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The thought of how Obi-Wan must have been looking forward to the end of the war, not just for the end to the fighting and the stress, but that he could show Anakin what the Jedi were supposed to be.

That Anakin could finally see the Jedi in peace, that Anakin could finally see Mace Windu smiling gently at the younglings, that Anakin could finally see Jedi Masters teaching their students without a war hanging over their heads, without all that darkness.  To see the days when the Initiates had no more worries than their upcoming exams, the Padawans not having to deal with the threat of their Master’s death to an unreasonable degree, to long days spent in meditation because they had the time for it.

That Obi-Wan was looking forward to the Jedi clearing away this darkness once and for all, that Anakin could know what it was like to live in a galaxy free of that darkness that had spread everywhere.

That Anakin could live in a galaxy with Jedi who weren’t caught up in the war and instead could separate themselves from the Senate and politics, so they could help people, like they were meant to.

That Anakin could be made a Jedi Master when he was ready for it, not when the war pushed them into things none of them were ready for.

That none of them would have to push themselves beyond their limits because the Senate wasn’t ordering them to battle after battle after battle, because Dooku and Grievous were trying to enslave another world.  They wouldn’t have to make the choice between this one more piece of themselves vs an entire world being enslaved.  They could take time for themselves again.

That they could be the Jedi that Obi-Wan remembered them as.

There were still bits and pieces of it that Anakin got to see.  It wasn’t that rare to see Master Yoda teaching a class of younglings and being silly while he did it–but that darkness was there the entire time Anakin was at the Temple.

He never got to see the lazy, happy, sweet days that Obi-Wan grew up with. They always had battles to fight, but they could feel a true sense of setting things right in the galaxy.

That must have been what Obi-Wan hoped for as he went off to Utapau, that this would be the final days of the war, the final days of this darkness, that it would get better from here on out, that Anakin would finally get to see the Jedi as they had once been.

And then none of it ever came true.

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I've seen you say a couple times that you don't see or that you're disabled. Do you mind talking about it? I ask because I am an aspiring writer and it is really hard for me. I wanted to know how you managed or what it was like?

I don’t mind talking about it. It’s something that made me who I am.

When I was about 12, my health sort of started to eat itself. I suddenly had a ton of allergies, and there were days I couldn’t get out of bed. I got sick all the time. In freshman year of high school, I suddenly couldn’t see. For a long time a thing had been going on in my eyes, but I guess I didn’t think it was abnormal until it made it impossible for me to see. Basically this hole was kind of growing in my eyes, but it was more like a rainbow.

When I started having trouble with colors and detail vision, my mom freaked out a bit, because at the time, I was an award winning artist who had ideas of going to college for art. Then I started tripping over things, hitting my head, having trouble with depth perception. Then I got sick, and I mean sick.

I spent about 23 hours a day in bed. I had almost constant migraines. I had pain in my entire body. My skin turned yellow. I went to every kind of doctor you can think of and was tested for everything there is. One day, I had about 12 vials of blood drawn. No one knew what was wrong. The eyes weren’t that big a deal at first, because it seemed like I might have something really serious. The first couple of eye doctors I went to kind of looked at me and said “Oh it’s nothing big.” I actually had one guy tell me that my brain was just shutting off my eyes because I wasn’t using them properly. Yeah.

Then finally, my mom took me to a friend of our family who happened to be an eye surgeon. She did a free exam. I’ll never forget it because it was the first time anyone believed me. I’d been told by doctor after doctor that there was nothing wrong with me. I’d been referred to therapists, told I needed depression meds, told I was just going through a phase or needed attention. Then this doctor put on her head gear, looked into my eyes…took off the head gear…got new head gear…looked into my eyes…took off the headgear…got hand held tools…looked into my eyes…and then stared at me with her mouth hanging open.

“I can’t see the back of your eye,” she said. And suddenly the world simultaneously healed itself and flipped upside-fucking-down for me.

Then it was all about my eyes, the one symptom we could see happening. The one that was the most dangerous. But by then it was too late.

What happened is pretty simple: I apparently have some weird recessive DNA. It triggers certain bizarre immune issues at puberty. My immune system decided to attack my body. The eyes are a delicately balanced system. They show symptoms first. My immune system attacked them with a vengeance. They swelled up like balloons. Normal eye pressure is about 14-17. Mine was at a 22 at its best. It put a tremendous amount of pressure on my Retina, specifically my macula, cutting off blood flow like when you sit on your foot. You know those little shadowy things that float across your eyes? They’re called protein floaters. My eyes had produced so many of those that the doctor could not see through them. It was a fog.

They had to find a way to map my eye, to track the damage. Cue the eye exam from hell. I have always been, even before my autoimmune disorder, deathly allergic to melon. Any kind of melon. But now I was allergic to all sorts of shit, fruits vegetables, all kinds of crap. My dad is allergic to contrast dyes. So when the retinologist suggested this dye-based eye exam that is kind of like a CAT scan, my mom said “no”. See, they inject you with this dye and then they flash this weird light in your eyes. It causes the dye to glow, and then they can see the things through the fog. My mom told them I was too sensitive to stuff for that to be safe. The doc assured her they’d put a butterfly in my arm, meaning the vein would be kept open, and a syringe of benedryl was set on the counter. They’d never had anyone react, and they needed the pictures or there was nowhere to go from there.

So they put this dye into me, and it was like I’d been injected with fire, but there was no way around it, and to me, I knew they only had about 90 seconds to get the images they needed. So I sucked it up. finally the burning began to spread. Suddenly my back felt like I was being stabbed, and I suddenly couldn’t speak. I tapped my hands on my mom, then began sneezing spontaneously. My mom lifted my shirt, and I had quarter-sized hives. The nurse said “Stop sneezing on the camera”. Yeah.

My mom went ballistic. The doctor flew up the stairs and gave me the emergency meds. I slid into a dissociation state and nearly out of my chair. They had to prop me against the camera for the next couple minutes and reinject the dye. No other way, you see.

They did this test every few months for a few years.

But then there was treatment. Not much they could do, except try to get the swelling under control. Only way to do that was corticosteroid injections in the eye. Yup. A needle in the eye. No, they don’t knock you out. They numb the surface of the eye with the same numbing drops they give you for the exams and then they come at you with a needle, tell you to look down and to hold still. And you fucking do.

I was 15 when that started.

I went to experimental clinics, labs, and joined studies. I dropped out of those. Why? It’s pretty simple. The first day I came to the exams, I was kept waiting for over two hours. I was taken into a room. I was left there. No information, no talking. Suddenly a man came in followed by a group of people, all in lab coats. He started moving me around like I was a doll and talking like, “The patient presents with…the patient this, the patient that…”

I shoved him back and said, “The patient’s name is Kristina, and she is 16.”

He finished his exam, and when he left, after the students had gone, he took two Q-tips, dipped them in that pink shit your dentist uses to swab your gums before an injection, and SHOVED them under my eyelids with a cocky smirk.

The patient will never be an snotty little bitch again, I guess.

So yeah. Fuck those guys. They gave me two injections in one day, which no one had ever done before, because it was almost impossible to function with two pimple-like bubbles on your eyeballs.

Still my health was bad. Then all of a sudden, when my mom had given up, It just wasn’t anymore. Suddenly, I was fine, and all that was left were the eyes. I went back to school, except now I was blind.

In a few months, I’d lost about 80% of my perfect vision. I was photophobic. I got horrible and constant headaches. I walked with a cane. And not a single fucking teacher believed me, except my civics teacher, who had gone blind at a young age due to some other weird eye disorder, and my physics teacher who was deaf. I had teachers send me to the office for wearing my sunglasses (with a note on file). I had teachers get on my case about having an audio recorder and CD player for my books. I had teachers call me names, make fun of me, make me leave class to photocopy their notes larger, so that I missed the lecture the notes were on. I had teachers take my medications which had to be in my possession because of their time-sensitive nature and constant administration and hide them in their desks as punishment for asking questions or demanding help. I had classmates pick on me, but luckily, I was well-liked, and I was an officer in the ROTC. I even excelled there in spite of my vision, because my Captain believed in my leadership skills.

I always tell this story because I think it is funny. We had this special boot camp we got to go to if we were in the upper ranks of the ROTC. If you joined the military after high school (which I could never do) you got a higher paygrade for having gone through it. Almost like taking a couple JC classes in the military. It was grueling and all physical fitness, obstacle courses, PT, classes, guard duty…fucking blah. Our unit was allowed six participants. I sort of figured that it wasn’t really fair for me to go, even with my high rank (a company XO). To my complete fucking shock, my Captain recommended me to go, cutting out a classmate (and ex) of mine who was higher in rank. The boy went ape-shit. He went on and on about how unfair it was. He even went to the school board. My Captain made his reasons clear; he told them that the academy isn’t about military sponsorship. It’s about skills and quality. He didn’t care if I had a disability. In his eyes I had more innate ability than anyone there because I had worked so hard just to be where I was. The boy was angry. I told my Captain I appreciated the gesture, but honestly, we ought to make it fair. I told him that we should train to meet the PT standards, and that if this kid could make his, but i couldn’t make mine, he should go. I made mine. He didn’t. He complained about that too. At the last minute, we were told one extra person could come because another school had lost one. So he came anyway. The whole time he bitched about me being there. When I got there, the real military officers gave me shit like you wouldn’t believe, because they weren’t used to dealing with disabilities or recognizing that they can’t discriminate against high schoolers by law. The commander of the unit tried to dress me down in front of everybody for wearing sunglasses. I was pretty pleased with myself for telling him off but still sounding respectful. He kept saying “Take off my glasses”. I told him they weren’t his. They were mine, by law, and that if he had a problem with that, he could consult my attorney, the DOJ, and the doctor who prescribed them. He tried to fuck with me. I didn’t say anything except to ask him if he wanted me to have a migraine, because that’s what taking the glasses off means. He was so confused by me he walked away and called my Captain over. There were words. After that, he came up to me once or twice, almost like a test, to ask me if I needed him to slow down or if I was getting around alright. He wasn’t being nice. He was egging me in a condescending tone and with very bullying language. He’s a drill instructor, and you know what, that’s his job. I told him I was fine. But I made a decision: I wasn’t just going to make the female PT marks. I was going to test out of this fucking place at the male PT marks. And I fucking did. That boy…had an asthma attack on the track (I had asthma too, but I worked my ass off while he coasted on his “boyness”) and failed. At the certificate ceremony, the commander came up to me and said I had really impressed him, and that it was a shame I couldn’t enter the Navy. I thanked him, but what I wanted to say was, “Go fuck yourself and take the NAVY with you”. I ended up the Battalion XO Senior year. This would have given me a guaranteed spot in Westpoint if I could have taken it. My Captain cried when he told me he was sorry he had to give it to one of our Company XO’s. I told him that it was best for everyone, because I am not the type of person to enjoy taking orders. I had learned that about myself.

He laughed.

Around Junior year I got people to pay attention. My doctors got the DOJ and the Social Security people involved. A woman came to my school and enforced compliance in a tone of voice I’d never heard anyone but my mother use. She threatened to rain brimstone down on them if they didn’t give me what I needed, and things changed.

My parents wanted me to take a full scholarship to a local school, but I wanted to get away. So I did. I wanted to travel abroad, so i did. And when I was 19, they perfected one of the surgeries they had been working on the entire time I’d been struggling with this.

See, the injections had brought and kept the swelling down, but that meant that the fog was still there (since ocular fluid doesn’t replace), and the structures in the eye had been stretched all to shit, and were laying in my eye like melted plastic wrap. The old surgery was like a blind man hacking with a machete, but the new surgery used fluorescent dyes to track movement. Dyes that wouldn’t kill me. The old surgery had a 50-50 shot at complete loss of vision and made you lay on your face for three weeks. The new was fool proof and took 45 minutes. So, I got one eye done. They swapped out all the fluid and replaced it with saline. They peeled the distorted membrane off the macula. They stitched up my eyeball and gave me a sick metal eye patch. Looked like a fucking space pirate. It was rad.

But the blind spot is still there. The cataracts caused by the steroids are still there. The scars are there.

A few years later I had the other one done too.

My college was great. It took a lot of work getting all my reading done, about 500 pages minimum, per week, done via audio. I used to spend hours at the pool table in our residence hall, listening to my books and practicing. I got pret damn good too, at pool. It was difficult taking notes or working with a note taker. It was scary traveling by myself. It was hard to get people to understand there wasn’t anything WRONG with me. Just that my eyes don’t work even though it seems like I’m normal and fine, and like they should. People always think to be legally blind you have to be completely blind, and they think you’re not going to be able to defend yourself. I’ve been targeted by pickpockets. I’ve been followed by scary dudes. I’ve been treated like shit, laughed at, and accused by full grown adults of faking to get privileges, all because I can look at the place where their head should be and smile at the blank spot there. All because I can walk down a flight of stairs with a few neat tricks I know that have nothing to do with a cane.

But shit…you probably didn’t mean to ask for my life story. I’m going to get back to the point. My writing. What has it done for that? Like how can you be a writer if you can’t fucking see? Technology. It’s been amazing. I can use a computer same as anyone. The Kindle has been a fucking revolution for me because for the first time in a decade and a half I could read without pain and suffering. Just…all the things it does have made life so much easier than it used to be. It got me out of bad relationships with people who used my disability as a control. It gave me a little bit of confidence back. It helped me know I could handle myself.

And really, I think my vision loss had a lot to do with my writing. In some ways it gives me different perspective, sure, but it’s more than that. I was undeclared when I entered college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought about history or sociology. My mom had a degree in that and she was an English teacher. I wanted art history, but what the fuck was the point in that? Couldn’t see a damn thing. And then I had a class in poetry, and shit…That made sense. I’d always loved language and writing. Always been okay at it. Dorte stuff but never thought about doing it for a living. But then it was like yeah…yeah I’m gonna fucking do that. Just like when I decided to meet the male PT standards.

If it is in you. If you love it. If it defines you and possesses you, it does not matter how fucked up you are. You will find a way. You don’t have a choice. You are that thing. And you’ll adapt. You just have to let yourself. You have to keep pushing. You have to learn how to handle frustration. you have to train yourself into stamina. You just keep going. I’m nowhere near as successful as I want to be. I’m still going. I hope I get even better. I hope I can say things that make truth more obvious, or that help people put words to things they have always wanted to say.

I don’t need my eyes to be a fucking firestorm. That’s just me. Eyes don’t mean shit.

So keep going. Keep doing whatever you need to. Do it better and better. Bend yourself around it. People who see you struggle will think they’re lucky, but you and I know the truth: they’re not even close to the kind of strong you are. Not even a little bit.

help me immigrate? (repost)

hello! i’m an autistic queer/trans immigrant of colour. i have been dealing with various financial issues (link), mainly due to my residency status, but: i can finally apply for permanent residency! and with the recent turn of the election… i really want to finish this long, long journey

the only problem is that the actual application costs a lot of money. i need $550 for just the initial application processing fee, as well as $200 for the medical exam, and $490 for the acceptance fee. this doesn’t include fees for FBI check, keeping up with my other bills, etc. as explained in the post linked above, i can’t afford to save up for this right now, so i’m asking for help

the support i’ve received has meant more than the world to me, and i am so thankful for all of it. i don’t know how to pay back all the love and generosity i’ve received. i hope this will be the last time i have to ask for help, as getting permanent residency would open so many doors for me. i want to make things right for myself, and for all the people who believe i can and have helped me

i have a donation button on my blog, or you can donate directly to me at shinjiabrahams@yahoo.ca. if you are uncomfortable donating, i can do $5 sketches right now. either e-mail or PM me if you are interested in that! (this post will be updated soon with a place to view examples, sorry)

thank you, be gentle with yourself, thank you, thank you

Jeff Atkins x Reader || Daddy - One Shot (Fluff)

A/N: Thanks anon for the request. Hope you all enjoy my first 13RW imagine, if you do then be sure to like this and follow me for more. My ask is open if you guys would like to request. Much love .xx

It’s been 4 years since my life has changed for the better. I believe an angel had entered my life and brought the light that was never there. That angel was Jeff Atkins.

My primary school life was pure hell and I just couldn’t wait until I was going to be in 8th grade, I was hoping a change for the better. I was bullied. Been called names that I never thought existed and was shocked that these young kids at my age actually knew such things. It’s society that raised such animals but nevertheless I eventually made it in 8th grade and more than half of those people who had bullied me either left to another school or they didn’t get accepted into high school because they didn’t pass their exams.

I couldn’t have been more happier. Many would ask why hadn’t I brought the issue up to my parents ? My parents was and always will be too busy worrying about their business, they say they’re doing this for me but in the end am I really going to benefit from this ?

At 10th grade I finally decided to break the news that my parents that I was still being bullied and I couldn’t deal with the hate anymore. They were shocked and heartbroken to hear the news, their first decision was to move me to a different school and I couldn’t agree more with their choice.

I came into Liberty High in 11th grade, the school may be too far for my parents to drop me off but this time it was to benefit me. My happiness matters to them. I thought to myself that this is finally it, the fresh start I’ve been longing to have. I’ve suffered all these years and didn’t bother crying for help because I didn’t want to seem a burden. Changing schools isn’t easy.

Eventually I had became best friends with Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker. I first met Clay as they assigned him to be my buddy at school, since then we talked a lot and met after school then after meeting his ‘secret’ crush Hannah Baker. Hannah and I also had a lot in common so it was easy enough for me to become friends with her.

I was having the time of my life in 11th grade. Later that year it was announced that prom was around the corner or also known as the formal dance. I wasn’t used to any of this, especially with so many handsome boys in our school. What if it’s back to the old times where every guy agrees with the populars that I’m a pathetic loser ?

A sudden urge of confidence came through me when I looked at my reflection when I was dressed for the big night. I wore a a burgundy dress with a deep plunging neckline that fitted on my body and showed some cleavage - it was not planned to show cleavage as I’m always one to cover up - the spaghetti straps had a lace up design half way up my back and the rest of my back being bare, it had a high slit and from the waist of my dress it had a net to cover up my leg a little. I paired my dress with mid high black heels, for my make up I did a smokey eye and decided on curling my hair.

Clay had offered to pick me up that night and we go to prom together but not as dates of course. If this boy doesn’t make a move tonight then sure as hell I’ll make him. We both walked in arm-in-arm earning stares from everyone and I mean literally everyone. It’s the dress but more especially for the jocks it was the cleavage. They can see all they want but they can’t touch unless my soulmate decides to change my mind.

It was time for a slow dance. I still had no date and was okay with that, what would make me happier tonight is seeing Clay and Hannah together. I sat with her on the bleachers urging her to go dance with Clay and also giving her light shove, we spotted Clay with a handsome someone. Who is that guy and why hasn’t Clay introduced us yet ? I need to have a serious talk with him.

“Who’s that with him ?” I asked Hannah as we walked down the bleachers towards them. “That’s Jeff Atkins, Clay tutors him and well I guess they’re friends” she smiled and looked back at me. “Damn he’s cute no lie” I said as I paid more attention to his facial details. Can one ever be more perfect ? “I’m with you on that one” she giggled. We now stood in front of them. “Hey Helmet” she said first. “Hey Hannah…you look beautiful” Clay replied. “You do too” she giggled. “May I have this dance ?” Clay asked her and extended his arm for her to link with his which she gladly did.

As they walked off hand-in-hand and started slow dancing, “Aww they’re so cute ! I’m so glad they finally got together” I cooed. “I could say the same, I’ve been his wingman for a long time now and he finally got out of that shell of his” Jeff said beside me. That was when we first met, ever since then we had been inseparable. We started taking everyday, flirting from time to time and not long had Jeff asked me to be his girlfriend which I with no doubt said yes.

As much as I was scared to be in my first relationship and that too with Jeff, I trusted him with all my life that he wouldn’t hurt me and he’s there every step of the way as I’m always there for him.

A year later we both graduated. The year after graduation we were in our first year of university and which Jeff had asked me to marry him. Later that year when we had gotten married, 5 months after marriage I found out I was pregnant. We were both ecstatic to hear this, our families seemed to be more excited then us. When Jeff got along with my baby siblings when he first met them, I knew then that I made the right choice of marrying him and trusting him with my life.

It was a gloomy Saturday morning, my favourite kind of weather. I was surprised that I woke up for once without being disturbed by our baby Sophia. I looked beside to see no Jeff and no baby, I almost had a mini heart attack until I see Jeff walking into our room feeding her. He wrapped her up all warm and cuddly whilst he just decided to be shirtless. I smiled at them and got up to give them both a kiss. One on each of Sophia’s cheek and Jeff being the eager one to connect our lips.

The sparks go off and butterflies flew all around, it was always this feeling whenever I was with him. I stood on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss, just as it was getting heated, my lips left his. “You can’t play me like that” he whined. “Well I just did. Know that you’re the best dad in the world and also the worlds best husband, not forgetting the sexiest” I said and giving him one last peck before walking into the en-suite. “I’m glad that ass is all mine” he said. I turned back to see him smirk “Always will be” I said and gave myself a small spank on my butt. I love this dork.

Study Date Prompts

These are based off of a recent post called How To Make Study Dates More About Studying (And Have Fun At The Same Time) so go check it out if you like. 

  1. Your characters are curled up on the couch or in bed, reading the required content aloud to each other
  2. Person A has showed up to the study date with a bunch of chocolates and treats
  3. Person A knows Person B is procrastinating, so they make a deal that for every assignment B accomplishes, A will remove an item of clothing.
  4. An alternative for the prompt above where instead of steamy rewards, B receives cuddles and kisses and massages.
  5. A and B go on a picnic in the park and study together
  6. Person A and Person B are on a group study date, playing a trivia game to study for a final exam. They’re on opposite teams and get really competitive.
  7. A is tutoring B but B is getting really frustrated and discouraged so A reassures them and tries to cheer them up.
  8. A and B have been studying for hours, cooped up in A’s room, so they decide to take a break and go somewhere
  9. A and B are studying for a language final exam, so they decide to practice for the oral portion by speaking to one another in that language only. It would be very helpful, if B knew more than only dirty phrases
  10. A fell asleep while reading a chapter in a textbook and B knows they could wake A up, but they look so adorable and peaceful all curled up and buried in blankets
  11. B showed up to A’s house for a study date and finds A, sick and stressed out, but A won’t admit that they’re not well so they insist on studying while B takes fusses over A and takes care of them
  12. A has to draw a human figure for an art class, and B is their model
  13. A is playing devil’s advocate to help B prepare for a debate.
  14. A and B are studying and they’re both shy so they’re sitting on opposite sides of the couch but they’re but carefully inching closer while they awkwardly try to play it cool
  15. A and B fight over a notebook, then B wins and starts doodling hearts all over it

If you use one or more of these for a story, I would be delighted to read it! Please don’t hesitate to send your writing to me:) 

Request a prompt list/writing advice/playlist/study help post here

Hey everyone, it’s been so long!

These 6 months of exams and job searching were a real rollercoaster haha. And it all ended surprisingly well because starting today my search is finally over! (I even had the luxury of deciding between several offers, gosh that was not easy)

But I’m not allowed to sleep celebrate yet since @ecchima and I are gonna table at Japan Expo in Paris next week! Kinsei has wares if you have coin. (I’ll make a separate post about it)

Anyways, I can now progressively come out of my hiatus. I still need to deal with this huge con and relocating and stuff, but the worst is over.

Thank you for sticking around! See you soon~


Things have been quite hard for me lately. There is a lot of work to be done and I’m struggling to keep up with my own expectations and projections of time. My anxiety levels are quite high and often I panic in the evening because I haven’t done enough that day. Tomorrow I have an exam for my A2 level in Polish and it’s impossible to concentrate. I feel drained out and those damn motion verbs are a torture. (I might sound overly dramatic but God damn I hate motion verbs in Polish. I hate that even though I understand how they work I can’t apply them correctly and they all mean the same bloody damn thing. “This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever.” Basically. )

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Kinda scared and stressed about my final tomorrow and I've been crying a lot so can I request fluff? Like Murdoc trying to help his S/O calm down from the stress?

(I’m sending you good vibes, friend! Good luck on your exam tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll do great!)

~ You had reached your breaking point. You were in the middle of your bed surrounded by books and papers and you just started sobbing. You couldn’t deal with your stress anymore. You gripped your hair as you cried. Murdoc must have heard your cries from the other room because he was there within seconds. “Love, what’s wrong?” You had started hiccuping from your crying. “I’m so stressed! I can’t deal with this anymore! I’m going to do horrible on my exams tomorrow and I’ll be the biggest failure!” Murdoc moved your books and papers to the floor and sat in front of you. He wiped your tears away and held your face in his hands.

~ “Listen to me, you’re smart. You’ve been working your ass off for weeks! You can do this. Don’t worry, you’ll pass your classes.” You sniffled and gave him a weak smile. He pulled you into a hug and kissed your cheek. “Thank you.” You whispered in his ear. He chuckled and let you go. Murdoc laid down and patted his chest. “Come on, dear. Lay down and get some rest. You’ll need your sleep if you want to do well on your exams. You laid your head on his chest and wrapped your arms around his stomach area. Murdoc rubbed your back and scratched the back of your head. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes. You hummed as Murdoc’s fingers relaxed you. Soon you were in deep sleep, preparing for you exams the next day.

You’ve Got the Best of Me part 2!


Date: October 9th

The hour long class was nearly done, but Jeongguk had hardly paid attention to anything. He had spent a majority of the hour leaned over his desk, watching you as you sat beside Taehyung in the row bellow him and Jimin. You seemed like a good student as you took several notes throughout the lecture, but there were a few times that you and Taehyung had passed notes back and forth. From what Jeongguk could see on the paper it was just Taehyung whining. 

I’m hungry -Tae

You’re always hungry -You

Y/N I’m staaaaarving my stomach is going to crumpled into nothing

Jeongguk couldn’t read the rest very well but he did see a doodle of an alien that was dubbed ‘Taelien’.

“What are you doing?” Jimin leaned over to whisper at Jeongguk. “You’ve been staring at them for almost the whole hour. It’s creepy,” he told his friend.

“It’s called observing,” Jeongguk defended without a hint of shame. It was an English class, it wasn’t like Jeongguk knew a great deal of it, anyways. Plus, he only had this class with You on Mondays and Thursdays, he had to observe while he could.

“It’s called being a creep,” Jimin muttered, shaking his head.

“The end of the semester is coming up soon,” The professor announced in English, gaining Jeongguk’s attention. “You will have a final exam, but I promise you it won’t be that bad if you just study. I have an assignment for you all, and it is due the day of the exam so you have plenty of time to finish it. Your assignment is simple, write me an essay about your friend and why you like them, but… All of it has to be in proper English. Since it is about your friend, I am letting you all choose your own partners. You have the last five minutes of class to choose them.”

“Hey, Guk-“ Jimin began, but Jeongguk had already bolted out of his seat and jumped over his desk!

You and Taehyung jumped in surprised as Jeongguk landed with a soft thud behind you and he quickly sat on the other empty seat beside You. “I call Y/N!” He told Taehyung, who’s eyes widened in surprise.

“What?” You were clearly surprised as well. What was he up to? Why did he want to be your partner?!

Jeongguk nodded at you, “I would very much like to be your partner.” He grinned, and then as if on a second thought, added, “please…”

You glanced over at Taehyung, who still seemed to be surprised and you gave him a small, confused shrug. Although it was a little strange, you didn’t mind being Jeongguk’s partner. You were sure he was up to something, but you just hoped it was nothing extreme.

Jeongguk sent a smirk up to a gapping Jimin. He had done it! He was going to be Your partner and then sweep you off your feet like it was nothing. He glanced over at you to see that Taehyung was giving him a glare and his smirk fell from his lips. Jeongguk blinked, confused. Did Taehyung get mad because he wanted to be your partner?

Sighing, Taehyung stood up with his stuff before walking to the stairs to go sit up by Jimin. You watched him with a small frown, and you felt guilty for some reason. Probably because you knew Taehyung would have wanted to be your partner and if it hadn’t been for Jeongguk jumping across the desks and announcing that he wanted to be yours instead, then Taehyung would have have been it.

You glanced at Jeongguk to see that he was staring at you, which kind of confused you. Was he watching you? Maybe he was just waiting for you to say something so you could start on the assignment? The smile he gave you made you relax slightly…

“We don’t have much time in class left,” Jeongguk announced. “Are you doing anything after class?”

You knitted your eyebrows slightly and shook your head. “No…”

Jeongguk beamed at that. “Do you want to go to the coffee shop down the block after class?”

The action was new and weird. Did Jeongguk just ask you to go get coffee with him? You had been in Seoul for almost a year- you’ve hung out with the boys countless of times and yet this was the first time Jeongguk had ever seemed interested in you…

“Uh… I guess?” You answered him with a shrug.

Jeongguk nodded happily, “great we can work on our assignment there.”

You blinked, your cheeks feeling strangely warm. The assignment… That’s right. That’s why he would want to go get coffee with you… For a second, you had a strange thought that he was just wanting to get coffee with you, just because. How silly…

The class was dismissed and the students piled out. Taehyung had to go leave for a photo shoot and Jimin, smirking like he was up to no good left you and Jeongguk alone as you walked to the coffee shop. The walk was quiet, and honestly a little bit awkward. You didn’t know what to talk to Jeongguk about unless it was video games, because you knew him and Taehyung liked them. But you, yourself didn’t know much about video games or anything…

The coffee shop was small and cozy. You and Jeongguk ordered your drinks before finding a small table near the back to sit at. You both got your notebooks and pens out, starting to write down questions to ask each other.

“Okay, my first question is… cup size?” Jeongguk asked, raising his brows with a grin.

You glared at him with a frown, “Are you-“

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” Jeongguk laughed, showing you his notebook that had normal questions on it.

You let out a small sigh, “good,” you mumbled.

The questions went by smoothly and you actually learned quite a bit about Jeongguk. His favorite colors were white and reds, he didn’t know what he wanted to do yet career wise but he did like to take pictures. It was nice, just talking to him and getting to know him. You never thought Jeongguk could be much more than a guy who liked memes and making fun of his hyungs, but he was. It was nice, getting to see a side of him you usually didn’t see.

After half an hour and a lot of new information about who Jeongguk was, you two started to pack up your stuff.

“We’re going to an arcade this weekend,” Jeongguk told you suddenly. “Jimin’s Birthday is this Friday on the 13th so we’re going to the arcade Saturday to celebrate it and have fun. Would you like to come, too?”

You tilt you head slightly. You Jimin had talked several times and you did get along with him, but you couldn’t say you two were as close as you were with Yoongi, Hoseok or Taehyung. “Would it be okay?”

“Of course, everyone likes you,” Jeongguk assures you with a smile. “Yoongi Hyung would have probably invited you later this week, anyways. He’s your cousin-Oppa that makes you be social, you told me that yourself,” he grins at his memory.

Laughing softly, you nod your head in agreement. “Yeah, you’re right. I guess if everyone’s okay with it then yeah, going to an arcade sounds like a lot of fun!”

“Well,” Jeongguk said as you took a drink of your coffee. “Our first date went pretty good, huh?”

You almost choked and quickly you had to raise your hand to your mouth to stop yourself from spitting coffee everywhere. Thankfully, you managed to swallow your coffee and you cleared your throat. “Date…?” You raised a brow towards Jeongguk. “This isn’t a date.”

“Yeah it is,” he defends, nodding his head. “A date is a social setting where two people get to know each other. What have we been doing for the last half hour, hm?” He looks extremely cocky as he asks you that and you’re pretty surprised.

Did he actually view this as a real date or was he simply teasing you? He had never showed interested in you before… Something had to be up, was this a game of some sort to him?

“Jeongguk…” You began slowly, casting your eyes down to the table. “Why did you want to be my partner so bad?”

“Hm?” His eyes widen in surprise and he pouts his lips slightly.

You manage to give him a pointed look. “C’mon… For real, why did you want to be my partner? It’s not like we’ve ever talked much…”

He’s silent for a few seconds, like he’s trying to decide what to say before he signs. “It’s just as you said… We’ve never talked before and I’m not really sure why. You’re close to Yoongi Hyung, Hobi Hyung and even Hyung and Namjoon Hyung. You and Taehyung are close too, I guess I just wanted to get to know you a little more and be your friend, too. Is that okay…?” He looks up at you innocently and you can see his dark eyes clearly.

Suddenly, you feel bad for thinking that he was just playing with you. Jeongguk may like to tease, but you had never heard of him doing something to hurt anyone’s feelings. Yoongi had even mentioned several times before that Jeongguk was rather sweet in his own little ways.

“I would love to be your friend, Guk,” you smile at him and he grins, his eyes crinkle and you can see his pretty white teeth. It’s then that you realize that his two front teeth are just slightly in front of the others, and he kind of resembles a… bunny. It’s rather adorable.

“So…” Jeongguk said as you two headed towards the door. “I’ll see you Thursday?”

“Thursday,” you nod in agreement, giving him a smile.

He returns it and scratches the back of his head slightly. “Would it be alright if I sit by you? Or do you think Tae would get mad? It’s just that English isn’t my best subject and I really don’t want to screw up on a paper about you,” he tells you. It was true, English was by far is worst subject… But if he could sit by you and have even more chances to talk to you then it would be perfect. You would be swooning in no time.

“I’m sure it will be fine,” you tell Jeongguk. “There’s another empty seat beside me so he can still sit there.”

“Great…” Jeongguk smiles. He watches you leave, making sure you get on the correct bus before he turns to leave himself. He was feeling rather confident and Christmas couldn’t get there soon enough…

Hamilton Soulmates AU

Pairings: Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr. (Canon past relationships, if you squint there’s some Madison/Jefferson

Aaron Burr knows two things about his soulmate. The first is that they are extremely opinionated: Flashes of anger not his own, half phrases of rhetoric on topics Aaron only had a passing interest in. The second was that his soulmate never seemed to sleep. A debt that Aaron pays for instead; staring bleary eyed and textbooks and newspapers. Even though he’s slept 12 hours every night it never makes a dent in the ever present exhaustion.

When he sleeps through his mock exams, Aaron decides that the first thing he does when they finally meet, he’s going to punch his soulmate. Hopefully hard enough to knock them out.

(the first thing he says to Alexander Hamilton is “talk less, smile more” and Aaron assumes the fissure of surprised disbelief in the back of his head is entirely unrelated. He’s wearing wrist braces on each arm to deal with his soulmates carpal tunnel. Alexander never seems to shut up.)

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could I request Jeonghan + “I can’t do this without you” + “Where were you when I needed you?” please and thank you? ;u; I really adore your writing! ♥

Jeonghan: “I can’t do this without you” + “Where were you when I needed you?”

send in a drabble prompt !

Type: Angst

Rating: G (No warnings)

Words: 1,025

You wished you could’ve held his hand. You wished he could’ve been there, physically, to offer you solace, to calm your chaotic nerves and ease your worries, like he always did, with a gentle kiss to your knuckles, your forehead, the sweetest words coming from his mouth, his voice soft, reassuring.

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For the drabble could you do 21?

Okay, first of all, I’m sorry for such a big delay. My schedule has been crazier than ever so I couldn’t write anything for weeks and even months but here it is!

author notes - Warning! - this drabble deals with some inappropriate touching so if you are uncomfortable with that, just avoid reading this.

21. Babe, that my ____(insert body part here)

Exams of the first semester were finally over and that meant that the biggest student house in the campus was having the most awesome party that people from the university of Manchester would never forget.

So, dressed in his best white and tightest skinny jeans combined with a thin but nice flowered shirt and his pastel coloured Vans that matched the flower crown that was perfectly resting on his recently dyed black hair, Phil entered the first floor of the house, bringing his friend Madison along with him.

“C'mon Mads! I wanna get at least a few drinks before we hit the dancefloor!” Phil shouted at her over the loud music so they could hear each other, making a sign at her to follow him to the unfamiliar kitchen.

Once the friends had reached the alcohol stands that were displayed in the kitchen, Phil started pouring what Mads considered “a bit too much of vodka” but Phil shrugged at her and mixed it with some lemon juice that he had spotted right away.

“You want one?” Phil offered her but Madison declined, grabbing a beer instead as she observed Phil finishing his mixed drink.

“Have you seen anyone from our year?’’ Mads asked, taking a quick sip and grimacing at the bitter taste.

‘’A few people… The guys seemed to remember me at least!’’ Phil chuckled. You could describe Phil as the ‘’sassy and hot pastel guy from English class’’ but he often was also known as the ‘’guy who had at least made out with half of the guys from campus’’.

Yeah. Every time Phil entered a party, no matter how packed it was, every guy stared at him, the bravest ones managing to make a move after a drinking game or some not-very-appropriate dancing. So, yes, uni life was pretty much going well for him.

Suddenly, a few shouts were heard from the living room, making both friends run at it and seeing that a new drinking game that was about to start.

‘’Wanna play?’’ Phil heard a voice coming just right by his ear, turning around only to find Bryan, the attractive captain of the rugby team.

Phil instantly bit his lower lip, staring back at Bryan who had a naughty grin on his face as if he really wanted Phil to play.

“Sure, why not? You in, Mads?” Phil asked, not even turning his gaze off of Bryan to speak to his best friend.

“No, you go. I will go and talk to Hannah  and Caleb… Have fun! Call me when you leave!” Mads said, patting Phil on the shoulder before walking off, leaving Phil and Bryan alone for a few seconds before another student shouted that the game was about to start.


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In 1996, Harrison was very excited about the pending world release of Volume 2 of the Beatles’ ‘Anthology’ recordings series. But Harrison had an even bigger personal cause for delight.

'Dhani’s going to be going to Brown University!’ his father exclaimed. 'It was his first choice, and he got in straight away. On the SATs for those American universities, he seemed to handle it quite easy and got very high scores. And they accepted him in [to Brown], and they also loved the idea that he’s a coxswain with the rowers in Henley, because Brown is a big rowing school.

'He’s a bit stressed out at the moment, because he’s doing these A-Level [secondary-school final] exams for, like, physics. You know,’ his father said with a chuckle, 'I couldn’t do that at all. So he’s got into Brown, and he wants to take a year out when he gets out of school in June or July rather than go straight there. He needs it, too, because it’s been a lot for him.

'But also,’ George added, 'he has to deal with that thing of being “the son of,” which isn’t easy either. So it’s great, but we may have to go and live there in Providence R.I. - I remember we played there in 1974 - and get a little house, otherwise I will have lost my son!’

One of the last creative acts of Harrison’s life would be the collaboration with his college-educated son on the writing and recording of 'Horse to the Water,’ a song included on Jools Holland’s new album, Small World Big Band, bearing the forbidding copyright 'R.I.P. Limited 2001.’

—  Timothy White, Billboard magazine (Dec. 2001)

So, I really dreaded having to make this decision/post but this series has been such an awesome journey and has had a lot of great feedback, so much that I want to write every part of the series to the most best quality I can.

Right now I’m studying for end of year exams… My final high school exams. So it’s a pretty big deal and I want to keep away as many distractions, as school, to me, always comes first.

Writing a series takes a lot of effort and time that for these next few weeks I need to be using for studying and doing the exams. I was planning to still upload but unfortunately it seems as though I just don’t have as much time as I need, and like I said, I want every part to be the best quality possible because that’s what you guys deserve!

I will be inactive for around two or two and a half weeks. During this time though I will still answer any questions you guys have! (Unless it’s a request, as I keep those in my ask until I finish the request). And as soon as I can upload, I will make sure it is a double part upload because everyone who has been supporting this series has been so lovely and kind!

I’m sorry to have to take a break from writing, but as soon as exams are over I’m on my summer break which means I have heaps of time to write for you guys! Thanks again for your awesome support! I love you all so much!


Nov.16.2017 // This two last weeks of the semester have been full of homework, final projects ans final exams. I’m doing my best to get the best results.
My boyfriend told me he might have a surgery tomorrow, he’s waiting for the lab tests, I’m very concerned.
My face is very irritated because of an allergic reaction, I have a rash all over my face, is very uncomfortable.
I’m very very stressed and anxious. Any tips on how to deal with stress?

TEEN WOLF 6x14 & 6x15

Finally gotten around to watch Teen Wolf (becuz of exams), and I’m the bench about Scalia. Maybe, i am a little anti because I ship Stalia and Scira. Overall, the season has been okay i guess. At least, I dont have to deal with St*dia

BTW, to my salt fam (hello, i know i dont talk much and im pretty quiet, BUT HELLO), am I the only one in the fam who kinda “loves” Theo Raeken?? (i know it’s wrong but then again..)…..maybe i am the only one…..

Late Night Finals Study Tip

i apologize for that awkwardly worded title.

being finals week i myself have been super busy trying to write all these papers and review for all these exams, plus deal with my regular life.

that said, i realize that everyone is in kind of a fight or flight mode with their own academic life. i’m currently reviewing for bio and thought i’d share my study technique with you all, for those of you with science or humanities exams.

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