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There is something I never thought I’d be writing… like ever. Beware, an anti-Ian Somerhalder post is coming up.

Here’s the thing. I used to love, no wait, this isn’t a strong enough word, I used to freaking ADMIRE the guy. He was into animal rights and all of his charity, and how he treated his fans, you could really see the love and devotion in his eyes, and no, I don’t think it was an act. He really DID care about his fans.

But that was before. Before Nikki and all that drama. 

Fun fact, I also used to love Nikki and Ian. I’ve loved Nikki ever since I was like 12-13 and saw Thirteen for the first time. 

Here’s my thoughts though. I think Ian is just really… how do I put it, swayed by the people surrounding him. For example, when he was with Nina, and as far as I know before that, he was a private guy, he didn’t like being photographed going places, he asked his fans, politely, might I add, not to bother him (remember when he was in Paris with Nina, rumors were people actually made her CRY, and he still was very polite and handled everything like a professional), he was actually nice to his fans, and wasn’t an ass on his conventions. 

I don’t think any of that was a lie. I just think being with Nikki changed him. And I’m not sure if it’s because he wants to prove his love to her or something, but what he has been doing is stupid, and awful, and I just lost a shitload of respect for the guy. 


  • Needing viagra to shoot DE scenes (WTF DUDE, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK)
  • “elena had a positive impact on damon. she slept with both of them and now they’re both chill. she banged both of them and now they’re better people for it.“ -ian somerhalder 
  • Trashing DE, and being disrespectful to Nina, when all she’s done is say, time and again, that she considers him a friend
  • liking Nina’s photo on twitter, and then when he was busted he specifically said he was being hacked. Like, dude, chill, is your wife going to eat you for liking a picture of someone you’re supposedly friends with
  • being an ass to his fans. I get he needs his privacy, but there are other ways to state it. 

I could probably give more examples, but I’m too disgusted to go on. 

I admired you, man, and I’ll never forgive you for taking that away from me.

Okay, here’s the thing, I think Damon’s been over Elena for a long time.
It might just be my Bamon shipper heart reading too much into little things but let me explain how I see things.
I think in the last episode we got Damon realising and finally admitting to himself that he loves Bonnie more than anything.

First of all, the look on Damon’s face when Caroline mentioned Elena. It just didn’t look right, not the kind of look one would give when someone mentions the so-called “love of their life”. It felt like Damon wanted to stop and tell her something, that what she had just said wasn’t entirely right but then he let it go.

Then we have the epic battle between Cade and Bonnie for Damon’s soul. Like, the way Bonnie fought for him, she just didn’t want to let him go and Damon was just so shocked. When she said that she would fight he just looked like he couldn’t believe she would do something like this for him. This scene for me was really a way to show both’s love for each other.
And the look. The look he gave her when he was hugging his brother. For me this was the point where he finally realised that he loved her and needed her. And Bonnie looking back at him, just smiling… guys, she looked so in love. Maybe she wasn’t even thinking about how much she loved him and that she could actually be in love, I don’t know how to explain this, she was just looking at him, relieved, and in love.
(And little random thing, that scene, the hug between brothers and him looking at Bonnie, reminded me soooo much of Elsa and Anna’s hug at the end of Frozen where Anna then looks at Kristoff while hugging his sister. That kind of look just feels like something people in love would do).

And then, Damon being excited when Bonnie comes over. The whole scene had such a big meaning for me.
Damon was smiling down at Elena, then he closed her coffin and turned around to welcome Bonnie with champagne. They were of course celebrating Cade’s death but it felt like he was celebrating something more. For me, the look he had when looking at Elena was him finally letting her go. They had their time, a relationship that belonged to the past. Of course he was also happy that she was still ‘alive’, both her and his brother, but it just felt so much like he was letting her go. And closing the coffin and turning to Bonnie, with the champagne, saying “Yes” almost in a whisper to himself, then him saying “You came!” in that way like he was afraid she wouldn’t come because he had something to celebrate for with her, it just felt like he was ready to finally move on with her.

The thing I actually wanted to say is that through all this season we always got Damon mentioning Elena and his love for her but for me it was like he was saying it because everyone was expecting him to say it. It was like he had to mention it because everyone knew he loved her and it had to be that way but this love just went away and he was afraid of admitting that he loved someone else instead, to everyone else and to himself.
I’m not sure if this makes sense but it also adds to Damon not saying Elena’s name when telling Stefan about the girl he hopes to marry one day (and Bonnie not saying Enzo’s name when telling her grandma she’s in love with a vampire).

Again, I wasn’t hoping on Bamon becoming endgame anymore, I had lost all my hope, and I’m still a bit wary about it, but I got my hope back with this episode. I don’t want to deceive myself but the thing is, we got some pretty big hints and scenes and I know that it might just be my shipper heart hoping to see this ship finally sail and become canon, but I guess we just have to wait and see.

We still got a great character development from both Bonnie and Damon and we also have some great episodes and scenes so if it doesn’t end the way we hope, let’s remember what we have ♥

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DUDE I have the best Rhysand fancast, way better than Ian Somerhalder or Sean O' Pry. Toni Mahfud, he's a model so he wouldn't act in a potential movie, but look wise he looks exactly how I picture Rhys.

ok first off, SEAN O’PRY IS THE DARKLING AND CANNOT BE RHYS PASS IT ON. i have been raging at the fandom about this since they started fan casting him. the Grisha fandom had Sean first and honestly, how dare the ACOTAR fandom? how.dare.they.

second, I had to get my lazy ass onto desktop because I am SHOOK. this is the best fancast. this most beautiful. the most holy. i love it. this is the most accurate as well because he’s supposed to be “TAN” right, SJM? so fancast him as a POC HELL YES.





bless you for sharing this with me. my whole life has changed.

10 characters I would kiss.

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I legitimately spent so much time soul-searching and trying to rank these boys but I MADE IT

so here you go.


1. Damon Salvatore (surprise)

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2. Steve Rogers / Captain America 

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3. Derek Hale

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Emilie at Magic Con, 4/22/17

I couldn’t find a ton of info from this panel, but maybe video will be posted later, thank you to those who did post about Emilie’s panel!

  • Video of Emilie promoting the con
  • Video of Emilie’s photo op
  • Photos: x, x, x, x, x
  • Emilie said when they first started filming Lost, she’d walk around town with Ian Somerhalder and have him punch her fake pregnancy belly to freak people out (x)
  • Emilie was “vague” about the musical episode. She said she sings for Vera but Vera doesn’t judge her, and she’s not sure her singing on Lost counts as singing (x), (x)
  • Emilie thinks Belle would shave her head on a deserted island, bring a stone and ink to make paintings, and the dagger “because why not” (x)
  • She’d like to play Cruella but isn’t sure she could pull off Rumple. (x)
  • Emilie asked costuming about Belle wearing pants. “It’s about time after six years!” :) She did think of a backstory as to why she’s changed to pants… (x)
  • If Emilie wrote a show with Belle as the main character, she’d go into her childhood and find out why she’s so empathetic. (x)
  • Her favorite project to film was Remember Me (x)
  • Emilie said Rumplestiltskin is the best character on OUAT. (x)
  • Belle needs her relationship with Rumplestiltskin, he’s a project she needs, but she has accepted he won’t change and knows how he is. (x), (x
  • “She said Rumple’s love and protection is tied with his power and she accepts that. There is a reason they are together. Rumple never hurt her with the intention to do so. She accepts that he’s not going to change and she knows he wasn’t ever going to. She wants to be there with him because if she wanted to leave, she would do so.” (x)