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I like Mary. I think she's awesome. I don't see why she has to be evil.

Oh, boy, okay.

Listen you can like Mary all you want – I loved her too before the fucked up her entire story arc – but her entire arc was building up to be a villain, and a badass one that was going to go down with a fight. 

I’m REALLY not trying to be pedantic here, Nonny, but asks like this force me to pull out receipts, all of which I’m sure you’re not going to read, because who likes to be proved wrong, but I digress. I always end up sounding more harsh than I am when all I want to do is educate you on my perspective and what the narrative is teaching us.

THAT’S Why she’s a villain. When a character kills the title character of a show, they are coded as the bad guy unless they do a redemption arc that actually is a redemption.

Mary had NO redemption arc AT ALL. Even in S4, Mary is STILL manipulating and emotionally abusing Sherlock and John against each other with her fucking creepy-assed DVDs and her belittling of John in T6T. She still runs off to go do her little assassin things and still lied and manipulated everyone. And I know the argument is going to come up, but Mary’s gunshot was NOT a redemption. A redemption arc has the ex-villain doing a good deed and being genuinely sorry for their past actions. Not ONCE Mary has ever apologized for any of the shit she put everyone through. All of it was a plan, especially if she had creepy DVDs made FAIRLY RECENTLY (you can tell because of the hair style) to send out to people. Also:


That and Mary’s entire death scene was RIDICULOUS and completely contradicted EVERY rule that was established in this universe only 2 episodes prior on how characters die.

Nonny, Mary’s character arc is one I have been passionate about for many years, even before I was a Johnlocker, because her character was fascinating to me, and helped me understand the psychology and make sense of events that were happening in my life at the time. Right up until TAB, Mary was being coded as the next Moriarty. For some reason or another, Mofftiss decided to turn her into an “assassin with an heart of gold” and failed spectacularly.

If Mary truly was good, she WOULD HAVE TOLD JOHN FROM THE BEGINNING WHO SHE WAS, OR AT LEAST TOLD SHERLOCK SHE NEEDED HELP. HLV would have not played out as it did. Instead deciding that killing Sherlock was her only option so that she could continue to manipulate John, since she knew he was most malleable when he was grieving Sherlock.

You can read Mary’s character however you want, I could care less… well okay apparently I do because of this reply… But please, seriously consider that what became of her character really made no goddamned sense to the narrative arc the built for her and quite frankly really lazy writing. Just because she is a woman, doesn’t mean that she is nice and sweet and not abusive. Excusing her of her brand of emotional abuse and manipulation is really sexist.

People thought my mother was a nice person, too.


Happy Purim, all! I am the butterfly princess. :)

SOS - phandomlittlepop

Title: SOS

Drabbler: thatsmistertoyou

Beta: larryfravan

Doodler: @firedawnleafpool - art coming this Sunday!

Warnings: Copious amounts of swearing and pancakes

Summary: Dan’s actual job is working at Louise’s diner, but he could make a career out of saving cute dark-haired strangers from dates with assholes.

A/N: Thanks to the ever-wonderful @philslesters for her help with this. It’s about damn time I plucked up the courage to post 1k of fluff. This is my first time doing PLP and it was a lot of fun :)

“I understand why people do it, but the business side just doesn’t work, Phil,” the asshole at table four explains, and Dan’s a bit miffed for having missed that much of the conversation. He has no idea what Jerkface is on about.

“More Coke?” Dan asks Blue Eyes - or Phil, assuming Dingbat has his name right.

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“What does he see in James?!?”

(Thanks to @mxlfoydraco‘s ship ask earlier, my “jealous!Albus angsting over Scorpius liking James” plot bunny has returned so here we go, with less angst that I intended but maybe one day I’ll write a much longer piece.)

“What does Scorpius see in our brother, Lily?” Albus hissed in his sister’s ear while eyeing a very besotted Scorpius, who was gazing at the Gryffindor table. 

“Well, James is one of the most popular boys in school and is apparently very attractive. And I’m gonna quote here: “has an arse to die for!”.” answered Lily while helping herself to a baked potato.

“I have a nice arse too!” 

“And nobody can tell. You hide it under those robes all the time. Besides, James is nice to Scorpius, he pays him compliments. He’s taller than you and has a nice hair. Unlike your birdnest. He’s a Quidditch captain as well.” Lily continued to list random things about James, not very interested in Albus’s problem.

“Hey! Dad has a birdnest and he was voted “Sexiest Man” 7 times in a row by Witch Weekly.”

“Yes, but it was because he’s moderately attractive and is The Saviour. People love him because he killed Voldemort. What have you done lately?”

Albus’s cheeks burned and he huffed.

“I pay Scorpius compliments as well!”

“Like? Last time he did his hair nicely, you told him he looked like a posh snob.”

“I didn’t say it like that! And it was supposed to be a compliment!” Albus interjected but Lily continued, as if she hadn’t been interrupted at all.

“And James told him he looked like a dream. You see the problem, Albus? You permanently have a foot stuck in your mouth. But your worst trait is that you’re so completely oblivious about some things, it’’s unbelievable!” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?!?”

“Figure it out yourself!” Lily hissed with finality, turning her attention to her baked potato and ignoring her angsting brother.

being asexual and knowing that u arent broken is so good. same with aromantic, it’s just so nice to have a name for it that isn’t some half-baked term of uncertainty, that isn’t “well i don’t know…” that’s something u can hold on to, yknow what i mean?

Cupcakes, Cookies and Competition

A/N: A request courtesy of @milkandcookies528 where Garcia and her girlfriend (the reader) have a bake off to see which of them is better and they invite the team over to judge. This is so cute and a perfect start to some Garcia x Readers on my blog :D @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


“Baby, I am a professional baker. I own a confectionary,” you said, starting a little trash talk with your girlfriend. Penelope was having a bake sale at a local community center to raise money for one of the support groups she ran, and the two of you hand’t been able to have a nice date in a while, so she’d suggested having a bake off. You distinctly remember asking if she was sure about that considering that you were, in fact, a professional. “Inviting over your friends and having them judge is going to end in your swift defeat.”

But she’d already done it. You were in the middle of baking a mess of cupcakes, cookies, and brownies, and your amazing ray of sunshine was never one to pass on a little healthy competition. “Done!” she yelled, turning around and flashing you a brilliant smile that only she could - the kind that could light up even the darkest room. “Pretty Boy, Chocolate Thunder, Jage, my fearless leader, my favorite author in the whole world who makes the best spaghetti ever, and an actual model are on their way.”

Having been dating Penelope for more than a year now, you’d gotten used to her nicknames and the way she spoke of the ones she loved. In order that was Spencer, Derek, JJ, Hotch, Rossi and Emily. 

While you waited for the group of them to arrive, you and Penelope started singing around the apartment while you kept baking. Each of you was making one kind of cupcake, one type of cookie, and one type of brownie. There would be a ton of food, plenty for a taste off with the BAU, and even more for the bake sale tomorrow. 

Finally, Penelope’s friends arrived and started rubbing their hands together. It was early in the morning, which was good for everyone because there was a fuck ton of food to be tasted. “Alright,” you started, your stance indicative of the competition that was about to go down, “Penelope’s got this bake sale tomorrow and of course she needs to make baking a competition.”

“Which I don’t understand,” Spencer said, looking at your girlfriend. “Y/N’s a baker. You’re statistically setting yourself up for failure.”

“I don’t know. Baby girl bakes a lot.” Morgan held his hand out for a fist bump from Penelope.

You were on his opposite side, so you punched him in the arm. “Of course you’d take her side.”

“She is my original baby girl,” he said.

Pursing your lips, you punched him again as everyone took seats around the kitchen. “I’m going to be telling you about all of the things we’ve made without telling you who made them. Everyone has to pick one favorite at the end.”

JJ looked around the table, licking her lips in anticipation. “I am having wicked cramps right now, so my body is ready for this.”

“You too?” you asked, nodding in solidarity. “If all else fails, we have nutella you can eat out of the jar.”

“I don’t have cramps, but can I get in on that too,” Emily asked. As if she even had to ask.

“Okay, my loves.” Penelope started telling everyone about her support group and the bake sale she was doing, coming to your side and pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Just remember, you knew me first.”

“Bullshit,” you laughed, pointing your finger in her face before giving her a kiss. “I’m awesome. Plus, I’m the baker.” Before she could get another word in, you started in on everything the two of you had baked. “First, we’ve made grasshopper cupcakes, chocolate cake with fudge on the inside, mint frosting, and chocolate shavings on top, and the other cupcake is a dark chocolate raspberry curd filled cupcake with some of the raspberry curds whipped into the vanilla frosting on top. My suggestion would be for two people to split everything because if you eat one of everything you’ll probably vomit.”

Hotch laughed through his nose, nearly losing a piece of cupcake in the process, but he and Rossi split, Emily and Morgan split, and JJ and Reid did the same. “Oh my fucking god,” Emily said, taking a bite of the raspberry curd cupcake. “I might die and I’ll be glad to go this way.”

“I love it, but this mint one,” JJ said, closing her eyes and giving a thumbs up. Spencer couldn’t stop making yummy noises. Morgan was in a world of his own, and Hotch and Rossi were having their own fun with you and Penelope, wearing their best possible poker faces. 

Turning around, you grabbed the trays of cookies next and placed one in front of each group of your friends. “Next we have cookies. One is a Twix cookie, a shortbread cookie, a layer of caramel, and a layer of milk chocolate on top. The other is a soft blueberry cookie with a sugar glaze on top.” 

Morgan and Spencer seemed to be a fan of the cookie round, each asking for a second one of their favorites, while JJ and Emily kept foodgasming at their table. Still, Rossi and Hotch said nothing. You could tell they were enjoying themselves, but they wouldn’t give either of you an indication of where their loyalties lay. “And finally is the brownie round, and by “brownie,” we really just mean something that was made in a brownie type pan. Doesn’t have to be chocolate. 

Penelope turned around to grab the last round of food, giving you a kiss on the cheek and whispering that she had Morgan wrapped around her finger. You cut her eyes at her as you started in on the last group of food. “The first one is a coconut bar with chocolate on the bottom and the other is a lemon crumb bar.”

As JJ bit into the lemon bar, her eyes rolled back. “You need a minute alone with the bar, JJ,” you laughed.

“I might actually,” she replied, her mouth full of food.

Emily couldn’t help but just make random movements. “I’m so full, but it’s all so delicious.”

“Okay,” you said, “Everyone needs to pick a favorite.” 

Emily went first. “That raspberry cupcake.”

“I’ve gotta go with the Twix cookie,” JJ said. Morgan agreed. He’d actually snuck another one when the two of you weren’t looking.

Spencer picked the blueberry cookie. “I’m so full, but I don’t actually care. Can I have another blueberry cookie?” You handed him another one before turning to Hotch and Rossi. 

“That mint cupcake was amazing,” he said. Penelope couldn’t help but smile.

You eyed Hotch, so far, it was Emily and Spencer that had picked yours, and Morgan, JJ and Rossi had picked Penelope’s. Your reputation as a baker was riding on making this a tied competition. “What about you Hotch?”

“I’ve gott go with the lemon bar,” he said, taking a final bite. “So who won?”

Penelope smiled, happy with a tie considering you were the baker. “You fuckers! We tied!” A round of laughter sounded throughout the apartment. “I made the raspberry cupcakes, the blueberry cookies and the lemon bars and I just now realized all of my pics had fruit. And my babe made the coconut bars, the mint cupcakes, and the Twix cookies.”

“You good with a tie?” she asked, kissing you on the cheek as you snarked at her. 

With a fake sigh, you leaned into her and kissed her on the cheek. “Yea, I guess I can share the spotlight with my beautiful girlfriend. If you decide at any point you don’t wanna work for the BAU anymore, you can totally come work with me.”

“Now that we’re not competing anymore, I do wanna try one of those raspberry cupcakes,” she said, leaning over you and grabbing one. She took a bite and closed her eyes. “Oh my god, this is amazing…you win.”

“Right?” Emily exclaimed. “I’m stealing another one to have tonight with a cup of milk.”

“You absolutely need to bake for us more often,” Hotch laughed, reaching for another lemon bar.

You know, for the past year I’ve had to remind myself that I’m not 28. Today it’s official, I’m 28 but maybe for kicks I should remind myself to feel 27. It only seems fair.

Today I was treated to spending the whole day with the dearest, got to hold a super chill newborn baby (born yesterday, yaaas) and saw Wonder Woman. Despite the crappy weather that makes my nose tickle, I am content.

Also someone commented on First Date and that just made my morning/day. 👌🏻

In the future, I’m so going to write drabbles about Cullen and Kaeran in that verse. ❤️🦇

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tbh to add to that, i just love kids so much and they're all so precious just imagine trying to wash them and they're like ' HECK NO! I-I CAN WASH MYSELF! " - #blushy ace tbh angrily washing himself bcs he's tsun , he wont admit he actually wanted help with being washed. just imagine having to help them dry off their hair in the towels, specially luffy bcs he's a dork cinnamon roll and probs wouldnt know how to properly dry it off, so sometimes his pillow would end up a bit damp due to it X'D

also luffy as blunt as he is would probably like poke you and be like ’ WHAT DOES IT HAVE INSIDE? IS IT LIKE A BALLOON?! WHY DOESNT IT INFLATE?!! “ , while sabo and ace are just sighing , facepalming and blushing like hell. sabo probs has to give him a lesson about it lmao. # wouldnt even be mad at luffy, like its fine, the kid’s curious. children are just precious af x’D

also also! could you imagine asl boys taking their s.o to meet garp and garp’s like ’ how did he fool you now? there is no way he could acquire such a pretty little thing as yourself! ”“ are you giving them trouble, boy? i’ll wipe you to the floor if you are!! ” like. rip the boys tbh. or him telling the s.o embarrassing stories about them. XD

tbh i can only imagine ace flinching whenever they’d go to pat him or something & then he’d get all grump grumpy ;-;

agreed luffy is small bab who is too curious for his own good yo


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omg could u do the ideal type for arashi, mika, keito and tsukasa tysm i love ur blog

of course ! here they are, ideal type headcanons for these lovely boys ♥ - mod mademoiselle

Tsukasa :

  • he likes mature and elegant people, both in terms of personality and looks !
  • he’s drawn to people who have a refined aura and tastes, just like he does
  • prefers people older than him
  • so weak for clever people, nothing makes him melt more than an intellectual who shares his passion for literature !
  • he likes to be pampered but also wants to be seen as a gentleman, so he needs someone who would dote on him but still see him as an equal !
  • this boy wants someone pretty dominant yet gentle and caring

Arashi : 

  • he loves people with a cute side ! no matter if they try to keep it hidden or not, he just wants to get cute reactions out of them !
  • he’s pretty dominant in regards to flirting, so he wants someone who’d follow his lead !
  • since he loves teasing, he wants someone easily-flustered… there’s nothing he likes more than people getting all blushy and squirming because of him !
  • this boy has a thing for innocent and sensitive people
  • he absolutely wants someone who shares his passion of make-up and fashion ! besides he can give nice advice~

Mika :

  • he doesn’t care much about looks, personality is more important to him !
  • this boy desperately needs a kind, compassionate and supportive soul in his life…
  • he’d fall for someone who understands him, cares about him and stays by his side. that’s it, he doesn’t really need more !
  • caring people make him melt, there’s nothing cuter to him than someone who’s genuinely worried about the people around them
  • bonus points if they have a nice sense of humor ! 
  • and if they can bake sweets, that’s it, they’re his soulmate !

Keito :

  • honestly, he never really thought about his ideal type before
  • he wouldn’t like someone who’s too rebellious or free-spirited…
  • but he wouldn’t like someone too straight-minded or serious either ! so his ideal type has to be a bit of both~
  • well-read people who are curious and want to learn more things are his weakness. makes him want to talk with them for hours !
  • he also has a thing for quick-witted and funny people !
  • he’d definitely fall for someone who’d tease him, as weird as it may seem. he won’t show it though, so they’d better be ready for endless sermons !
Simple Cooking Tips

I do some basic cooking now and then, and while I consider myself a novice, I’ve compiled some basic approaches you might like to know about.

Inspired by sleepynegress and her post here.

  1. OIL: I typically use oil over butter, margarine, or any kind of spray. For juicy baked chicken breast (skinless), brush both sides with olive oil. It also helps the seasoning stay on. This works for potatoes, too.
    Note: Olive oil adds a specific flavor to a dish. Depending on the brand, vegetable oil can too. Canola and sunflower oils tend not to add anything.
  2. STICKING: Bake everything on parchment paper. From brownies to meat to homemade granola, the food won’t stick and clean up is easier. If you’re worried about the shape of a cake, use a spray liberally and then rub it over the bottom and sides of your pan with a paper towel.
  3. EGGS: Eggs are an amazing source of protein, especially when trying to eat healthy. Each one is about 80 calories on its own. Milk doesn’t really make eggs fluffier. Skip it for fewer calories. Skip cheese in favor of spices to lower the count further.
  4. SALT: Salt, or the lack thereof, is often the reason your food doesn’t quite taste right. Check spice mixes for salt. If they have it, you may not need to add more to your dish. If you need the salt, wait until the end to add it. Homemade soups often need a lot of salt. I like to use capers in pasta dishes instead of adding salt directly. Note: You should always salt the water before cooking pasta or boiling potatoes. (Thanks to sneetchstar for reminding me.)
  5. SPICY: Cayenne pepper is a perfect spice to add heat to any dish without worrying about flavor clashes. I always put it in ramen and other soups. Additionally, find a favorite hot sauce or two (Sriracha is great, but there are a lot of other delicious options out there). I tend not to cook directly with hot sauce, as the dish can end up tasting sour. Dry spices are better for that in my opinion. Hot sauce is perfect for application after you’re done cooking (especially on eggs!)
  6. DESSERTS: If baking is a bit intimidating, start with boxed brownies or cakes. The instructions are way easier than any equivalent online recipe. You can also dress up the end product with icing, fruit, sprinkles, etc. If you don’t have a lot of time, pre-made stuff like Pillsbury and those cookie logs you just cut and bake are great ways to make it seem like you put in a lot of effort. Note: Coffee extract is a fantastic thing to add to brownie mixes.
  7. SWEET: Frying sweet potatoes, plantains, or butternut squash in oil with sprinkled-on brown sugar and a little lime juice is amazing. Try a pinch of salt on the plantains too or cinnamon on the sweet potatoes. Pecans can be a nice addition, and they add protein.
  8. FUTURE: If you eat a lot of pasta, make a whole box at once and then reheat the noodles for dishes across the next few days. Parmesan cheese is a must.
  9. INGREDIENTS: Keep some of your favorite add-ons around. Nuts, sprinkles, capers, dried fruit, spices, brown sugar, tortillas, etc. You never know when you might want to use them. For nuts, it’s nice to have a little grinder to break them into bake-able pieces. For tortillas, keep them refrigerated after you open the bag, and they’ll last much longer.
  10. FROZEN: There’s no shame in buying frozen veggies if you can’t eat the fresh stuff fast enough before it goes bad (or you just don’t have the time/energy for all that prep). I love frozen carrots and Brussels sprouts, along with latkes and meat substitutes. There are more and more healthy options in the frozen aisle, just make sure you read the box.
  11. HEAT: You can actually cook a lot of things on high heat, esp. in a larger pan or on the smaller burner. Just be vigilant and turn down the heat if it looks like your food is going to burn or it’s cooking too fast on the outsides. Chickpeas become flying projectiles on high heat, so avoid that.
  12. MICROWAVE: There are a ton of things that are great when made in the microwave, and if you have low energy or time, it’s a life saver. Reheating noodles, leftover rice, pre-made food, etc. still results in food that tastes good, is hot, and contains no fewer nutrients than with other cooking methods.

Don’t forget to taste your food as you go!


Thanks Steven

(I think he said what I heard)

Well, let’s get baking!

Also I had figured that they’d be using the purple yam to colour the cake

That looks amazing. Although it would’ve been nice to have the baking scene a little longer to show how important it is when you need to roll it. I think technically it needs to be rolled twice? One to get the shape, then two to roll it back after putting the cream on.

Drunk Texting Cas

Originally posted by cgstiel

Pairing: CasxReader
Word count: Unknown
Warnings: None
Author: Mel

Y/N - Cas, did it hurt?
Cas- Did what hurt?  Many things on earth hurt. You may need to be more specific.
Y/N - when you fell from heaven.
Cas - that is not a pleasant thing to have happen Y/N.
Y/N- Are those space pants Cas?
Cas - They are the same pants I am always wearing. why?
Y/N - cuz your ass is out of this world.
Cas- .. I do not understand what is happening.
Y/N - was your dad a baker?
Cas - God is my father Y/N, you already know this. I am an angel of the Lord after all.
Y/N - cuz you have a nice set of buns.
Cas - Why are we now speaking about baked goods?
Y/N - Are you a keyboard?
Cas - I am an angel…
Y/N-  cuz you are just my type.
Cas - I am growing very confused with this conversation. I’m going to ask Dean what is happening.
Y/N - CAS!!??
Cas - Dean says you are intoxicated and thinks you are very interested in me sexually. He also finds this very amusing. I’m afraid he might asphyxiate if he continues to laugh this hard..
Y/N - I’m going to go die of embarrassment in the corner now thanks cas…
Cas - I don’t think that is truly possible, but if it is, I can always bring you back to life. :)

How to make your own Hag Stone

I was originally going to call this “how to make your own Faerie Sight Stone” but since not everyone works with the Fae, I figured I would make this a multipurpose magical item. Besides, Hag Stones are used to see the Fae.

Hag Stones are also used to protection and healing

Also I have no idea why I wanted to make a Faerie sight stone myself when I don’t even work with the Fae, but hey, I was feeling creative.

Hag Stones, also known as Witch Stones, Holey Stones, Odin Stones and Adder Stones, are stones found near beaches or moving bodies of water that have a natural hole in them. Hag Stones are used for a number of magical uses.

Healing: Hag Stones are believed to heal disease if worn around the neck, It’s also believed that it can ease physical pain if rubbed over a wound or sore joint.

 Protection: Hag Stones can protect against negative energy and can be hanged over a door or window in order to protect a home. You can also hang one over your bed to protect from nightmares.

Fae Sight: Looking through the hole of a Hag Stone allows you to see the Fae Folk.

Obviously a naturally formed Hag Stone will be more magically affective for these uses, but not everyone lives near places where these stones form. Which is why I came up with this self made Hag Stone.

What you will need:

Clay: Any clay that can harden nice. Some people use clay that will have to be baked. I use epoxy clay that air cures

Herbs: Herbs associated with healing, protection, or Fae. These herbs will be worked into the clay. I used Thyme, Mistletoe, and Rose Petals.

Crafting paint

A paint or resin sealer spray

Step 1:

Gather your clay and work into a ball (or balls if you are making more then one.

Flatten the balls into discs and take some of your herbs. fold the herbs into the clay and begin working it in. Be careful not to add too much or the clay with crumble apart. I didn’t actually take a picture of this first step, but you can see the bits of herb poking through the clay.

Once the herbs are well incorporated, work back into balls, and flatten into discs again. use a pencil or straw to poke a hole into the middle. it doesn’t have to be dead center. Remember you want them to look natural. 

Step 2:

Once the clay is completely cured, give the stones a nice thick coat of brown paint. You might have to give them several coats before it looks completely filled in.

Use different brushes and tools to platter other natural colors to give it more depth. I used a lighter brown, grey, white, and black paint. 

To blend the colors together a bit more, go over the stones with a super water downed white. 

Finally spray the stones with a glass paint or resin sealer to give them a nice polished look.

And there you go! Your very own Hag Stone!

Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 2

The idea of Charlotte and Flora being friends GIVES ME SO MUCH LIFE AHHHH. And WOW F!Kamui’s voice in here is super cute. 

This track was considerably easier since Odin and Niles weren’t here. Both of them have a bit of a slur when they talk, like most ‘rougher’ anime men and some women do. Xander and Leo are fairly articulate because of their royal upbringing, and Laslow… isn’t rough. 


Audio by @sahdmadhi HERE.

the ending of this one killed me XD

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One of my closest friends died recently.

She was seventeen years old, going on eighteen. Her name was Park Hyejin, and she lives in Korea. She had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, she had cute curly short hair, and she was the funniest, nicest, sweetest, the most loving person I’ve ever met in my lifetime. And today, she died. 

She was really sick when she was little. I got to meet her at Children’s Hospital in Korea while I was there as well. Her and I have very similar names, and she treated me like her younger sister. 

“I’ve always wanted a younger sister," she used to say as she brushed my hair on those hard, bothersome hospital bed. "I’ve always wanted one to pamper and take care of." 

She was only a year older than me but she was like an adult. Even at young age, she was mature, sweet, gentle, and loving. She was like a family to me. We relied on each other a lot through therapies and surgeries. 

When I told her I was going to move to Canada, she looked at me with those pretty eyes and smiled at me. I cried a lot because I didn’t want to leave her, I cried because I would miss all the funny stories she told me, I cried because I didn’t want to leave part of myself there. Alone. But instead of complaining like I did, she told me that she’s happy for me. She told me she will wait for me to be successful and then we can buy big houses with dogs and cats and have nice flowers in the yard and bake cookies everyday. She told me she will become a doctor and she will work very hard, and she promised me she will come to University in Canada so she can study with me. Right before I left, she gave me her earrings. She tole me those were her favourite pair but she wanted me to have it because she loved me lots. She told me she will never forget me and I should do the same. She told me to wear the earrings at all times and I promised I will. In return, I gave her my ring that I absolutely loved. We promised each other, even pinky promised, to meet again and to live together like our dreams were. 

But today, all that dream that I had built up crashed.

It vanished inside me and tore me apart. 

And I can’t do anything but to sit here and cry.

She was the one that told me to never say goodbye, because goodbye is a sad word to say. Instead, she told me to smile and say "see you later,” because that means we can meet again someday.

But today it’s a goodbye.

There’s no more later.

She’s gone. 

She was finally okay and she went on a trip to Jaejudo from her highschool, but then the ferry sank.

I cannot do anything but to shiver in fear she would have been in. I can’t do anything. I can’t. 

When her mother called me tonight to tell me that she is no longer with us, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t hear anything. I had this thin strand of hope that made me at least pray for her wellbeing after hearing that the ferry sank, but at that moment, everything just stopped.

I miss her.

I miss her so much, I do.

I don’t even know how to end this post anymore. 

She was too young, too hopeful, too beautiful for death to take her away. 

I hope I can see her again.

At least one last time in my dreams tonight. 

And I hope she became an angel like she was down here. 

I miss her. 

So fucking much. 

R.I.P. 박혜진 1996 06 21 ~ 2014 04 19

미안해 언니 사랑해 보고싶어 언니… 

Coldflash Coffeeshop

This is an AU that I once planned to turn into a whole fic, but never got around to.

Len is a retired thief that companies hire (occasionally with Lisa and/or Mick) to test their security for very hefty sums. Barry works as the baker at his coffee shop (he’s the owner), where he makes the best, most scientifically perfect pastries known to man. He’s also human sunshine personified and Len is more than willing to fly too close to the sun.

Len was not what one would call a “morning person.” In fact, this early in the morning Lisa would say he was barely a person at all. Yet, here he was on the tail end of another insomnia-ridden night, standing with the rest of the early-bird zombies in line for a large dose of caffeine and maybe a scone. Or two. Or five. 

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anonymous asked:

How would the monsters + muffet and grillby feel about an s/o or friend that loves baking?


Oh, cool. He thinks it’s neat, because he’s been trying out baking himself, on his own time. It’d be nice to have someone to actually bake stuff with. Maybe you two can swap recipes or something.


Well, he much prefers cooking to baking, but he still enjoys the fact that you do it very much so! Because what better accompaniment to his World Famous Spaghetti, than his dear friend’s (Almost-But-Not-Quite-As-Famous) Delicious Baked Dishes?! Both Sans & Undyne thank you immensely for your addition to the meals, since it’s really the only edible part of the meal.


YOU CAN BAKE?? Well, show her what you’ve got, then, punk! She wants you to whip up your best product right then & there, so she can judge it herself. It doesn’t matter what you make, really, she’s gonna (low-key) love it.


Wow, she didn’t know you were good at baking! That’s really cool…she’s never been very good in the kitchen herself, which is why she eats take-out a lot. It’s nice to have someone make her actual dishes every now & then, though she will eat them amidst a lot of apologies & excuses for why you shouldn’t waste your baking skills on her.


Why, dearie, that’s wonderful! Maybe you can assist her in running her pastry shop sometime. She’d love to see what you have to offer up in terms of skills & recipes. It’s a bit disappointing to her that most of what you make is sans spiders, but it’s still pretty good nonetheless.


Baking, huh? That’s interesting. He’s more of a cooker & drink-mixer, so it’s refreshing to get a change in taste every now & then. He likes to have you make some baked goods for him to sell at the counter, of course giving you all the profits for your services.