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Bravo, casting directors of Good Omens




oh yea i went to the jojo festival in sendai in august feat. @trashcanchockie who did a MAAAd daiya cosplay bless her

The funny thing is that if PB hadn’t said anything and just left the release date for TRR2 as “the end of September” having it drop today would have been a happy surprise and everyone would probably have considered it an early release. They should never announce a date and time unless 100% sure they can meet it on or before that set time. 

I AM SO HAPPY OMG I WAS SO MAD, BUT THEN THAT SCENE AHHH LIAM YOUR WORDS, SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m still not ENTIRELY satisfied but this went a lot better than I feared and I can forgive him for taking so damn long, especially cause of his mom! I can only imagine what was going through his mind it’s a lot, but the fact that he WASNT thinking of Cordonia even but our safety and keeping us safe has me SHOOK. And the roses were so sweet, I’m going to replay for all the options ahhhh I never doubted you my King💕💕


Decided to go in on the pirate summon after all, when I realized Cheria would give me a much needed full board changer for shot type. As expected, Link denied me … until I did the ticket pull. *sigh* At least I have the full set now? XD I also can’t completely whine about getting Pirate Luke; his leader skill is actually quite good … for the day I need an actual Shot finisher with support from my much stronger Slash and Bash collection.

Time to go farm the Pirate Awakening event!

meant to post this a while ago

time to get back to finishing those asks up

I’m doing a mini legacy where my simself falls in love with the Grim Reaper. I’ve been playing for a bit now but I’ll post things here and there on my blog just so I’m still active on here lol.

I hope y’all are ready to see the shenanigans my simself will get into by slowly having a relationship with a Reaper. It’ll be tagged as “The Reaper & Me”.

Looking for a Companion~

Would.. would anyone, like to uhhhh.. would any of you like to see.. my favorite memes? I know it’s sudden, and we barely know each other.. But I feel like I can be myself with you. You might think I’m just a typical shit poster, but I can promise you.. that if you let me in.. let me in reeeaaaaaallllllllllll deep, then.. well then I can make you hate yourself for laughing at all the horribley stupid memes I have on my laptop.