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On this day in music history: October 14, 1983 - “She’s So Unusual”, the debut album by Cyndi Lauper is released. Produced by Rick Chertoff, William Wittman and Cyndi Lauper, it is recorded at the Record Plant in New York City from December 1, 1982 - June 30, 1983. Having spent nearly a decade of singing in various cover bands, Lauper suffers numerous hard knocks and career setbacks, including damaged vocal chords, the break up of her band Blue Angel after the failure of their lone album, and personal bankruptcy. Her luck turns around in 1981 when she meets David Wolff while singing in a local bar in New York City. Wolff becomes her manager, helping her to secure a record deal with CBS/Epic subsidiary Portrait Records in 1982. Paired with producer Rick Chertoff, he brings in his friends Rob Hyman (keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals), and Eric Bazilian (bass, guitar, backing vocals) (of The Hooters), drummer Anton Fig, bassist Neil Jason, singer/songwriter Jules Shear and Ellie Greenwich (backing vocals) to play on the album. Initially getting off to a slow start, things pick up steam rapidly when the music video for the first single “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” (#2 Pop) goes into heavy rotation on MTV, and other video outlets at the end of the year. The album launches the Queens, NY born vocalist into pop superstardom, with Lauper becoming the first female artist in history to spin off four top five singles from one album, including “Time After Time” (#1 Pop), “She Bop” (#3 Pop), and “All Through The Night” (#5 Pop). “Unusual” spends 65 weeks in the top 40 alone (77 weeks total on the Top 200), winning Cyndi the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1985. It also wins a second Grammy (for art director Janet Perr) for Best Album Package. The memorable front and back cover photos were taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz at Coney Island in New York City. The album is first remastered and reissued on CD in 2000 with four additional bonus tracks. It is remastered and reissued again in 2014 for its thirtieth anniversary on CD and clear vinyl with remixes of “Girls” and “Time After Time”. A special two CD boxed edition is also released with the bonus disc containing non LP B-sides, demos, live recordings and studio outtakes. The box unfolds into a 3D diorama mock up of Cyndi’s bedroom from the “Girls” video. It also comes with a paper cut out of the singer, and sheet of vinyl colorforms with various outfits to dress the doll with. The Japanese edition includes “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” as a bonus track, and a DVD with an hour long documentary on the making of “She’s So Unusual”. The boxed edition also comes with a twenty four page full color booklet, fully annotated and featuring dozens of rare and previously unpublished photos from the album’s cover photo shoot. “She’s So Unusual” peaks at number four on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 6x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Hot take: Just because “misogynistic” is the biggest word you know how to spell doesn’t mean it’s the devastating insult you think it is.

Particularly when you don’t even know what it means.

Inktober 2018, Day 13: Guarded.

Have a lovely life
In your chosen hell

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You pry back, uh, the… the back sort-of — the back hood? I don’t know anything about cars!


A comic where Marissa and TC give up on work and watch dog videos…Story of my life. 

(I just wanted to have tc gush about puppies n stuff idasdjasd)


Y’ever think about how, after their first kiss, Jim and Spock had to go back to their separate quarters and just fucking digest what just happened? Like the second the door closed, you know Jim leaned right up against it, hand to his chest to try to make his heart slow down, and his smile was so wide it hurt and he couldn’t stop it? And then he started pacing because he hadn’t asked Spock if he could tell anyone – it hadn’t even occurred to him to ask – so he had to just deal with This Major Fucking Development on his Own. But it was okay because then he was giggling. Genuinely giggling, and running his hands through his hair and thinking about tomorrow when he’d see Spock again and they’d meet eyes and both of them would know.

And you know Spock walked into his own quarters with Very Purposeful Strides, went straight to his desk and sat down with his hands on his knees staring at the wall, trying like hell to keep his cool. But then he raised his fingertips to his lips!!!! And thought about the moment Jim touched those lips!! And through the contact he replayed that memory over and over again, parsing through every single detail about the way Jim’s breath felt and the way his fingers moved so subtly against Spock’s own it was as though he was trying to line up the swirls of their fingertips??? And then Spock smiled, there in the empty darkness of his own room where it was safe to do it??

GOD. The Aftermath.