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Warcraft Movie Guide for Those New to the Franchise!

Hey Guys! Friendly nerd here! I just got back from seeing the Warcraft movie, and I loved it, I realize it might be a little hard to follow for people new to the whole franchise! To make it a little easier, I’ve made this guide of Characters/Locations, so that when you see the movie, you know what people are talking about! :D

Check it out below the cut!

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missbexiee  asked:

Have you answered this already? I apologize if you had... but what are your thoughts on the "Glowing Cabin Key" quest in the Storm Coast? After 6 playthroughs I finally got it, and I'm just a little upset it was a nod to killing Anders or something?

Ah yes, that damn thing. I have actually talked about it before (no need to apologize ^^ that was a while ago) over here, so I’ll try to keep this answer a bit shorter haha.

But basically? It’s just more ‘grey morality’ and ‘Anders was wrong’ bullshit in my mind. Because of course, a mage can’t be exposed to Anders’ manifesto (something that was treated as a joke in DA2 as opposed to, you know, something he worked incredibly hard on in the hopes that peaceful change could happen) without being corrupted. A mage can’t stop believing they don’t need to be imprisoned and abused for their entire life without being corrupted. A mage can’t even fucking start believing their god doesn’t hate them without being corrupted and murdering a whole bunch of people and keeping the decaying bodies in their basement. As if there were any other path a mage exposed to such things could take *eyerolls for eternity*

So I think it’s less a nod to killing Anders (that’s the sellswords and Imshael. Seriously, they couldn’t have used a unique character design? There’s no way in fuck that was an accident), and more just the continued ‘mage freedom is bad and so is anyone who believes in it’. Which is an entire other can of bullshit, but yeah.

de-epik-asian  asked:

Senpai noticed Kouhai! *sinister laugh* Yes, victory is mine!! I have succeeded into capturing another soul for my pla- I mean, uhm... *clears throat* Haha, anyway, I don't think you've done this one yet, but if you haven't, could you do STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT in an RPG game and how good/bad they would be at it? (Ex. Mage, warrior, priest, etc.) P.S: Thanksies a whole bunch for making my imagination bigger every time you answer an ask! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

You just skipped to the top of the request list because i absolutely love this ask! And i also class myself as an experienced RPG player, thanks Final Fantasy for destroying my life

Natsuki: White Mage
He’d be really bad

Tokiya: Dark Knight
One of the best players

Cecil: Bard
Soooooo bad

Ren: Paladin/White Knight
Surprisingly, really good

Otoya: Blue Mage (monster abilities)
He never grew up with video games, so would have no idea what to do

Syo: Ninja
Another really good player

Masato: Black Mage
No way is he gonna get past level 1

Reiji: Archer

Camus: Red Mage (Both white and black magic)
Average, but only because he’s competitive

Ranmaru: Gunslinger
Unbelievably good

Ai: Summoner
The mother of all videogames

anonymous asked:

In some hypothetical AU where Corypheus didn't go through with his ritual (perhaps if he was wise enough not to trust an ancient Elvhen artefact), the Conclave might have led to something like what the Aequitarians or Isolationists wanted. The only problem is, as you pointed out, the lack of oversight for Templars. Without an effective Seeker wing, mages cant trust the Chantry not to abuse them, and as Lambert was evil and Luscious went mad, Cassandra has an uphill struggle regaining mage trust.

Hm. No, I’m sorry, I don’t agree with that. I think the lack of oversight seriously exacerbates the problem and leads to some of the more spectacular abuses. But I don’t think it is anything like ‘the only problem’.

Prison guards who are required to obey rules and are prevented from beating or murdering the prisoners are better than guards who are not. But that does not make them any less prison guards, nor does it make their existence a good thing for the prisoners.

A perfectly run Circle overseen by the most honourable Seekers imaginable would still have:

  • the routine abduction of children from their families
  • forced indoctrination into the Andrastian religion
  • the Harrowing
  • the Rite of Tranquility
  • the requirement that mages (grown men and women!) seek permission to travel outside the Circle
  • the summary execution of blood mages and mages who have become possessed
  • the Rite of Annulment, should the inmates decide they don’t want to obey some or all of these rules

These are the things that are on the table when the mages attend the Conclave. Assuming they are willing to accept anything short of slaughtering all the rebels, these are the things the Templars want.

The thing is, the mage fraternities exist in response to being imprisoned by the Chantry and indoctrinated with a certain set of beliefs. The Libertarians are a rejection of Chantry interference. All the other fraternities are a form of accommodation. I mean, people do that. They’re put in circumstances, however adverse, and they have to work out a way to survive. Many mages will not remember their families very well, or much about what they thought or believed. Their lives will be shaped by Chantry teachings and Circle culture.

The Isolationists, the poor bastards, believe that mages should all go and live on an island in the middle of nowhere, because ordinary people will always hate and fear them, and because mages will always be a danger to them. Why do they believe that? Because that’s what the Chantry has taught them. They have been repeatedly told that magic is sinful and a sign of the Maker’s disfavour, that mages are dangerous and unstable, that the Magisters caused the Blight and with it pretty much all the world’s troubles, that mage-run Tevinter is the worst thing ever, that mages cannot be trusted to determine their own lives and that if you don’t have the words of Andraste in your heart you’re evil. And doomed. And evil.

And yet … the Dalish teach their mages to lead. In Tevinter a family celebrates when their child develops magic, and expects great things for them. Seers are highly regarded in Rivain. The Chasind and Avvars respect magic.

There’s no practical reason why mages can’t just get on with their lives, with their families, like anyone else. Education should not mean imprisonment, or indoctrination.

Had the Conclave gone ahead, some agreement might have been reached. Some mages might well have agreed with it. You have a whole bunch of people who are heavily institutionalised, and who have been taught to hate themselves. You have powerful factions who want the Circles back as they were, but might be willing to give some ground to get what they want without more fuss.

But it does not follow from there that any such agreement would be good for mages. The only thing they have to barter is their freedom. It’s just a question of how many horrible things they would have to agree to submit to, in order to end the war.

The Conclave is presented in the game as the only hope for peace as a matter of narrative convenience. It avoids any question of what the mages might do in order to not put themselves back in the Templars’ power.

The Conclave happened. It’s part of the story of Thedas. But if the argument is that the Chantry is a good thing because it could arrange the Conclave … well, I don’t hold that the Conclave is a good thing.

While I don’t think it is good that all those people died, I think it is good that no agreement was reached there, because no agreement reached at the Conclave could have been good for mages.

anonymous asked:

haha idk why but I feel like someone would have asked for something like this by now- their SO begs him to go to an amusement park, what do the guys do, what rides stick out to them (for good or bad reasons) and who just ends up eating an entire funnel cake and passing out on a bench?


  • Rem would pretty much go along with whatever it is that you want to do. Nothing crazy, though; I don’t think he’s a rollercoaster fan. I can see him going through a haunted house with you, though. He shall be your brave ghostbuster!!
  • He’d like haunted houses and fun houses the most, since he gets to be your brave protector. But the carousel is a favorite of his too! Only when you’re on it with him though. His least favorite rides are spinny ones and rollercoasters; he’s there to make you happy, and is not too interested in rides himself.
  • He would not be the funnel cake victim, however; cotton candy?? If you showed him that he’d be like “what whoa???” Since when were humans able to do this sort of thing?? It just melts in his mouth and he’s like “Y/N, what is this made of?” “Sugar!” And the impressed look in his eyes would shine while you shared it with him.


  • Urie would be as interested to go to the amusement park as much as you’d be excited! Personally, I headcanon that Urie is curious about human culture and affairs, and seeing how they celebrate and have fun would be so cool for him. You’d get to your date expecting to have to show him what everything was, but instead he’d be the one dragging you around! You’d still have to give him a few tidbits of info about the stuff he pointed out.
  • Urie would love carousels, for one! But I think he’d also be interested in ferris wheels! Specifically because of the view from the top. (And how cheesy he can make it) “Isn’t the view so beautiful?” “Not as beautiful as you, my butterfly.”
  • Urie would not succumb to the funnel cake! But he would really like caramel apples! He likes fruit, plus he can ask you to kiss his lips after for a taste of the caramel on them.~


  • Oh, Mage. Sweet, sweet Mage. He’d totally be into it from the moment you suggested going to it. He’s such a dork that shit would totally appeal to him. He’d be really excited right beforehand, and would totally grab your hand and pull you so that you’d both end up jogging to the entrance. Also, he’d hold your hand 24/7 while there. Cutieeeeee
  • Mage would be up for any ride, really! But I think his favorites would be rollercoasters and shocker rides. Like, y’know, the ones where you’re in a raft or cart and the whole ride is just a steep hill that you shoot down and land in water? Yeah, those. Y the way, if that ride took pictures of the drop moment, he’d definitely want one of you guys, even if it was embarrassing.
  • Mage’s the funnel cake victim. It’s just so baked and glorious and…good luck dragging a passed out Mage home, haha!



  • He’d be fine with it. I think he’d be most excited about your reactions to everything there. Especially if he gave you a little affection in public if ya know what I’m sayin’…pfft.
  • Shiki would like any ride that makes you scream. It’s be super cool for him because you’d be showing these awesome expressions of shock and fear etc, but you’d be having fun all the while. He’d get to see the way you handled a whole bunch of situations he’d never seen you in, and a whole bunch of cute, new little quirks he didn’t know about!
  • Shiki would just eat whatever you got, lmao. He’s there for you, really. Not that he wouldn’t enjoy it! By the end of the date he’d regard amusement parks fondly. But I can see him liking curly frieds for some reason??? I mean…who doesn’t.


  • Lindo would love to bring you to an amusement park omg. Especially since he’s, like, the only DWD who has past experiences with them. He’d probably find out about it and ask you! I can just see the texts now. “Y/N, there’s a carnival coming to town! Want to go?” “YES” (Lindo texts like a mom he uses grammar)
  • Lindo’s up for most things! I think he’d like haunted house stuff, like Rem. Oh, but I do think he’d dislike any spinny rides. He seems like the kind of person who would get headaches from those, haha.
  • I can see Lindo liking anything! Popcorn, fries, whatever! But I bet he’d like frozen lemonade. He’d get two spoons so you two could share and feed each other. I can picture you two eating and laughing on a bench now…


  • Kettle corn! It’s a nice snack; light, but sweet! I think Roen prefers sweet and savory things over salty things. It’d also be easy to share, and not messy. Plus, you could toss pieces for him to catch while in dog form! That’d be so cute, omg.
  • Roen would be confused by the concept at first. But once you got there, he’d be looking around at everything, clearly enjoying what he was seeing. There’s be this adorable shine in his eyes, but he’d act like it wasn’t that special. But you know him too well; you’d be able to see how in wonder he was.
  • HALL OF MIRRORS. Pretty sure he goes to one in his route, actually. But yeah, he’d like those because he’d have to be your guide and you’d both have to work together to get out. Though, for him it’d be a piece of cake. It’s just cute to see your brow furrow while you’re thinking. And also he gets to see your frustration when you smack your face on a mirror while he smirks and covers a light laugh.