have a nice birthday okay


Baby boy turned 22 and Bread came to help him celebrate.

bumpernums  asked:

Dean is the reason it's my 20th bday and this month has so crazy I haven't even thought of celebrating. grandfather's dying and my mom isn't home for my birthday and all of my friends can't come see me until later.. Dean is also the reason my depression and anxiety have been the worst they have been in literal months. breathe and keep going, you get me? it's all temporary. Just wish I could have had a nice birthday..

Its okay babe Im really sorry this bday sucks- I know that feel really well itll get better- just celebrate when you can and eat an entire cake by urself

Saturday Fic: Foster Care AU

Down W. 47th street, going west, walked an average-sized black man with graying hair and a tiny, brown-haired, white-skinned little girl with eyes as green as emeralds—or so that’s what her mother had so often said of them. The little girl held tightly to the man’s hand as he guided her past the subway entrance for the N, Q, and R trains. In her opposite arm, she clutched and old, knitted gray elephant that her mother had given her for her last birthday. Around her neck, she had a much older locket and a ring, the two clinking together with each hurried step.

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