have a little respect

So there’s these crazy-ass Jesus people on my campus that just stand around all day screaming at people, calling them “sluts” and “fags” and telling everybody and their grandmother that they’re “going to hell.”

As a hella queer Christian with a heaping dose of anger management issues, I take offense to that.

Look out Jesus-people, this “hell-bound” college queer has scripture memorized, gives absolutely zero fucks, and is coming for you. And I can guarantee that I can talk louder than you can shout.

genuinely how can you be friends with someone who sends people those kinds of messages to people? how can you possibly think someone like that is a good person.

like, if i have someone blocked/blacklisted it’s because i want nothing more to do with them and don’t want to think about them any more.

and they have such little respect for boundaries that they find ways past my blocks to send me anons?

how can you think someone like that is a good person and stay friends with them. it amazes me.


Just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect.

you cant fuck the peter lorre maggot. ditto on the peter lorre lamp from brave little toaster, the peter lorre fish, and any character that does an impersonation of peter lorre however briefly. discounting that the guy died in 1964 forgoddsakes, have a little respect, all his numerous incarnations are blatantly unfuckable by way of size, physiology and not existing in this universe. apparently one of the unspoken rules of animation is that anything can be peter lorre if it tries hard enough, but listen here amigo, ya still cant fuck it.

This Guy Caught A Fanged Spider With A Serious Rage Problem
Britain, be on alert: the giant arachnids are here, but it's not clear yet whether they want to consume or enslave us.
By Declan Cashin

I typically enjoy Buzzfeed.  This kind of crap annoys me though.  Why are you spreading misinformation and adding to “arachnophobia”?   Those are not “massive fangs”, they are his pedipalps- it’s what he uses to mate with females.  And he certainly wasn’t trying to attack anyone- probably just trying to flee.  

Nothing annoys me more than that “kill it with fire” bullshit too.  You have a large auidance, Buzzfeed, maybe spread a little respect for nature instead?

Le gasp. How dare I make a valid point at dismissing someone’s trans headcanon because it is in fact not canon and completely counters the entire purpose of the character. Golly gee Naoto from Persona 4 must be a man, and Sakura Oogami from Dangan Ronpa must be male too.

Seriously I am super supportive of trans people. But I am not for the headcanon that every tough as nails female character needs to automatically have her gender reversed or linked back to male because of it.
It’s equally as sexist as you folks are trying to make me out to be.

A little truth about sharks, from me to you.

Sharks kill fewer than 4 humans on average each year, while humans kill an estimated 100 million sharks annually. You’re more likely to be killed by a lightning strike, bee sting, falling coconut or falling vending machine than a shark bite.
Media hype feeds our irrational fear of sharks. In 2008, only 4 people out of the 6.5 billion people worldwide died as the result of a shark bite. During that same year, 793 people died due to bicycle accidents and 49 died due to dog bites.
Sharks are perceived to be vicious killers, but humans are not on the sharks’ menu.
Of the more than 500 species of sharks in the world, only 10 species have been reported to have attacked a human being.
There are 6.65 billion people in the world and in the past two years, only sharks killed a handful of those people.

Humans kill almost 25,000,000 times more sharks per year than sharks do humans. If we keep this out, we will make this wonderful species extinct for NO reason besides media hype. Shark bites aren’t even always an attack or self defense-they are merely trying to figure out what you are. Sharks aren’t hunting us: we’re hunting them.