have a random gif of me doing nothing

I love this gif so much, I’ve spent some time just staring at it appreciating everything that’s happening in it.

Obviously you’ve got Will’s reaction of pure adorable-ness. 

He thinks my hat is nice! :)

And then there’s Elizabeth, who seems to have fallen in love all over again. 

Wow, that is a really nice hat

*fills with admiration for the niceness of the hat*

Then you have the Norri one, who starts wondering around in confusion like he’s lost all direction in his life because Jack complemented Will’s hat and not his.

‘But I thought my hat was nice too’                                  

‘Why Turner’s and not mine’

‘Why do I even have this job if my hat isn’t nice, what’s even the point anymore?’

And then there’s that random kid in the top left looking frantically between Jack and Norrington like 

‘Oh no, he didn’t complement the Commodore’s hat’

‘What’s the boss-man gon’ do now’

‘I hope this doesn’t come back to get me’

‘Maybe i should tell him his hat’s nice’

‘Would that help’

‘Shut up George you are nothing to these people why would they want you to say anything’

(gif not mine, I don’t know who made it :/ sorry)