♥Tag game♥

Hello♥ was tagged by @mitsukax (tysm honey♥)
♥Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag 10 people.

♥1: 음오아예 (Um Oh Ah Yeh) - MAMAMOO
♥3: Love on the brain - Rihanna
♥4: Chase Holfelder - Animal
♥5: Lotto - EXO
♥7: BTS '봄날 (Spring Day)’
♥8: BTS ‘Not Today’
♥9: BOOMBOOM - Seventeen
♥10: 21st Century Girl - BTS
Holy.. ♥
♥I tag: @cozy-lovelyness @xcigaro @milky-kyu @pinkufawn @loli-kisu @hyominyanlee @enchantella @rosieviii @jennalynne @allpinkyandcutestuff

and everyone who wants to do this♥ (you dont have to do that to those People I tagged)

Anti starter pack checklist (feel free to add)

✅ “you’re disgusting if you like this”
✅ “sweetie :)”
✅ under 21
✅ doesn’t know how to use blacklist
✅ “this is wrong and obviously im smarter than u so i have to tell u why ur wrong, ugh”
✅ “i dont care that youre a survivor”
✅ “relive your traumatic experience by telling everyone online or you arent valid”
✅ “kill yourself”
✅ “get hit by a truck”
✅ everyone is a racist
✅ everyone is a pedophile
✅ fiction = reality
✅ :)
✅ ;)

If your not having fun.. Your not doing it right!💞

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