have faith in yourself too

Dear Athena,

You know how I’m close friends with the Chief Prosecutor?

I defended him once years ago… and I doubted him.  I actually felt the need to ask the man I became a lawyer to help if he had killed someone.  It happens to the best of us.  That’s why I have to keep repeating that mantra, to remind all of us.

Being a lawyer isn’t easy.  If it was, anyone could do it.  I know you can do it, though, because you do have that faith in your client.  Just because you question yourself, it doesn’t mean that your faith is gone.  Sometimes that questioning gives you exactly the answer you need.

Don’t let this shake your faith in yourself either.  You have to believe in yourself too, you know.  I already believe in you.  You’re still learning but I know you’ll go far.

-Phoenix Wright

i told my parents i was gay when i was 11

they didn’t believe me then because i was

 “too young”

you aren’t “too young” to realize who you are and what you like

i’ve liked avocados my whole life

was I ever “too young” to like avocados?


 i’ve liked them since I was a baby.

and i’ve liked girls since i was a baby,

 been gay since i was born.

you are never “too young” to realize who you are and what you want

you should never be told you are “too young” or “too” something

to be yourself.

have faith in yourself

and others will have faith in you.