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top fifteen rucas episodes (as voted by my followers) ☼ number one 

girl meets ski lodge part 2 (3x09) - i choose you riley, and i really want you to choose me. i do. i always did. 


“ my closest relationship is with my blackberry, thank god it vibrates! ”
“ when i was a kid, most of the advice that my dad gave me was crap. ”
“ there you have it, folks. young love. ”
“ valentine’s day was a massacre in chicago where lots of people were killed. ”
“ i don’t feel comfortable taking my shirt off in public. ”
“ love is the only shocking act left on the planet. ”
“ if you’re ever with a guy/girl that’s too good for you, marry him/her. ”
“ i shut down my playerness from new years to st. patty’s day. ”
“ i need happy, i need romantic, i need love, and i need it from you. ”
“ i would crawl over cut glass to take you to the winter formal. ”
“ dude, he’s from indiana. they only celebrate love your cousin day. ”
“ did you even consider marrying me? ”
“ when you ask a girl to marry you, do you want her to just consider it? ”
“ then there’s the whole thing with my parents’ horrible… ”
“ oh don’t tell me, that’ll take the fun out of guessing. ”
“ i can’t stand the idea of some jerk hurting her, i just can’t. i can’t. ”
“ what’s the greatest love song of all time? ”
“ i’ve never had an inkling before. i wasn’t sure what to do with it. ”
“ what do you do with the flowers? ”
“ you don’t step in to love, you fall in. ”
“ apparently everyone and their mother felt that way but nobody had the guts to tell me. ”
“ have you ever seen someone fall head over heels in love? it’s ugly, bro. ”
“ love doesn’t exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people. ”
“ unfortunately, the truth makes everything else seem like a lie. ”
“ it’s not about defiance, it’s about what a man will do for love. ”
“ that is a really weird way to talk to your boss. ”
“ this is the busiest day of the year for phone sex. ”
“ you know, i’d like to say yes. but… i don’t know if i can afford it. ”
“ when you love someone, you love all of them… ”

some doodle-y warmups of @cat-pun‘s Ophelia (drawn with minimal reference forgive me)

Can’t Help Falling In Love - Dan Howell Fluff

REQUESTED: No, but I feel in the fluffy mood, thus this exists.

WARNINGS: Cotton candy sweet

SUMMARY: It’s your first Valentine's Day together, and Dan wants to pull out all the stops to impress you.

NOTES: So, I was kind of listening to the twenty one pilots cover of Can’t Help Falling In Love and that’s where this came from basically.

Also, I watched the Pastel Dan and Phil video and now have hobbit hair feels, so I incorporated that in there too.

Hope you enjoy, and have a lovely Valentine’s Day folks <3

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                                                               i would rather kiss the ground than kiss a starless sky.


Dear trans males-
I hope you had an amazing day!!! If not, let’s hope for better tomorrow!! I want to let you know that you shouldn’t think yourself as any less male than a cis male, and I think you look very handsome!! Stay safe and remember to love yourself guys!!

Dear trans females-
Holy you’re so gorgeous!! You girls are so powerful, no matter if you have long hair, short hair, makeup, boobs, etc, and I hope you know this!! I hope you have a wonderful day and don’t forget to slay tomorrow!!

Dear NB people-
You guys are so awesome!! You guys are so diverse- whether you have boobs, chest hair, long hair, no hair, etc! You all look so amazing at that!! Some have a badass-look, some have a flat-out adorable look, and you all rock it!! I hope you folks have a lovely, caring day!!

Keep doing what you doing!! Remember that there’s always someone who cares about you, I definitely do! Whether I know you or not, you all are still amazing people and I hope everything works out for all of you!!

Hello, hello !

Small reminder that I wish for people to not crop and repost any of my artworks (especially and even more so if you do not put any credit on them or crop out my signature). You can reblog them from my page but please, no reposting them….I’d be very grateful to you…

This is just a small reminder because I’ve been told and I’ve seen some people do so and I’m not really comfortable with people doing this… Really sorry to have to post something like this but as an artist, crediting the artwork you post is extremely important…

So this is a friendly reminder that I wish people to not crop and post my artwork but you can all reblog from my page as the majority of you are doing ! ;))

I hope you’ll have a lovely day or evening folks !

Going to texas today…. & it’s my first time on a plane? Nice???? Bit anxious about the flight, but I think the excitement will over run it

Have a lovely day folks ✌❤️


5:39 am
It was pretty hard to wake up today, but I did it.
6:51 am
My mom caught me writing and asked to see it so I had to cut it short. I don’t like people reading my stuff in front of me. We did Zumba at the gym today, and I have found a new love for that cardio 💕 it was right up my alley, being an ex dancer and all. Now it’s time to eat some breakfast and shower, I got a chiropractor appointment today because my shoulder is all kinds of fucked up and it pulls my hip and causes pain. Have a lovely day folks 💕
9:55 am
Chiropractic care is seriously the way to go, my chiro takes 40.00 of my money to give me 5 minutes of his time. The downside, if you fuck up, it could end in paralysis…
However, whenever I visit him, it makes me feel better and my hip no longer hurts… Thank the lord.
I’m very sad to announce that my abdomen is larger than my bust, that kinda sucks… but i guess that’s a sign that I need to start taking this seriously.
Here we go.
2:47 pm
We went dress shopping for the wedding, my mom, my sisters and me. And trying on dresses always makes me feel bad about myself because I always look fat, or I look like a ten year old kid.. I finally settled on this black dress that looked AMAZING on my younger sister, and made me look half decent… great.
3:23 pm
I wanna name my baby boy Finn… I really like that name 💕
11:41 pm
Well, the first ten minutes of work sucked ass, I got a table who tipped me 0.91 on their 40.00 bill. Thank you for making me pay to serve you, always a pleasure. However, it did get a little better throughout the night…
I’m super excited for this weekend, I hope it goes as planned.
I wanted sex again tonight, which is weird… I never want it. But all I wanted was to be given it from behind. It’s messed. But, lack of sleep and no protection is a hell of a bad way to stop that.
That’s all for today, goodnight my dolls 💕

Things I ate today:
Lactose Free Vanilla Yogurt
Breakfast Shake
Special K Cereal (The one with the Yogurt and fruit)
Cucumber wrap with spinach 🥒
Two eggs 🍳 on top of two pieces of toast
Ambrosia apple
Fiber 1 bar

Butt: 42.1 inches
Bust: 35.4 inches
Thigh: 25.3 inches
Arm: 12.5 inches
Abdomen: 38.5 inches
Weight: 180 lbs

I have loved Sheriff Dad Noah Stilinski since day one. I’ve always been afraid to make a sheriff account because I’m a 20-year-old female and Noah is not. There’s a distinct lack of parents in the rp community, though, and let’s be real. These kids need some supervision. I wasn’t sure my muse for Sheriff Dad would last 2 days, let alone 2 weeks and stronger than ever. I’ve slowly found his voice and while I do think I have a lot to learn about my middle-aged son, I think that I’m starting to understand him a bit more. 

There have been a few very important people that have truly helped me with Sheriff Dad and I’ve become quite close to on the sheriff blog. CALLOUT POST,  SoN. Without further adieu… 

Them buddies: 

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without a doubt, one of the best parts of being a larry shipper is the overwhelming amount of..



painfully adorable, 

fan art.


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“I’ll be here in the morning” One of the most beautifully written songs by my favorite songwriter #townesvanzandt I hope you guys enjoy and are having an awesome day. I love you all world~rs #songwriter #smile #love #art #folk #happy #instagood #instagram #life #north #oldies #river #tbt

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Zootopia / Robin Hood Fanfiction: Take A Stand chapter 14- A Single Spark

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge here AKA Crewefox with another chapter of TAKE A STAND thank you to everyone who liked, reblogged, followed, faved and reviewed the fic so far, you are all awesome. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the Fanfiction.net link…https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/14/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 14- A single spark.

Judy glanced at the three frightened mammals she was expected to put in handcuffs and then at back at Nick who just simply nodded at her as if he knew what she was about to do. Judy leaned her head towards the ZNN microphone and replied defiantly “I’m not sending these innocents mammals to jail.” This was her moment, she was taking a stand.

This caused an uproar from the media circus; all of them shouting questions at once like “Officer Hopps why are you neglecting your duties?” , “Officer Wilde are you agreeing with your partner on this?” and “Hopps are you a Trevor Moon supporter?”

Bastille’s voice then cut through the rabble as he almost snarled “May I remind you Hopps that if you refuse to arrest these suspects your superiors will have no choice but to suspend you.”

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