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Actually, I wish that girls nowadays would have more confidence in themselves. A lot of magazines and models now are used to get girls to want to look a perfect. But really, I think especially all our fans are beautiful no matter what. Girls should feel more happy about themselves. No one is perfect. It’s all about what your personality and heart is like. I’m not one who looks for appearance right away. I want to say a message to all our female fans: You are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you that you are not. And a message saying that I love my beautiful mom wherever she is now. Mom - are you listening?
—  Kim Jongdae (EXO’s Chen)
Lost Wand...

Harry: Have you checked up your arse?

Ronnie: Ha ha. Can you just take a break from saving the wizarding world bloody help me?

Harry: Fine. Have you looked under the bed?

Ronnie: I’m not an idiot.

Harry: that’s debatable How about the attic?

Ronnie: Too many spiders!

Harry: Sorry mate. I can’t think of any other place it would be.

Ronnie: Whatever…


Harry: Your mum is going to strangle you! So, where was it?

Ronnie: My arse…

Harry: Wait what.

Ronnie Weasley is Online!

((OOC: Soooo if anyone wants to do a thread, I’m so down! Also if I talk to you on message, I’m so sorry! I can be awkward and shy and stuff like that. But if you want to message me, send me a meme or gif and I won’t act weird and stuff. Sorry for the long drabble…))

Today in class i was talking to a friend , and other guy stood right behind me and started to caressing my back as a way of asking me to move cause i was on his seat, since i have 0 confidence with the guy i felt truly uncomfortable and told him “don’t do that to me”.
He literally switch to violent mode and said “then get the fuck out of my seat if you are gonna treat me so bad”
I stood up and all i can did was stare at my friend like “wtf” .
Like a girl can’t even ask a guy to NOT TOUCH HER without recieving some kind of violence…how ask you to respect my personal space is ‘treat you bad" ??? Like i am not taking anything from you. Is my body… And its like you’ll get legit scare of say no.
I get scared bc i said no.

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Is medication the only treatment option for "voices"?

It depends on the cause of the “voices”. Studies have shown that a significant percentage of the population experience auditory hallucinations in their lives.  If the hallucinations are the result of schizophrenia then medication is the frontline treatment. It is very important for patients to have confidence in their doctors and to follow their instructions and take their medication as prescribed. If a patient has concerns about the diagnosis or the course of treatment then a second opinion should be sought but it is never advisable to attempt to second guess a trained physician on your own.

Every doctor should have one of these on their desk.

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The reason I'm not free to bee myself is because I don't have your confidence, charisma, wit and intelligence. If I tried to act like you do at best I'd be cringeworthy and at worst I'd seem like a nut.

You do have these things already. You just find your own way of letting them free. You are already the person you might feel you want to be, but there are blocks in your way. Do things that will help bring those things out, or see a doctor about talking to a counselor or something if you feel there are things blocking you. I don’t have any of the aforementioned qualities anyway; I am just a fat that yells at games. You can have them for real.

genesisabberance hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet:[ An interesting observation about myself I just…

(( Literally same, though. I’ve walked away from conversations with strangers, and had a friend nudge me like “they were flirting with you”. I /never/ notice. ))

[ I’m probably just way too oblivious, and  also have below zero self confidence in my desirability in terms of romance etc. I’ve always been the pal-kinda person and never noticed when someone actually flirted with me because my friends usually get this kind of attention and I don’t. Or used to anyway. But apparently, as I’ve been told, there’ve already bean at least like three guys who’s been having a crush on me over the course of the last few years and two girls??? Wow. ]

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Just to echo you are like really a huge anchor for me and my transition. If i didnt know that being as pretty as you was possible i might not have had confidence in myself to start.

thats so sweet omg…thank u im literally humbled????

Holy black on a Popo! I posted my fanfic Tears & Roses this morning and already it’s got 83 hits! Not to mention the amount of notes I got on DA.
Wow, thanks so much guys! Here I was really feeling a bit unsure and hesitant posting up a story, as I don’t have that much confidence in it, especially since I follow a few people here on Tumblr and on DA, who are incredible writers and story tellers, so this made my day!

For those who also asked me if there will be fan art of Blaceta pairing.
Yes, there will be, when I hopefully get around to some free time.
There will be both clean and NSFW versions of Goku Black x Vegeta, as Dbs has got me all up in the feels over them two.

Thanks again everyone! It’s cause of you guys that I get the inspiration to get out of my funk and produce works of art that I feel good about!