have fun at your concert

okayfrend  asked:

Oh my god your concerts tomorrow?! Have fun!! Grab as much confetti as you can!!

I wanna grab so much and put in this jar and decorate with twenty one pilots stuff!! I’m so excite😄

Pretty Girl (by Possible Admin)

Summary: You always dreamt of meeting Xiumin, and when it happened, it was better than you ever imagined.
Member: Xiumin x reader
Type: Fluff
Word count: 677

Author’s Note: Honestly, meeting him would be everything lol sorry for any mistakes I missed, I hope you guys like this.  

This possible admin will be called P.A. Cr (also wrote this reaction)

I do no own these gifs

-Admin Kat

All possible admin work will be completely unedited

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“I really don’t want to be here, I don’t even know the band.” You tried to talk your way out of it, but it was useless considering you were already at the venue. “Hush, Y/N.” She laughed, “You’ll have fun. Besides, you love concerts.” You rolled your eyes, “You aren’t really giving me a choice.” You sighed, wanting to get out of the long line and go home. “You’ll thank me later.”

“Finally!” You breathed, tying your hair into a ponytail, “I never thought the line would move.” “I told you the line would be long but you didn’t listen to me.” She chuckled, waiting for you to tell her she’s right. “Not gonna happen, now c’mon, let’s try to get as close to the front as we can.” You didn’t give her time to comprehend your words before you grabbed her wrist and pulled her through the growing crowd.

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To Taylor, Love (Some of) Your Fans

Dear taylorswift,

We don’t know if we speak on behalf of all your fans, but we know we’re voicing some of our friends’ opinion right now.

You see, we couldn’t be happier each time that you’re online interacting with us on social media. It’s always fun when you reblog gifs, repost edits and comment on our videos. It’s fun for us and we can only imagine that it’s fun for you. 

But you want to know what isn’t fun at all? Having that nice video of one of your concerts — that even helped in making that amazing gif set that you liked or reblogged — being taken down. Having your entire Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo or Tumblr accounts being terminated because of content related to you so it received three strikes overnight. To add to the mix, it’s not only videos from this tour that are receiving strikes. Videos from the Fearless Tour, that are almost SIX years old, were the reason some of our friends got their accounts terminated FOREVER. So, why this right now?

We’ve seen gifs and photosets being the reason why people receive strikes on Tumblr lately. Don’t you think this is a little bit excessive? I mean, we don’t know exactly if these decisions are up to you, but when you asked us to protect your music, we had your back. We understood when you said that music has value. We grew up WITH you and we appreciate every single thing that has been done for us.  But we also want to share our amazing experiences with our friends. For some of us, this is the only way we have to “be there”. So we hold on to every crumb we can get. Just take your time to think about those that never experienced one of your concerts and don’t have any perspective that one day they could possibly make it. They still are your fans, after all.

We only know how some specific concert was magical because we had someone who shared that experience with us. On social media we live for that: experiences. But lately we are not sure what we are allowed to share since we’re risking losing all the effort we’ve put on our accounts. 

It’s sad to see that when you’re so close to us, we have to hold back on how we express ourselves because we don’t want to lose our accounts or our memories of all those amazing years that we’ve been following you daily. 

With love, 

(Some of) Your fans 

taylorswift tree-paine

Mutuals ^.^

Sooo I just hit 1K and I can’t believe it (THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHH) and I uhh kinda wanted to… idk. here we go

bolded are my closest mutuals (if thats even a thing) and you should definitely check their blog out :)

adorkable–dan my twiin :3

alecdoesnotmakepie tysm again for the tales ^.^ I’m halfway through the third :)

amazphil :)

anita-the-alien Anitaa we need to talk moree

awkward-phangirl have fun at your FOB concert ;)

b1edictej :)

bandsandyoutubersarecool  Veera someone needs to bring the lizard squad back to life

basicallytronnor *hugs*

bemydan the group chats is getting out of hand

candlestorm Louiiiis ilysm and I miss youu (see ya in october)

cantfitmyobsessionsinmyurl :)

caoimhediva  :)

cometphan thank you again for the messages :)

danistrash Trishaaa tell me when you finally find your charger ;)

eauduphan LEO my child come back from your holidays and get some sleep smh

featherphan Leilaaa why did we stop talking i’m sorry

gem-howell LIL MUFFIN

happylittlezalfie baeee I can’t believe we’re mutuals <33

herearethewolves :)

i-am-jooody-15 JACE. JAMIE. FUCKING. BOWER.

ilana-rachel twinnies ^.^

imyourbestfrand :)

iwishyouwouldphan Raaad we haven’t talked enough

lucaspank Aleex💕 my prom datee we need to talk moree

kickthephandxm Nataliee tysm for creating that group :)

phanberlee we never really talked but ty for being here since the beginning ^.^

phancy-emo-goose :)

phandomlion :)

pika-dean you’re chill, you’re cool (and you’re as hot as the bottom of my laptop)

riyalitytv870 YOURE SO PRETTY WTF

saverockandrhosie i owe you a cheesecake… (ilysm thank you for being my friend)

slentacles :)

sliceofphan I can’t believe we’re mutuals tbh (or are we?)

sunshine-phil Margreet ily ty again for spending so much time on the calendars

tastetherainbowxiv I was the nordic gods anon :3 (fun fact: i love mythology)

the-fault-in-public-wifi Nina on se parle jamais mais euuh.. francophone h5!

tumb1r–wh0re :)

wearingsunglassesatmidnight22 :)

yessignmeup :)

youtube-phanatic we talked… once? we should do that more ^.^

and here, some people I admire *.*

amazingemmaisonfire averyiscoldpizza catandbear-savetheworld dantiloquent dauntlester eternallyphan happylittlehowell i-make-doodles-lol illmakeuhowell like-totally-phan phangirlingforphan phanscuddles plantboylester teedeeland

and the two kings

amazingphil danisnotonfire i love you guys

i’m so sorry if I missed anyone :/