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Do you have any thoughts or analysis about Magnus that have changed from season 1 to season 2? About the way he acts or behaves or headcanons for him? This is such a vague question, but I JUST ENJOY YOUR MAGNUS DISCUSSIONS. I always sit here like *chinhands*

aweoja this is such a cute comment ty! but that’s a really good question hmm. i think the major thing that changed for me was my interpretation of his fashion choices. in season 1, i assumed that they had him change his looks frequently as an inherent part of his character. it didn’t occur to me it was meant to be unusual for him until harry said it at wondercon and then season 2 confirmed it visually by giving him a more defined look. i’m glad it was something they did. i like him having a style that he’s clearly comfortable with: goatee, spiked hair, smoky eye, dark but rich colors.

the other is his drink of choice. s1 he mostly seemed to go for whiskey so i kind of just went with that as a preference but s2 established that’s what he breaks out when he’s having a rough time. when he’s drinking for pleasure his preference seems to be a classic martini. i mean he’ll have them when he’s taking the edge off, too – we see him drink it in 2x15 and 2x04 for example – but the whiskey seems to be more reserved for that specifically.

idk if these seem like superficial things but i actually think about it a lot just bc i love considering his habits/preferences. i find they say a lot about him and they’re usually the more mysterious things. like his core traits/personalities were established early on and will never change, but learning about his preferences is stuff that can be surprising and i like thinking about how things we learn about his likes/dislikes fit into his character.

*sharpens pencil*

Ok here we go, another rant, well it’s me, what were you expecting?! FYI this post is about AIDS…some people don’t like to delve into Freddie’s illness and that is ok, so you’ll have to keep scrolling by if that applies to you.

The biography Freddie Mercury: The Somebody to Love by Langthorne & Richards is now being spoken of as gospel by people with no analytical skills, who believe ‘if it’s in a book it’s true’. Because of that book, people think they’re experts on HIV and AIDS. Well they’re not, and neither am I, but I do know bullshit when I read it.

They claim to know the exact dates Freddie was infected with the virus – between 27th – 31st July 1982(!!!!!!)

When Queen played New York.

Not any other time when Freddie lived there, nooooo: 



Let’s not sugar coat shit, we all know Freddie was a ho and could have got it from anyone at any time. Most likely between 1979-82, most likely in America, but not definitely. We’ll never know. 

The authors go all ‘doctor’ on us and diagnose him with fucking hairy leukoplakia, a tongue disease caused by the Epstein Barr virus…
1) Ew. Google it. He never had that shit. Even if he did have it, the meds that cure it hadn’t been invented yet. Which can only mean he did not have it.
2) If he had a white mouldy tongue on the Hot Space Tour, someone would have noticed it, because he had his mouth open on stage when singing. He had a big cakehole; you could see right down it!
3) When Peter Freestone or anyone else talks about Freddie’s illnesses, they never mention this…funny that, maybe because the authors just pulled it out of their arses.

Furthermore, they also claim to know exactly when he went to get it checked out!  NYC in Mid-August 1982 apparently……..so where exactly did they get this nugget of info from? A Robert Lang…a friend of Kenny Everett’s(!!!!) DUDE!!!!! How is that a reliable source? Freddie fell out with Kenny too, so why would Kenny’s friend remember Freddie Mercury went to a doctor about his tongue?

B u l l s h i t.

Mid-August, he WAS in America, yes, but he was in Illinois (13th-14th), Minnesota (15th) and Mississippi (19th). I know he could have just got a plane back to NY on his 3 days off…but it seems a bit of a faff. And Peter Freestone’s book covers this tour period and doesn’t mention it, just their travelling from state to state. There’s nothing about any illness in 1982, not even in hindsight. 

The authors also claim he was ‘very sick’ with ‘severe headaches’ in Mid August…but where is their proof? Freddie was on tour then, and there is no evidence of cancelled shows. Here is an interview with Freddie from 10th August. Does he look ill to you? Because he looks fine to me (yes I know it’s more than likely he was infected at this point, but he was asymptomatic. Regardless of what was going on inside, he was arguably in peak condition at this point) (ughhh that makes it all the more tragic doesn’t it – that a fit man should have this awful thing happening in him! I’m not crying. You are crying!)

They lay more illnesses on him without basis:

Shingles: If he did, you’d see it around his waist when he took his shirt off on stage every night – it’s nasty and obvious. *at the authors* Show me where Freddie had rashes in 1982. Go on, show me. You lot can Google shingles, because I ain’t adding pics to this post!

They claim he had the runs, but no one’s mentioned him legging it off the stage mid show to have a shit have they?!
This one is my fave: They claim he had the “worse [sic] flu ever”. They quoted him as saying that. Well as soon as I read that, I had alarm bells ringing…dude…as if I didn’t just see that exact sentence on a website about AIDS. 

They took a quote from a fucking multitude of AIDS/HIV information sites and attributed it to Freddie, under the misapprehension that sad obsessive fans like me aren’t going to notice.
I just googled it to prove a point:

And you know what they used as evidence for this flu? The Saturday Night Live performance, where his voice was not its best (for the record I think he sounded reasonable!)! Erm…that would be great, if only there wasn’t a whole massive backstory for why he his voice was fucked that night.
Yeah, he lost his voice from a huge row he had with his abusive boyfriend and all his assistants fought to get it back with steam and lemon drinks and shit. It wasn’t because he was getting over flu and like the video from 10th of August………….HE LOOKED FUCKING HEALTHY. If he had “the worst flu ever” as claimed *cough*pasted from an AIDS website*cough*, he’d be exhausted and bedbound. Genuine flu is almost incapacitating. I’ve been hospitalised with it.

Basically this book was written to sensationalise his illness to garner sales. 

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I'm currently looking to adopt a dog from my local animal shelter and I wanted to read up on how to train and properly take care of one before I get one. My parents had a shitzu/maltese as I was growing up, but it's been a while since I've lived with and taken care of a dog. What resources/tips would you recommend?

We answered an ask a little while ago about highly-recommended books for dog training and bonding with your dog! It might be a good starting point for resources that could help you. Here is the post

If you have any specific questions after this, feel free to hit us up. And congrats on your new (future) addition! -C

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Honestly even when I first watched the show, I don't hate any character in truth, and I don't hate Kacchan either. Actually he and Deku both are my absolute favorites. For Kacchan its don't judge a book by its cover, but that also goes for the first few pages as well. If you only read the first few pages, you only get to have one part of the story a.k.a Kacchan. You have to continue to read and see that their is more to him than just the firdt bit you have of him. Sorry about my rant lol!

^exactly (and asdffsse don’t apologize i dont mind!!)

when i started the series i was neutral towards bakugou (ps I always end up loving “anti-heroes” and bakugou is under that category) and at first episode/chapter bakugou wasn’t fleshed out as a character bc the author was trying to flesh out the protagonist (aka: deku) hell even the the first ep/chap was titled “midoriya izuku: origin” so we didn’t know that much abt bakugou except for him treating deku badly.

throughout the whole series, i began to understand bakugou more and there r some traits that i relate to him (maybe that’s why he’s my fave? lol I’m actually mix btw him n deku lol) and I can’t pin point on where exactly he became my fave? sports festival?? kamino arc??? his origin story??? i don’t know where exactly!

some ppl will just stick to the middle school bakugou instead of current bakugou

bc hey! they just don’t want him to change lmfaoo

u r allowed to hate/love a character for whatever reasons but remember, this blog is dedicated to bakugou katsuki, if u r a hater pls gtfo, what r u even doing here?

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i'm glad your books are unusual, even if that makes them hard to market. until i read radio silence, i had NEVER read a YA book where the main character doesn't have a romantic relationship at any point in the book. i'm 20 years old and i have never been in a romantic relationship. i'm not aromantic or opposed to dating, it just hasn't happened for me yet. and i used to feel like absolute shit about that because every book i read had a romance. you made me feel less alone. keep doing what you do

i really am so happy i can give that to you, and hopefully to others too xxxxxxx

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I'm really excited that we got a cover reveal and summary for A Reaper at the Gates, as well as the covers for the two previous books. My question is, will we get any sort of sneak peek from the book? I remember reading three chapters from ATATN prior to its release, one each for Laia, Elias, and Helene. I'm so pumped for April 10. I also understand if you don't want to reveal any more details about the book than you have already. Either way, I'm still really excited for A Reaper at the Gates!

Thank you! I don’t know yet, I have to finish editing it. It’s probably going to take a bit. 

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hey brella! do you have any other books that you'd rec to us?

goodness, you ask that like i’ve been known at any time in my life to read entire books and not find some nitpicky reason to close them within 15 pages

the cavendish home for boys and girls if you like a creepy gothic vibe, no-nonsense heroines, and the power of friendship and youthful love overpowering evil cockroaches

the lives of girls and women if you like a classical girl-coming-of-age-in-a-small-town-surrounded-by-eccentric-characters vibe

compass south if you like swashbuckling adventure, siblings, and beautiful art, i’m talkin’ mad beautiful

solanin if you have ever liked anything ever

the haunting of hill house if you are stoked for halloween

our cats are more famous than us if you like peak slice-of-life humor for the modern twenty-something

vengeance road if you always wished there was a classic-type revenge western centering on a badass eighteen-year-old girl

i’m truly awful at recommending contemporary fiction because i don’t read any of it so i’m sorry that two of these books are Old

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nora do you have any books you'd rec to us?

yeah ofc! here are some, but i have more :) this is all ya, mostly fantasy. but let me know if you’re looking for something else.

the diabolic by s.j. kincaid: uhmmmmmmm i lov this book and more people need to read it! the world building is awesome and it has romance, politics and powe, sci fi and like everything you want!! A+

a court of thorns and roses by sarah j maas:i read the first book a few months ago and thought  it was pretty good but i’m currently reading the second one annd love it. dark fairies!!!!!!!!!!!! and like faires in general?? amazing

the young elites by marie lu:: the protag in this book is amazing. not your usual ya heroine but the hero sort of turns into a villain. love it so much! set in a world like renaissance italy but with magic and shit. 

shadow and bone by leigh bardugo: dark fantasy!!! also alot of power dynamics and politics. set in a world like tsar russia. this is so my aesthetic. this is also a trilogy 

the darkest part of the forest by holly black: probably what started my current obsession with fairies!! set in a modern day small town whose people live close to mythological creatures like fairies and such. idk how to explain it but the writing is beautiful and the story really inspiring.

one of us is lying by karen m mcmanus: set in a high school where a student dies during detention. and the rest of the students that were in the classroom are all acused of murder. they’re high school sterotypes like the jock, beauty queen, bad boy and good girl but th book is rally clever and i really enjoyed it. 

the disreputable history of frankie landau banks by e lockhart: one of my fave ya books!!! the protag is like 14 but i read it when i was 21 and really loved it. set in a boarding school and its like really funny and clever and exciting. 

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Hi M! I'm moving into Chapel Hill tomorrow and I'm so excited I can't stand it. Any last minute advice as an alumnus? (P.s loved your book read it 2x now)

Hi! I hope you have a fantastic time. My best advice for Chapel Hill is that (1) it’s hot and humid this time of year and will be until October so you need to stay hydrated and slathered in sunscreen if you don’t want to be miserable and (2) it’s a small town at heart and everyone is really friendly, especially local business owners. Strike up conversations with baristas, bartenders, booksellers, and anyone else you happen across because it’s a very close-knit community and the sooner you integrate yourself the more fun you’re going to have. Also: take advantage of free public transit! (My favorite places around town are Flyleaf Books, Linda’s Bar & Grill, the Forest Theater, and of course, Cat’s Cradle.) Best of luck!

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Do you have any recommendations for blogs/tumblr accounts with some excellent flash fiction or serial writing? I'm trying to get a feel of how I should post my own writings (I know it's probably as easy as just posting something, but I want to see how the 'pros' do it). On top of that, any advice for working up the courage to sending something out for people to read?

There used to be a ton, some of whom I knew personally, but since the dissolving of the TWC, I can’t think of any that are actually still updating. 

I still have up some blogs from when it was super common that you can look at though, if you’re searching for an idea of how to start:

Red and The Bomb 
(reposted in chronological order for archiving purposes)
The Incomprehensible Wait (which will go to publication next year)
The Apprenticeship
Bill The Abomination 

One tip i can give you is that you NEED to have a way for people to read each page in order. So, what you do is you give ALL your posts a tag (i like to use “in the beginning”), then you open up settings/theme and scroll down and make a page redirect. and make it redirect to  “YourBlogName.tumblr.com/tagged/whatevertagyouchose/chrono” and chose to “show a link to it”. Then, when people find your blog, they can click it and tumblr will redirect people to a version of your blog with all the posts in chronological order. 

“Any advice for working up the courage to sending something out for people to read?”

First of all, your work is not your identity. If someone hates it, literally who cares. Its not like you haven’t hated a book for a dumb reason before. i’ve legit put books back on shelves because i hate the font. Second, whatever level of writing you’re at now is just temporary. You can only get better if you are able to receive feedback on your work–especially if that feedback is bad. Third of all, because the level of writing you’re at is temporary, the pure fact that you can get better should invalidate any embarrassment you have at being bad (if you feel like your work is bad). Everyone is bad at something when they first start, its not embarrassing to have just started something. 

The Only People You Should Be Afraid Of When It Comes To Sharing Your Work Is Literary Agents.

And the only reason you are only valid to be “working up courage” with them is because they can control whether your work reaches a large audience or not. Being anxious about agents is like being anxious about putting in a job application. Its normal. 

That said:  Literally no one else you show your work to has any control over your success, and their opinions only exist to make your future work better. 

(all of the above advice is for original work, fan fiction is another ballgame my friend)

Also I would also be absolutely remiss in not referring you to Illuminovel. Especially if your book is already finished.  

Looking for book recs! C:

Hey guys! I’ve ran out of things to read, and (because I realize my writing gets SO MUCH BETTER when I’m actively reading) I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations for me! C: 

I want to read books that would share an audience with the book I’m writing, but if you guys have a book that you absolutely ADORE TO PIECES and you think I’d enjoy, don’t hesitate to comment! C:

Here’s an idea of what I’m looking for, but I’m more than willing to branch out (I’m mostly fantasy + YA fan, but I have a lil love for all genres ^U^)

  • LGBT+
  • Gothic Horror Elements
  • Focus on mental illness/depression (no books that romanticize it please 
  • Emotional
  • Magic/Mythos/Monsters
  • Young Adult (don’t mind branching out at all though! C:)

Books w/some of these elements that I’ve read and loved:

  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (LGBT, emotional, YA, underlying themes of depression + overcoming it)
  • A Monster Calls (Focus on depression, monsters, emotional, focus on overcoming loss, ITS THE BEST BOOK PLEASE READ IT)
  • Welcome to Nightvale (novel) (YA, Magic/mythos, gothic horror elements (kind of?), emotional, LGBT)
  • The Graveyard Book (magic/mythos/monsters, emotional, gothic horror elements)
  • I’ll Give You the Sun (YA, LGBT, emotional)

BONUS:If you have read a good book about suicide/depression/mental illness that does NOT romanticize it, please tell me about it! Most of the books about mental illness romanticizes it and it upsets me to no end that I can not think of more than one book that is a good representation of mental illness. (That book is A Monster Calls btw- great book about coping with loss + depression that comes with it)

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  • idealism - winter bokeh w/ jinsang
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yukiayanami replied to your post “Ahh sorry!! Fantasy, is that’s okay :) For all your tolkien obsessed…”

*BANGS ON TABLE* GENTLEMEN BASTARDS. I’ve bee lurking on your blog for like two years now and I cannot even tell you how pleased I am that someone I admire so much likes these books that I adore and feel are so underrated.

SHRIEK omg!!!! this is so nice and I saw this reply… literally 3 days ago I think but then forgot to reply immediately and then I went back into my activity to find it thinking NO I MUST RESPOND ABOUT BOOK!! 

The books are amazing! While I do read a lot, I hardly ever have patience for any book over 300 pages and Lynch gets me through literal doorstoppers. Each book also has a really satisfying end plotline and there’s enough subplots to keep me going through the middle. Red Seas, Red Skies wasn’t my fave because I’m not into naval plots, but I loved the characters/writing enough that I still liked it. I hope that the series eventually goes back to Camorr, though! YASS FANTASY VENICE 

I will confess that I am absolutely 100% invested in Locke and Jean making out. And the book’s general pattern of Locke getting into utter distress and then Jean saves him. 

so those are my thoughts on the gentlemen bastard series aka that ongoing fantasy series i’m dreadfully into although i generally loathe the format

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ 

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Tips on researching effectively?

I’ve got a few!

1. Stay organized. This was my biggest pitfall when I researched a long time ago. I didn’t have a good system for organizing my notes. Save all sources in case you want to revisit them, and take organized notes.

2. Use multiple, credible sources. Sometimes you’re looking for really obscure information, but in general you want information to be backed by multiple sources.

3. An interview will be more useful than any readings you do. When I was researching about schizophrenia for my book Rainstorm I had a few long interviews with my mom who is a psychiatric nurse. Although she does not have schizophrenia (I will interview someone with schizophrenia later, once a few more key details are in place for the book) she has worked in emergency mental health for 20+ years and various psychiatric wards, so she knows her stuff and was especially helpful in outlining for me what the diagnostic process would be like, how the character’s symptoms would develop, what treatment she would received, what the side effects of her medication would be, etc. And I was able to ask her questions about my own character and she was able to tell me whether this was realistic or accurate. tl;dr: talking to people is very helpful. 

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Do you have recommendations for Malec fanfiction? The normal recs I see in the Malec are ones I am not a fan of. I found -"The Sin Bin" boring as hell and the "Blue Steel Series" by hobbit69 not good either. The 2nd series mixed book and tv show Malec when the mediums are too different. The characterization isn't coherent at all.

Anonymous said:I know you post Malec fic recs. Do you have any anti recs of stories your not a fan of? 

hey anons, i actually did a fic rec/author rec the other day. i don’t actually read that much fic, though, so it’s a short list!

i try not to denounce authors/fics because that’s a bit shitty, but i do struggle to find fics i enjoy which is why my rec list is so short!

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I want to write a healthy polyamorous relationship but I have no clue where to start. I've only been in monogamous relationships so I don't want to mess up a proper polyamorous relationship. I don't have buddies that are in a triad to ask for advice, so help?

What kind of advice do you need? You can Message me directly if you have a bunch of questions. 

If not , just make sure everyone communicates and it happy and look into polyamorous phrases, read some books like more than two or any other poly resource book!  I hope this helps

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Hi can u please give me some note making tips, really need them

i got u!!! here’s a list:

i hope this helps!!! feel free to send me any more asks with any questions u might have!!! good luck bb 💖

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I have my very first day of college on Monday and I'm terrified and don't really have any idea what to expect, any tips or things you wish you knew when you started college? Thank you ^^ (although my English packet says we'll be reading excerpts from "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" so that's cool lololol)

ah, I got you, love!! ^^ Good luck and have fun!!~ (also it’s that book oh my god I would honestly start crying with laughter if I saw that, nevertheless had to read it lmao)

but anyways, tips! or things I wish I knew? oooh~

  • Set up reminders - whether it’s a calendar, planner, putting it on your phone or it’s a bunch of sticky notes, it’s important to keep track of things! Your classes, your homework, big projects, etc. I like using planners, but that’s a personal thing. There are even some really cool printables on here that are cute and free!
  • Keep the syllabus - some classes don’t remind you about homework or projects. They might tell you on the first day and that’s it. Everything should be on there! Unless something changes, those are the due dates. And test dates! Don’t lose it! 
  • Bring a water bottle and maybe some candy - Keeping hydrated is important~ and no one minds that you have water. Candy especially in the afternoon when you start getting sleepy. Pop some in your mouth and keep going. If it’s still a ‘no food’ class, mints are handy too~
  • Make friends! - ok having friends, or even just acquaintances, in each of your classes will help A Ton. Not sure about homework? Ask a friend. Did we go over that in class? Ask that friend. Didn’t get all of the notes? Someone did. A good example is my college algebra class - we all got together and made flashcards, helped with homework, and even set up a study session before the final!
  • Don’t be afraid of emailing your teachers - They will totally answer your questions~ a friend of mine always emails her professors and they always answer back! Just be polite~
  • Be Yourself! - no one cares if you show up in your sweatpants that day or you’re dressed in Dressy clothes, whatever makes you comfortable!! Decorate your laptop and notebooks with stickers, wear mismatched socks, band t shirts, get one of those anime backpacks from hot topic, someone’s bound to say it’s cool. Join a club, blast your headphones on the walk to class, wear heels or bunny slippers, have fun. 

And the most important tip I can give you is: don’t overwork yourself. Things will get stressful. You might have to miss a homework assignment or two(I mean unless you’re like me and you Enjoy Suffering), but that’s okay. Drop that class if you feel like it’s Too Much(I’m pretty sure you get like 5 freebies to drop classes, but that could Depend on where you live and such). It’s fine. Get some sleep ^^ Don’t be firmly set in your major, it might change and that is A-Ok! Who cares if it’ll take a little longer? Go at your pace. and have fun with it!! Good luck~ 

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