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Sirs, ma'ams, nonbinary pals, this is Angus. I'm a very capable boy and the world's greatest detective, and I feel it would be nice to maybe have a little more respect? What I'm trying to say is, Taako, sir, please give me my books back, not to be rude but anyone would see through this bullshiyjuhjjn

Transgender actress Alexis Arquette left out of Oscars' In Memoriam
Alexis Arquette, who had over 70 acting credits, died last September.
By ABC News

Lots went wrong at the Oscars this year. One mistake that Patricia Arquette called out right away: her sister, transgender actress Alexis Arquette, who died in September with more than 70 screen credits to her name, was not included in the Oscars’ annual “In Memoriam” segment. 

“I was really pissed off the academy left out my sister Alexis in the memoriam, because Alexis had a great body of work, but Alexis was one of very few trans artists that worked in the business,” she told ABC News.

“At a time when we have trans kids that can’t even go to the bathroom at school, you would think the academy would have a little bit more respect for a group of people that are murdered, and trans women of color are most likely to live in extreme poverty, making $800 a month, so I think the Oscars have a lot of learning to do.”

A lot of learning to do, indeed. 


It’s one of those things that gets written off as humorous when you watch a child entertainer try to redefine themselves, but it can be an intense identity crisis. I think in our modern society we have a much greater understanding of the importance of personal identity and how we see ourselves and I’m hoping that over time people latch onto the fact that this hurts people and they have a little more respect for something like that.

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Another tale about Steve's honorary mob membership, please? That was so good.

I have two asks like this so this one is going to be a flashback and the other will address what was asked specifically.  I’m so glad everyone liked that fill so much!


Steve really liked puzzles: crosswords and riddles and math.  He was good at them.  He was good at cyphers, too.  One of the doormen at the dancehall would hand him a slip of paper each week when he and Bucky went dancing; their orders for the week.   

Mostly, it was arranging pick ups and drop offs, a speakeasy placing an order and Steve communicating with the supplier to arrange delivery through Bucky, or taking empties back to the supplier for reuse.  They got a whole ten percent of anything they moved.  

Last month, they’d managed to pay rent and for all of Steve’s medicine with what they earned.  

Mostly, it was pick ups and drop offs.  Sometimes, it was collections.  This time, the note was for three collections: two speakeasies and one private purchaser.  

Steve groaned.  It was likely the private purchaser would cost them what they’d managed to save in the past couple of months on hospital bills for Bucky.  Private parties were never reasonable.   Speakeasies usually just forgot and were happy to pay for the trouble of providing some of the only liquor around.  Private parties were just entitled and angry.  


“What’ve we got?”  Bucky swaggered slow and loose beside Steve on their walk home from the dancehall.   

“Three house calls.  Two clean, one messy.”

Bucky tsked.  “Didn’t realize it was that late in the month.”  He smoothed a hand over his jaw; the last private collection had cracked one of his teeth and they’d only just gotten it fixed.  “We really gotta renegotiate our take on house calls, pal.” 

Steve nodded.  “Next month. We’ll have pulled the biggest numbers for six months straight by then and we’ll have something to bargain with.”

Bucky hummed.  “Just don’t make the deal without me there, ok? I’m your heavy, not theirs.”

Steve grinned, and tucked the week’s work into his pocket.  “Yeah, Buck.”

Listen. I’m not saying that “being kinky makes you queer.” I’m not saying that Straight people who are Into Weird Sex* belong in Pride or deserve a seat at our tables. Try putting your pitchforks down for a second and listening to what I’m actually saying, which is this:

BDSM, first and foremost, was and is an outlet for queer expression. Just as much as any music scene or art movement could be, this is our cultural inheritance. We built this. It’s ours. And neither am I saying that that means that LGBT+ people who aren’t kinky are somehow ~less queer,~ that’s ludicrous, but what I do think is that we all have a little responsibility toward it, to afford it a degree of respect, to set aside our reactionary impulses and stop scrubbing kink out of the queer spaces where any other queer expression should rightfully belong.

All of our time would be better spent, if we really do care about preserving and celebrating queer culture, by challenging the Straight people who find themselves in the scene and holding them accountable, making sure that they engage with this culture of ours respectfully and on our terms. And if you can’t do that, then at least have the decency to not do anything, because this actively pushing kink out to the margins is what made it vulnerable to Straight tourism in the first place. What you’re doing created the problem, and doing it more is going to make it worse, not solve it. Please.


* You know where the idea that BDSM is all Just About Weird Sex came from? It’s because it was gay. Like, super gay. And back in the day, everything that was gay was Just About Weird Sex. That thing where two men holding hands is Too Adult for children to witness? That thing where gay people Don’t Have Feelings, They’re Just Sexual Deviants? That was all the same thing, and the reason that perception of BDSM persists while other queer people are making gains is because respectability politicians made a scapegoat of it. “We’re not sexual deviants, they are. Attack those other queer people, instead.” That’s the tradition you’re choosing to carry on. You’ll forgive me for not being here for it.

OK not to go off but I’m a lil agitated.Yixing work increadibly hard just as hard if not harder than the other members.His schedule is very demanding even more than the other members as he’s required to constantly travel back and forth between china and korea (+ other countries incase of concerts). He give his 110% to EXO and even during his own solo promotions he constantly promotes EXO and mentions he’s so happy to be part of them. EXO don’t even remember to mention him during award shows when he isn’t there despite him being the only promotion EXO really gets in China. Yixing does not deserve fans that will suck up to how handsome he is or whever but fucking turn on him the second he chooses to take care of his own health and save himself from causing contraversay. Stop claiming this “we are one” bullshit if you don’t have atleast a little respect for Yixing. Yixing is an integral part of EXO an all korean EXO isn’t fucking better you nasties. 

If you disagree … Fuck off

more texts for you bitches [pt 2]

angsty af texts

[text]: I’m not talking about this with you anymore I am so mad
[text]: So you decide to treat me better AFTER you break up with me…yeah, no. Not gonna happen. Lay off.
[text]: FYI telling a person to calm down is about the LEAST productive thing one could do!
[text]: Do you seriously have that little respect for me?
[text]: You’re a piece of shit.
[text]: Take a hint – I want nothing to do with you.
[text]: I hate that bitch.
[text]: I don’t think this is how you treat someone you love
[text]: You have to take me back. Please.
[text]: I don’t like to leave loose ends and I realized I needed to live up to my own problems and insecurities.
[text]: It’s like you didn’t even realize what you said was immensely fucked up.
[text]: I also broke up with my [boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other] tonight
[text]: What does it say about my self-esteem if I continue this?
[text]: I just don’t really feel like being your secret.
[text]: I just feel like no matter what I say it’s not correct
[wrong number text]: I think I’m gonna break up with [your muse]…I’m done.
[wrong number text]: [Your muse] just pissed me off so much.

flirty af texts

[text] Well, let me fuck you while I make potatoes. It’s every girl’s dream.
[text]: I’m sorry I asked to make out with you last night
[text]: So you don’t remember asking if you could kiss me?
[text]: Is it gay if I had sex with a guy during a threesome?
[text]: You have to love more than my vagina to be boyfriend material
[text]: I get nervous saying so in person, but I thought you were pretty adorable
[text]: Good morning. It’s [your muse’s name], the cutie you met on Tinder.
[text]: If we’re both single by the time we’re 30, let’s elope.
[text]: You’re not single, are you?
[text]: I want to have sex in my car again before I put the car seat back in
[text]: Here’s an unsolicited pic of my tits, because you almost died last night.
[text]: Speaking of lightening speed, he ate me out while I was watching The Flash. If that’s not winning at life idk what is
[text]: Hey so I was thinking, would you like to grab a drink this weekend?
[text]: We just had sex in the shed while having a conversation about cheeseburgers…so that’s how my Thursday is going
[wrong number text]: Do you think [your muse] would say yes if I asked them out for drinks?
[wrong number text]: Holy crap [your muse] is fucking hot
[wrong number text]: To quote Rachel Green, [your muse] is so pretty, I could cry
[wrong number text]: I could never talk to [your muse] … [he/she/they] is so cute I’d be so embarrassed.

friendship af texts

[text]: You didn’t choose the taco life. The taco life chose you.
[text]: Your Snapchat story was solely footage of stray cats and whiskey shots
[text]: I’m eating pizza in the bathtub
[text]: I got high with a cute stranger. But [he/she/they] has a [boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other]. Sad.
[text]: Dude [he/she/they] must have been cute to get you to smoke with [him/her/them]!
[text]: If he’s into you and he’s got a girlfriend, what does that say about his character?
[text]: I’ve been out with this guy twice and no kiss!
[text]: I’ll eat brunch alone. No ones good enough when you’re not around
[text]: Anyone coming over I expect to be here by 8. There’s cake.
[text]: I’m masturdating. Going out alone! For fun.
[text]: Is it rude to send him a “Happy Birthday I Hope You Finally Get an STD” text?
[text]: Some guy tried to give me a high five out here and when I denied him he called me ugly
[text]: Please stop putting yourself down I hate when you talk badly about yourself
[text]: If you’re having problems, don’t worry about mine. You’re your own priority.
[text]: You should just dump [him/her/them] and move on.
[text]: I’ve had so many people in like the past week tell me they were closing on or saving for a house…I’m just like, have fun with that
[text]: You might have a house but I just spent hundreds of dollars on highlights so who’s really winning here
[text]: He was so cute, it was a shame it didn’t work out. I loved his face and his penis
[text]: You also look amazing in that pic I can’t stop looking at it lmao
[text]: As soon as I saw [he/she/they] asked me out for drinks, I was like aw fuck
[text]: Your mom is drunk at the bar

Svt as Dads // Joshua //

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  • Omg just imagine jisoo as a father
  • Just sit there with your eyes closed and imagine it
  • I can see him having lots of kids
  • Little girls to be specific
  • Okay but imagine all the cute lil outfits he’d get them
  • They would always be dressed up so freakin cute holy cow
  • Lots of cute lil dresses and bows and tiny shoes that matched perfectly
  • Literally his kids would be more well dressed than you
  • He’d take his cute lil family to church every Sunday
  • Most well behaved kids anyone will ever meet
  • How these small beans could sit pretty still and not talk all the time is a wonder
  • Like even I struggle sitting still that long
  • But after church like they’d do a Sunday outing and go out to lunch somewhere 
  • And his kids are so polite and respect everyone
  • Imagine him having a little boy
  • He’d be that kid that’s nice to everyone
  • Literally everyone
  • And everyone loves him
  • People were crushing on him in freakin elementary school
  • He would be so many kids first crush can you imagine
  • And like totally polite and respectful and handsome even in high school
  • The most gentle kid ever like dude
  • I feel like shuas kids wouldn’t be super sporty
  • But maybe one kid plays soccer or something
  • Not the best at it but it awful either
  • But shua would go to every single game
  • And try and help his kid practice as much as possible
  • Number 1 fan in the stands you feel
  • An extremely proud dad
  • Once his kids were a little older he’d introduce them to the wonderful world of Pokémon
  • And bam, weeb shua has created small weeb children I love it
  • Every Saturday morning they all squish onto the couch
  • Usually a kid sitting on his lap or like laying on his chest or something
  • And while they eat their breakfast they all watch Pokémon or something together
  • I’m dying omg can you guys imagine
  • Seriously tho shua would have the cutest family
  • And everyone would love each other so much
  • Watch one of his kids come out crazy tho
  • Like complete opposite
  • He’d be cool tho he’s dealt with everyone in svt he’s got this
  • Imagine his kids being best friends with jeonghans kids
  • Family get together with the other members of svt
  • I’m gonna cry oh my gosh can you imagine

// Scoups // Jeonghan // Joshua // Jun // Hoshi // Wonwoo // Woozi // DK // Mingyu // The8 // Seungkwan // Vernon // Dino //

how little respect must you have for your children to hit them? i feel like a lot of parents don’t really see their kids as human beings, but mounds of clay to shape to their liking, usually into an image of the parent.

When will kpop fans stop assuming an idol’s sexuality? Many of them have openly stated that they dislike it when fans do that, and that it makes them uncomfortable, so why can’t fans have at least a little bit of decency and respect their wishes? An individual’s sexuality isn’t something to joke about and take light of. It’s a serious and sensitive subject matter so stop labeling people when you don’t know the facts.

Can I just say...

I see a lot of people saying that the gay community ruined “shipping” because of the whole septiplier/tythan/whatever but, a lot of the time it isn’t actual gay people doing the shipping (at least not the ones who take it too far, anyway).

It’s people who fetishize and obsess over gay men (Or just the concept of being gay) and say things like “I’M SINNING” or “omg I’m so going to hell for drawing this.” But, in real life, don’t support gay people all that much. They just use the idea of two gay people to fangirl over, making gay people out to be hypersexual, pervy people.

On behalf of the gay community I just wanted to let you guys know, if you see this, though there probably are gay people who ship septiplier/tythan, from what I’ve seen and experienced, the hardcore shippers are mostly hetrosexual people who have little respect for the gay community. Please don’t think that because the ship is gay that we are the ones responsible for it. There are so many shippers I’ve encountered who say they don’t even support gay marriage but put gay characters (Or in this case, straight people who they obsess over) in overly sexual scenarios to make themselves feel good.

I just hope you don’t think it’s us creating the problem. I’m so tired of my sexuality being a tool for straight people to get off on.

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Chris wood is awesome

Okay, I doubt a lot of people will take the time to read this but I’ll say it anyway. What is wrong with the #Supergirl fandom? I’ve started watching the show only a few months back and (have been since) drowning in the depths of Tumblr and I must say I’ve been SO disappointed in some “fans”.

Come on, ship whoever the fxck you want, love them with all you got and say it to the world if you feel like it, but why spreading hatred for the other ships? There is a little thing called respect to have over the ones who think differently from you.

People may disagree but I like Mon-el. Here, I said it! Am I trying to force you to like him? No. I know the reasons I like him and you can hate him all you want! But please be smart enough to make the difference between the character and the actor. Although I don’t get the Mon-el hate that has spread over the internet no one can deny that Chris Wood is a great actor and the hate he gets is just so unjustified! The #VampireDiaries fandom (which I’m also a part of) has been so much more supportive of him back then, and he was playing a sociopathic maniac! (#KaiForever)

Chris is a human being with feelings and it’s so unfair that he’d get so much hate while doing his freaking job (and doing it pretty fucking good if you ask me)! He’s an actor, it’s what he does. Poor guy doesn’t write the character, he only plays it, and even then people find it in them to insult him? I even read somewhere that some had threatened him and some of the producers, I don’t know if it’s true but if it is : what the hell is wrong with you, people?

Keep it together for fuck’s sake! Mon-el isn’t real, you may not like him but have a little respect. Chris is real and he’s talented, if you don’t like him fine but that doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful to him.

He’s “awe” and “some” : suck it bitches! <3


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It is under all circumstances an advantage to be in full possession of one’s personality, otherwise the repressed elements will only crop up as a hindrance elsewhere, not just at some unimportant point, but at the very spot where we are most sensitive. If people can be educated to see the shadow-side of their nature clearly, it may be hoped that they will also learn to understand and love their fellow men better. A little less hypocrisy and a little more self-knowledge can only have good results in respect for our neighbour; for we are all too prone to transfer to our fellows the injustice and violence we inflict upon our own natures.
—  Two Essays on Analytical Psychology (Carl Jung, 1953)