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so uh, about aizawa,

I don’t think people realize what rare and beautiful gifts really good full AMVs are.

Like… that’s hard. Really, really hard.

Something I’ve learned is that the longer you’ve been editing, the more time it takes to make an edit, which is probably the reason AMVs can take literal months to make, and most vidders usually cut the songs down and/or make short edits.

To keep up consistently good timing, clip choice, pacing, transitions, effects, and possibly even masking or typography over give or take three and a half minutes of song is a huge challenge.

It’s generally considered to take three hours to edit one minute of a movie. Apply that here, and we have it taking about nine hours for a fairly short AMV… and given that we don’t get paid to make these, and have to wrestle with hitting every single beat of the song, it can take much longer.

And we also have to keep our motivation up, find time to edit, not grow to detest the song, and struggle with technical difficulties. All of that is really grating.

I’ve been editing for a couple months over a year now, and, while I started out making almost exclusively full AMVs, I can’t do that anymore. I’ve improved a lot, and by this point, using the whole song is intimidating and requires a level of dedication that I could not possibly achieve every time I edit.

It’s been literally a year since the last time I’ve edited a full-length song that I didn’t trim.

So if you find an awesome full AMV, appreciate it! Tell the vidder that you love it!

I’m honestly just so in awe of AMVs and the people who edit them. Vidders are really badass.

Cherish them and their work.


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voldemort is my past, present and future…

@piligy’s Anti character is really cool just sayin

thank you for letting me draw him!!



DAY 18 - R for Rocker!Chen

Only You | 3

Overview: It’s junior year and Riley’s best friend develops a crush on her first love, Lucas. Not wanting to stand in between them she lies and says she’s okay with them being together. As it turns out, Lucas has an older trouble making brother that none of his friends knew about. One that just so happens to take an interest in Riley.
Author’s Notes: In this AU, the triangle never happened and Farkle never outed Riley’s feelings. [Italics indicate flashbacks.]
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2
Chapter Three: “Rejected.”
Word Count: 2,676

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 End Of Junior Year, Texas. 


Soon the only noise that can be heard is the crackling of the bonfire and the distant sound of footsteps. Riley’s footsteps to be specific. Lucas waited a beat, turning his head slightly to stare at the fire in front of him. He watched the colors dance around each other, casting a terracotta glow against his face.  

He could feel his body holding tension as he tried to process everything that just happened. Riley doesn’t see him the way he sees her. Brother, she said. He’s like her brother. The worlds echoing in his head leaving a nauseous feeling at the pit of his stomach.  

It takes him a minute to remember he’s not alone. Sat on a log behind him is Maya. She has yet to say a word since Riley’s reveal, instead she’s just sitting there, eyes locked on the fire. She quickly glances up at him, expecting him to say something pertaining to everything that just happened but he just holds up a finger. “I’ll be right back.”

And with that he’s on his feet, following the same path Riley and Farkle walked down, hoping it wasn’t too late. Hoping he could still catch her.

Sure enough he spots her, standing off to the side by herself, arms crossed over her chest as she leans against a tree on the outskirts of the ranch. Farkle was nowhere in sight and he figured it was the perfect opportunity to let everything out. If she wanted to drop a bomb on him he was going to return the favor, no matter how messy or painful the outcome was.  

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can you do a tutorial on your fonts? :)

Sure! I’m assuming you mean the text on my gifs; I’ll make a list of tips since there isn’t really a specific set of steps, but there are certain things I pay attention to when I add text.

Unless it’s part of the image (example), you don’t want the font to be overly large. I find some people when doing a simple “text across the center” thing tend to up the font size and make it super bold to make it easier to read and then it just kind of gets in the way. For readability, I highly recommend increasing the tracking (letter-spacing) instead.

Tracking is the space between each letter. It’s located here:

Increasing tracking helps readability immensely. Below is 0 vs 300:

It’s easy to go overboard with the special effects (warping, etc.) because they’re fun to play with, but keeping it simple is best. You sort of don’t want your text to look like it came straight of out the free word art in MS Word.

Adding a stroke (outline) to the type can work in some cases, but many times it looks outdated instead. For the most part I recommend:

The most important thing is just to choose your image. Some images/scenes just don’t take well to text due to how much is going on in it.

I don’t recommend using more than 2 fonts. Generally, a sans serif font pairs well with a script (cursive) font. If you use serif with a script, there can be too much going on. But as always, it just depends. Some fonts go well together and some don’t. You can read more specific tips about font pairing here.

Convert to Smart Filters turns your type layer into a Smart Object so you can add filters like Blur without rasterizing the layer. This is useful because if you decide to edit the text, you don’t have to start over. Just double click the layer and it’ll open up an editable file (a .psb). Make your changes and save. It’s helpful for effects like this; I edited the text on that a few times, but I didn’t have to retype it each time and rasterize again to add the blur effect.

Clark Kent Is Too Goddamn Attractive and The Way He Looks At Lois Lane Should Be Illegal; A Masterpost:

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some scenes you just feel compelled to gif, and for me, this sure was one of them


THE BETRAYAL → The Crown and the Flame

As the airship rises, you look out the window and see Raydan staring up at you. A moment later, he turns to Azura. . . and kneels before her.

“Raydan, of all the stupid, boneheaded things. . .”

You slump against the wall, slowly sliding down until you’re sitting on the floor.

“I never thought you would do this.”