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Ok we need to talk about the elephant in the room

Can Black people be racist? The short answer is no, racism is systematic oppression that implies a level of institutional power that black people don’t currently have. When people say, “you’re being racist,” they usually mean that you’re being prejudiced. You’ve said something negative about another race based on stereotypes. “Black people are stupid,” and “white people are evil,” are two good examples.
So can black people be prejudiced? Yes we absolutely fucking can. I am, a lot. But honestly that makes me a shit person. I don’t want to see a white person and automatically assume they’re the devil, but sometimes I do. That’s not ok because I shouldn’t have a level of hate in my heart for someone I just don’t know. Idk I feel like we’ve become so comfortable with prejudice on here, which makes me cringe.

Idk I’m open to thoughts and positive discourse.

As I thought on it, though, the notion that I might actually consider taking Tattletale up on her offer of a meeting nagged at me.  The more I thought on it, the scarier the idea got, and the more it seemed to make sense.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I want Taylor to befriend the Mozarts and go through some of the antics associated with a hero having villain friends. I’d really enjoy that.

And another thing I’ve said before: I’ll be very surprised if Taylor doesn’t take Tattletale up on the offer, because then what was the point of having this plotline in the first place?

What if I did take them up on the offer?  I could meet them, talk with them, see what they had to offer, and all the while, fish for information.  If I got anything worth sharing, I could turn around and give it to Armsmaster so he could use it against them.

Or you could discover that they’re not that bad and that you don’t want to sell them out. Better not tell Armsmaster about this plan before you put it into motion…

Just going by what Armsmaster had said about these guys and the scarcity of information on them, it would be a pretty major coup for the good guys.

Can we actually trust Armsmaster and the Protectorate, anyway? It seems in-character for the story so far to not have the essential “authority on heroism” be unilaterally good and helpful. Just look at how other authority figures have been treated - Mr. Gladly, for example, whom Taylor believes to be trying to help her just to save his own ass, or the city government laying off Dockworkers instead of making new jobs.

And we’ve already seen how Taylor suspects Armsmaster of wanting to take credit for Lung to boost his own reputation and ego.

I’m not saying the Protectorate is evil, far from it, but I think they’re going to be nuanced, flawed people and might get in Taylor’s way in the future. 

“They were not the deific figures they had appeared to be.  Parahumans were, after all, people with powers, and people are flawed at their core.” (Interlude 1)

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I wonder if the writers were surprised how fast Bughead became very liked & popular in the fandom. I wonder if that was the reason they changed the cliffhanger? I know the writers want a reaction but I hope its not to tear Buggie.. Because of Archie selfishness.

they still get a lot of hate, but i think they gain more supporters every week, which is just amazing! i see a good amount of support for them on tumblr, twitter, and youtube; and that’s so awesome because, and i’ve said it a few times already, but we don’t want to be drowned out by the antis. we have to spread our love for the cast, producers, and writers to see, especially this week with their first kiss likely happening 

i’d be willing to bet the cliffhanger has nothing to do with romance. riverdale is supposed to be a dark, murder mystery show at its core. the cliffhanger should be another person dying, or somebody getting into an accident, or something along those lines– something dramatic and shocking to bring us into the next season  

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Hey mom! How's the BPD? I'm glad your girlfriend tells you the same, that BPD is nothing but a liar. And, by the way, her being with you is actually a pretty good proof of just how amazing you are. I guess there are days when you don't believe that she stays 'just' because of you, aren't there? That's bpd. But you know what, you said her kid sister loves you too. Kids don't pretend to like someone. So there you go again, that's yet another proof. I hope you're doing better today. I love you.

Thank you so much for this, darling: it means a whole lot!!! I’m having a great morning, but am anticipating a terrible, difficult day (long story) – and messages like these are buoying me and giving me the courage I need to do what I need to do today! Thank you!!! :D <3 <3 <3

  • Logical People: 2 + 2 = 4
  • Alt-Right: Nope. I heard it was 2 + 2 = 5
  • LP: But that's wrong.
  • AR: Nope, it's 5.
  • LP: Okay but, look, here, we have two sticks here and two sticks here. Push them together and how many sticks do you have?
  • AR: Where'd you put the other stick?
  • LP: What other stick?
  • AR: There was another stick, what'd you do with it?
  • LP: There was no other stick, when do you remember seeing another stick?
  • AR: Oh my God, you're so dumb, there was obviously another stick.
  • LP: No? There wasn't?
  • AR: Special fucking snowflake here thinks I don't know there was another stick now they're gonna cry because they're obviously wrong.
  • AR: You said there was two.
  • AR: Jesus Christ, now you're getting hysterical, I can't argue with you anymore, this is killing me. This is why no one takes you seriously.

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if people start hating on alec after this ep because he hits raphael, so help me god.... it's his sister, he -failed- to notice her having troubles, he probably sees/knows raphael is feeding her, idk, it's a lot of things to take in, he reacts badly, matt already said so, it's not like he's plotting his death. idk i am a bit suprised everyone is reacting SO STRONGLY about something not /that/ severe. also what "yay moment"?

Here, Nonny, take a seat in my prayer circle. In here, we pray for people to understand that flawed characters fuck up. 

That said, I wish they had taken another route instead of having Alec punching Raphael. Not only because I hate to see my fave being an asshole, but also because Stop Hurting Raphael 2k17. 

I hope there’s more to that scene and that Alec immediately apologizes and go after the real villain. He can sucker punch Aldertree for ten minutes straight and then ask Izzy finish the job. That’s entertrainment for you.

As for the “Yay Alec” moment, it’s from this interview, around 9:11. I’m still waiting, Mr. Daddario. Forever waiting.

Quick PSA!

Practically overnight this blog has jumped to almost 700 followers before i could even commemorate having 600! I cant stress how thankful i am enough to you guys!

On another note, the upcoming week holds a LOT of midterms and projects due for me, that being said:

-I won’t be actively posting or updating this week
-Ive gotten several asks (some of those being requests) but as of right now i can’t answer them because im rushing to type this so i can get back to studying
-After this Thursday I’ll be free! So look forward to then, i’ll be back to my usual shenanigans 

I’m so grateful to you all, and thank you for following me! Your support is so appreciated <3

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Wait a minute... Bey has two songs from IASF that are diamond??? When the fuck did this happen? Apparently Single Ladies sold 11.3 million and Halo sold 10.7 million. To be diamond, you need to surpass 10 million in sales. She's about to have another diamond song, since Irreplaceable is like 9.4-9.5 million. I'm so proud of her. <3

I am so sorry for the late response!!!!!!!!!!

I got this answer last night, so this morning - afternoon, I asked @sparklesandbeyonce, @illuminatimess, and @beyhive4ever and we all have different answers. @sparklesandbeyonce found out this from TheDailyBey

but @illuminatimess said that the numbers might have been inflated because…

and @beyhive4ever was unaware that it happened so if the Daily Bey is accurate, then yes, Single Ladies and Halo are both eligible for Diamond certification; however, the artist or the company has to request getting the certification and we ALL KNOW Bey doesn’t care so it’s probably going to sit there… gaining sales… while Bey just minds her business and makes money :)

I forgot why I named this drawin iwa_good_body.jpg

Yuri on Ice.

I still haven’t checked all of Tumblr’s recent posts so maybe someone has translated it already, but this tweet by Mitsurou Kubo is just so beautiful I need to have it in my blog too.

“No matter what real people think about this anime, within its world no one is ever going to be discriminated against because of what they like. And that is something I will always protect.”

Further insight: 
Before she tweeted this she made another tweet where she said that they (the production staff) are not going to say whether the scene at the end of episode 7 is a kiss or not, and they leave it completely to the fans’ imagination. Out of curiosity I checked the comments to that tweet and she actually got backlash from some people accusing her to be vague on purpose “to keep the fanservice on the level of queerbaiting without confirming anything serious”. I think the comment above is partly her answer to the complaints too. Just because it’s not stated out loud, it does not mean that the show is just winking at fujoshi and being superficial. They are much more serious about discrimination issues than many seem to think.

I will just finally say that seriously, they can have all my money. I was so moved reading that tweet and I’m so thankful to all of the staff involved for creating such a wonderful anime. I never expected it to be so deep and so revolutionary compared to anything else in Japan. I hope they can get back the production costs and maybe we can even have a sequel too somewhere in the future.

(By the way, please buy the BDs/DVDs if you can afford and are even remotely interested in them, because that’s where the production team is getting most of their profit from)

What I think is interesting is that for the first 6 episodes, it’s Yuri who is protective/possessive of Victor. Not in an unhealthy way, of course; but it’s Yuri who wants to show the world that he’s the only one who can satisfy Victor and he’s the one who fought to keep Victor with him. He even says: 

Now, as it’s been proven by interviews and such, Victor doesn’t know Yuri said this because all though he was watching the conference, Yuri was speaking in Japanese here, not English (which is what Yuri and Victor talk to one another in). 


This little insight is so important because it shows that not only is Victor also protective/possessive of Yuri (which I guess we could have gathered from all the hugging and cuddling Victor does with him), but this strong feeling he has for Yuri is evident to others. 

Sorry this post is so random but I felt it was an interesting parallel so…

I’ve seen a lot of folks kinda upset over Hanzo not getting any special skins or items for yet another event, and I think I know why? I could be wrong, but maybe the developers don’t want to go out on a limb and give him anything because they think it’s not worth it. As in, they see so many people complaining about having Hanzo’s on their team, or people just not picking up Hanzo enough, and figure they shouldn’t bother giving him anything.

This also reminds me of a comment made by the developers a while back. I think Jeff Kaplan mentioned it (but I could be wrong) and he basically said if they keep adding more and more characters, they might “retire” certain characters who aren’t played enough. They won’t kill them off in lore or anything like that, but you won’t be able to play them anymore in order to make room for new characters. I think they might’ve scrapped this idea, but you never know if it’ll be something they reconsider in the future.

So if you want Hanzo to receive more skins and not possibly be put on the chopping block, consider the following:

  • Try your hand at playing him every now and again. If he’s not your cup of tea, that’s cool, but trying him out in Quick Play once in a while won’t hurt either.
  • Spread some positivity online about his character in-game. If you happen to be on the forums, maybe make a couple posts telling the developers you want more Hanzo content and tell them you enjoy playing Hanzo (even if that’s not the case).
  • Don’t get angry with people on your team who choose Hanzo. Plain and simple: try going easy on your teammates. Being more supportive of their Hanzo choice means more folks will feel comfortable choosing him. And if you see someone getting on your teammate about going Hanzo, try coming to their defense if you feel comfortable doing so.

I’m not saying Hanzo is at risk of getting cut or that we won’t see new items for him in the future, but just to be on the safe side, show him some more love and tell your friends to do the same!

I got an anonymous request to make a tutorial on how I pick what colours I’m going to be using, so here’s the end result of said tutorial. It is rendering right now and I should have it uploaded in 7 hours (because that’s when I’ll  be out of class)… assuming the video renders and exports properly. :U 

update: Still can’t get this video to export properly sooo…. hhh patience. I’ll get it up, I will. I might have to separate the video into smaller clips.



Okay, so I’m just going to cut to the chase here.

For a long time now I have had the idea of making a book for Kate to show her how much she means to all of us.

What she has done for all of us.

What she has helped us accept in ourselves.

Be it the crazy, kooky, funny, sad, wonderful, questioning, smart.

Someway or another, this woman has created a beautiful community by being herself and showing us that we can also.

So, a bunch of us over on Instagram have been talking and I brought up the idea of the book.

All said yes immediately because that’s just how much we want Kate to know how much she is loved and appreciated.

In recent events, I feel that this project is needed more than ever.

Kate is hurting, we all are, and it sucks.

We are in a time of darkness and we are all scared, but there is still hope.

We can spread love and laughter and happiness, forget the hatred and continue being our beautiful selves.

Which is why I need your help.

If you can spare a minute, please message me on here with EVERYTHING you want to tell Kate.









I shall put this ALL in the book.

One of my friends is going to be going to SNL in the next few months, this book is going with her, so it WILL GET TO KATE.

DEADLINE: First week of MARCH. However, please send in things before then, as earlier the better we can get this finished and sent off <3

Please send ALL entries to katebookproject@outlook.com

Reblog this, repost this, spread this message.

It’s not a huge deal, but like I said, Kate is hurting and I feel this may show her that she is still loved by so many and that nothing He can do, can stop her from doing what she loves.

I know that there are bigger things than Kate right now, some of you are scared, I’m scared for you and I’m truly sorry for this situation you are facing.

If anyone needs to talk, please do not hesitate to contact me, on here or on Instagram which is linked on my page.



How did you do it? 
I want you to tell me how exactly you did it
If I meant so much to you the way you said I did
If I was everything you ever wanted, needed, could dream of 
Then suddenly nothing, 
All at once. 
If I was beautiful, intelligent, alluring then suddenly boring, uninteresting and ugly
How was I one thing and then another in such a short time? 
How was your most favourite obsession then your least favourite memory? 
How was I your best friend, your only friend then a complete strange?
I want you to tell me, truthfully how you broke my heart? 
Because I have no idea 
I don’t have the answers 
But I keep wondering why
—  why & how

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What if lil' Tsubaki says his first word and it's Mahi-Mahi??

I am so sorry this is a late reply @nyanberri​ forgive me.

But that’s adorable I think. ^^ But you know what else? What if baby Tsubaki had trouble saying “Mahi” or “Mahiru”? So he just says “Ma” or even “mama??” :D


“He’ll get bored of saying it eventually….”

I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, once I think of it, I can’t be stopped lol. I hope you enjoyed this!!! :D Also baby Tsu Tsu has said “bye! bye!” in other comics haha~


also bonus haah I made a gif because I can:

Now I can feel slightly less guilty about the lack of update on this au, I have another comic in progress so it should be done soon?? ^^; Thanks for the ask!

Edit: How can I be so forgetful!!!?? wonderfulchaos69 made a fan fic awhile ago about the kids calling Mahiru “mom” You guys should read it if you enjoyed this, the fic is wayyyyy cuter than the crack I made above. Haha~ Please and thank you! :D 



Sorry for the lack of quite literally anything; I’ve just moved into my first house (yay) and the internet was postponed for a month because of bad line connections.

I’m in love with this dress so much. I don’t know why I wanted it so badly other than oooooh pretty but absolutely everyone who has seen it has said they want one too!

I’ll be having another photoshoot soon, so if anyone had ideas of what I should wear please let me know. Also, don’t be afraid to ask me any questions! I haven’t had many over the last months and I do miss talking with you all :)

Again, sorry for the lack of content. We’ll be back to normal soon enough!

- Jessica Blaise x x


“Except when it’s no,” Andrew said.

Neil put a plastic-wrapped finger to Andrew’s chin, guiding his head up for another kiss. “If you have to keep asking because–I’ll answer it as many times as you ask. But this is always going to be yes.”

“Don’t ‘always’ me.”

“Don’t ask for the truth if you’re just going to dilute it.”

Let’s talk about Mordo

You know what I love about Mordo? You know, besides his wonderful arc in Doctor Strange, besides the fact that Chiwetel Ejiofor played him wonderfully. Besides the fact that I now have another black character to stan for.

It’s the fact that Mordo, by simply existing as a black man within this new narrative, pretty much destroys the MCU’s favorite excuse for not giving love to Black characters (and really, every fandom is guilty of this). 

How many times have people said, “Well, I don’t look at the main characters because the villains are SO much more interesting”? Even though the “heroes” are given plenty of love in fandom spaces…but only if they’re white. People love Thor, and Captain America and Iron Man, but that same love is NEVER extended towards Falcon, or Heimdall, or War Machine. And when these characters (specifically black characters) are brought up, people always have the SAME excuses.

“They’re just not that interesting”

Despite Phil Coulson and Clint Barton (two characters who had very little to do in their respective roles besides dying/being mind controlled) having a huge fandom following post-Avengers. 

We’ve had black villains/antagonists in the MCU (see Raina, Mike Peterson, and  Korath the accuser) but those characters NEVER get the same love as Killgrave, or Loki. And when this issue is brought up people always have the same excuses:

“Korath was a one and done villain, no need to invest in him.”

“Mike and Raina were on TV shows, if they were on big budget films then it would be different” (despite Killgrave being on Netflix, and still receiving more love than either of them).

But now, we have Mordo. A black character/antagonist who is not only well acted, well-written, and interesting, but he’s also poised to be an important part of the MCU mythos moving forward. He has all the makings of a three-dimensional character (his views are well defined, and he has a code that he sticks to.)

And people are straight up ignoring him. He’s essesntially become the fandom’s new Rhodey (a wonderful black character who is ignored in favor of everything else…in the case of Doctor Strange, that “everything else” would be a sentient piece of cloth. 

And no, the excuse of Mordo being “badly written” (which I disagree with wholeheartedly) is not a sufficient excuse either. Not when fandom goes out of its way to assign intricate backstories to random characters (take Darcy Lewis, for example)

So, thank you Mordo. Thank you for providing another wonderful example of the MCU fandom’s fuckery, and providing a perfect retort to their tired old “Villains are just more interesting.” 

Well, if that were true, why am I not swimming in Mordo love? 

Why is Mordo either ignored within fan spaces, OR completely stripped of his nuance and character traits in order to easily vilify him?

Oh…yeah. That’s right.

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