Sometimes good things happen to bad people and sometimes bad things happen to good people. It doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist or he’s not listening. It just means he’s testing us in how much we appreciate and in how much we overcome.
—  Desertwinds

Chemo Dance with taylorswift?  - Lisa Cannon

Taken from the video bio:

“Decided to make a video on a whim because you never know unless you try. Help me invite Taylor Swift to our chemo dance to celebrate a full year as a stage IV survivor while she’s in Chicago. On my bucket list is “help my daughters meet their idols” one of them is Taylor Swift and so we were able to get tickets for Christmas to her show Sunday the 19th at Soldier field in Chicago and it just so happens I have chemo the following day. The girls don’t know I’m sending in this video but it would be amazing to see this happen. Again, I know it’s a long shot but you never know unless you try and we are going to have a blast at her concert no matter what! :) Please spread this around!!!!!“