have a happy birthday sunny

My dearest-dearest @myqueerass , I wish you a very happy birthday!! I hope you will have a splendid, beautiful and sunny day!!
Also I’ve come to the conclusion we really need to meet up again asap. Because damn, we really need to take more pictures together!! It’s simply outrageous that these are the only selfies we’ve taken together!! I mean, look at us!!!

Siriusly ha! though, I miss you so so so very much and I can’t wait to see you again and have those amazing conversations which make me feel I’m becoming smarter/broadening my mind by just listening to you!
You are an amazing and lovely friend and a wonderful person altogether! <3



Happy Sunny Day! Happy Birthday,  이순규

Sunny-ah, you have shown us that you excel in many ways. May it be doing aegyo or killing all of us with your sexiness. All your hard work has been seen by us and we know that great things will come along your way. We wish you all the best that you truly, truly deserve. Keep shining. Be happy, our one and only Aegyo Queen

anonymous asked:

Do you know the url of the person that submitted that cute gift art to you bc I wanna follow them but I dont see their url anywhere ;>;

it was submitted from an email so they probably don’t have tumblr ;v;

Anon:Hey Sunny, happy birthday! B) I noticed that, though you don’t seem to use it, your version of sai has a copic marker. Would you mind telling us its sets?

ahh I got that long ago, and yeah I can never find any use for it and doesn’t look much different from my regular marker either

(sometimes you see these cool brushes but then they look completely different on your SAI and not as good, idk why) here you go!