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The mad space wanderer who seemed to dwell in a blue box; he was nothing more than a fairytale among the children of Asgard. They knew him as a good-hearted but fearsome figure: “Go to bed, or the mad space wanderer will find you and take you away in his blue box!” Some children dreamed of being whisked away, some were terrified. Thor had been neither of this, because he, unlike them, had actually met the space wanderer.

“Doctor,” he said his name to himself with a smile. As he stood at the edge of the Bifrost, looking out at the stars, he spied the blue box hovering harmlessly some distance away. He wished that he could follow the Doctor to wherever he went; the wanderer had told him of so many places, so many impossible adventures, enough to fuel the imaginations of a young boy and made him long to have those adventures themselves.

“In time, young ones,” the Doctor had told him with a laugh. “You’ll have those adventures, no doubt. Earth and everything in between. In the future. And you will have the best and most loyal of friends.” He had grinned at both him and Loki, but Thor was too young at that time to notice the faltered grin when it had come to his brother. “Yes… in time. Don’t you worry.”

The blue box was nearly out of sight now. Thor knew that if he called out to him, the Doctor would answer, but he let him pass. He wasn’t a boy anymore now. He was the heir to the throne of Asgard. He had his responsibilities. But he would never stop believing in him, the mad space wanderer.

okay but tiny little things about sanvers dating and being cute honestly???

like imagine they’re just lying there on the couch watching bad netflix

alex has her legs draped across maggie’s, maggies fingers have been working into her calves for a few minutes now and it’s relaxing and somehow inherently domestic.

and alex just going,

“mags, you’ve got to change this horrible movie off, i don’t think i can take it.”

“danvers, watching fake lesbian sex with sad and depressing ends is a rite of passage, you’re just catching up late on it. ‘sides did you want me to stop?” 

and alex shakes her head because she doesn’t because no.

and it taking alex maybe a whole five minutes before she looks at maggie lazily.

“you’re not going to call me danvers in our wedding vows, are you?”

and maggie chokes.

she clearly recovers almost ten minutes later when she finally comes up with a response.

“hopefully on that day, i’ll get to call you sawyer.”

“you wish.”

‘Hi, hold on a second, I can’t hear you.’

Calum held up his finger at his bandmates as he left the dressing room, who nodded his exit. Pushing against the door with the side of his body, he held the phone tighter against his ear as he turned down the empty corridor. ‘Promise I’m not ignoring you, just trying to get outside. Signal’s absolute shit in here.’

His lips quirked up when he heard you mumble an affirmative response, muffled and crackly through the tinny speakers of his phone.

‘Well, obviously you can hear me,’ Calum said, amused. ‘Bet you’re doing this on purpose, making me run around and all that.’

He pushed open the arena door, opening out into a small courtyard, shielded with tall concrete walls. The potted shrubs sat drab and limp in the low sleepers, a little damp from the morning rain that had left the sky a dreary grey. Frozen for a moment, Calum stared at the potted plants, the smile on his face drooping a little.

‘Calum?’ you asked, finally able to be heard. ‘Are you still there?’

‘Yeah,’ he said, the word getting stuck in his throat. ‘‘M still here, sorry, I got distracted. There’s a… pot plant here.’

Calum could almost hear you furrow your eyebrows. ‘Pot plant?’ you asked, the confusion plain in your voice. ‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m… I think I’m in a courtyard,’ Calum said, seating himself on the edge of the sleeper, right next to the depressing plants. ‘And I think they made it just to add a garden to the arena, but it’s so bloody depressing. Like, there’s eight foot walls going all the way around and there’s this sad little pot plant here and… I can’t believe I ‘m feeling sad about a freaking plant.

‘And I’m mad at myself because you called me and I missed your call because I was at another interview and I swear I was going to call you back but I accidentally fell asleep in the dressing room and… god you have every right to hate me.’

He sighed, resting his face in one hand while the other held the phone against his ear. ‘Bet you have a million other things to do than listen to me rant about plants.’

‘Nope,’ you said. ‘I actually cleared out my schedule for this; 2pm to 3pm, listen to my insanely talented and gorgeous boyfriend have a meltdown over despondent plants.’

Calum laughed. ‘Don’t tease,’ he whined. ‘‘S not nice.’

‘You were crying about a potted plant, love.’

‘That’s in the past.’

‘It was barely a minute ago.’

‘You’re mean.’

‘And I love you,’ you shot back, and Calum could imagine you leaning back on your worn couch, maybe with the TV muted in the background and the curtains drawn shut. The thought brought a smile to Calum’s face, as he fiddled with a loose thread on the hem of his shirt.

‘I miss you,’ he mumbled into his phone. ‘Love you too. Can I call you properly after the show tonight? Then you can tell me about your day and I can complain about the dodgy cheeseburger I ate today.’

‘Sure thing, I’ll be waiting,’ you chirped. ‘And for the record, I could never hate you.’

Calum smiled. ‘I know.’

Police Chase

Jungcock smut for the drabble game (TURNED OUT TO BE A SCENARIO I APOLOGISE)

5. ‘Are you…scared?’

12. ‘Quick, hide!’

16. ‘Did you have fun last night?’

I need u/ Run au

@bangtanreactss gave me the idea for the i need u/run au, and helped me improve this etc. Thank youuu <3




Word count:1,945 (it’s not a drabble I’m sorry)

Originally posted by jikookwillruletheworld

Jungkook and you sat atop the black vehicle, enjoying the havoc you were creating. You didn’t have a single care in the world; all you wanted was to live a little. Jungkook’s elbow nudged your side, drawing your attention to him. He gave you a smug look as he held up a spray paint can, shaking it ever so slightly, holding it as if it were a prize. You nodded, knowing what you two were next going to do. The other boys- Taehyung, Jimin, Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi stood up, hopping over the sides of the pick up truck, Jin staying in the car.

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ankahikoibaat  asked:

Stormpilot + “Your voice is sexy.” - “Your ass is sexy.”

otp drabble challenge

They’ve got a very rare day off today, and somehow Jessika’s talked them into going off-base for drinks.

(”Oh, come on, Poe, I bet Finn and Rey have never gotten drunk before – they deserve to have a little fun!” And really, with Finn by his side fixing him with wide eager eyes, Poe couldn’t exactly say no.)

So they borrowed a ship and flew out to – well, only Jessika really knows where they are, and Poe, who’s figured it out. Finn and Rey are too excited to concern themselves with the details.

Things didn’t exactly go according to Jessika’s plan, though – they’re all back on the ship Rey pretty much passed out after two shots of Correlian brandy (after being adorably mesmerised by Jessika’s hair, which she’s worn down for once), and she’s stuck looking after her, because Rey’s decided that Jessika’s lap makes a comfy pillow.

Poe and Finn have an extra shot each in them. Finn’s so buzzed he’s talking a mile a minute and Poe, languishing on the floor with his head propped up on his hand and gazing up at Finn with a lovelorn smile, can only catch bits and pieces of what he’s saying.

“Your voice is sexy,” he says.

Finn, in the middle of recalling when he was thirteen and assigned to shadow a stormtrooper, stops. He blinks at Poe. “Your ass is sexy,” he replies.

(From the back, Jessika snorts.)

The smile on Poe’s face grows. “Yeah? Your smile is sexy,”

The heat rises to Finn’s face, and he gives Poe a goofy smile. “Your eyes are sexy.”

(Jessika rolls her eyes.)

Poe bites down on his bottom lip to keep his smile from splitting his face. “Everything you do is sexy, Finn.”

Jessika snorts, pulling a face. “Please get a room, you two,” she tells them. But of course, things aren’t going her way today – so of course Finn pretty much jumps on Poe, pinning the other man down with his body as his lips attack Poe’s. Jessika – who can’t move because she’s got a snoring Rey in her lap – groans very loudly. Why me?

B.A.P  Zelo ‘One of a Hundred Ways’

Anonymous asked:  Random affection Zelo! <3

A/N: I actually got a couple requests for this one. I’m sorry it came out kind of short but it’s extra, extra fluffy to make up for it, lol. I hope you enjoy. ^^

This is a drabble expansion on a reaction I wrote here


It was a little on the sappy side but you had something to prove. You had the sweetest most thoughtful boyfriend and he always seemed worried if he was doing right by you. Of course if you confronted him on it he’d get all awkward and deny any such thing. But you knew. It was in the way he’d call and apologize every day he was away on tour. Or he’d do something sweet like buy you flowers and then tentatively ask, “Are they okay?” Like the grin on your face wasn’t proof enough.

So you had to do small things randomly to let him know he was doing just fine. Today it was sneak up behind him and give him a back hug. Nestling your face between his shoulder blades you told him, “I’m so thankful to be with you.”

You felt every muscle tense under you and you worried you’d made a mistake. After a few seconds though he relaxed. Feeling the muscles in his spine move against your cheek you guessed he had bowed his head in that adorable way he does when he’s embarrassed.

“Really?” It came out a near whisper. A fraction of the volume you knew Junhong was capable of.

Releasing him from your embrace you moved to face him. You really tried not to smile at your tomato of a boyfriend but he was so cute. Even his ears were red. “Why would you doubt you’re the best thing that ever happened to me?”

It was almost like Junhong’s feelings couldn’t be contained by his body. His eyes sparkled, his grin reached his ears and he got fidgety like he didn’t know what to do with himself. So he settled on using his height to his advantage (which always amused him with you) and linked his arms around your waist, picking you up and spinning you around. Ever so slowly he let you inch down his body until your face was close to his. When your lips were within reach he kissed them sweetly and with gratitude. “I’m the one who should be thankful for you.”

“Are we gonna fight about this? You may be tall and have abs but I fight dirty.”

Laughing he set you down on your feet and kissed your nose. You lived for moments like these. Junhong had a tendency to worry and be pensive. Seeing him radiate unabashed joy, like he didn’t have a care in the world, meant everything to you. His happiness was your happiness. So sappy or not, you’d keep telling him how much you loved him in as many ways you could.

Dance with Me

Daryl Dixon Imagine

(I know this wasn’t the next drabble in line but it was half finished anyway and I kinda like it so I decided to finish it. :D)

You and Daryl have a little game going one. Then one day it’s finally your turn to win and make a wish. 

word count: 1691

“That was mine!”, I shouted as I saw the walker I was just going to put down fell before my feet. I glared at Daryl who just shrugged his shoulders and turned to take down another approaching walker.  
I too refocused on the three remaining ones approaching me from the other side of the street. I took two of them down before they were even close and took on the other one with my knife.
We both fought our way through them quickly heading back to our car. There were two more walkers approaching me from the left side and I decided to step out of my way to quickly put an end to their lives. I knew I could have easily dodged them but I was more than determined to win this round. From the corner of my eyes I saw Daryl heading towards another walker himself.
I took them down without any problems and reached the car seconds before Daryl. Behind us the street was covered in dead bodies. With a satisfied grin I looked at our work. A work of art if I might say so myself. The street was clear. We were both panting from the fight and took the moment of silence to catch a breath.

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Apodyopsis (Charles Xavier x reader)

Apodyopsis - act of mentally undressing someone

So yeah, my first drabble ever. Please don’t be harsh people :’)

               You remember meeting Charles as if it were yesterday. The man just oozed with this boyish charm that easily caught your heart. It’s been a few months now that you have been living in the Xavier mansion and the things started being a little more complicated. Long story short, you have fallen head over heels for Charles Xavier and you knew you were basically doomed to one-sided love.

You were lying in your bed going through the afternoon’s training over and over again. Charles touching your hand gently, encouraging you to do your best, locking his baby blue eyes with you, smiling happily… You sighed turning in your bed and hiding your face in the pillow just to scream silently.  Damn you, Charles Xavier, you life ruiner! On top of that, his today’s lilac V-neck sweater literally knocked you off your feet. It just suited him so well! You couldn’t help but steal glances of his neck, his chest, his stomach, his… STOP, you’re making things even worse. You furrowed your brows as Charles’ image couldn’t just leave your head. You took a deep breath as your mind took you further than you had actually wanted. You started pulling this damn sweater up in your head, revealing his slim body. You traced a finger down his collarbone admiring each and every milimetre of his pale skin. Your hand went down caressing his flat stomach and feeling his well-developed muscles. You smirked to yourself as you reached to his belt…

And then you heard someone clearing his throat. You jumped out of your bed squinting your eyes to see anything in darkness.

-          May I ask you what you are doing, love?


-          N-nothing – you stuttered trying to collect your thoughts. – What are YOU doing here in the middle of the night? Knocking would also be quite nice of you as well, Charles.

-          I knocked but you were in a different dimension, I believe – you heard a soft chuckle. – I tried to fall asleep but your mind is just so loud.

-          W-what do you mean? – your cheeks were literally on fire right now.

-          Basically, you were screaming, screaming in my mind. And the things I saw… - Charles lowered his voice sending shivers down your spine. – Well, I must admit they were quite enjoyable to witness.

You held your breath as you heard his wheelchair coming in your direction. You didn’t have to wait long to see his face and eyes investigating you thoroughly. Damn, you were completely screwed. He knew. You lost your closest friend just because of these silly feelings you had towards him.

Charles titled his head as his lips contorted into a crooked smile.

-          (Y/N), darling, would you please start breathing? I don’t want you to pass out in a moment like this.

-          I.. I mean… Yeah… I suppose so – you couldn’t look at him anymore so you averted your eyes to the wall behind him. – Charles… I… Darn it. I am so sorry. I know…

-          No, you don’t. You don’t know anything, love. Look at me, please.

You blinked but did as he asked.  His face had this serious look, which made you freeze in spot unable to do or say anything. In this very moment Charles reached to his shoulders and pulled his sweater off and threw it on the floor. You gasped as he took your hand and put it on his chest. You started caressing his skin just as you imagined but the feeling was different. You smiled softly when you heard his heart was beating as fast as yours.

-          The truth is, love, I adore you – Charles sounded pretty determined. – I don’t know if you accept a man that I am now, but I can promise I will do everything in my powers to make you happy. You made me your slave, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

You were not able to say a word. Instead, you chose to sit on his lap and hug him as tight as humanly possible. You breathed in his gentle scent of books and cologne. Then, you pulled away a bit and kissed him with all the passion that you have gathered since you met him. When you two broke off, neither of you could catch a breath. Charles put some of your hair behind your ear and cupped your cheek.

-          I take it as a yes – he said finally.

-          I have always belonged to you, Charles Xavier – you whispered.

-          So have I to you, love. Now… That being said, may I ask you for something?

-          Anything – you answered without hesitation and watched him smirk.

-          Before I came, your mind made a couple of interesting pictures. Care to explore the subject? – Charles winked making the butterflies in your belly even more restless.

-          I guess I can show you some pretty, little tricks, sir – you winked back and pecked him on a cheek.

-          That’s my girl.

[Late Night]

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

sorry guys, its one in the morning and I really need jimin. So I thought why not? Here yah go, my terrible little drabble or whatever. I have no idea. 

You laid in bed, pain shooting up your back, not allowing you to sleep. It was one in the morning and you had given up on the thought of sleep. Sighing you reached for your phone, quickly googling what would be the time where he was currently at. Eight in the morning, would he be awake? or would he be busy already? You groaned as you moved to your side, hoping the new position would ease the pain, but it had only had it worse. 

You had promised yourself to not bother him while since he was away, he already had hated the thought of leaving you for so long, calling him would make it worse on him. But frankly you needed him to make you feel better, muttering a ‘fuck it’ to the dark room you pressed the green button. The sound of it ringing filled your empty bedroom, it kept ringing, allowing the sense of disappointment make itself home, you sighed almost hanging up on the ignored called. “Hello? Y/n?” his angel voice called out for you, you heard worry fill his beautiful voice. “Jimin. You answered.” You smiled into the phone, not caring that he couldn’t see it. 

“Are you okay? What’s wrong? It’s one over there why are you still up?” Jimin buried you in questions. “I missed you.” You quietly muttered, hearing him softly laugh made your heart ache, how long had it been since you last heard his laugh? “Princess, I miss you too. What’s wrong?” he quickly asked when he heard you groan, the pain grew more intense, Jimin heard shuffling and guessed you had gotten back pain once again. 

Ever since the car accident last summer, you would randomly get these intensive back pain, those were the nights you regret not having gone to a doctor. “Is it one of those nights?” He asked, Jungkook’s voice was heard in the background, “Are you in practice?” you asked a wave of guilt ran through you. “It’s fine, Hoseok is just helping Namjoon and Yoongi hyung with the dance. Princess, you need to sleep. Did you take a pill?”  

You stood up from the bed, the feeling of someone punching you down your back welcomed you. “I will.” you informed him, you knew it was a mistake to call him only to worry him during practice. “Princess, want me to sing to you?” Jimin quietly asked you, you guessed because he was blushing and he didn’t want the boys hear him, knowing they would tease him all day. “Yes, please.” you answered his question, looking for the pain killers in the bathroom cabinets. 

Hearing the sound of doors closing, you guessed it was Jimin looking for a quiet room. Swallowing the single pill, following it with water, Jimin finally spoke, “Princess?” he called out hearing you grow quiet. “I’m here.” you answered, heading back to your bedroom. “Are you laying down?” he asked you, giving him a ‘mhm.’ in return. 

“Mmmm, mmmm, so this love, mmmm so this is love.” his soft voice began to sing, “So this is what makes life so divine, I’m all aglow, mmmmm.” your eyes fluttered shut at his voice. Jimin was aware of your love for disney and had learned all the songs he was able to pronounce correctly for you. Ignoring the pain that had caused you to stay awake, falling asleep to the sound Jimin singing. 

Did you know I can hear magic in wind chimes? Because I can, it’s when that small piece in the middle hits the metal and the world is brighter, more alive with its touches. Small notes siding on shrill, but they are perfect little sparks that float away as if free embers. 

There’s a spell woven in a puppy dog’s wagging tail, going quickly from side to side as big round eyes stare up at me as if I’m their whole world. 

Sometimes I am.

And sometimes I’m staring with my own wide eyes up at a blue, blue sky filled with clouds that are painted with swirls that pepper the horizon. Though I am about on a mile the ground and the mile between me and clouds seem like forever, I’m only a piece of this world. Nothing more, nothing less, but here all the same. 

There is magic in quiet streets where only leaves rustle behind me as I walk forward. And there is magic in not knowing where I’m going and there is magic in knowing exactly the same thing. 

It’s when the wind blows just right, coming from all sides and rushing at me. It swirls my hair, moves it in every direction, but I can still see, my eyes never covered. 

There’s a power in the breaths I take, that one single breath where I pause and don’t think. 

Magic is in this world, almost splitting at the seams wanting to be noticed and I see it. I hear it in each reverberated instance.

For it is only happiness I seek.  

King Hairy Uncle

Thorin, AKA “King Hairy Uncle,” spends quality time with his niece, Fili’s young daughter, while her mother is in labor, and assures the young child that her parents’ love will multiply, not divide

Request: increasinglyweird asked: I have a prompt, it’s kind of specific - and it ignores BOTFA because obviously. Thorin spending time with Fili’s young daughter while Fili’s wife is in labour with her little sister. Fluffy stuff, perhaps he could be telling her about Fili’s birth or something. For some reason my headcanon is that Fili would have daughters and they’d be as awesome as their dad. Feel free not to do it and/or change it to suit though :)

Author’s Note: I incorporated my headcanon for Thorin in this, and was also thinking about kayleighhalliday2203 and her drabble about Fili’s wife being pregnant with triplets. So this is for you, too, kayleighhalliday2203

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Title: Lovesong
Pairing: Reader x Dean
Theme Songs: Lovesong by Adele
Word Count: 950
Keywords: Fluff - Smut - Fluff

Author’s Note: Hey guys. Little Dean drabble I did a while back. It’s just very cute. Any feedback, tips or whatever is so welcome.

It was the greatest way of waking up. My dream just ended and I slowly had come back to the land of the living. Dean breathing softly and steady beside me. I used to have nightmares. But whenever I slept next to him my nightmares seemed to disappear.

I was laying on the soft mattress. Dean laid on his back beside me. I turned on my side and studied his features. His strong nose and his soft pink lips. His defining cheekbones. His long eyelashes. I just stared at him. Never growing tired of it.

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am young again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am fun again

I had been with Dean for quite some time. But I still looked at him like every time was the first time. He had helped me in so many ways. Helped me fight my demons. Though suddenly, I realized, I never officially thanked him for it.

I thought of those times when he thought too little of himself. When I got hurt in a hunt, even when it was hardly a scratch, he’d blame himself. I hated how he thought so little of himself when he was so amazing.

I laid my hand down between the two of us. Slightly touching his strong shoulder. I breathed out slowly. I wanted to memorize this moment for the rest of your life. The two of us just peacefully in your beds. On a simple, no hunting, day. On an easy going, sleeping in kind of day. I made small circles with your finger on Dean’s shoulder. This woke him.

He seemed to wake just as easy as I had done this morning. He blinked a few times before turning his head to me and smiling. ‘Morning.’ He said with his gruff and sleepy voice. His short blonde hair was messy. His big green eyes had a lot of sleep in them. I smiled to him and greeted him in the same way. Never stopping tracing circles on his shoulder. He moved to sit up and get out of bed, but I reached out and placed a hand on his chest.

‘Let’s just, stay in bed for a while longer.’ I said, pushing him gently back down. He smiled and nodded. Never breaking contact with my eyes. We lay there, for a few moments. Looking at each other and not saying anything. ‘Hey Dean.’ I said after a while. He hummed when I called out to him, and raised his eyebrows to me, wondering what was wrong. ‘You know I love you, right?’ I whispered to him.

His face turned from relaxed to scared. Afraid that something might be wrong. ‘Yeah of course I know, why?’ He was honestly terrified. It sounded rather more like something I would say on my last day. ‘What’s wrong?’ He pushed.

‘Nothing, nothing.’ I assured him, shaking your head slightly. ‘Nothing, really.’ I added. Shifting and moving a bit closer to him. ‘I just don’t think I say that enough.’ I smiled. This seemed to calm him down somehow.

He smiled ‘I love you too sweetie.’ He said with a gruff voice, still heavy with sleep. I replied with a smile as I started to think of a song. A song by Adele and it described my feelings exactly.

I pushed myself up and closer to him. ‘However far away.’ I started as I placed my hands on his bare chest. He looked surprised but didn’t seem to mind. ‘However long I stay, whatever words I say.’ I had swung my leg over him and was now sitting on top of him. His hands on my hips and my hands on his collarbones. I leaned down to him. Ever so close to him so the tips of our noses were touching. ‘I will always love you.’ I whispered before pressing a kiss so soft against his full lips. He smiled into.

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am free again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am clean again

I made sure my lips stayed connected with his. As I guided his hands to the hem of my night shirt and together we pulled it off over the top of my head.

He wrapped his hands around me and turned us around. So he was now on top of me. With just a little bit of struggle we rid ourselves of our underwear before returning to the kissing. I kissed every inch of him and he did the same with me.

I pushed him back and rolled him to his side of the bed. We had switched places again and I was on top of him again.

His erection pushing up against me and his hands around my breasts. I leaned down again my lips inches from his. ‘However far away’ my lips were brushing his as I spoke. ‘However long I stay.’ He smiled up to me. ‘Whatever words I say.’

‘I’ll always love you.’ He said the words before I could. Making me smile.

My hands had slid down along his chest and stomach. We kissed again, I tasted him, as I guided him inside of me and he filled me up entirely.

I moaned quietly to the feeling. He grinded his hips up into mine and at just a short pause I rested my forehead against his ‘I’ll always love you.’ I whispered.

i wanted to write a cute little oneshot drabble on the side bc i seem to be in a writing flow :3 from this list 
“Look we need to talk, I don’t know what kind of sex you’re having down there but I can always hear you through the walls. oh. that’s you playing video games? but you sound like you’re dying wtf” 

For just a second, Lucy falters.

But then another one of the sound drifts through the door in front of her: a series of groans and moans and hisses, accompanied by rhythmical thumping that suddenly ends in a long, drawn out cry that makes her flush with embarrassment.

And it is this sound that solidifies her resolve.

No. Enough is enough.

Her hand shoots upwards, decidedly punching in the little doorbell.

But when she hears footsteps approach from the other side, all her spur-of-the-moment bravery decides to abandon her. She considers making a run for it, but realizes it is too late now – the door knob is already being turned.

And so she stands, flushed, before a stranger’s door… about to lecture him on his lovemaking.

Why had she thought this was a good idea, again?

As the door swings open, it reveals the guilty evildoer himself. Lucy swallows.

Surprisingly, he does not look like he was just disturbed in the middle of wild, untamed, animalistic sex. The only evidence of a struggle is his messy hair, standing in all directions as if someone spent hours clawing at it.

He is wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, his green eyes following her curiously.

“Hi?” he asks more than greets, and she realizes she should have said something by now.

“L-listen-” she starts, trying to recall the angry rant she so meticuously prepared, but the words slip her mind. She could at least introduce herself before giving him hell, right? “Uh– Hi. I’m Lucy. I live above you.”

“Lucy who lives above me?” he echoes, raising his brows, “I’ve never seen you here before.”

“Well… if I’m not mistaken– excuse me, but you only moved in about a week ago, didn’t you?” Her voice turns desperate. This isn’t going the way she planned. He isn’t cowering at her knees, begging for forgiveness.

“Oh. Well, that explains.” He scratches his head and flashes her a sheepish grin.

Lucy stares at him in disbelief.

Who exactly is she dealing with, here?

Maybe if he wasn’t so cute, she’d be having an easier time. Her eyes widen at the thought, and they both blink at each other for an awkward moment.

“So…” her neighbour says, releasing her from the torture, “Did you bring cupcakes?”


“Or a cake. One of those obligatory welcome-to-the-neighbourhood treats. Oh, I’m Natsu by the way!”

“O-oh… that’s actually not why I’m here. Sorry.” Lucy shuffles, staring at her empty hands. How is she the inconsiderate one all of a sudden?

How can she bring up her complaint now?!

Natsu’s face falls, the corners of his mouth pulling down until his lower lip stands out like that of a child begging for their treat.

“Aw!” he complains, “And I just ate my last bag of chips!”

Who, exactly, did he think she was? Food delivery?!

Outrage rears its head in Lucy, and she holds onto it in hopes it will give her new determination.

“Look, we need to talk,” she flares up with new vigour, cutting short his self-pity party, “I don’t know what kind of sex you’re having down here but I can always hear you through the walls. So– so please control yourself!”

She yelps the last words, her face a bright red, and wishes the ground would swallow her whole.

Silence settles.

Natsu stares at her, his mouth opening and closing. And then, out of nowhere, he burts into loud, booming laughter that rings off the walls around them.

It does nothing to calm Lucy’s wildly beating heart.

She crosses her arms over her chest, trying not to cry in her desperation.

But before she can say anything, he cuts her short.

“I’m not having sex,” he says, almost giggling, “I’m playing video games.”

“Oh.” Wait, what? Lucy’s heart freezes as she processes the information. “What?! But you sound like you’re… dying!”

“I am dying! Because this game sucks!”

“Are you sure it’s not… you that sucks?”


For a second he looks genuinely hurt, and Lucy’s heart drops into her stomach. Way to introduce yourself to your new neighbour, Lucy, she scolds herself. At least it is an impression that would most likely last a lifetime… even if that currently is the last thing she wants, really.

Natsu looks like a puppy that’s been scolded a little too harshly, and she suppresses the urge to reach out and ruffle his hair.

Then, suddenly, a challenge blazes in his eyes, and he points a finger at her accusingly.

“Fight me!”

“W-what?!” Lucy stammers, until she presently realizes he does not intend to fight her physically. “You want me to come inside and play that hellish game that makes you sound like…” She falters, and attempts to replace her original thought. “…a hard-working lumberjack?”

Natsu snorts, his hand lowering.

“That’s exactly what I’m asking, Luigi,” he drawls, his eyes glinting mischievously as she blows her cheeks in protest. “If you dare.”

“Very well,” she snaps, marching inside as he steps to the side invitingly. “I’ll show you how to play a game. I’m not scared of anything!”

Exactly three seconds later she screams, a sound so high-pitched and instinctive that her heart jumps into her throat in the process.

“What the–” Natsu calls, sprinting around the corner only to immediately burst into another fit of laughter and snorting.

Lucy glares down at the blue ball of fur currently clinging to her thigh, busily trying to bite through the folds of her skirt.

“You almost gave me a heartattack, cat!” she hisses, and the criminal looks up at her with large, innocent eyes.

Behind her, she can hear Natsu gasping for air.

“You’re weird, you know.”

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” Harry explained, voice calm, and collected, still managing to look suave despite the bandage taped to the side of his face.

“So why’re you just showing your face now,” Eggsy sniped back, arms crossed and scowling. “You been on fucking holiday or something?”

“Why yes, actually,” Harry said, a sneaky little smirk stealing across his lips. “If I had rushed back on the first plane Merlin would have wanted my help shuttling all of those world leaders and V.I.P.s back to their homes. This way you and Roxy gained valuable experience, and I was unfortunately unable to help certain famous singers back to their homes.”

“Yeah, you made a real sacrifice.” Eggsy snorted, trying to cover up his relief and trying to hold himself together. They weren’t exactly in a private place, other Kingsman personnel had gathered by the landing pad when a helicopter had entered their airspace, and it was a minor miracle no one had stepped forward to infringe, though he was fairly positive they could hear them just fine.

“Still,” he continued, “it’s bloody good you came back now. I think the only thing Merlin’s sold so far is your creepy butterfly collection, always did think that shit was a bit mental.”

It took a moment but Harry’s face blanched, panic flickering in his eyes. “He wouldn’t.” The words were barely a whisper, but Eggsy heard them well enough, not even bothering to conceal his smirk.

“Wouldn’t he?”

He stood by as Harry took off toward the house, brushing past people he hadn’t seen in weeks, people who had drunk a toast in his honor when the dust had settled, knowing the older man was calculating the fastest route to Merlin’s office. Then he started back as well, mind already whirring with ideas for how to make up for lost time.

A little something that sparked from a convo with eisschirmchen earlier. I might expand on it later with more detail and stuff when I don’t have resbang things to work on. So for now, have this cute little drabble.

Set in my Fangirl AU.

Maka’s head bobbed to the music that played through the little buds, her foot tapping as it rested on the chair in front of her, and her fingers typed away at the story on her laptop. It was a typical Thursday afternoon for her. Her classes had ended early, her homework already done for the next day’s, and her little space in the library was nearly vacant. There was only one other person on the 3rd floor that she knew of, but he was on the other side in his own corner. That was how Kid preferred it as well as her.

Alone. In the quiet. With no one to bother either of them.

That is, unless it was Maka Albarn and her boyfriend had just gotten off work with two drinks from Deathbucks in his hands.

Hands pausing from click-clacking away, Maka stared at the orange-yellow mango black tea lemonade sitting beside her laptop that had been set down only moments before. She moved to take out her earbuds and watched as Soul sat down. His fluffy white hair bounced as he scooted his chair up, his own coffee resting in front of him, and dug out his iPod and earphones from his pocket. He tossed them both on the table and looked at her.

“What? You didn’t want that?”

“No,” she said as she lightly shook her head, “it isn’t that. I thought you were going out with Black Star to some concert or whatever tonight. Why are you at the library?”

“Dunno,” he shrugged. 

He plugged in his earphones to the jack on his phone and stuck one bud into each ear. It wasn’t until after he clicked on the playlist that he wanted that he finally said anything.

“Maybe I wanted to spend some time with my girlfriend than being pushed around at some lame concert.”

Maka smiled to herself as she put her own buds back in and went back to typing. Soul stretched out his arm along the table and rested his head on it. He closed his eyes while his other hand cupped around her knee and his thumb tapped out the beat he was listening to against her bare skin. They sat there in silence. Occasionally they would move to sip at their drinks, but they didn’t say a word to each other until they were walking back to her dorm room.

She knew he’d never admit it no matter how much she tried to draw it out of him, but he had really wanted to go to the concert that night.

Not Just A River In Egypt

marycontrary82‘s birthday is today, and she requested “Why do you have to be dating my best friend?”  (And before anyone asks, yes, there will be two more parts.)  This is a little too long for a drabble, but a little too short for a oneshot.  Happy Birthday, Mary, and thanks for being such a wonderful human being.

The first time Clarke met Bellamy, her heart sank into her stomach and she had no idea why.  He was waiting at a high-top table near the bar and she quickly picked him out of the crowd thanks to Raven’s oddly accurate description (dark hair and a face that will make you angry and horny at the same time).  He recognized her just as quickly and waved her over.  “Raven just texted–she got hung up at work, but she’s heading out soon.  I’m Bellamy, the not-boyfriend.”

“I figured.  Clarke, Raven’s best friend,” she replied.  Clarke was well aware of Raven’s tendency to downplay her relationships–she had not had an official boyfriend since Finn three years ago, something that rankled more than one guy vying for the position.  It didn’t seem to bother Bellamy though, which was a strong point in his favor.  They slipped into an easy conversation about his work and her art and by the time Raven wove her way through the crowd, Clarke had decided she was going to be talking to her friend about upgrading Bellamy from not-boyfriend to, at the very least, maybe-boyfriend.

“Sorry I’m late, dudes.  Wick was being a fucking moron and I had to fix it,” Raven explained, and Clarke’s heart did that funny swooping thing again when Bellamy pressed a kiss to Raven’s temple in hello.  “I see you two have met.”

Within minutes, Clarke’s mood had soured for no particular reason, but she forced herself to stay and make small talk with Raven and Bellamy.  He’s good for you, she texted Raven later.  You should consider letting this one stick around.

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A little drabble for my bunny!leo verse before class starts

Hakyeon has learned, over the course of living with Taekwoon, that rabbits, when they’re in the company of someone they totally trust, have a habit of sleeping like they’re dead.


Hakyeon first found Taekwoon flopped on his side and completely unmoving after about three months of living together and he’d completely freaked out, thinking Taekwoon was dead. He’d only found out Taekwoon had been sleeping when he scooped the tiny rabbit up in his hands to take him to the vet. Taekwoon had kicked Hakyeon’s hands (not that it hurt, considering how tiny Taekwoon was as a rabbit), and then flopped on his side in Hakyeon’s hands and Hakyeon had to stay that way until Taekwoon woke up about an hour later.

It’s less unnerving when Taekwoon’s doing it in his human or half-human form, but still weird nonetheless when Hakyeon looks up from his book and finds Taekwoon on his side, hands curled beside his head and legs just slightly folded, completely unmoving in the sun-lit square in front of the balcony door. Hakyeon’s seen it for 8 years but he still gets up quietly to check Taekwoon really isn’t dead, bending low enough to hear the light breathing. He sighs and gently cards his fingers through Taekwoon’s hair, mindful of the long ears at the top of his head, and smiles.

Taekwoon wakes up about an hour later, ears twitching before the rest of him, and he blinks his eyes slowly open. “Awake?” Hakyeon chuckles, hands coming up to tickle Taekwoon’s ears. Taekwoon curls slightly but leans into Hakyeon’s touch, blinking slowly. He takes a bit to wake up from his sleep and he reaches his hands into Hakyeon’s lap, hands larger than Hakyeon’s fumbling for something, and Hakyeon realizes he’s trying to crawl into his lap. “Woonie,” Hakyeon laughs, bending to kiss Taekwoon’s forehead. “You’re not a rabbit right now.”

Taekwoon looks up at him and blinks, and then he looks at his hands and a look of sleepy realization crosses his face. Hakyeon laughs again and pulls Taekwoon up so his head is resting on Hakyeon’s lap “The sun..” Taekwoon yawns, rubbing his nose on Hakyeon’s thigh. Some of his movements are decidedly leporine, and Hakyeon can’t get over how cute that is on someone as tall as Taekwoon.

Hakyeon looks over his shoulder, “Oh, I’m blocking it, huh.” He shifts, sliding just out of the way so he’s casting a shadow over Taekwoon’s face but not the rest of him, and Taekwoon makes a small, pleased noise in the back of his throat. It’s not long before he’s completely limp again, the twitching ears completely still and hands curled on top of Hakyeon’s legs. His cotton tail twitches, once, and Taekwoon’s completely asleep again. Hakyeon bends down again, to press his lips to Taekwoon’s nose.

Taekwoon doesn’t even flinch, just keeps on sleeping, and Hakyeon grins, leaning back on the balcony glass and carding his fingers through Taekwoon’s soft locks. It’s a warm, lazy Sunday afternoon.