules. Is there like a points system, or is it to the death?

I don’t wanna like, dwell on this too much because it really bums me out but like
I kinda hate the idea that once something hits a certain level of popularity it’s suddenly gotta turn into this like, horrible and obnoxious thing that you’ve gotta be ashamed to like? Like, the idea that an interest can turn into something “cringy” just on the basis of like. A lotta people enjoying it. And a lotta buzz about it. That kinda sucks imo

Y'all are being so nice to me recently so I’m gonna be nice to you as well.

Ima give hints… for what? The series of course. But I’m not gonna spit the answer to your face, some are more like a “keep in mind” note… some are hidden as spoilers… oh well. Here goes nothin

- Season 1 will be relevant again I’d watch the important parts if I were you

- Steven universe logic…kinda

- Have I ever pointed out the outline of the souls if they have one?… no?… that might be important

- Blood… on monsters? That’s weird… here should be an explanation for that…

- Frustration, betrayal, doubt, failure, selfishness… these all come from something, these all lead to something… have they all taken place already?

-Determination and Fear counter eachother, this is not a one-sided thing

-Some of you have forgot about something important that happened last episode….

-Gifts are very special! From a son to a father, from a friend to a friend…

-Regarding last point, everything is there for a reason

-Never assume things

- Why was Betty on her way to Gaster’s lab?


That’s all folks

- Have fun -

anonymous asked:

Hello Addy! What's your headcanon about who sits on whose laps? Like even if Harry is taller than Louis do you think Louis doesn't mind if Harry sits on his laps? Or imagine when they have friends over to their house and Louis can't seat anywhere on the couch and all the other seats are taken, do you think he sits on Harry's laps or that he'd prefer sitting on the floor ?? Mmh I'd like to hear what you've gotta say about this very important matter :)

*rolls up sleeves*

I think they kind of share that really.

When Harry sits on Louis’ lap he has to sit precariously on one of Louis knee because Louis tends to sit with his legs wide open. And I think Louis always makes it seem like le minds because “Harold, do you expect me to see anything with these broad shoulders of yours?” (when he secretely loves it)

And Harry shushes him with a tap on the knee he’s not occupying while carrying on with his conversation, chin in hand and legs crossed.

However, when Louis sits on Harry’s lap, Harry’s legs are joined so Louis straddles them and sits like he would on a chair put backwards. And even though Harry is most likely already talking to someone when Louis sits, he always put his arms around Louis’ waist posessivly and his cheek on Louis’ back.


Mickey’s got a Minnie so….Who does Bendy got? Ladies and Gentlefolks, meet Brandy, the dancing demon.

A’ight! I guess we all can agree that Bendy was based on the design taken from Mickey Mouse and other similar old cartoon characters. I made this idea just to see what Bendy’s counter part character would look like. Also, when I watched Jacksepticeye’s BATIM playthrough, I can’t help but notice the “Dancing devil” poster since it look like a headless Bendy in a dress. I thought “Is there going to be a female counterpart of Bendy? Since….like, Mickey has a counterpart too and Boris looks like Goofy. I don’t want to compare too much though, the story and characters are unique and are wonderfully developed individually as their own being.

And now I’m going to clamp my trap and let you enjoy viewing. ^///^ Have fun folks!

yoi "know me more" asks
  • So actually there are moments when I don't cry about Yuri on Ice (ok, just kidding I do all the time, anyway), if you want to know what kind of person I am then, please ask ahead! Just send me character's name and I'll answer the question.
  • Yuuri: One line from yoi that describes you best?
  • Victor: Who’s your favourite fictional character?
  • Yurio: What always makes you angry/annoyed?
  • Otabek: What's your favourite hobby?
  • Phichit: Are you that type of person who has lots of mates or do you have a very small circle of close friends?
  • Leo: What kind of music do you listen to?
  • Guan-Hong: What never fails to make you happy?
  • Chris: What makes you uncomfortable (if there is anything)?
  • Georgi: Were you ever truly in love?
  • JJ: Your biggest talent?
  • Seung Gil: Some random funny fact about you?
  • Emil: If you could travel anywhere where would it be?
  • Michele: Your biggest obsession?
  • Sara: The most courageous thing you've ever done?
  • Mila: Are you interested in sport? What's your favourite?
  • Minami: What are your other fandoms?
  • Minako: Are you addicted to something?
  • Yuuko: Any random strong childhood memory?
  • Takeshi: The thing you regret the most?
  • Mari: One thing about you that most of the people don't notice at first?
  • Hiroko: Who is your favourite artist/musician/writer?
Greetings from ECCC!

Had a great first day at con today! I got to meet (and get a signature from) @ngoziu, which was pretty much the height of excitement for me.

It was also so much fun wandering around as Baris again. I even re-met a few folks from Dragoncon, who recognized the costume, which was pretty cool. Tomorrow, I debut my rendition of Depa Billaba, so (hopefully) look forward to some fresh cosplay photos tomorrow. BTW, if any of you lovely folks of tumblr are wandering around ECCC and want to say hi, let me know. I shall be there every day of con.

Finally, a brief cosplay progress update: Leia’s jewelry is done, and not a moment too soon (I finished it after I got home tonight). I never did manage to get the cheap plastic from the 3D printing on the necklace totally smooth, but I think it looks pretty good in spite of the flaws, and bracelet is nearly perfect.


A compilation of all Sanvers + Alex coming to terms with her sexuality scenes from Supergirl 2x03 to 2x08.

Just a little something I made to tide us over the Supergirl hiatus, enjoy!

ULTIMATE POKEMON QUESTIONNAIRE: Send me a Pokemon and I'll answer!

Due to the fact that there is over 600 Pokemon in this, I have hidden most of them under Read More! Please click Read More to see the rest of the questions!

000 Missingno:    What glitch is your favourite in Pokemon?
001 Bulbasaur:    Which was your first starter in the main series games?
002 Ivysaur:        Which was your first starter in the Mystery Dungeon games?
003 Venusaur:    Which main character was your first starting character (eg. Sapphire, Ruby, etc)?
004 Charmander:    What episode of Pokemon did you see first?
005 Charmeleon:    What was your first Pokemon movie watched?
006 Charizard:    What was your first Pokemon game?
007 Squirtle:        What generation of Pokemon were you first introduced to?
008 Wartortle:    What name do you use as your trainer name?
009 Blastoise:        How was your first Pokemon adventure in your first game?
010 Caterpie:        Which Pokemon did you first capture (excluding starters)?
011 Metapod:        Which Pokemon was the first you ever evolved?
012 Butterfree:    What part of the Pokemon anime did you find the most sad?
013 Weedle:        Are you afraid of bugs?
014 Kakuna:        What colour category of Pokemon do you like the least?
015 Beedrill:        What colour category of Pokemon do you like the most?
016 Pidgey:        Is there any Pokemon that you repeatedly could never capture?
017 Pidgeotto:    What is the bravest thing you have done?
018 Pidgeot:        Who is your hero?
019 Rattata:        Do you have a Rattata that is in the top percentage of Rattata?
020 Raticate:        Do you like shorts that are comfy and easy to wear?
021 Spearow:        What Pokemon irritates you the most?
022 Fearow:        If you could fly to anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?
023 Ekans:        What is the sneakiest thing you have ever done?
024 Arbok:        Do you think that there are evil Pokemon, or just evil humans that command them?
025 Pikachu:        Who is your favourite Pokemon?
026 Raichu:        Who is better; Pichu, Pikachu, or Raichu?
027 Sandshrew:    What Pokemon would you most like to curl up with, and cuddle?
028 Sandslash:    What Pokemon would you least like to curl up with, and cuddle?
029 Nidoran (f):    Are you a boy, or a girl?
030 Nidorina:        What female form of a Pokemon do you like best?
031 Nidoqueen:    Name a female that you admire, and why.
032 Nidoran (m):    What is your name?
033 Nidorino:        What male form of a Pokemon do you like best?
034 Nidoking:    Name a male that you admire, and why.
035 Clefairy:        Name five things that people might not know about you.
036 Clefable:        Tell ten interesting facts about yourself.
037 Vulpix:        Do you think that you are attractive?
038 Ninetales:    Have you ever held a grudge (and why, if you are willing to tell)?
039 Jigglypuff:    What is your favourite song?
040 Wigglytuff:    What is a song that makes you fall asleep?
041 Zubat:        Which Pokemon is the most annoying in the games?
042 Golbat:        What mythical creature is your favourite?
043 Oddish:        Are you a day person, or a night person?
044 Gloom:        What odour do you find the least attractive?
045 Vileplume:    Which is better; flowers or chocolates?
046 Paras:        Have you ever used drugs before?
047 Parasect:        Do you prefer tea or coffee?
048 Venonat:        What Pokemon did you first encounter in the wild?
049 Venomoth:    What is the most ill you have ever been?
050 Diglett:        What do you think the bottom of a Diglett is like?

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Inktober day 1: my favorite King of Attolia! Sorry I’m posting this a few hours into day 2 but I was busy all day and didn’t have time to draw until I was in the breakroom at work, and I worked the closing shift tonight. Anyway I got it done :)

Pen and India ink w/brush but no water to blend really because it’s 2:30am and I’m tired -.-

In the swimming pool

Okay, I was a tiny bit of lazy ass and didn’t ahve time to post this one, but I hope you’re content witht this tiny gruvia smut! ;D Have fun folks! @gruvialovelovefest, For day six - tender!

She felt the caress of the waves on her skin; the cool water stroked the line of her abdomen while the strong scent of chlorine bit in her nose. Taking as much oxygen as she could, she abruptly dipped under the surface.
She enjoyed how her hair floated underwater, as if she had some fancy hair product in her possession. She liked how the water painted everything greyer, the vibrant colour the tiles and the mosaic under her. It was much better like in class – without bikinis and loud people messing around, splashing water everywhere…
The night in the swimming pool was perfect.
She’d been sneaking away from her dormitory for a year now and nobody had spotted her. Their sport school was the best in the country, so many facilities and opportunities for young students; there were basketball fields, ice ranks, practising room for the dancer classes and the swimming pools for the her class.
Juvia – feeling the familiar burn in her lugs – broke the waves as she emerged from underwater. She let a contented sigh roll from her lips – she’d been waiting for this since she’d woken up that day.
Such a peaceful, quiet night – she thought as she swam some laps. The only noise was light splashing as she slain the waves with her hands.
After thirty, languid laps, she felt tranquil, forgot about her numerous problems, her none-existent love life and her school assignments. She just enjoyed and relished every drop of the liquid surrounding her as she peacefully floated on the surface.
A loud bam was all she heard that made her freeze in her spot, and then some crude curses flying from the intruder’s mouth. He had surely slipped on the wet floor – Juvia thought and with that, ducked under the water, praying that she wouldn’t get caught.
She couldn’t hear a thing from underwater! She didn’t know if the person had left or if he had decided to go inside the outbuilding where the pools were. All she was able to hope.
The burning in her lungs increased as she couldn’t resist letting out some of her air, she watched as the bubbled travelled upwards and popped out on the top. With biting her lips she felt her abdomen tighten, her muscles tense and Juvia willed herself to stay on the bottom. Her hands found her mouth as she held her air inside.
Funny – Aquirius always said she’d drown in the pool if she continued on experimenting and pushing herself harder. Her record was four minutes with one breath, but by now she was sure it was over six and a half.
Her vision blurred and to prevent from the shadows that made her see spots, the pool’s mosaic dolphin morphed into a smirking shark’s shape. She blinked fervently to control her fear and calm herself – it was just her imagination and the lack of oxygen!
Her reasoning helped nothing as she saw the great white shark inching forward, ready to devour her.
Air! She needed air!
Damn it!

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“It’s important for young people to see examples of LGBT and gender non-conforming folks having fun and showing love to one another.  

“I would love for schools all across the country to allow students to come to prom in whatever makes them feel good and with the date of their choosing. Prom should be for all high schoolers.”

— Tiq Milan, from MTV’s A Prom to DeGender