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I really love reading your thoughts on the nuest members! jw what are your thoughts on baekho's relationship with the others? Sometimes it feels like apart from minhyun he isn't that close with the other 3 especially Ren and JR?

I would definitely say that Baekho is close with the entire group; those kids grew up together and have been through Hell together. 

Just because Baekho and Minhyun work together a lot on music (because Baekho does composition/production and Minhyun has been a lyricist, more or less) and have a mutual respect for one another and are both vocals, I don’t think this means Baekho isn’t close with any of the other members. He and Minhyun are a team in one sense, but he’s a team with the others as well. 

Not to mention these boys think of one another as brothers, and in Korean spheres they’re all so close there’s been rumors they were all dating each other (as in not just for shipping sake, people were literally accusing them all of dating one another just because they were never seen hanging out with other people outside of the group. Don’t ask me for a source on this because it was from years ago and you can’t exactly find twitter posts in Korean so easily. Just know that long-time fans who have been super involved in the fandom know about this stuff). 

Here are some predebut pictures of Baekho with JR, Ren, and Aron for your viewing pleasure: 

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I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now. We have been through hell and back together...but we always manage to get through it. We moved in together just under a year ago and since then we have lost a lot of our spark. Even sex seems like a chore sometimes. We bicker endlessly and end up parenting each other more often than not. I dont want to lose him but I have no clue what to do to fix this problem. Thank you for reading, dear <3

Honestly hun, if you want my real ass opinion on this- leave him. Leave the relationship. I know commitment is important and the bond you’ve created with him from going through ups and downs has become such an important thing to you.. but time is no reason to stick with someone who doesn’t make you happy anymore. You don’t need any more reasons to leave. Obviously talk to him about allt his first if you still wanna work things out but if your relationship has become so toxic that you aren’t happy anymore- it’s okay to walk away from it. I love you so so much and you only ever deserve the very best honey. Please promise me that you won’t have sex with him unless you REALLY do want to, too? Okay? Because having sex just to please the other person is such a chore and fucking sucks balls. I love you! Message me if you wanna, I’ll always listen if nothing else.


The most beautiful people I have ever met are the ones who always see life in full colour. They are the ones who have been through hell and back and still stop to savour the parts of life that many seldom pay attention to … These are the people I admire most because no matter how much they have suffered, they will always find a reason to make the best of this imperfect world.
—  Karen A. Baquiran

btvs rewatch ✞ 6x16 Hell’s Bells

Joss Whedon at San Diego Comic Con 2013

Okay, let’s talk about coping. Like, the Paladins have been through hell and survived, but how do they cope? Keith wastes his life away pushing his body to its limits. Hunk creates things, not just food, but machines, and just anything to keep his mind off everything. Pidge learns, Pidge adapts, Pidge doesn’t allow themselves to be affected as much, but secretly, Pidge cries. Shiro, Shiro pushes himself- mentally. Not in the way Keith works til his breaking point, but the way he tries to bond with black until he can’t, the way he goes into the astral plane, just, pushing himself.

Lance however, jokes. Lance makes jokes about almost dying, Lance makes jokes about anything, Lance doesn’t stop to allow himself sadness, because right now- right when the whole team is falling apart- they’ll need a joke. He allows himself to become the joke of the team. He makes sure people laugh, that they breath. Lance makes sure Keith isn’t pushing himself, by challenging him, and allowing Keith to make fun of him, and laughing with him. Lance makes sure Hunk doesn’t neglect his emotions, by talking to him, by sitting and chatting, and making him smile. Lance makes sure Pidge isn’t over working themselves, by annoying them until they smirk, or reminding them their great, and making sure they can breath. Lance makes sure Shiro will be alright after each mental session, talks to him, tells him stories about earth, keeps him light hearted.

But Lance doesn’t cope. Him joking is to make sure everyone else copes. Cause the blue lion is selfless. And it’s paladin is even more so. Lance doesn’t cope and that’s okay with him. Until it’s not.

Won’t Let Go

Title: Won’t Let Go

Summary: When you return to the bunker with Sam, you realize how shaken Dean is after everything that has happened. All you want to do is comfort him but he ends up promising you something you never thought he would.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 1063

Warnings: Angst. Mentions of blood and death. Spoilers for the episode 12x22 “Who We Are”. Bit of fluff because let’s be real, we all need this.

Author’s Note: So. The two hour finale. It killed me. And episode 22? Also killed me. Jensen’s acting killed me. I’m just completely dead right now, okay? So, I had to write this because my Deanie Beanie deserves all the love and comfort in the world *clears throat* *pulls herself together*

Right. This is set right after the last scene of the episode, meaning right after that group hug the three Winchesters share. The gif used is not mine. You can find it here

Enjoy <3 

The steady sound of running water overwhelmed your senses as you bonked your head against the shower door, washing away worries and fears and that little voice in the back of your mind that told you it was impossible for you to be there, to be back in the bunker again, alive and safe and almost unscathed.

Breathing deeply, in and out, you wrapped yourself around a towel, and got out of the shower slowly, eyes already darting towards the fresh scars and wounds covering your skin.

You should be used to it by now, but the thought of dying, of leaving this world, even in a blaze of glory with Dean and Sam next to you, had scared you more than you’d like to admit.

In and out.

Running your fingers through your hair, you let the towel drop to the floor and reached for your underwear, then slipped into one of Dean’s flannels, mind drifting to him almost intuitively. You’d only seen him for a few moments after you and Sam had returned from your mission, but you could tell that, whatever he’d seen in that dream sequence inside Mary’s head had hurt him. Really hurt him, even though he’d never say that out loud.

And, God, you worried about him.

In and out.

Soon enough, you were in the room you shared with Dean, only to find him sitting on the edge of the bed, holding what you knew was a picture of himself and his mother in hand.

Your heart broke.

“Hi there.” You whispered, leaning against the doorframe.

He looked up then, green eyes lighting up just a bit as he registered your presence.

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April is the only one Jackson would let himself be that vulnerable with. April is the one who pushes Jackson to be his best self- and reassures him that he’s an amazing father. April is the only one who could help him say what he needed to say to his father after all these years. 

Jackson Avery and April Kepner have been through heaven and hell together, and you know what? They belong together. 

-Chyler Leigh

For those of you who don’t know, Chyler came from a difficult past. She came from a broken family, her parents divorcing when she was 12. To cope, she became a drug addict and when asked what was her drug of choice when she was 17 to 19 years old, she replied: “Everything, there are a lot of times we really shouldn’t have survived. He (Nathan West, her now-husband) and I have literally been through hell and back” She started the recovery process when the director of Not Another Teen Movie told her she was becoming too thin while they were filming. It was a two year battle from drug addiction with Nathan, who she met when she was 16 and he was 20, the fight nearly cost them their lives.

“We went through about two years of complete obliteration. It came down to, ‘Do you want to choose to live, or do you want to choose to die? And we chose life.”

Don’t be surprised why she represents her character, Alex, so well when she herself is a bloody brilliant, resilient and strong person herself, if not more.

I love having all these new Reylo shippers and I want to protect them because I feel like they’re precious youths with flowers in their hair and wonder in their eyes while us seasoned Reylos have been through oceanloads of hell so we’re very welcoming but at the same time it’s like “Get behind me, lad, and find yourself a sturdy sword” 

Let's have a current-thoughts story

-Shiro, Keith, and Lance have been through hell to defeat the Galra and bring peace to the universe

-It’s also solidified their relationship. Lance has always been afraid of being the third wheel, but after all their trials and near-death experiences, he can no longer doubt his boyfriends’ love for him.

-They finally get back to earth. Lance flips to be able to see his family again.

-He is amazingly excited to introduce his family to the two loves of his life and show them how perfect Keith and Shiro are.

-Shiro especially hits it off with the family, joking, laughing, making inside jokes, and generally acting like he had been there for years

-It takes Keith an hour and two glasses of wine to start to unwind. But when he does, Keith is teased incessantly with everyone getting a kick out of his red cheeks and flustered reactions.

-The family is so enamored with Shiro and Keith that Lance fades into the background. He sits at the side of the table, sipping on his wine and watching his family interact with his boyfriends

-Old thoughts of inadequacy run through Lance’s head. He can’t help but think that they don’t need him there. They’re all fine without him. What was he contributing anyway?

-Shiro and Keith slip away before Lance has a chance to notice. His mom and abuela are gone too. Which figures.

-When Shiro and Keith return, they’re both laughing and joking, the smiles on their faces big and broad.

-Lance doesn’t question them but simply gets ready for bed. They can’t all sleep in Lance’s twin bed so Shiro and Keith sleep on the double air mattress next to his bed. It takes up the entirety of his room.

-They’re all a little tipsy, and he can hear his bf’s whispering and giggling to each other and he just feels like shit. Maybe he should just stay in his bed tomorrow. And forever.

-He’s not in a better mood the next day. Trying his best to be his usual cheery self but being outshone by the two prodigies. He texts the group chat he has with Hunk and Pidge to release some of his hateful thoughts. It makes him feel better for a bit.

-The days goes on much the same. Eventually, Lance feels so suffocated, he makes some excuse about a walk and goes to his favorite place–the ocean.

-Keith and Shiro find him there, confused why he would duck out on his family so quickly after reuniting. He dodges the questions, but they’re eventually able to pry it out of him.

-They negate all of his negative thoughts and reaffirm how much they love him.

-He takes them to his favorite spot on the cliffs looking over the ocean. There, they shock Lance by proposing.

-He’s able to squeeze out a yes through his tears. His family comes out of hiding to congratulate them. Apparently, Lance’s now-fiancés had asked his family’s matriarchs the night before.

-Everyone enjoys the sunset as our favorite paladins contemplate their future and how much they love each other.


#thankyoubones week: day 8 → 5 b&b scenes that made you fall (even more) in love with them

God, these two ❤️  What would I (we) ever do without them. Words can never express just how much these two have meant to me, and will continue to mean to me for the next 30 or 40 or 50 years. They captured my heart all those years ago, from the very first episode I watched, and have made me cry, squeal, squee, scream, wail, jump with joy and every other combination in between. These two were, and still are, the #1 reason I love this show so much. Booth and Brennan truly are THE standard of all couples out there, and I couldn’t be more proud of that fact. They have been through hell and back together, stood over death together, faced down death together, saved each other from the brink of death multiple times, ‘chased each other through wars and serial killers and ghosts and snakes, and’….. my point is that they will forever remain the strongest and most resilient and loving couple to ever exist. And to have been witness to all of their moments before and AFTER they became a couple, and been able to watch them progress slowly from strangers, to partners, to friends, to best friends, to lovers, and then parents, and finally to husband and wife? That has been the most amazing gift that I could have ever asked for, and I swear, if I could go back in time and do it all again, experience their love all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat. So here’s to Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan, to the best damn otp out there, to the two people with hearts of gold; to the true epitome of soulmates and true love. Thanks for making my life messy, and confusing, and unfocussed, and irrational, and wonderful ❤️ 

seriously ;;

I’m getting real sick & tired of seeing people putting down the cast members & characters in Criminal Minds. Again, if you DON’T want to watch the show bc of your issues with HOTCH not being in it anymore - THEN STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

Leave the cast members (WHO DOESN’T HAVE A SINGLE THING TO DO W/ TG BEING FIRED) alone and let them do their job. Stop attacking the show and call it “boring”, “failure”, “dumb”, “terrible” if you supposedly STOPPED WATCHING BC OF YOUR “No HOTCH, No Watch” crew.

In all honestly, the production and writers are really taking a big leap for season 12 since what happened w/ TG. They stepped out of the normal procedural type of crime show and wrote an arc for Spencer Reid KNOWING VERY WELL that it probably won’t do well in the mixed of rough patches this season. Not a secret that Matthew is one of the lasting character that is the most beloved in some fan’s eyes. With a story arc like the prison, it has done nothing but probably add more “harm” or “suffer” for the show. But they still did it, they still are willing enough to step out of their boundaries and IGNORE everything that’s happening. Because guess what, SHOCKER! It’s still a show that has to do their work and make the best out of everything.

At the end of the day, behind the scenes of Criminal Minds are still a group of people, who work with each other 24 hours. In a matter of twelve seasons and hopefully more to come, they’ve become like family and love doing what they do because of the people they’re surrounded with. Amazing, hard working and dedicated people. What happened with TG is something unexpected and obviously hard to look past but what can they do? What has been done is done. Suddenly, it has been the only thing linking to CM lately. Why do we have to focus so much on one obstacle despite everything else? Why are there people ignoring the fact that CM isn’t just a one man show? Five members of the cast has been there since the beginning and are still there. They are contributing themselves into their roles wholeheartedly but also involving themselves into the production. Because they still deeply love the show. Matthew has directed a couple of episodes, Joe has directed a couple himself and Kirsten has written amazing scripts for the show.

Just stop with the hate toward the actors on the show including the new actors for the season. It isn’t fair. Every single one of them are doing their best on the show because they love doing what they do and they’re still doing it for the supportive fans.

Yes, CM is suffering a a bunch of all time lows due to this new season. Yes, it’s affecting the ratings BUT CM has been through a lot more than simply low ratings in their competition. They’ve always bounced back and managed to do what they well. BUT GUESS WHAT? In terms of popularity and the show’s ratings - IT IS STILL ONE OF CBS’s MOST SUCCESSFUL SERIES. THEY ARE STILL PULLING IN THE AUDIENCE AND GOOD RATINGS AS ONE OF CBS’s top rated drama series this year OUT OF ALL THE DOZENS that they have listed.

Oh, and Criminal Minds FINALLY won People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV CRIME DRAMA after 12 years of nomination.

If people do keep degrading the characters, storylines, cast members or writers - I really don’t know what else to say. But all you’re doing is making them even more motivated TO SHOW YOU THAT IT WON’T BE THE END. Anyone who knows the history of CRIMINAL MINDS, we have been through hell and back NUMEROUS of times.

KiriBaku Week 2017

Day 6: Oath / Family / Protect

I really really love the idea that Bakugou’s family know that Kirishima is one of the best friend he’s ever had and they treat him nicely, like how he treated their own messy but lovely piece of son XD 

I have a feeling Bakugou’s mother will be fond of Kirishima a lot since Kirishima is such a nice kid and Bakugou’s mom has been through hell raising Bakugou, she need to have a kid that behave differently to be around her XD

This is probably going to be very long so please avoid reading this entire thing unless you’re the least bit curious about Lee Taeyong.

Apparently yesterday we received word and proof that all the claims against Taeyong were false. He did have multiple accounts; one for his internet quarrel and the others because of some of his buyers reporting his account after getting faulty gundam toys even at a low price. He had reimbursed his buyers or given them the parts missing. It sounds a lot like, he did try to scam or outwit his buyers, but failed. And like it was designed to show that he took measures against those buyers who complained verbally, he actually didn’t. Those screenshots of him threatening to beat up a high schooler and stuff were stuff said over an internet war of some sort.

Basically after all this shit was exaggerated and Taeyong was somewhat framed, SM chose the easy path to make Taeyong admit that he actually did everything he’s being accused of. That way, there won’t be much to prove, a 19-year-old trainee won’t have much to explain, and they can just make an official apology and get over it.

Taeyong had said in NCT LIFE S2, Episode 0, that he didn’t have any aspiration or dream or anything he really enjoyed doing till he got into SM and started training in rap and dance. He finally found something he enjoyed, something which made him feel like he’s serving a purpose. When SM chose to make him apologise rather than denying the false claims and standing up for himself, he could’ve left SM then because of course he knew how vicious these people could be since he already had a fanbase SM had very cleverly designed for them under the title ‘SMROOKIES’. But no, Taeyong stayed back because of his love for dancing and rapping (do remember that trainees can leave whenever they want to, but again since SMROOKIES was a big project they possibly were signed under a contract), or was forced to stay back. Either way it was definitely hard on the boy.

What I don’t understand is, why did he have to randomly bring up on multiple occasions that he did 'embarrassing deeds’, or he was a troublemaker? Like, when he’s supposed to make an apology he is to make the apology to calm the crazy K-netizens. But why did he have to randomly bring up that he was a troublesome student when it’s certainly, entirely not so?

Yes, probably SM made him talk about it when it was entirely unnecessary. Probably, SM made him cry with genuine frustration that must have piled up inside him with scripted words about how he’s embarrassed about a past he never had and how he’s apologetic about things he never did.

I don’t know what’s off but something probably is. It does make sense, but it does not. How much scripted is exactly the entire issue?

Taeyong was supposed to have the image of a ‘Tough Man’ as we can see in the first season of NCT LIFE. This entire image concept has been there for long and Taeyong was probably told to act in a very manly way to fit his image. He’s more soft, tender, and sensitive. He didn’t keep up with the image with which I am glad. But then, why did he keep up with the script?

Like, I’m not saying the entire thing is scripted, but how much is actually?

I know I am probably overthinking this, but I can’t put it down to rest. I had to share it somewhere; so I’m letting it all out here.

And I am not denying the fact that he must have gone through hell! Of course it must have been very, very hard for him. But why did he have to act so guilty? How much did SM push him to carry the act which is this self-deprecating and frustrating and depressing?