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Applying FMA’s Philosophy to Real Life

Here’s something a little different from what I usually post! For some reason I found myself thinking about this in the shower for almost an hour today, so I thought I’d write a post on it. (Also, keep in mind I wrote all of this spontaneously in one go.)

Now, here’s a little disclaimer: This is very subjective. There are a thousand different ways to personally interpret the philosophy of FMA, and even different ways to interpret what “the philosophy of FMA” even is- Is it the overall themes of the story? The actual real life alchemical/philosophical concepts mentioned in the series? The politics of the FMA world? Arakawa’s outlook on life and writing manga? Some sort of weird deep subtext about the Philosopher’s Stone or something? 

It all depends on how you want to look at things, and everyone and their mom has a different interpretation. Every anime analysis blogger or YouTuber has done something on the philosophy of FMA. But I wanted to do something a little different: Take the philosophical concepts within the FMA universe, and find positive ways to interpret them that you can apply to your own life to better yourself.

Like I said, there’s a thousand different ways of interpreting these concepts. But I’m an optimist, or at least I try to be, so I tried to choose interpretations that are positive and motivating. I think Dante’s already got the whole “pessimistic existential despair” thing covered.

So, without further ado, here we go! This is an extremely long post, so it’s under a cut. Feel free to skim it and only look at the parts that interest you.

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Be the person Phil Lester would want you to be.
—  Toomanyshipsxx
Meryl and Maks Night Cap July 23rd, 2014

Oh what a nice evening we’re having :) Everybody is happy and the sailing is so smooth!  

We finally found Maks.  As expected, his is in NJ rehearsing for Sway.  A few anons were worried about Peta, but none of us are.  A few anons are worried someone who will not be named will show up at Sway, I don’t think that will happen.

A very savvy anon wrote me to tell me that the Westland Center, where Maks will be attending a store opening and fashion show, started following Maks on July 10th (right after Miami), and sent out some twitter “hints” on the 15th.  This plays into my theory that something very significant happened in Miami.  I believe that this event was sought out to either cover for Maks being in Michigan, or to simply have a business opportunity while visiting Meryl in Michigan.  Either way, it is all good, people :)

Meryl is alive!  She went on a “liking” spree this evening.  Her liked photos included Venice, a castle at Disney, a fluffy puppy, two cuddling kittens, some killer green high heels, a quote, and three-tiered cake.  She commented “happy birthday to me”, but it looked for all the world like a wedding cake to me. (Not to mention her birthday isn’t until January).

Serge was in jeopardy tonight on SYTYCD, but did an awesome job with his dance and was safe in the end.  Be sure to vote.  Oh, by the way, did I mention that Mandy Moore was his choreographer this week?  You know, Mandy Moore, the choreographer who Meryl started following on the 21st, the day Maks was in LA, where Serge is……you get my drift here.

There was a nice write up of Val and Zendaya’s visit with the kids at St. Mary’s Hospital.  I love how generous and caring this whole family is.

dragonturgy did a little research and found that Maksim is the diminutive form of the Russian name Maksimillian, which means “the greatest”.  While Meryl has three meanings.  Celtic, diminutive of Muriel, meaning “bright sea”.  French meaning “black bird”.  And English meaning “falcon”.  Dragon likes “bright sea”.  I’m pretty partial to “black bird” :)

We are all on such a high this evening.  I hope it will continue and that there won’t be any squabbling like last night.  So, in closing, I’ll leave you with the quote that Meryl liked on IG tonight.  

“Kindness.  It doesn’t cost a damn thing, sprinkle that shit everywhere.”  

Goodnight :)

Happy Birthday, Miles!

I almost forgot arguably the most important birthday in the MPU. Thank goodness I remembered! Anyway, March 22, 2016 will be Miles’s sixteenth birthday. And because my MPU headcanon is now and always shall be that the high school years are tough on Miles, well, this story reflects that. Meaning: feels. Many feels. Arguably all the feels? We’ll see.

With all that in mind: happy birthday, Miles!

On his sixteenth birthday, Miles wakes up and stares at the glow-in-the-dark stars on his ceiling, exactly the same as every other morning.  Even when he stretches, his body sort of reassembling after being balled up under the covers, he feels unremarkable.  Same height, same speed, same brain full of the same crap (assignments, projects, his stupid text conversation with the girl he sort of likes).  Sixteen feels like fifteen and fourteen, and he drags himself into the bathroom before Amy and her eight thousand hair ribbons claim it.

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