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“Thank you,” he whispers, his fingers running through the hairs on Aaron’s chest. His muscled, gorgeous, chest made all the more beautiful for it being Aaron’s.

“For what?” 

Aaron’s hand runs absentmindedly through Robert’s hair, gentle and soft and so loving Robert just sinks into it. Their relationship has always just been something Robert sinks into; after a long day, or a hard day, or any day, they fall back to each other, touching and kissing and talking with an ease that sometimes scares him.

“Today,” he says, his head lifting to meet Aaron’s gaze. 

Their legs are entangled, their naked bodies pressed against one another, still warm and slightly sweaty. They are relaxed in a way only really felt after intense release, and it’s almost the facet of their relationship Robert loves the most. Almost. 

“I can’t remember the last time I had such an amazing birthday,” Robert says and the corners of Aaron’s mouth lift in a small smile. 

“You’re just saying that because of all the s-”

“No, I’m not,” Robert interrupts. His hand goes to Aaron’s cheek, thumb caressing the skin there, before bends down and presses a sweet kiss to Aaron’s lips. 

“I love you Aaron,” he says, their lips inches apart. Their foreheads touch and it’s grounding, his mind overflowing. He has been in love before, but never as all-encompassing as it is with Aaron; heart bursting, toe-curling, ‘I can’t stop smiling’ love, and it’s moments like these where Robert doesn’t know how to contain it. 

Aaron pulls him back down, letting him rest his head on Aaron’s chest again as he continues running his hand through his hair. 

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you,” Aaron says quietly. “I wanted to show you how much I love you.” 

Robert’s heart swells, and he wraps his arms around Aaron’s middle, squeezing, holding him close. The nights he spent alone, on a sofa, sleepless, fitful, awful run through his mind and he holds on tighter to the most important thing in his world.

“You have,” Robert whispers, pressing his lips to Aaron’s skin. “You’ve given me something I never thought I’d have; you’ve given me a home, a place I feel loved and protected and wanted.”

“Likewise,” Aaron says. 

Robert keeps his right arm around Aaron’s waist, his other arm curled up beneath his body. His breathing slows, his mind peaceful, tired after a day of being so relentlessly happy. 

“Good night, Mr Dingle,” Aaron says as he presses a kiss to Robert’s temple.

“G’night, Mr Sugden,” Robert manages through his exhaustion. Sleep takes him soon after, wrapped in the peaceful arms of his husband.

I have never in my life seen a film without a romantic element and been like ‘I mean it was fine, but what it was really lacking was some straight white people making googly eyes at each other’.

soulmate au where you have the name of your soulmate scribed on your body bUT

It’s their middle name 


a super secret sordid romance between two eternal rivals who hate each other so much that they take literally every opportunity they can to stand together. and bicker. and hold hands. and smile about one another like a pair of idiots.

but not because they like each other or anything geez what even gave you that idea

maybe i’m asking for too much but if “it devours” also manages to tell us how carlos fell in love with cecil from his own point of view i will literally leave this plane of existence and subsequently reach nirvana

person, via text: hey, could you keep your responses under two paragraphs?

me, a borderline who over-shares and over-explains literally everything all the time: okay so how long have you hated me and wanted me to die?


I love you. Both of you.

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robron + things you said at 1am (PILLOW TALK PLEASE LORNA)

i literally didn’t even need to finish reading this to know you were suggesting pillow talk don’t worry i’ve got u fiona

things you said at 1am

“Robert?” Aaron said softly, looking at his husbands back. “You awake?”

“Mm.” Robert turned over, his hair soft against his forehead, a sleepy look on his face. Aaron loved him like this, sleep soft and all his guards down, and it was a side of Robert he still wasn’t quite used to, even after all this time.

He hoped he’d never get used to it, really. Aaron genuinely hoped he’d never take any of this for granted, that he’d never take Robert and the love they shared for granted.

Robert was more alert now, stretching his arms above his head before settling back onto his pillow, looking at Aaron, a flash of concern in his eyes. “You alright?” he asked, scanning Aaron’s face carefully.

“Yeah,” Aaron settled down on his pillow properly, inches from Robert now. “I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Is there something wrong?”

Aaron shook his head. “No. I’m just… I’m happy, I suppose.”

“I’d hope you were.” Robert grinned, that bright, happy smile Aaron was always so glad to see on his face. They’d been through too much, in the all too short a time they’d been together, so he always took a second to admire that smile, that real, genuine smile of Robert’s that was so rare it could make Aaron’s heart ache.

“I don’t know where I’d be without you, Robert.” Aaron admitted, reaching out and brushing a thumb across Robert’s cheekbone, enjoying the way his husband’s eyes fluttered shut for a second, melting into Aaron’s touch.

“You’d be alright.” Robert shrugged off the praise. “Strongest person I know, you.”

“You make me strong.”

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