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Voltron Headcanons
  • Galra!Keith purrs (mostly when Lance pets his hair) 
  • Lance doesn’t really care if someone insults/mocks him, but when someone goes after any of the other paladins or Allura or Coran, he goes batshit crazy
  • If Shiro has a nightmare or an anxiety/PTSD attack, everyone immediately goes to cuddle him and make sure he’s okay 
  • Pidge’s glasses tint into sunglasses when they stand in the sun
  • Hunk stays up late making lunches for everyone 
  • Keith trims his eyebrows with one of his many knives
  • Pidge sometimes hacks into the other paladins’ computer systems when they’re pissed off or they just want to mess around
  • Lance’s role model is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Hunk does water aerobics
  • Keith is obsessed with reality TV shows and reacts out loud (sometimes he’ll say “oh, this oughta be good” or “damn straight, Karen” or something like that) 
  • Shiro secretly teaches yoga to the paladins when Allura isn’t around
  • Coran uses his “slipperies” to clean the castle even though Allura thinks it’s disgusting
  • Pidge and Lance binge Marvel movies 
  • Hunk and Keith bond over their shared taste in smooth, classical jazz 
    • Keith is the only person in the castle that knows Hunk can do a perfect 12-bar solo on the tenor saxophone
    • Hunk made a fedora out of old scrap fabric and gave it to Keith as a sarcastic, ironic birthday present and forces him to wear it when they play
  • Shiro and Pidge have NERF gun fights 
  • Lance once binged ATLA for so long that when he came out of his room he tried water-bending
  • Pidge can perfectly rap Guns and Ships at twice the normal speed 
  • Allura is fascinated by Earth culture and just humans in general after an incident where Lance mentioned all the alien conspiracy videos he used to watch and how he can prove them wrong in one sentence
  • Coran learned how to dab and he does it all the time unironically 
    • Lance dabbed once. Keith held a knife to his throat and now he has to fight the urge
    • Pidge dislocated their soldier dabbing 
  • Shiro says “kids these days” and “you little whippersnappers” whenever someone calls him “space dad” or “daddy” 
  • Allura lets Keith braid her hair 
I’m the type of girlfriend to have a nerf gun fight with you. The type to chase you around the kitchen with icing in my hand to put it on your face. The type to slow dance with you. The type to build a fort. I’m the type of girlfriend to be silly and romantic & I hope I find that with someone one day.
—  skrewsociety
Richonne One Shots Chapter 27: Coma Conclusion, a Walking Dead FanFiction
The end to the Coma series. Thanks to @enjoi16 for the beautiful prompt and to all the readers who encouraged me to continue. I hope you enjoy!

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The monitors beeped lowly in the background, their rhythmic sound oddly comforting in the stark, white room. Michonne shifted slightly, stretching. The hand in hers flexed around her fingers.

“You ok, baby?” Rick blinked blearily at her, smiling.

“I’m fine,” she assured him, dropping a kiss on her hand.

“Still comfortable?” he sat up, straightening in his chair.

Michonne grinned at him. His curly hair, longer now, was mussed and disorderly, and he had a crease on his face from sleeping against her bedsheets. She reached out, smoothing his hair. “Rick, I promise I’m fine.”

“Nothing’s changed?” he squinted at the monitors. She’d given him a crash course last week, at his insistence.

“She’ll get here when she gets here,” Michonne promised again.

Rick exhaled heavily, searching his phone. “Want to call Dre and Carl?”

Michonne glanced at the clock. “They should be in bed by now.”

Rick cut his eyes at her, a smile tugging at his lips. “You and I both know that’s not happening. Your mom is a pushover with them.”

She laughed lightly. “You’re right.” Assuredly, both of their boys were up in bed, reading comics with a flashlight.

“I’m going to text them,” Rick punched amateurishly at his phone. Michonne watched in amusement.

“Here, hon,” she coaxed it out of his hand. Rick readily relinquished it. “Come here,” she instructed.

Rick crawled in bed next to her, pulling a face once he saw he intention. Michonne leaned against his shoulder, smiling widely as she snapped the picture.

“Perfect,” Rick voiced his approval as the text whooshed away, heading to Carl’s phone. Their response came back quickly. Just as Michonne suspected, Carl and Dre had constructed a blanket fort in the living room and were sprawled atop their comic book collection. Rick chuckled at the photo before settling down again beside Michonne, staring at her thoughtfully.

“What is it?” she asked, flushing under his heated gaze.

“This is where I first saw you,” he smiled at the thought. “Except it was me in the bed.”

Michonne’s face split into a smile. “You scared the hell out of me when you woke up. I’d gotten so used to you being quiet.”

“Only when I’m sleeping,” he kissed her, cupping her chin in his hand. “You were doing all of the talking back then.”

Michonne shrugged, her mind back on that time years ago, “You were a great listener. Still are.” Rick did his best listening in bed, rubbing her back as she spoke, his chin tucked to her shoulder.

“I could hear you, you know,” Rick looked thoughtful, his hand coming to cover her stomach. “Sometimes, when I’m asleep, I dream about you talking to me.”

“What do I say?” Michonne questioned quietly.

“That you love me,” Rick kissed her again. Michonne blushed.

“I do,” she confirmed.

“I know,” he replied cheekily. “I love you too.”

They were interrupted by the arrival of a nurse. She bustled about, checking the monitors.

“She’s taking her time,” the nurse announced brightly. “Maybe she’s asleep.”

“She takes after her dad, then,” Michonne ribbed lightly. Rick grinned.

“How do we wake her up?” he asked, reaching for Michonne’s hand.

“Maybe a little walk will help,” the nurse chirped.

Rick’s arm was looped around her waist as he navigated them down the halls of the maternity ward. Michonne leaned gratefully against him.

“Are you ready for this?” she asked him. “We’re going to be outnumbered.” Her mind wandered back to the boys at home. The days of waking up to a quiet house were long gone, the fruits of a custody battle with both of their exes. Now, during the week, she woke up to three testosterone-filled boys bouncing around almost constantly. Dre and Carl were a force to be reckoned with, tearing through the rooms having lightsaber fights and shooting nerf guns, often accompanied by Rick. Michonne did not miss the quiet. She much preferred a full house.

“I’ve been ready,” Rick patted her baby bump. “I’m trying to build an army here.”

“Oh?” she turned to him, smirking. “Who’s giving birth to this army?”

Rick shrugged. “If you carry them, I’ll take care of them once they get out here in the real world.”

Michonne laughed. “Deal.”

“Yeah?” he looked delighted at the mere thought.

“Let’s get this one out first, then we can talk about it.” Michonne paused, a contraction rolling through her. They were getting closer together.

“Is it time?” Rick asked, his grip on her tightening.

“I think so,” Michonne answered, smiling.


“I want to see her!” Dre bounced excitedly around the bed, clamoring to get up.

“Hold on, Dre,” Carl grabbed his brother, expertly giving him a boost. Both boys leaned over the bed, craning over Michonne.

“Boys, one second,” Rick pulled them back. “Sit down here,” he instructed. Both of them dutifully lowered themselves into the chairs around the bed. “Remember what we talked about?”

“Hold the head up!” Dre’s voice was too loud, the tell-tell sign that he was over excited.

“What else?” Rick prompted, amused.

“Don’t yell around the baby,” Carl recited, shooting Dre a pointed look.

“Right,” Dre lowered his voice to a loud whisper.

“Ok,” Rick stood up, shooting Michonne a look over his shoulder. She grinned back. “Who’s first?”

“Dre can go first,” Carl volunteered charitably, smiling at Michonne. Michonne blew him a kiss.

Rick took the infant from her arms, carefully transferring the baby into Dre’s grasp. Carl leaned over immediately to look at her.

“She’s so pretty,” he grinned, his hand gently tracing the baby’s features.

“She looks like mom,” Rick agreed, sitting down beside them.

“Hi Judith,” Dre crooned, attempting to rock his sister. “Hi…”

“We’re going to have so much fun,” Carl touched the dark curls on his sister’s head. “Dre and I picked out a bunch of toys for you.”

“I think you’ll like them,” Dre added.

Michonne watched, her eyes prickling, tears threatening to spill over. Rick noticed, glancing up at her. He waited until Judith had been transferred safely into Carl’s arms before returning to his wife. He crawled into bed beside her, draping his arm over her shoulder.

“I love you,” he whispered, wiping away her tears.

Michonne caught his lips in a kiss, disregarding the chorus of “ews” from their captive audience.

“I love you too,” she told Rick, smiling.

I may or may not have a headcanon that the Enterprise crew have nerf gun fights when Spock and Jim are off the ship.

The crew had planned and waited for the day that the Captain and First Officer were due at a Starbase for an annual Starfleet meeting. As soon as they had transported off the ship, the off-duty crew members dug under their beds and in their closets for the nerf guns they had replicated in secret. The game was wild. Every officer had known about it for months, all except the Captain and Mr Spock, who everyone feared would think it unprofessional for experienced Starfleet officers to engage in such childish games. You had just come off a double shift in the medbay and heard the game from outside your quarters.

I’m so tired, I’ll play tomorrow, you thought as you got into bed.

Then you could have sworn you heard your door beep. You rolled over and frowned, waiting for it to come again. It didn’t. You put your head down again when…


You bolted upright.

“Jesus Christ, come in!” you shouted.

The last person you expected to enter your quarters with a bloody nose and nerf gun was the chief engineer, Montgomery Scott.

“Scotty? What in the-”

He groaned and collapsed against the wall next to your door.

“What the hell happened?”

“Everyone got a little… enthusiastic,” he grinned.

“I’ll say.”

Being a medical officer, you had a first aid kit in your quarters and immediately tended to Scotty’s injuries. With one hand on the back of his neck, you held a cloth to his face with the other.

“Sorry for the haste, I needed a place to hide. Mr. Sulu was coming round the corner and he’s a damn good shot.”

“That’s OK, it looks like I got the better end of the deal anyways,” you said, looking him over.

“I wouldn’t say that,” he said, eyes following your hands.

“Oh! Sorry,” you dropped your hands, embarrassed.

“No, it’s alright. I kinda liked it.”

You tenderly placed your hand on his neck again.

“I think a ceasefire might be a good idea,” you said in an attempt to break the silence.

He laughed, then regretted it, bringing a hand up to his ribs.

“Let me take a look at that. Take off your shirt.”

“Usually I like to get to know a girl a little more…”

“Take it off. Doctor’s orders.”

He did as he was told and you checked for broken ribs.

“Scotty! Come out come out wherever you are!” Sulu’s voice sounded from around the corner.

Scotty lunged for his nerf gun, then doubled over in pain.

“Let me,” you said, grabbing it instead, slinking outside your room and down the corridor.

You saw only a shadow approaching your position and saw a glint of yellow in the reflective surface of the computer panel above you. Assuming it was Sulu, you unleashed a full clip of nerf bullets into the figure approaching you. With a jolt of horror, you realised it was not Sulu, but the Captain! You stood there in the middle of the hall, in your pajamas, holding a nerf gun, having emptied it onto him. You both stared open-mouthed at each other, lost for words. Someone behind you snickered, then you couldn’t hold in your laughter anymore, then Jim was laughing, then everyone was.

The Captain always insisted on joining in the battles after that. Mr Spock was a different story. 

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Then there's Chase babysitting Schneep's kids and Schneep comes home to find his living room reduced to a freakin war zone due to Chase and the kids having a pillow fight and playing with nerf guns while using the furniture as shields. Chase just stares at him like *shit we fucked up*. Schneep looks kinda mad and "*takes a deep breath* Chase we talked about this." then he freakin takes a pillow and throws it at him full force "YOU CAN'T HAVE A PILLOW FIGHT WITHOUT ME." and the war continues


Hoseok Scenario: Adventure Time.

Request: Hi lovelies! My request is Hoseok when me and Hoseok and our 2 children(1 boy 1 girl) have these nerf guns(I think that’s what it is called?!) and we have a nerf gun fight! Super fluffy plz! This will be so cute!!! Thank you! 

Genre: Fluff / Family

Laying on your stomach in the graveyard wasn’t exactly your idea of comfort, but you’d do it all for the sake of the team. You giggled behind the bush and pressed your left index finger over your lips, signaling Seungho to stay quiet because you were just about to scare the life out of his father.

Your four years old son looked as delighted as he’d been when Hoseok walked into the house that sunny Saturday afternoon with four nerf guns and the promise of a lot of fun. Well, you were having fun, and Seungho next to you was having a blast “hunting” his father and older sister.

To keep things equally, you’d paired up with Seungho and Hoseok with Hyuna, which was a nice balance, the guns were blue for your team and red for theirs. You were alert because Hyuna was a smart girl and you suspected she had at least a plan, but you couldn’t yet guess it.

You heard a branch being crushed not so far away, or maybe it were just leaves. Seungho looked at you with a devilish smile, waiting for your next order since you’d told him to follow you, he was grabbing your shirt with one hand and his bright blue gun with the other. You could see he was restless, wanting to just jump into action, but even if your garden was not the widest one among the country, it still had enough space and hideouts. You needed to find Hoseok first.

–Just a second Ho, just a little more… – you murmured softly to him and Seungho nodded eagerly, he looked a lot like his father in the cute way he bounced his head and smiled, it made you notice just how much Seungho had grown to look like Hoseok. –remember, when you see them go straight at Hyuna, I’ll cover you from your father –

You knew you didn’t need to tell him that twice, even if Seungho loved Hyuna a lot, he liked to mess around with her even more.

–Deal – Seungho giggled and shook your hand, getting into position. Maybe Hoseok and Hyuna were hiding behind the playhouse at one side of the garden, that or behind the tree at the corner.

Suddenly you saw the spark of a braid bouncing, and you smiled because Hyuna was definitely behind the tree, so that left no other place for her father to be than behind the playhouse. You supposed they were looking for you as well and it was just a matter of time for them to come out since the two of them weren’t really the most patient or quiet ones.

Hyuna took the first tentative step forward, surely commanded by her father, she looked to both sides and you saw Hoseok’s face peeking behind the corner of the playhouse. This was oh so easy, you got them in sight so you accommodated yourself into a crouching position and pulled at Seungho’s shirt right when his sister took another step further from the tree.

–Now Ho! – Seungho jumped at your voice and ran forward, you stood up from the ground, Hyuna screamed, Hoseok jumped on his spot and the war begun.

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Some HC’s about the G8 (+Prussia, Canada, Seborga, and Romano)

~He’s got an entire map where the only things on it are the routes to every McDonald’s in the country.
~His accent changes every day. It goes from Southern to Midwest to Jersey and so on.
~He isn’t France and England’s child, He’s Norway and Denmark’s- and he knows it.
~He’s naturally an ash blonde- not a butter blonde. He dyes his hair to look like England and France.
~His food actually isn’t half bad when he focuses on what he’s doing. When he actually cares about what he’s cooking, it’s top nootch.
~He and his siblings have the most hilarious sibling fights. They usually involve cake, Nerf guns, lots of yelling in Gaelic, and water balloons.
~He raised Seborga, Romano at one point, Monaco, Canada, Germany for a little bit, and America for about a week. His only regret was not enforcing a rule about manners with America.
~He brings macarons to World Meetings so the tired nations can have a sugar rush.
~ He loves Christmas so much that he still has his house decorated in February.
~He has a Bichon Frise dog that he promised he would love, since Lakia broke him,- he’s owned it for 5 years now and he loves it to death.
~ He likes having his hair down but it’s annoying when it flops all around when you do stuff, so hence the ponytail.
~ He still babies all of the younger Asian countries, he never wanted them to grow up.
~He fosters kids who study abroad in his country.

~He owns a small army of small dogs, and he loves them all.
~He has to pet every dog that is being walked when out and about or he would lose all composure and feel disappointed in himself.
~He knows where Japan hides his hentai stash.
~He is actually really smart- maths and sciences wise. He cans solve an AP Calculus level equation without looking at a calculator.
~He’s very so-so about physical affection. On some days he’ll be craving any physical affection from anyone, on other days he would rather be locked up in an asylum than get any physical affection.
~He is an awkward bean and needs an instruction manual on how to be social.
~Even though he does it alot, he hates swearing. He doesn’t swear around his big and little brothers as much as everyone thinks.
~He’s a good older brother to Vene, but a bratty little brother to Seborga. He hATES being the middle child.
~His first kiss was with France and it was when he was physically 19 pass it on.
~He needs constant reassurance that he is a good brother, because his “I am awesome” act has gotten to make him think that he only does that to cover up his own bullshit.
~He has needed to replace Gillbird many times, He is now on Gillbird XVIII, and has a mini cemetery of all his other Gillbirds.
~He’s the oldest, and gets annoyed when people say he’s the youngest.
~He is a good big brother to Vene and Roma, but he only got to see them for the first time after they all were independent countries.
~He teases Romano about how actually adorable he is when he acts like an asshole to everyone, because he knows that that entire facade is fake.

I want to sit on the kitchen counter with you at 3 in the morning in our underwear eating ice cream and talking about the universe

I want to slow dance around the kitchen with only the light from the refrigerator to guide us

I want to stay up all night watching tv and giggling and headbanging to 80s music and talking and laughing and having midnight snacks and just enjoying each other’s company

I want to bake cookies with you and throw flour on you and put cookie dough on your nose and then end up eating all of the dough before we even get around to baking them

I want to lay on the grass under the stars with you cuddling and losing track of time

I want to go on adventures with you

I want to go with you to amusement parks and to abandoned houses and to playgrounds and I want to take you ice skating or roller blading or anywhere, as long as you want to go

I want to build blanket and pillow forts with you and play dress up

I want to watch movies with you and mute the tv and improvise the dialogue

I want to have snowball fights and paper airplane wars and pillow fights and nerf gun fights with you

I want to climb onto trees and onto to roofs of churches or anywhere else you may want to climb

I want to walk around town holding hands with you, and give a big fuck you to anyone who has a problem with it

I want to carve our names into trees and benches together

I want to buy you cute gifts and write you cute notes and poems and do cute things for you and make you laugh and make you smile

I want to hug you and kiss you all the time

I want to hold you when you’re down and be held by you when I am

I want to talk to you about our pasts and our regrets and the memories, both good and bad, and about our present, and about our hopes and dreams for the future

I want you. I want every part of you, and I want to do everything imaginable with you.

I love you more than anything and I would give the world just to see a smile on your face.

—  k.d.

i can’t wait to hold you. i can’t wait to have someone like you in my life.. i can’t wait to make you make feel like you’re the universe and the star in the night sky that shines the brightest. i can’t wait to love you every part of you even the parts you hate and so desperately try to hide ill love it all. i can’t wait to have water gun fights and nerf wars. i can’t wait okay? I can’t wait to have this type of love with you.


Prompt: You live with Wade Wilson and Peter Parker. One day Peter brings some of the Avengers to his place to discuss with him in private about maybe joining the team. Only to find you and Wade dressed up as Captain America and Iron Man having a fight with nerf guns and water balloons. 

Warnings: None

Pairing: Peter x Reader, Deadpool x Reader and some of the Avengers

This is such a funny request like I could actually picture Wade doing something like this haha

It was his idea!

Wade and you decided to have a bit of fun, since Peter is out and he wouldn’t be able to stop you. Wade is dressed up as the star spangled man with a plan, Captain America. And you were dressed as the one and only Iron Man. Each of you had your side of the room, with a basket full of water balloons. Nerf guns at the ready. 

“FIRE!” Wade yelled at the top of his lungs. Throwing a water balloon your way. You managed to duck, it smashed off the nearby wall instead of your face. 

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Is it to much to ask for a boyfriend who will love me and hug me when I’m reading fanfiction and it gets stressful and will watch Netflix and cuddle but also take me on midnight adventures and kiss me in the dark and be a goofball and have nerf gun fights and build pillow forts and bring me chocolate while I’m on my period. Is that too much to want.

but guys I don’t think we talk enough about some of the shenanigans Tadashi, Hiro, GoGo, Honey, Fred, and Wasabi would’ve gotten into before the fire. just imagine this for a sec

  • playing soccer outside SFIT together, Hiro and GoGo are team captains
  • cramming onto the crowded cable cars together in order to get around San Fransokyo
  • going to the movies but everyone wants to see something different and Fred ends up smuggling in tons of candy, stealing everyone’s 3D glasses on the way out
  • Honey takes them all to the mall and they have to follow her around all her girly stores
  • nerf gun fights inside SFIT   until Callaghan gets ticked
  • Cass recruiting them all to work at the café for a day and it’s utter chaos
  • Hiro staying at the nerd lab helping the gang pull all-nighters
  • Wasabi taking them all to the library and constantly trying to keep Hiro and Fred quiet
  • GoGo and Tadashi trying to teach them all how to ride a moped
  • just getting into all sorts of trouble as a wacky group of friends

Really been thinking about Switchblade to Fakehaus au so I’ve kinda spun off from what @hausofgreene has laid out and puked this monster. probably write more on it eventually but here for now:

  • They leave town and move to a big city for a fresh start but are immediately caught off guard by how expensive this kind of life is
  • They end up renting out of a tiny apartment that’s way too small for seven young men, even when they are all so comfortable with one another
  • Bc they up and left most of them don’t have funding from families anymore so college is out of the question. Before they all graduated bruce took a couple semesters at a tech college for mechanics and has become pretty good with automotive repair. He gets a job at a garage but it doesn’t pay well (if his paycheck ever comes at all tbh)
  • James, Sean, and Matt are Professionals at the five-finger-discount so it’s not much of a jump to petty theft and pick pocketing
  • Once, when the landlord was getting ready to kick them out, Sean got scared and desperate and mugged someone, pulled his blade on them and made away with almost three hundred in cash. He doesn’t tell adam where he got the money but he realizes quickly it’s a good way to make cash fast.
  • Joel begins to use his old contacts to move coke on a large scale. He’s not great at deals but that’s where matt and sean come in. again they try not to tell adam.
  • James is pretty much lost. As much as he hated school and his parents, he realizes that without constant pressure on him to excel at school or baseball he isn’t really good at anything. He gets into a lot of scrap fights outside of bars and gets arrested for fighting twice in the first six months
  • A year out and they’re almost completely out of money. They all try to hold odd jobs but it’s just not enough and Lawrence is sitting in a park one afternoon panhandling for change when he watches a couple kids have a nerf gun fight. It gives him an idea and the next night he and james saw off the orange tips of some of their old airsoft guns and they hold up a convenience store. They get 3k in cash and throw a party with real food and the good booze.
  • It’s james who brings up the idea of going serious. The city isn’t free of crime and none of them are exactly angels so joel and lawrence do some research and get them some real weapons and they’re off
  • They expect adam to stop them but he gave up, got quiet, got cold months ago.
  • He figures the only way to keep them all together, to keep them all sane, is to go a little crazy himself. he and bruce make a terrifying team against some local, small-time gangs.
  • Adam remains mother-hen, however. He patches them up when they get cut or grazed by police bullets and he and joel manage the budget so they never have to get desperate.
  • After two months of dodging around the city, doing small jobs, and really pushing drugs into new markets (see: suburban areas near schools) they make it onto the Fake AH Crew’s radar
  • Fake AH feels them out for a while before taking them under their wing. They become FakeHaus and the city has never seen such a well-oiled team.