100 letters - peter parker

fandom: the avengers/spiderman

word count: 1042 

character pairing: tom holland’s peter parker x reader

warnings: kinda sad kina cute lol

prompt: friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone. (taken from this prompt list

notes: i rly lov this goofy man kfjvnsjf idk what this is but enjoy i guess lmaonlfvjajenfv (i also have zero clue where the gif came from bUt)


friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone.


“i’m going to germany.“

you snort from your place curled up on peter’s bed, not bothering to look up from the book you were reading. "while you’re there, try some schnitzel for me, yeah?” peter blinked, confusion clouding his features before he rolled his eyes, realizing you thought he was joking. he took a seat on the bed next to you, leaning back so that his head was resting on your stomach. he looked at his cieling.

“i’m not- i’m not kidding,” you peeked at him over your book, eyes narrowing. “you remember that day tony stark was here? he asked me if i wanted to go to germany with him.” you carefully put down your book, not looking at him.

“for what? an internship?” you questioned, and peter winced when he detected the ice in your voice. “why’s he taking you to germany, peter."peter closed his eyes briefly, turning on his side as you adjusted yourself to sit up a little, looking down at him with a blank expression.

"he wants me to fight,” peter exhaled, not meeting your eyes. he felt you stiffen. “against captain america. it’s all going to- it’s all going to shit, Y/N. he needs me.”

“peter,” your voice was an octave higher than you wanted it to be. “peter, you can’t.” he sat up then, grabbing both your hands and leaning dangerously close to you. this wasn’t surprising to you; you knew more than anybody about peter’s lack of perception of personal space.

he could sense the panic rolling off of you like waves, hands squeezing his ridiculously hard. he didn’t show any signs of pain, only looking into your eyes with a type of intensity that made you feel like crying.

all you could imagine was peter lying dead on the concrete, his mask lying several feet away from him, torn and shredded to reveal his beaten and bloody face, eyes wide.

“they need me,” he breathed, eyes flickering down to your lips before meeting yours again. “they need me.” he repeated.

“i need you,” you exhaled, resting your forehead against his. it was getting ridiculously intimate between you two, and your heart couldn’t help but do somersaults in your chest. “what about me, peter? i need you.” he shut his eyes, and you could feel his forehead crinkle against yours.

“i don’t know what to do,” he whispered, nose slotting with yours. your breath caught in your throat, his lips millimetres away from brushing against yours. “tell me, Y/N. tell me and i’ll listen to you. tell me i can’t go, and i won’t go.”

and then you pulled back, taking your hands with you. “i can’t do that, peter,” you leaned against the headboard, pulling your knees up to your chest. “i’m not your mom, i’m not your aunt, i’m not your-” you broke off at his sudden intake of breath. “i’m not your girlfriend, peter.” i wish i was.

“why not?”

your lips parted, and you could feel your face heating up. you stood up quickly, snatching your sweater off the desk-chair and making a beeline for the door without meeting peter’s eye. you couldn’t do this, not now. you’d always thought of confronting your feelings for peter head on, but this was too sudden. dear god, you couldn’t do this.

and then there was a hand on your waist, spinning you around and lightly pressing you up against the wall. you looked up to see peter’s face inches away from your own. he hesitated a minute. “i’m not gonna take that back, in case you were wondering.” you found yourself unconsciously leaning closer towards peter, lips a breath away from his. you felt one of his hands find yours, and you didn’t hesitate to interlock your fingers, squeezing his hand tight.

“peter,” you exhaled in a needy whisper, hands making their way to his hips, pulling his body closer to yours. closeness with peter was no stranger to you. “this is gonna make leaving so much harder.” he was close enough that you could feel his heart hammering through his t-shirt.

“i know,” he said quietly, leaning down at the same time you leaned up, pressing your lips together in a way that had you fisting your hands in his t-shirt, definitely wrinkling the fresh-pressed material. but fuck, you had wanted this for so long, and everything was so perfect, until-

you pulled away from him, letting your head fall back and hit the wall. peter’s lips fell from yours, and you stayed completely silent as he breathed heavily, seemingly in disbelief.

“you’re leaving for germany soon,” you whispered, and went to meet peter’s eyes with a sad smile. “i should leave now.” peter stayed quiet, letting you slip out of his hands with a kiss to his cheek.

“please don’t go.”

you turned back to face peter just before you left his room, bracing your hand on his door frame, right where the white paint was chipped and peeling. you dug your fingernails into the soft wood, calculating the chances of you actually walking out of his apartment that night, if his puppy-dog eyes and heart-breaking expression had anything to say about it. your walk towards him was slow, but when your arms wound around his waist, your hug was tight.

“hey, peter?”

“yeah, Y/N?” you buried your face into his shoulder, hiding your smile before pulling away and taking his hands, drawing him to his bed. the back of your knees hit the mattress, and you fell backwards, pulling peter down so he was laying next to you.

you turned onto your side to face peter, propping your head onto your hand. “i hope you own a fairly large suitcase.” he looked up at you, confusion etched into his features.

“and why is that?” he asked, still not catching on.

“well, cause i don’t have any suitcases, and i’m gonna need to put my clothes somewhere when we get on that plane to germany.” you rolled onto your back with a grin when peter sat up immediately, staring down at you with wide eyes. “oh, come on, peter. you know better than anyone; friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone.”

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Tagged by @hogwarts-school​ 
Rules: answer 20 questions about yourself but i decided to change all of the questions to hp themed lol

1. Favorite Ship: Idk. I want to say Wolfstar but it’s such a cop out. And I want to say Jily and it’s such a cop out. I know it’s stupid to not want to say the same things as everyone else. But I don’t. So one that is my tiny sailboat in the battalion of well-versed can(n)on carrying ships is Fredmione.
2. Favorite Character: Sirius Black
3. Character You Identified With Most Reading the Series: Nymphadora Tonks in my very punk heart and my very mousy exterior hair and my true love for Remus Lupin
4. Character You Identified With Most Re-Reading the Serie NOW: Minerva McGonagall tbh. she’s goals if i have to deal with a rl umbridge or dumbledore. Also a very exasperated Remus Lupin who dresses his childhood bully in drag and still snickers at his 13 year old insults on a map
5. Favorite place at Hogwarts to be alone: in the first strands of trees of the Forbidden Forest in the first clearing with a big oak tree that has a perfect hollowed out place for your back. When you sit there facing away from the castle, nobody can find you (except Hagrid and the thestrals of course)
6. Fave food served in the Great Hall: eyyy so is the food calorie free because that’d be clutch. Also I just think that if you were slightly bit even minimally kind to the house elves they would make you any food in the world and that’s crazy to me. like i could have hand torched creme brulee for every meal. 
7. Fave season at Hogwarts: Christmastime (and Hogsmeade and presents and singing suits of armor and snow and just magic of christmas literally amplified by magic)
8. Fave book in HP: Order of the Phoenix
9. Your boggart: my sisters dying and i can’t protect them
10. Fave siblings in HP: Ginny & the twins (who do NOT get enough stage time) or Bill and Charlie (who get no stage time) 
11. Fave scents that would show up if someone were to smell you in an Amortentia Potion: Summer thunderstorms, fresh cotton, new books, and old leather armchairs
12. Quidditch position: right flank beater (*flexes ex-softball arms now weakened into putty because of couch slothfulness like it’s supposed to impress anyone*)
13. Hogwarts Pet: idk i have two greyhounds irl and they do nothing but they can’t climb stairs so i have a dilemma plus dogs aren’t “magic” yk so part of me is like shrink down a tiny horse in a shoebox for weekend fun but you know hell if i’m in the wizarding world you cannot contain my inner charlie weasley my dragon heart cannot be tamed and mcgonagall is going to be SO frustrated and Hagrid SO proud somewhere around third year when you find me all dany targaryen-ing a little beagle sized dragon egg in the common room coals. and because i’m that person it’s either going to hatch into a gorgeous cobalt blue and almost black baby girl that i’ll name an elf princess name like altaira OR it’ll be a chunky little ruby red bean of a boy and i’ll name him something dumb like sparkplug. there is literally no in between. 
14. Hogwarts House: gryffindor - like of course i bleed red but if i could just get in on www i could swallow something and bleed gold too. i can just see mcgonagall rolling her eyes so hard they almost pop out of her head at her super extra 90s kids
15. Study place at Hogwarts: second floor of the library - first floor is too noisy, but the second floor you get to sit near the big stained glass windows at small tables and listen to the wind howl summer and winter and just get this big goofy grin on your face because yeah it’s school and it sucks but it’s also magic school so.
16. Best Subject: Charms 17. Patronus: a wolf
18. Subject you dropped in a hot second after OWLs were over: Astronomy (i can’t even use a protractor properly don’t even get me started on how hard and mentally taxing and tediously exhausting the hours of slaving over star charts would be).
18. Favorite candy: Fizzing Whisbees (honestly i imagine them somewhere between sherbet ice cream and sweet tarts that fizz on your tongue like pop rocks and make you float like a willy wonka scene i mean how can it be better)
19. Most disgusting food served at Hogwarts: pumpkin juice. seriously. starbucks actually got in trouble for serving pumpkin spice lattes that had no pumpkin in them and then they put pumpkin in them and everyone was immediately like ew this is gross and slimy and they were like well yeah that’s what pumpkin is it’s really only good for solid foods so don’t give me this regurgitated puree i scraped out of a jack-o-lantern and mixed with apple juice. hard pass.

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Anti starter pack checklist (feel free to add)

✅ “you’re disgusting if you like this”
✅ “sweetie :)”
✅ under 21
✅ doesn’t know how to use blacklist
✅ “this is wrong and obviously im smarter than u so i have to tell u why ur wrong, ugh”
✅ “i dont care that youre a survivor”
✅ “relive your traumatic experience by telling everyone online or you arent valid”
✅ “kill yourself”
✅ “get hit by a truck”
✅ everyone is a racist
✅ everyone is a pedophile
✅ fiction = reality
✅ :)
✅ ;)

“So, the Autobots aren’t quite the indestructible war machines we’d hoped.”
“Don’t misunderstand. They can take serious punishment.”

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