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TMNT Headcanon: S/o doesn’t like candy?!


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“Finally, someone who understands!”
Leo doesn’t particularly like sweets, either. It’s not that he won’t indulge very so often, but candy just isn’t his thing. He’d much rather settle for a scoop of ice-cream than handfuls of Skittles. And his brothers are obsessed with it, so it’s nice to have someone who can actually relate to his dislike.


The topic comes up while both are deciding what to eat during a movie marathon. And honestly, he’s relieved. No having to worry about finding chocolates for Valentine’s Day, or buying sweets when his s/o is down in the dumps. He’s happy to settle for a good pep talk and a kiss for comfort. And really, that just leaves more candy bars for him!


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It’s fine. They just don’t prefer it. No need to worry about them finding about his obsessive addiction to chocolate. He’s supposed to be the doctor, the healthy one, the one who knows all about what ten Hershey’s in a row will do to a person. But it’s fine, they won’t judge him. There’s no need to panic… though they did make a excellent point about the diabetes risk…no worries! …hehe…


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He’s hurt beyond comprehension. How will they bond over food if his s/o dislikes the one thing he puts into every culinary masterpieces? How could he live without the taste of their kiss after just eating a lollipop? The sweetness, the sugary fantasies with his s/o… all gone now. Gone.
…It’s okay, he finds out later that they’ll eat a piece of candy occasionally, so his tears are quickly dried.

Sixth Time’s the Charm

Their first Valentines Day, they aren’t together, even though they are. Clutching the arms of their significant others, they share a shy smile and look away, their exchange having gone completely unnoticed by their partners. Zuko spends the night with Mai, and Katara with Aang, and everyone is happy and drunk with the spirit of the holiday.

Their second Valentines Day, Katara calls Zuko crying because Aang broke up with her over dinner, said he needed time for himself, that the distance wasn’t working for him. She’d argued, accused him of not trusting her. He said he couldn’t stay if she wasn’t all in. She tried not to cry, she tells Zuko, she really did. But for so long it had just been the two of them, you know? And now…. 
Zuko tells her he knows, even though he doesn’t, not really. He tries to comfort her through the phone, but it’s not the same as being there. He stays on with her until he hears her sobs even out, grow fainter, and then stop altogether. She doesn’t reply when he whispers her name. He falls asleep to the steady rhythm of her breathing.

Their third Valentines Day, Zuko doesn’t know if she will say yes. He broke up with Mai months ago and while she had been angry at first, they both realized that things between them had been off for a while; ashes simmering before finally dying out. He can’t be there in person, but he’s built up his courage, and knows he has to try. So he calls Katara that afternoon and asks if she’d like to have dinner with him. She says yes, naturally–Zuko is one of her closest friends, not in distance, but emotionally. She called him often after her relationship with Aang ended, and she’d been there to talk when he broke up with Mai, even though he didn’t seem too upset by it. So of course she would have dinner with him. But she doesn’t realize exactly what he means, what his intentions are, asking such on Valentines Day. When the Skype call goes through that evening and he appears on the screen in a dress shirt and tie, the table formally set, and a candle between him and the camera, she feels utterly idiotic and blushes at her sweatshirt and bowl of ramen. After the initial awkwardness, the two spend the rest of the night talking, and by the end of their call, Katara has a stitch in her side from laughing so much, and Zuko spends an hour in bed just staring at the ceiling replaying the evening in his mind over and over.

Their fourth Valentines Day, Zuko shows up at her doorstep. 

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liz ur so cute i die

u are so cute that i stay alive so i can continue to give u my endless love 🌿🙏 here’s a flower for my sweet valentine 🌼 i hope u have a beautiful day!


Coworker: Sara you look nice today, is that a promise ring from the boy you’re going to spend Valentines Day with?
Me: Um… Sure?