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no offense but us cis women know nothing of miserable bullshit trans women have to face every day so have a little respect before you go running your mouth and targeting people who've had much harder lives than your privileged ass =)))

Yes. Privilege. Privilege like rape threats/death threats for disagreeing with men, actual rapes, being degraded for being fat/ugly/opinionated/non-consumable, being told that we’re only good for fucking and giving birth, being paid less than men, being murdered for refusing a man, being physically/sexually abused by our partners, and that’s not mentioning the stereotypes placed on women of color due to porn and a movie/comic/literature industry run by men. That privilege. Right.


Legacy Play - Generation 4 - Bartlett / Beck Family

Over in Newcrest Gina Beck was kissing her husband Braylon hello when her younger brother Duncan arrived and seemed impatient to get her attention.

Gina: Hello darling, so nice of you to greet me.

Braylon: Always ready for you my sexy woman.

Duncan: *cough* could you two uncouple for just a moment?!

Braylon: This is our house have a little respect!

Duncan: Well I’m sorry Braylon but I’m here to discuss my mother’s memorial with my sister. I happen to think that’s more important than you two locking lips!

Gina: Chill out little bro, we’ll sort this. You have my full attention now. 

I don’t care how you feel about Perrie or how much you love Zayn. If Zayn did cheat on Perrie it is disgusting and disappointing and if you find it amusing or support it then you are too.

seriously though is no one going to talk about how in episode 329 in Keroro Gunso; when Natsumi loses her bikini top and Keroro and Tamama start going over to her to tease her, Giroro goes in blindfolded to stop them.

let me repeat myself.

he goes in


Aha, accidentally on time for Kid’s birthday.

(read left to right)

Based on tofyuu’s idea!

headcanon based off the millions of doujins/fics where law happens to be the first doctor kid’s crew sends kid to whenever he gets injured, whereby killer shows up in the middle of the night at law’s submarine somehow with kid in tow all bloody and bruised

and law just kicks kid into the ocean with a deadpan face saying ‘salt water helps clean wounds’ 

(part 2)

okay so I don’t follow enough people on here to know exactly what’s going on (other than some middle-school level ship war) but I know a lot of good people got hurt and blogs have been deleted and that’s just not fuckin’ cool so

a lovely flowery Athena to everyone who’s been attacked over it, keep holdin’ on guys, and don’t let a few bad apples ruin your fun<3


black culture (especially our dances and ways of speech) and forms of self recognition created by black people are not inherently inclusive to other poc; when nonblack poc encroach upon black culture, it shows how little respect they have for black people as a whole.

About yongguk's tweets

It has been obvious that 1004 and where are you has not been yongguk’s style of music and i think he is merely just frustrated and people are just blowing things out of proportion. I feel  like yongguk is noticing that bap’s music and image is now based on public appeal instead of what needs to be said and fixed about this world. We all should just repect what he has to say and support him and bap instead of spewing hate and starting rumors

we’re not the “serial killer fandom”

we don’t bow down and worship the men we reblog/post about. we just find it fascinating. if you wanna call us something call us the “true crime community” and have a little respect. just because you dont share our interest doesn’t mean we’re sick and twisted lord almighty


I am absolutely disgusted. What the fuck is wrong with people? This was a memorial for innocent Americans that lost their lives to a senseless terrorist attack. If you’re so ridiculous that you feel the need to protest that, that’s fine. Go ahead and protest whatever you want. You don’t have any right to destroy someone else’s property. This display was cleared with the school and the fact that these assholes thought that they could destroy it anyway shows exactly how entitled they are.

I’m beyond pissed. Innocent people lost their lives. This isn’t a political statement. It’s about having a little fucking respect.

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