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Sherlock made a quick call to Angelo’s. From the level of noise I could hear in the background the place must be packed. Yet he managed to get them a table.

Now they are both getting ready to go out. John even went upstairs to put on a nice shirt. (Sherlock was already wearing one, otherwise I am sure he would have done the same). I think I can even smell a hint of aftershave.

I don’t believe this. Am I the only self-reflective person in this room? Has everyone else lost their collective minds?


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What do they even THINK they are doing? I just…I mean…HOW do they justify this kind of behaviour to themselves? How…I just can’t.

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No one can be this blind. Right?

I think John just had the same thought when he found Sherlock looking at him. He quickly averted his eyes and cleared his throat and he hasn’t stopped fiddling with his tie ever since.

J: You know what, this is ridiculous.

He is looking at a spot on the carpet now, hand going up to scratch his head in what can only be described as bashfulness.

S: What is?

J: This!

He gestures at his own appearance and shakes his head.

J: You know what? I’ll be back in a second. I’m just gonna get changed.

Sherlock looks utterly bewildered.

S: But you just did.

J: I…I know, just, I’ll be back a minute.

S: But…

John is already up the steps before Sherlock can get another word out.

S: But I liked the shirt…

Someone save me and them from themselves.

Little Sour Hearts

this would be the Holster/Esther Shapiro 6k Valentine’s Fic literally no one asked for. enjoy <3

Valentine’s Day 2013 – Freshman Year

Holster doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. It’s some Hallmark Holiday based on a Christian saint of some sort, and it’s an excuse to be sickeningly sweet with someone you love, and a good day to have just dumped your significant other the night before so you can go to the single’s bars and get wasted. For Holster, it’s always been a day to gorge on chocolate. It always was in Juniors and he doesn’t see any reason to change now that he’s in college.

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day, bro?” Ransom asks, buttoning one of his nice shirts and holding up a couple different ties to judge their relative colour.

“Being bitter,” Holster says. “What are you doing?”

“Girl from my bio class,” Ransom replies.

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so there are depression meals™, but what about depression outfits?

  • pajamas. you can’t be bothered to change so you just go the whole day wearing them
  • the same t-shirt and/or jeans for a few days
  • the one article of clothing that you hate and haven’t worn in years, because you don’t have the energy to do the laundry and it’s all you have that’s clean 
  • a nice, actually decent outfit that used to be your favorite. you wear it out in hopes that it will bring you confidence. it doesn’t feel special anymore

feel free to add on if you come up with anything else

So this isn’t a fuck anyone, just made me feel a little happy inside. So I’m a retail worker and work in a small store (think of a store known for how Gothic it was) and constantly through out the day I’m having to refold shirts over and over because people just stuff them back where they were.

In comes this one grandma and her grandkids and they go over to the Anime wall. While I’m telling the grandma about our sales for the day the kids are looking at shirts. Immediately I see the granddaughter start to stuff it back in and am already prepared to have to refold it while helping the grandma. Imagine my surprise when the grandma starts yelling at the granddaughter, saying “No no, you fold that shirt neatly. This nice lady here ain’t being paid to clean up after your damn mess” and made her apologize to me.

Seriously parents or people who shop with children, don’t just let your children just throw the shirts back without at leat attempting to fold it correctly. It makes the workers have to stay so much longer that way the store doesn’t look like shit

hc that everything is the same except that Andrew dresses in designer clothing. The plain black jeans he wears are like $100 bucks, his shoes? could buy the foxes lunch every day for a month. He doesn’t even really care about the clothes being expensive but he likes what he likes even if his plain black t-shirt is stupidly over priced. He gets Aaron and Nicky into it too when they are at Psu. Refuses to be around people who look like shit. Just saying this kid is familiar with fancy ass stores and drags Neil to get a nice wardrobe when they have been together for a while. Literally the only about Andrew that Allison likes is that he ain’t a cheap bitch and knows his brands.  



Word count: 2.5k

Genre: smut

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It was Saturday night and you were home alone, sitting on the couch watching Netflix. You had put some sweatpants and an old t-shirt on. Your parents had gone on a business trip and asked you to house sit. You didn’t mind since your roommate, Jimin’s girlfriend was in town and all they’d been doing is having loud sex. Plus your parents would be gone for four days and you didn’t have to work either. Lounging around for four days had a nice ring to it.

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What do you imagine the companions wearing if they were in modern times?

Cait: There’s not a doubt in my mind that Cait would wear crop tops and skinny jeans. On a hotter day, she’ll pull off high-waisted shorts.

Codsworth: The finest stainless steel plating that money can buy.

Curie: She’d wear everything from flannels and jeans to summer dresses. She really likes dressing up, and she looks good in everything she puts on.

Danse: A t-shirt with an unbuttoned button-up over it, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Nice, dark jeans with a belt, and everything’s tucked in and neat.

Deacon: He doesn’t have a set outfit. Sure, he often sticks to t-shirts and jeans, but one time he went out in public wearing a sundress with high heels and thigh highs.

Dogmeat: A collar, like the good dog he is. He probably tends to get out a lot, so he’s gotta have it on all of the time.

Hancock: He loves hoodies and t-shirts, and sweatpants that look like they’re just a little bit too big on him.

MacCready: He’s never had a fashion sense in his life. That said, everything is telling me to say that he owns a pair of those pants where there is a zipper at the knee that you can unzip to make them into shorts. Also t-shirts. And he’s had the same jacket for probably 15 years of his life.

Nick: Assuming he’s still a detective, he’d probably have the Messy Detective Aesthetic. Loose tie, collared shirt, slacks, the trench-coat if it gets too cold out.

Piper: She has a strange fondness for finger-less gloves and scarves. 

Preston: Sweater vests. He loves sweater vests and khakis. On weekends, you can find him in Civil War Reenactments with his buddies.

Strong: You remember those black t-shirts with the white text that said “got milk?” Yeah.

X6-88: Black clothes. Black shoes. He doesn’t take his sunglasses off. People wonder if he gets too hot in the summer but he doesn’t show signs of being uncomfortable. He probably wears trench coats in the middle of July, just because.

(From a wonderfully fluffy conversation with the brilliant @eggos-and-promises!)
Can you just imagine Holly staging a wedding for Mike and El? Kids are SO observant and besides, EVERYBODY knows how these two feel about each other.
Holly would plan everything out: she would make sure Mike and El were dressed nice, telling Mike to put on a nice shirt and El to put on one of Nancy’s old dresses and although both of them would do it (not wanting to disappoint her) they would have no idea why until they were standing awkwardly in Holly’s bedroom while she spread conversation hearts on the floor (because she didn’t have petals and it’s close to Valentine’s Day and that’s what Dustin brought) and Will was walking El through the door very formally and Holly was giving a speech about WEDDINGS and living happily ever after that she was obviously making up on the spot.
Mike would be so embarrassed and El would be confused because “What’s a wedding?” but before he can even try to explain (which seems impossible to do at this moment), Lucas starts humming the Wedding March as loudly as possible, joined by the giggling Dustin and Will.
Holly moves right along with her “ceremony”, having them exchange Eggos instead of the rings she doesn’t have. It looks like it’s over (much to Mike’s relief) but then Lucas says, “Wait, Holly. Aren’t you forgetting something?” even though Mike is glaring at him and frantically shaking his head.
Holly just gasps and says, “Oh right! Now you must kiss the bride.”
Mike is just dying and mumbles, “Holly, please-”
But all she says is “MIKE THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT IN THE BOOKS” and he tries to ask how she knows that when she can’t even read yet but he gets a bit distracted when El suddenly follows Holly’s instructions and kisses him. He hears the guys cheering and is being pelted with rice (thrown by Dustin), but again, he’s distracted.
And can you imagine, oh, ten or so years later, at their ACTUAL wedding, that they try to recreate that wedding (that Lucas never lets Mike forget EVER), complete with Eggos and conversation hearts? Sure, the guests are a little confused, but Holly the flower girl and the three best men and of course the bride and groom understand, and that’s really all that matters. ^_^

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Maybe you could do a fic where Kara sets the reader up on a date with Lena and when she visits r the next day to ask how the date went Lena opens up the front door disheveled and leaving to go then Kara teases reader. Have a nice night :)

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Kara had quite literally just raised her hand to knock on your apartment door when it opened to reveal a rather disheveled Lena Luthor.  The woman’s tired gaze quickly widened and blood rushed to her cheeks as Kara took in her appearance.  It was a walk of shame if Kara had ever seen one; Lena was wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt that were definitely from your wardrobe and clutching her dress and heels from the previous night to her chest.

“Kara,” she nodded sheepishly and did her best to smooth her hair down.  “Good morning.”

“Good morning.  Donut?” she extended the pink cardboard box in her hand and tried not to absolutely grin.  


Lena shuffled down the hallway, pastry in hand while Kara bolted into your apartment and shut the door.

“Y/N, oh my God.  She spent the night.”

I don’t get how people can look at everyone in the world, and say, “men judge women on their appearance more than women do.”

Like, I have a female “frien” (not really, but Imma just call her Victoria)

Victoria would always tell me how greasy my hair is, how trashy my clothes are, and how wrong my opinion are.

One, I shower everyday.

Two, black jeans, and a random tee shirt isn’t really trashy.

Theee, she was a liberal feminist, so she didn’t like being challenged.

When every male in my life was always there to being me up, tell me I looked good on the days I did, tell me she was wrong, and generally be nice to me. They also didn’t care if I was or wasn’t wearing makeup, they were my friends for my personality.

While Victoria would tell me to not stand next to her, because she didn’t want to, and I quote, “catch ugly from me.”

So please shut up, when you say it’s men who judge the way people look.


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Alec: *walks in and lies on his bed*
Y/N: Crappy day?
Alec: Stressful. I’ve been following these rules all my life Y/N. Why do I feel like I shouldn’t have listened in the first place?
Y/N: It’s just the day you’ve had Alec. You’ll feel different tomorrow.
Alec: My mom’s expecting me to marry.
Y/N: Well that’s a nice way to surprise me.
Alec: She doesn’t want me to marry you.
Y/N: *crawls on top of him* I know. We’ll deal with it tomorrow okay?
Alec: How can any of this wait until to….
Y/N: *kisses him* Sorry you were saying?
Alec: It can wait until tomorrow. *kisses you and rolls over so he is on top*
Y/N: *pulls his shirt off* Damn Alec, back at it again with those abs.
Alec: *laughs* Shut up. *kisses you* It hardly seems fair that you’re not shirtless.
Y/N: *pulls your top off* Better?
Alec: Much better. *kisses you*
Jace: *walks in* Guys can you tell Izzy she is bei…whoa!
Y/N: *dives off the bed and hits the ground* Ow!
Izzy: You okay Y/N?
Y/N: *groans* Yeah, I think so.
Alec: Ever heard of knocking?
Jace: Sorry we didn’t know you were…busy.
Y/N: *sits up* Yeah thanks Alec for helping me up.
Alec: Sorry babe.
Jace: We need to talk about what your mother is making you do Alec. It isn’t fair.
Alec: You’re not going to leave us alone now are you?
Izzy: Nope!

Change - Mark

Somewhere along the way, we lost touch. Even though the last time we made love was a month ago, our life together is still as dry as ever. The marriage rings on our fingers became fine jewelries without meaning. We sleep in bed quietly like roommates forced to live together. I wonder if he sees my body slowly changing. Does he notice that he too is changing? I must have done something wrong that I am unaware of, but so did he.

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Of course! <3 Sorry these suck xP I was just about to post this when I realized I hadn’t completed Shikamaru’s. Shame, Pyro, shame.

Kakashi, Iruka, Minato, and Shikamaru Taking Their S/O to the Bathhouse for the First Time


He saw how tired you were, how stressed you were after handling his team for the day and thought you deserved something nice.

You thought this was the best time to see what was under that mask of his, but as fate would have it, he wore a damned surgical mask instead. Even with the mask on, simply looking at him without a shirt on for the first time was enough to make you happy.

He wanted to take you here for a while now, and now that his team had pushed you to the limit, he was more than happy to take you here with him.

He felt the way you instantly relaxed around him. Even if it was his first time seeing you like this, he had no sudden inhibitions; he simply wanted to be here with you. Wrapping his arm around your waist, he let out a relaxed sigh he didn’t think he’d be holding in.

“I like it here…” You heard yourself whisper. The small, light thud of the bamboo stick across the bath was the only other sound in here. You were thankful it was just the two of you here.

“I do too. It’s better with you around, though…” Kakashi’s voice rumbled in his chest. You let out the same relaxed sigh Kakashi did and moved closer to him, resting your head on his chest.

I never want this day to end.


He was stuttering, trying to figure out how to get this question out of his mouth, and your beautiful eyes, your endless patience, wasn’t helping him. It was making things worse.

“Fine. Then listen to me while you try and arrange your thoughts. Let’s spend your day off at the bath.” You stated without blinking an eye. You’ve wanted to do this for the longest time, seeing Iruka stressed day in and day out with all these students.

“That’s… I-I mean…” Iruka still couldn’t form words properly. “But we’ve-”

“It’s alright, Iruka…” You had that patient smile still plastered on your lips.

The pit in Iruka’s stomach was slowly going away with every moment he spent in the warm water with you on his arm. He still couldn’t believe that he wasn’t able to suggest this first. He wanted to talk to you about this; he wanted to suggest coming here. He almost did, but damn him and his nerves!!!

“You’re still nervous.” He saw you with the towel still barely hanging onto your body, felt that damned blush creeping up on him again. He’d never seen you like this before. He was thankful he was in the bath first.

“No! I-I mean… Uh…” He had to force his eyes away from your glorious body. “You’re very beautiful/handsome.” He pouted looking away, still feeling that blood rush to his cheeks.

He heard you slip into the water next to him. Looking over, he still saw that patient smile.

You’re too good for me…


He was the first to suggest it. That small sparkle in his eyes were enough to quickly change your mind. You didn’t want to go, regardless if it wasn’t the first time you’d seen each other without clothes on. You were still nervous.

“Minato, I…” You managed to stutter.

“Oh, c’mon!” He pestered you, taking your hand in his.

He all but dragged you to the bath, receiving strange looks from other people. You didn’t care. The staring that is. The bath, a little bit. Baths were usually your alone times, the times that granted you those blissful near two hours of silence, those moments of thought and peace.

You didn’t realize just how much you wanted him there with you, even then.

Minato was like a child, right now, dragging you to the destination he’s wanted to go with you for a long time, like a child eager to show you the toy he wanted.

He stood waist deep in the warm water, hands on his hips, seemingly proud of himself, seeing you so happy and relaxed in the water. You could already feel its effects. Relaxing every muscle you have, loosening your bones, destressing you entirely.

“So? What do you think?” Minato asked, sitting next to you, allowing a content sigh escape his lips.

You leaned over and placed a chaste kiss on those perfect lips. “I love it and you.”


The man was lazy enough as it is; imagine what it was like when you were in the bath with him. He wanted nothing to do with anyone. Except you. You were his main focus. He asked you if you wanted to go to the bathhouse with him. Honestly, he didn’t care if you said yes or no, he was going to go anyway. He just wanted you to relax. He saw the stress you were under before even you did, and wanted to tackle it first before the stress tackled you.

The moment you said yes, he couldn’t help but feel elated that you’d be joining him. He’d show you the best spots to relax even further, where the jets were so that they could hit that one spot on your back to gently massage it.

However, he saw it in your eyes that you didn’t want to go.

“If you don’t want to go, just say so. I’d rather you went because you want to, not because I asked you.” Shikamaru mentioned, absently picking at his nails. It had become a habit, as of late, to try and attempt to seem uninterested.

“No! I want to, it’s just… It’s our first time, right? What if you don’t-” Shikamaru cut you off before you said something you might regret.

“(Y/N). You’re perfect in my eyes. There’s no way I wouldn’t like the way you look.” He brushed hair out of your eyes. “Come with me to the bathhouse.” He held onto your hands.


The moment the relaxing water hit your foot, you knew, you knew he was right.

“Right, once again.” You muttered, a small smile on your lips. You looked over to Shikamaru, who was already fast asleep in the water. “Alas, I was too.”

“Nope.” Shikamaru smiled.

“God, why do I love you?” You asked, still laughing. And I was worried for nothing.

psychic: *reads holster’s mind*

holster: i wonder how justin’s doing. is he okay? i hope he’s having a nice day and that he aces that test he was studying for last night. wait. he was up late, what if he didn’t get enough sleep and needs me to bring him coffee?? i should text him and ask. i also need to find a way to casually slip in a compliment about the shirt he was wearing this morning, it really brought out his eyes… he’s so handsome –

psychic: what the fuck

“Is that my shirt?”

Elliot looked down at himself. The shirt in question was a pale blue polo shirt, with a little sun logo stitched on the pocket. “Uh, probably.”

Marcus rolled his eyes. “And you’re wearing it why?”

“It was clean?”

“You have so many clean shirts that don’t belong to me. And what’s ever stopped you from wearing a shirt that wasn’t clean?”

“Honestly, I’ve kind of lost track of what’s mine and what’s yours. Usually I just put on whatever has a band name on it and call it a day.”

“I’ve noticed.” They stared at each other for a moment before Marcus said, “So, why, again?”

“Oh, I’m going with Madina to her science geek internship today for. Some reason? And she told me to dress nicely. I don’t know why she’s saying that when she always wears shirts with, like, memes on them, but I do not want to fuck up.”

“Something at stake?”

“My life as an undead necromancer zombie,” Elliot said, grabbing his jacket and phone and heading for the door. “Seeya. I should be back by like eight.”

Marcus just sighed as Elliot left. It was only a matter of time before Elliot stopped answering his questions with things that made sense, and it appeared today was that day.


REQUEST: Can I request where you and Amber are both idols and you’re best friends and live together and everyone thinks you’re dating? You can decide if they are or end up doing it at the end. Have a nice day😊


“YAH! (y/n)!” You heard Amber call from her room. You walked there and opened the door, peering into the room.

“Yes?” You reply. She was throwing clothes about her room eagerly. “Amber, what are you-”

“I can’t find my shirt!” She exclaimed, throwing another article of clothing across her room.

“Well, there are about twenty on your floor right now..” She shook her head.

“No, I mean the one I bought last week! I wanted to wear it to the thing I have tonight.” She continued shuffling through her dresser. Your eyes widened and you looked down at your own clothes, slipping back just a little so that Amber would only be able to see your head.

“Weird..I haven’t seen it.” You tell her.

“Well can you help me look? I swear I put it in my close-(y/n)!” She cut herself off as she opened her door all the way, seeing you in her shirt and a pair of shorts.

“Yes, Amber?”

“That’s my shirt!” She points at the shirt you’re wearing. You look down and then back up at her.

“Hm..guess it is. Well, looks like we solved the mystery!” You exclaimed, running off towards  some other part of the apartment.


“NO, I’M COMFY!” You yelled back, darting towards your room as Amber chased after you, trying to get her shirt back.


“(y/n), (y/n)! Over here!” A voice yelled. You’d somehow heard this one person’s voice out of every other excited, loud person in front of you and you walked over to them, giving them a warm smile. 

“Yes, lovely?” You greeted them. “Do you have a question?”

“Yeah, um..so you and Amber live together, right?”

“Of course!” You exclaim at the mention of your best friend. You and Amber had met at an award show and instantly clicked, quickly becoming best friends and soon after, moving into an apartment together.

“Are you guys dating?” The girl asked, she had such a small voice when she asked the question, but you heard her very well. It took you aback, nobody had ever asked that, at least no that you know.

“Dating? No! We’re just best friends.” You told her, smiling widely. 

“Okay! Thank you. I was just wondering because you two act very couple-y.” She told you before handing you her cell phone. “Can you sign my phone case?” 

“Sure thing.” 


“Hey, Amber?” 


“Do we act couple-y to you?” You didn’t notice because your eyes were focused on the screen in front of you, but Amber froze. It was only for a second though before she collected herself and answered you.

“Dunno, why?”

“A fan today asked me if me and you were dating and when I said we were just best friends she said it was because you and I act really couple-y.”

“Really? Huh..never thought about that,” She thought for a moment. “But I see what she means now. We do hold hands and are really cuddly with each other.” She shrugs. 

“True. I just thought that’s what best friends did.” You shrugged this time.


“So you’re not dating?” Eric asked you and Amber. He looked very confused.

“No?” You answer before turning to Amber. “Do we really act that couple-y?”

“I mean, yeah. You two are always all over each other in almost every way. I thought you two just were hiding it from the public.”

“Eric, you’re one of our closest friends, wouldn’t you think we’d tell you if we were together?”

“Oh yeah..”


“I guess its official.” Amber says as she walks through the door, hands full of groceries.

“What’s official?”

“The world thinks we’re dating!”

“What do you mean?”

“I was looking around at magazines and other media the past few days and I keep seeing things about people thinking we’re dating!”

“How did we not see this before?”

“Dunno. But help me put these away, I have ice cream in one of these bags..” You quickly ran over to Amber, taking a few bags for yourself, setting them on the table and starting to pull things out to put them away.


“Are you sure you two aren’t dating? Amber has been on your lap for over an hour and you keep sharing your drinks I give you.” 

“Yes, Eric. We’re sure.”

“If you say sooooo~” He said in a singsong voice, making you and Amber roll your eyes.


“(y/n)?” You heard Amber speak softly on the opposite side of your bed. She came to your room after having a nightmare, claiming that it’d be better if she stayed with you in your room tonight. She didn’t say what the nightmare was about, but that was okay.


“Can I tell you something?”


“I-” She was interrupted by a scratching sound at your bedroom door. “I’ll get it, hold on.” She got out of the bed and opened your door, letting JackJack come in. He hopped onto the bed after Amber got in and curled up on the pillow between both of you before falling asleep.

“What was it you were gonna tell me?”

“Huh? Oh, right…” She turned so she was facing you. “I, uh..well..”


“Well, you know how the world thinks we’re dating?”


“Well, what if I told you..that I like you…”

“As in?”

“More than a best friend.”

Are you telling me that?” You asked her, facing her now, keeping your eyes closed.




“Yeah, because I like you too.” You told her, finally opening your eyes. She was already looking at you, a smile on her face. She quickly leaned forward and kissed your nose before settling back into her spot.

“Goodnight, (y/n).” 

“Goodnight, Amber.”


“So now that you’ve gotten all of your friends knowing you aren’t dating, you two START DATING?”

“Yes, Eric.”

“I cannot even believe.” He said with a laugh. “Congrats though, you guys. You’re cute together.”

“I know, right? Look at us.” Amber, gripped you tightly in a hug and kissed your cheek with a loud smack.

“Ew, now you’re gross.”



hi hello please let me know if this is any good ok thank u
(I hope I did well for what was requested!! I hope this is okay! sorry this took so long omg)
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#21 and #17 for my boy jumin?


17.Preferred mode of dress and rituals surrounding dress

Always, unless he explicitly has to otherwise, he’s wearing a three piece. Full on vest, jacket, and dress pants. He either wears plain suit shirts or striped ones, and they’re always crisp and freshly cleaned.

If they smell even slightly off from normal, he’s not wearing it.

If his tie doesn’t go well with his outfit, he absolutely hates it for the whole day. He’s on edge, he can’t focus, and he’s more likely to snap a bit.

Outside of work, he still tries to stick to having a few layers on. Going golfing? He’s wearing a nice button up with a sweater vest. Relaxing on a day off? He’s wearing a nice shirt along with a pull over.

21.Turn-ons? Turn-offs?

Turn ons- Bdsm (orz), pet play, hair pulling, you riding him, public sex, spanking, 69′ing, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, morning sex

Turn Offs-noncon roleplay, ageplay.