have an old crappy doodle of mine


Old doodles from last year that I forgot to post…

In other news, Normal service has been resumed.  I have a two-week break from hell school. I can finally draw some sinful and problematic crap and answer asks with quality replies.

“Master, you don’t have to keep doing this for me.”

“I’m not going to repeat myself, Anakin. You let me do this now, and hopefully, you will do the same for me once I get so old my legs fail me.”

“I don’t think anything will ever fail you, no matter the age.”

“Flattery doesn’t sweet you, stubborn Padawan of mine. But please, do go on, I want to hear some more.”

Another (crappy, because hasty) doodle for “Fixed Stars”. After getting his legs and another arm cut off and nearly burning, Anakin has to spend a while in a wheelchair before his  prostheses can be fit and put on. Obi-Wan takes it upon himself to push the wheelchair around, not wanting to hear anything about Anakin using force or having one of the droids do it.