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Updated Mystic Messenger Shirtless collection. I’ve rarely drawn male bodies and suddenly all of these happened in 6 months. I just had to. I needed these to exist. They were all done in Sketchbook Mobile and edited in Pixlr. The first 4 have in-game CG as background.

Hey, hand job.” (aka you need to read this fic

Oh, no.  Oh, no.

Her lips part in a helpless gesture of horror as Klaus Mikaelson turns his full figure on her and glares down withe decibel power of a hundred suns. 

What did you call me?”

Bonnie flounders like a trapeze acrobat that made a daring jump and landed on her ass. How could she mess up one word?

“Sorry, I meant to say handso—” 

    —- from Fuck Him to Death by thefudge  


there was a chainsaw fight
I saw it at the waterpark 
and though the sun is up
it’s still getting dark

AJJ - Deathlessness

out of curiosity has anyone made any photoshop tutorials for ffxiv screens?

i haven’t seen any and im just wondering if i missed some. cause id like to use any if there are some available. >>

todaysthemeisthemes  asked:

Glossy Grape and Rose Dust

@todaysthemeisthemes Thank you for the ask!

Glossy Grape: Recommend something to your followers.

I have lots of opinions on these things i’m sorry but i hope you like them.

  1. xkit. So i’ve talked a lot about my past rp experience, and a fuckton of people who rped a lot used x kit. you can make reblogs quicker, have tracked tags on your sidebar, add tags to your askbox, things like that. You can basically customize your entire tumblr to your liking. And it’s free! Go to google chrome store and download new xkit
  2. Pixlr. I don’t have photoshop or any photo editing software. I dogsit and make some money but not enough to justify dropping it on that, sadly enough. But Pixlr is a free website where you can edit photos! It’s not as comprehensive as photoshops I think, but it’s still wonderful. When I was roleplaying I used it to make my icons. 
  3. (camp)Nanowrimo. So this one is a bit crazy, Nanowrimo itself in November is where you write 50K in a month. I have not completed it yet. However I do usually get 20-30k done in the first part of the month whICH IS A FUCKTON so i still like it. Camp Nano is in the spring or summer, where you can set your own wordcount, join cabins, and write! It’s more low key which works a lot better with my anxiety but Nanowrimo isn’t too bad either. 

Rose Dust: Describe your aesthetic in five words or less.

I cheated a little bit with just doing five items each i’m sorry 

What I wish my aesthetic was: Black nail polish, chokers, dark lipstick, cloudy nights on a full moon, maroon roses. 

What it actually is: pink roses, nude lipstics, flannels, sunshine on a clear fall day, iced lattes from small cafe’s 

aesthetic for a fic i’ll probably never write: they worship their ancestors 

They are supposed to be drinking their way through Europe on their tour to forget — instead Bonnie is plagued by nightmares.  When she realizes these dreams are in fact a cry for help from her cousin Lucy she is determined to help.  Even if that means wading deep into Mikaelson territory in New Orleans.  Despite knowing this is a no good very bad idea, there is no way in hell Damon is letting her go alone.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. + Harry Potter character parallels (quotes/partial quotes by or about HP characters)

Phil Coulson and Harry Potter

Melinda May and Ginny Weasley

Jemma Simmons and Hermione Granger

Leo Fitz and Neville Longbottom

Skye and Luna Lovegood

Antoine Triplett and Ron Weasley

Grant Ward and Draco Malfoy

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