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@storybycorey I think it’s been like a millions years since I’ve actually posted a photo for you of Gillian and this one makes me happy

Does it ever just hit you at how much Bangtan has grown and changed in 3 years? Their music as much as them. Their music began with things we could all relate to, society and school, the struggle that it is. As they grew, their music also grew. Their music wasn’t about school anymore, it was more about life, their lives. They not only told our stories, but their own as well. Not only has their music changed, but the boys have also changed so much. I mean, compare 15 year old, “No more dream” , Shy baby Jungkook, to the now crazy, unpredictable 18 year old Jungkook. Or the cute, chubby cheeks, insecure 17 year old Jimin to the now confident, cheesy 20 year old Jimin. And how about the very serious, 18 year old Namjoon who was ashamed of being called an Idol to the 21 year old, second hand embarrassment, silly leader Namjoon who respects being an idol. It’s crazy how much they’ve all grown, and I can’t wait to see them grow and change even more in the future… because damn, BTS never disappoints.


August 28th 1963: March on Washington

On this day in 1963, the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom took place. The march was a key moment of the Civil Rights Movement, and a triumph for the nonviolence philosophy which underpinned the movement. The march is best remembered for Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, given in front of the Lincoln Memorial, which extolled King’s vision of an America free of racial discrimination. Other speakers included chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee John Lewis and veteran civil rights leader A. Philip Randolph. When politicians in Washington heard about the march many, including President John F. Kennedy, feared that there would be violence and rioting. The peaceful gathering of over 250,000 supporters of civil rights, with many whites in attendance as well as African-Americans, highlighted issues of racial discrimination and unequal housing and employment. The demonstration in the nation’s capital, and King’s speech in particular, spurred America into action and paved the way for the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act, vital tools in the fight for racial equality.

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’…
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”


If MC was born in the year of 1996, it would mean that he/she was born in the same month and year as Estela. What if they were born on the exact same day too? What if they both have a connection to the ‘Watchers?’ Estela has the same scar as the man with the lion mask and MC can communicate with him. In addition to that, they both have dreams that feels like memories and Estela knows when MC is lying (Book 1, Chapter 9). 

Moreover, if the clearance is relative to the Greek alphabet, Estela is the beginning and MC is the end. Of what, we have no idea yet. But it’s kinda poetic, don’t you think?

What are your thoughts? Am I reading too much into this? Let me know!

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Dad!Gabriel having a dream/memorie of Daughter!Reader still alive as child, and as soon as he woke up girlfriend!Sombra a king him to save her as Talon is trying todo the samething as Widowmaker

You smiled up at him, mud staining your white dress. He crouched down next to you and took the white flower you held out for him.

“Your mami is going to upset,” you just smiled wider and he pinched your nose between his knuckles.

You just giggled and knelt back onto the mug, digging out another flower. He just watched you, face breaking out in a smile.

Gabriel woke up, hand on his face as he looked around for the noise that woke up him. His comm unit dinged again and he opened it, showing one new message.

I have a proposition you will be interested in. It’s about your daughter.

He groaned and got up, reading the instructions to where the person wanted to meet. Quickly dressed he found himself in a tiny cafe, tucked into the corner. He sipped his expresso, clearly needing some caffeine for this, when that Talon hacker sat across from him with a shake.

“Hola,” she raised a lazy hand and his face scrunched together.

“What is it,” he snapped, “You said this was about my daughter.”

“Right to the point,” she rested her head on her hand, “I need Overwatch resources to smuggle your daughter out of Talon.”

“Why would I do that?” he asked, “I mean you are Talon, you could just be manipulating me.”

“She’s a little too… how do I say this,” her hands moved, the cybernetics glittering in light, “Strong willed. Talon is planning to stop that by making themselves another Widowmaker.”

“They’re going to brainwash her?” Gabriel asked, remembering Amélie, and Sombra nodded.

“So you give me the resources. I take her and the two of us live off the grid. Talon looses two of it’s higher agents and your daughter is out of this stupidity,” Sombra picked something from underneath her finger nails, “It’s a win-win.”

“What do you get out of this,” he peered at her, suddenly suspicious.

“I don’t murdered in my sleep by mi novia,” Gabriel gave a start at that, Sombra just sucking at the straw, “I know what happened to Gerard, don’t really want that to happen to me. Besides I’m not into the whole mindless killer thing, she’s cute enough as it is.”

“I’m not sure if I can give you access,” Gabriel said, “I would need to call in a lot of favours.”

“Then call them, we’ll be in touch again.” she took another sip before disappearing.

Gabriel groaned before pulling out his comm, calling someone. If they couldn’t or wouldn’t do it, there was always the next person.


Dreams haunt me in a way that nothing else ever could.

I’ve felt the heat of battle, the clashing of swords against shields drowning out triumphant cries. I’ve felt soft hands caressing my face, assuring me that everything would be okay; please, don’t cry. I’ve felt horror at creatures stalking me in the dark, waiting on my next move before they pounce on me and tear me to shreds.

I’ve also had a dream about ice-skating with Mario and friends, so take that as you will.

But ever since I could remember, my dreams have been so vivid that they bleed into reality. Some mornings I woke up, wondering whether this had happened in the past or my mind had just fabricated a memory for this purpose. There are a few things that I swear were only in my head, like that I went to luau at an amusement park or that there was an anime on late at night about people using dinosaurs to fight.

Now that I think of it, that last one might’ve been real.

Then there are those that are horrifying. I wake with a start, sweaty and heart pounding away. There were men in coats trying to take me away from my best friend. There were ancient polar bears roaming my city in a poison fog while I was armed with only my cell phone and a flashlight. There was a dream where I thought I got up, took a shower, and went to school, then woke up to find that I hadn’t even gotten out of bed.

It’s moments like those that make me question my mind. How much of my life will be altered or found or forgotten by this gray blob in my skull? I’ve already forgotten much of my life prior to high school, as if it had never happened in the first place. When do the dreams start replacing the memories, or were they ever memories at all?

Either way, it’s all very hypothetical, so I’ll just assume that the dream I had about not handing in an assignment on time last night was nothing more than a bad dream.

Uh, let’s hope.

the holy trinity

Failed Revelation AU: the kids came from the Revelation future where their future is destroyed by Anankos and their parents are dead and kingdoms destroyed.

Faint Memories AU: kamui and squad have sudden, confusing flashes of different versions of themselves in other routes. they dont actually know who these people are or why they actually have this weird dream/memory but its affecting their emotions.

Wrong Past AU: the kids came from the Revelation future where its basically the same as Failed Revelations but with a plot twist: the kids get thrown in either the Birthright or Conquest route and are forced to fight their parents and comrades while agonizingly witnessing the downfall of their loved ones and not being able to tell the truth of their birth OR the real enemy due to the valla curse.

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Culiver, do you have any memories or dreams of your childhood that you vividly recall? Moreover, what is your fondest memory?

So there was this girl, right?

Both of us could not have been any older than eight. I was being my usual distant self and she just semi-stopped to look at me. She was cute, yeah, but what she said stayed in my memory: “You look really cute and smart. Wish we were friends.”

Now, we never saw each other again, but that was the first and perhaps even last time a girl spoke to me without hidden intentions. It was just a pure, innocent statement that slipped out of her mouth before going about her day. 

…I sometimes do wish we could’ve been friends.

Top 15 Songs to Honor Martin Luther King

Today is Martin Luther King Day. On this day we celebrate the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. Here are 15 songs to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and ideals.

  1. Abraham, Martin and John - Marvin Gaye (That’s the Way Love Is, 1970)
  2. American Dream- Bobby Womack (The Poet II, 1984)
  3. Ballad Of Birmingham - Jerry Moore (Life is a Constant Journey Home, 1967)
  4. Blues For Martin Luther King - Otis Spann (Rare Chicago Blues 1962-68, 1968)
  5. The Edge Of A Dream - Minnie Riperton ‎(Perfect Angel, 1974)
  6. Happy Birthday - Stevie Wonder (Hotter Than July, 1980)
  7. Heaven Will Welcome You, Dr. King - Big Maybelle (Eleanor Rigby / Heaven Will Welcome You Dr. King, 1968)
  8. I Have A Dream - Solomon Burke (I Have A Dream, 1974)
  9. The Memory Of Dr. Martin Luther King - Bill Moss And The Celestials (I Ain’t Gonna Sing No Rock and Roll, 1983)
  10. Remember Martin Luther King - Shirley Wahls  (Remember Martin Luther King - Shirley Wahls / Walking - Tom Washington Band, 1976)
  11. Time Brings On a Change - Leroy Hutson (Love Oh Love, 1973)
  12. Tribute To Dr. King - The Loving Sisters (A Tribute To Dr. Martin L. King, 1968)
  13. Tributo A Martin Luther King - Wilson Simonal (Tributo A Martin Luther King, 1967)
  14. We’re A Winner - The Impressions (We’re A Winner, 1968)
  15. Why? (The King Of Love Is Dead) - Nina Simone (‘Nuff Said!, 1969)

I’m a feminist for a reason. 

This is the attitude that a lot of guys out there have. Not all of them, of course, but a lot of them. I’m not a prop, an object, a trophy, a disposable thing or a pawn in your childish games. I have memories, thoughts, dreams, fears, and triumphs. 

There’s nothing wrong with marriage, but why is having a man give us a diamond supposed to be the highlight of our lives? Why are we told it should be one of our biggest aspirations? They don’t tell men that. So you have women walking around thinking they are worth so much less than they are because you have douchebags like this walking around treating them like they need to “do what they’re told” to earn basic human respect and to have someone love them.

Ladies, wear what you want. Pursue your dreams. Stand up for yourself. Never let anyone tell you who you are or what you’re capable of. And if you come across a guy like this, tell him how problematic and awful he is. And never, ever date someone like this. Ever.



This is a pretty lengthy one, but also an important one. This bumper represents a huge peak in the Nicktoons brand. It showcases just how many shows were original to the network, and all running at the same time. The video description dates this in 2002, when a lot of these cartoons were still fairly young. It gives a look into the huge scope of show types: the sci-fi hit Invader Zim, the soft but serious preteen show As Told By Ginger, the CGI milestone Jimmy Neutron, extreme sports product Rocket Power, and goofy baby-based comedy Rugrats are only a few of the shows seen here.

This was a big time for Nickelodeon. Probably not coincidentally, the Nicktoons Network launched the same year. The Network boasted of being all cartoons, all the time–no commercials, just more cartoons squished in between. It was a kid’s dream. I have fond memories of being able to visit my aunt, whose cable package carried the new channel, and staying up late taking in the brightly colored beauty of it all. Along for the ride was Nickelodeon GAS, the Games And Sports channel, the newly-rebranded preschool network Noggin, and the ever-continuing success of Nick Jr. (which had its own star players, like Blue’s Clues and Dora the Explorer). Slime Time Live and U-Pick live, live-action blocks that also served up cartoons, were still airing. In a few years, we’d get the Nick Hotel in Orlando, and Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast would launch at Universal Studios by 2003. Nicktoons were a thriving world.

This bumper encompasses a piece of that. There are a whopping thirteen cartoons on display here, including lesser-known ones like the KaBlam! spinoff Action League Now. There’s a simple message here: we’re not just regular cartoons, we’re something else entirely, and we’re big.

They’re not just cartoons, they’re nicktoons.

Stay tuned for the next few days as we go into some of Nick’s best bumpers.