have a nice night folks

Okay usually I would keep my mouth shut and scroll right past this hate on my dash, but usually it’s only a couple messages and quickly resolved. Tonight though, not so much. So I have to ask, what in God’s name is going on?

When did it suddenly become okay for you all to begin hating on each other in such a way? Most things I have read have not been nice at all and I really don’t understand why we’re all speaking to each other in such a way.

Bones is a good show, Castle is a good show. I love them both. So what if Nathan doesn’t follow Stana on twitter, he sees her every damn day nearly, so if you actually think about it, there’s no need to. It’s clear they both are extremely good friends, and if you think otherwise I will ask you nicely to keep your mouth shut. Do you have any proof as to why they might not? No I didn’t think so. But there is no denying their chemistry and if you do so well, what have you been watching?

And yes it’s cute that Emily and David are tweeting each other and such, I’m not going to argue that fact. But just because they’re doing so doesn’t mean they get along any better than Stana and Nathan. Twitter isn’t the be all and end all as to who likes whom better or who has the most chemistry and whatnot, it’s just a damn social networking site for Christ’s sake. I don’t tweet Marissa for example every fucking day, doesn’t mean I don’t like or get along with her.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say was, grow the fuck up and learn some manners and respect. Some of the things being said are horrible and should never even have been thought of, let alone written. Both shows and both sets of actors are amazing, so please let’s just grow up and get along and stop all this damn hate that keeps popping up like every other week. It does nobody any good, and think of how the actors would feel if they saw any of this. Put yourselves in what would be their shoes and think about how you would feel. Not good, huh? So just stop all of this now, it’s already gone too far, so please let’s just take a step back and calm down and move on with our lives.

Have a damn nice day.