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The signs as Shameless quotes

Aries: “I love chaos. And when I get into chaos, bad shit follows.” -Sean

Taurus: “I hate myself for a number of reasons right now and I’m not going to add being a snitch to the list.” -Fiona

Gemini: “We’re that extra special Gallagher kind of fucked up.” -Lip

Cancer: “I’d be crying, too, if I wasn’t so high.” -Frank

Leo: “Could you call me ‘Dad?’” -Wade

Virgo: “The best part of making a baby is that you get to have sex while doing it.” -Kev

Libra: “I’m done living the way other people want me to live.” -Ian

Scorpio: “He’s not my boyfriend now. He’s my friend until I’m 16 and it’s legally consensual for us to have intercourse.” -Debbie

Sagittarius: “DTF…what does that even mean?” -Sheila

Capricorn: “Let’s go get drunk and buy a gun.” -Bianca

Aquarius: “We are dinosaurs, my friend. And a big, fat comet is headed for our sweet slice of Earth. And that comet is a Starbucks.” -Frank

Pisces: “I just wanna say that I love you and that I forgive you for everything…unless you live. Then I’m still pissed off.” -Debbie

Revenge of the Sith Novelization by Matthew Stover

Threepio gave a slight nod at the other Senators and the HoloNet crews on the gangway. “She thought it best to avoid a, ah, public scene. And she wished for me to relate to you that she believes the both you might…avoid a public scene…all afternoon. And perhaps all night, as well.”

“Threepio!” Anakin blinked at him. He felt an irrational desire to giggle. “What exactly are you suggesting?”

“I’m sure I couldn’t say, sir. I am only performing as per the Senators instructions.”

we are adult humans

Aimee Fleck
well. it went full
it went

Fahye Dielle

Aimee Fleck

Fahye Dielle
all this time we have been thinking chris is the perv

Aimee Fleck

Fahye Dielle

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Starters ;; ♛
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“A NOBODY ruins the party and I get kicked out!?”

“Are you STALKING me!? WTF!”

“You should come to this party with us!”

“I could really use your help!”

“You were clearly hitting on my BOYFRIEND there!”

“What are YOU doing?!”

“Do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend or…any friends?”

“You’re a natural in front of the camera!”

“Hey, you were at the photoshoot earlier, weren’t you?”

“Rumour has it that you bumped nasties with the club promoter to get me off the list!”

“Now you kids have your YOLOs, DTFs, twerkings and ratchets! Who can keep up with this stuff!?”

“I totally slept with– I mean, I’m a big star! I can make things happen!!”

“This…can’t be…Did I just get served!?”

“That’s like….sooo FETCH!”

“Any juicy details you’d like to dish?!”

“OF COURSE I have different outfits….I-I’m just not wearing them when you see me!”

“I’m not gonna lie – I’m pretty great, and you’re, at least, not horrible.

"You’re HERE of ALL places!?”

“Them photos are CLEARLY photoshopped to make you look skinnier!”

“You are such a LIAR!”

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what kind of stuff do ur insiders tell u i'm 👀👀👀👀👀

Well like, I’ve found out a lot about how Liam hooks up w people (they’re mainly all fans) so if Liam reads your ig DMs, be glad because he probably thinks you’re hot. Niall fucked Ariana. Louis fucks every girl in sight when he’s fucked up. He’s also a raging asshole when he’s drunk (not gonna go into detail w that). Harry’s a fucking Saint. Icant even say the things about Zayn akakksldlfkf. Niall left that Jb party early bc someone offered him coke and he wouldn’t do it (my bAB) there’s like, a lot of other wild shit (you won’t believe how many fans Niall and Liam have hooked up with. It’s not like, an astronomical amount but if you’re pretty hot and dtf you have a chance)