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“I love you!”

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I cannot tell you guys what I would do to be able to watch a TV series with Tim Drake, Jason Todd, and Dick Grayson as the main characters and the rest of the Batfam as the supporting characters. 

                                       (Opening Scene) 

The camera pans up from some fast walking dress shoes, showing the inside of a large building and the back of said man as he rushes toward                                                    the elevators. 

                                                (Male Extra) 
  Hurridly catches up to the other man, holding some files and a pen.
                          “Excuse me Mr. Wayne, but could you please sign–”

                  “Shh, Fredy,” Tim urges as he quickly signs the papers.

  The camera now follows the two men as they half jog to the elevators,                                          still not showing their faces.

“Don’t tell anyone you saw me,” Tim demands as he places the pen back                        on the stack of documents and enters the elevator.

         “You do know we have caffeine on the premises, don’t you sir?”  

         Finally turns around so we can see his face for the first time. 
        “That’s not coffee, Fredrick, we’ve had this discussion before.”

                                   The elevator doors close–

                                            (Cut Scene)

 –the camera zooms out of an old television playing Gotham News on                 mute, a song in Spanish plays softly in the background. 

As the camera moves, we are able to see disassembled guns left on the         coffee table, as well as some blood covered rags and first aid kit. 

A moment later, a phone rings, a man walks through, shirtless and wrapped neatly in white bandages before digging the cell out of the couch                                cushions and hitting ‘talk’.

            “Told ya, you’d regret it,” she speaks from the phone.

Huffs as he walks back to the kitchen, turning off the small radio that sits                 there before going back to the eggs he was cooking.

The camera circles him as he walks, before coming to show us the profile          of his face, phone smushed between his shoulder and ear. 

                              “Regret is for the living, Babs.”

                                            (Cut Scene) 

The camera pans away from an open window, quickly scanning over the        mess, clothes (including a police uniform) and dishes scattered among                                         the floor and coffee table. 

Before shifting upward to show us a man sprawled out on his couch, face                                smashed into the cushions. 

                    The static of a radio sounds an instant later.
                                 Startling the sleeping man.

             “Officer Grayson? … Officer Grayson are you there?”
        “Dick come in- damnit Dick you’re late for your shift again.”

Rolls off the couch, out of the frame, and falls to the floor, splashing milk from one of his many cereal bowls on himself, a spoon flies past the                                                                 camera. 

Groaning from the floor, his hand appears as he slaps around his coffee                                              table for his radio. 

                       Grabs the radio and pulls it off the table. 
                                    “Ten-four,” he rasps. 

The camera pans under the table so we can clearly see his disgruntled expression, Lucky Charms dripping from his black hair and to the carpet. 

                                 (Queue Theme Song)

[headcanon] batboys

Hi, thank you for sending in this request. The main reason why I never include Duke at all is because I am very unfamiliar with Duke. Like super-duper unfamiliar with Duke and I am not really up to date with the comics as much either! (The amount of comics I have yet to read their updates are piling up and I haven’t got much time to read most of them!) And like I have mentioned in my FAQ, if it’s a character that I am unfamiliar with, I most likely will not write him/her and might take a while to get to know him/her well enough to write. Sorry! Also since it was rather vague, in my opinion, I just wrote it as I see it and it came out like this. Hope this is still alright with you and hope you enjoy this.

  • Dick seems like a very fun, caring and loving boyfriend. Spontaneous dates are his forte. Dick will just randomly show up at your door with a bouquet of your favourite flowers in hand. 
  • If you happen to be swamped with work, Dick is never deterred and because you can’t go out, he will simply bring it to you instead. Dick likes to spend some time with you by cuddling and spoiling you. He knows you have a lot to worry about on top of worrying about his life choices but Dick is very fortunate that you support him unconditionally. 
  • On a lazy morning, Dick likes to stare at you, counting your lashes as you sleep in his arms and on an even lazier day, the both of you just stay in the bed, enjoying each other’s presence until one of you gets hungry. 
  • Whenever Dick stays over at your place, he really likes to cook breakfast for you – that’s the only thing he knows how to cook without burning them. 
  • Dick trusts you utterly and completely! He does have a jealous side to him but this rarely ever comes out because he loves you very much and he also knows that you love him a lot too.
  • Jason loves teasing you. There is never a day where he would go without teasing you! His sense of humour is at times dry but despite that, you still laugh at his jokes. 
  • Jason likes bringing you out on a motorcycle ride through town or even to the neighbourign state. Jason loves spoiling you; if he sees you eyeing a piece of jewelry or clothes, rest assured, those things will be on your bed the very next day. Or if you are ever craving for any food, Jason is there to bring you to the restaurants. 
  • If by chance, Jason happens to be out of the city on a solo mission, he tells Roy to keep an eye on you and to keep you company and because of this, you definitely have regarded Roy as one of your closest friends. 
  • When he comes back from a mission – or if his mission had been really hard and taxing – Jason likes to pull you to the bed or the sofa (whichever is the closest to you) and make you lay on the sofa/bed before he lays on top of you, head snuggling against your chest.
  • Tim probably enjoys seeing you in his clothes. His sweat shirt, his sweat pants, etcetera – any and everything that belongs to him, Tim likes seeing you wear them. 
  • Tim whenever bored loves to play with your fingers and likes to hold your hand quite a lot too. He is very alright with PDA so definitely expect him to be kissing you on the cheek, holding your hand, pulling you in to a hug here and there – just very big on PDA. 
  • Dates with Tim are always fun because Tim always make sure that you will have a great time and throughout the time the both of you spend together, Tim will definitely not stop complimenting you. Sometimes you could just be enjoying the view and Tim will tell you how beautiful you are.
  • Damian doesn’t seem the type that will be comfortable with PDA. He is very protective of his privacy and he is also very well aware of the dangers of being his s/o. 
  • So what Damian likes to do with you is take you to picnics at places that he knows people rarely frequent, go hiking to watch the sunrise or sunset and occasionally he would even bring you out to eat at a restaurant. 
  • But most of the time, Damian prefers to spend time with you alone and more often than not, this results in the two of you staying in your apartment or the manor instead. 
  • Stay-in dates are his go-to; quiet, quality time together and watching you do your work or reading books together. One of the things Damian likes doing with you is subtly being close to you at all times – this is probably the most PDA he will ever do outside. In the manor or at your apartment, Damian likes wrapping his arms around you or just have an arm around you.

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I like to think how Damian ranks his brothers are; Dick my brother and sometimes DadBro... fine there are some other yahoos but they don't count. Not my fault. DC seems to remember that Jason and Tim are also Dick's brothers (vice versa respectively, don't know how Tim and Jason feel about each other in Rebirth). But with Damian they're like, pfft he's only got one brother but he's a great one. =D

Dick: I have 3 brothers: Jason, Tim and Damian :D

Jason: I have 1 Dick brother, and then there’s this kid Damian, the son of my NOT-father. Sometimes I steal toys from him.

Tim: do I have brothers? Do I have a family? Do I exist? 

Damian: Richard is the only family member I will acknowledge as such beside Father.

Cassandra: Orphan. Fuck u all.

Duke: ???? wat did I get (kinda) adopted into ????

Miss him? I never felt so relieve as when they told me he’d vanished. It was like a miracle.
Not to mention all the money I’ve saved on Espom salts and ace bandages.

I feel guilty, I guess. I mean, if he met with foul play or some terrible accident of some kind…then it’s partly my fault, you see. Because secretly…I wished it.

Goretober Day 1 - Bruises

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Posted with permission from @picklestpickle

When pickle opened up her comissions I knew, I KNEW, I had to request some JayTims and something with a chili dog. PICKLE I am in LOVE. This is SO much better than what I had imagined; it’s perfect and they’re so freakin cute. Thank you so much my love I will treasure it always <333


The Boy Wonder has a crush on me?

The Fort


“But, Tim- “


“But why not?”

Tim sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. He counted to ten and tried to calm down, breathing in and out of his nose in time with his counting “Because” he started, turning around to face Jason who was leaning back on one of Bruce’s mahogany desks, his leather jacket rolled up to his elbows and his hair a black and white unruly mess. “I am not taking time out of my very important schedule- one you don’t have living as a full-time superhero in the woods with Roy and Kori - and I have very limited free time that I am not going to waste on you. So, Jason, the answer is no.”

“But why?”

“Jason, we are not building a pillow and blanket fort in the middle of Wayne Manor!”

“But it will be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to this crappy place!” Jason shouted as he raised his arms and pushed himself off of the desk to follow Tim out of the room. “It will be great! We can get everyone to pitch in! Cass, Harper, Dick, Steph, everyone!”


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Hey guys! Finally get to post a masterpost of my favourite Tim fanfics, wish I could have added a lot more but it is far from done! So far I have added 136 Tim-ships to this list which have the ships: jaytim, dicktim, damitim, and more! Be sure to leave some love for the writers because without them we wouldn’t have all these great fics!


New Kid (Tim Drake x Reader)

Request: “Hi!! Are you doing the number requests? If you are, could you please do 1, 10, and 55 for Tim Drake?” from anon.

A/N: One character is just a random OC who isn't even going to appear again in the future. And I’m so sorry anon! This really sucked. T^T

Prompts: 1) “Would you mind.” 10) “You don’t get to talk about my family.” and 55) “How about never?!”

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @tim-help


It was Tim’s first day at school. Alfred was driving him in one of Bruce’s limousines and stopped in front of the entrance of Gotham Academy, “Well then Master Tim, I do hope you have a great day today.”

Tim looked out the window and groaned, “I don’t know, Alfred. Why did Bruce have to enroll me in anyway? I already know everything.” He said in despair.

Alfred looked at Tim through the rearview mirror, “Master Bruce thinks you have to get out more of course, make some friends who are not vigilantes.”

Tim rolled his eyes and opened the limo door, “I’d rather be home than sitting in a class with a bunch of idiots.” He said as he got out. Tim waved at Alfred and closed the door, watching as he drove away.

Everyone stared at Tim as he walked through the hallways. After receiving his schedule for the entire school year, word already got out saying that there’s a new Wayne in school.

Tim looked at his schedule. All his classes were advanced but he knew that all of them were piece of cake. He had to go upstairs for College Math now if he didn’t want to be late. 

He walked towards the staircase and started to head up, but loud obnoxious students were in the way. He cleared his throat loud enough for them to hear, “Would you mind getting out of my way?” He asked, nonchalantly. 

The guy sitting on the steps in the middle of his friends raised an eyebrow, “Excuse me?” He stood up and jumped down, landing right in front of Tim who, of course, wasn’t even surprised, “Oh you’re the new kid! Let me guess, Bruce Wayne adopted you?”

You peeked your head out from behind one of your friends, “Isaiah, leave him alone,” You said sternly but smiled and waved at Tim, “Welcome to Gotham Academy.” 

Before Tim could wave back, Isaiah snorted, looking back at you, “Oh, come on (Y/N)! I’m just trying to ask a simple question.” He looked back at Tim and smirked, “So whats your story, man? Were your parents killed? Or did mommy and daddy have a fling and just gave up their baby?”

That struck Tim in the gut. His blood started to boil through his veins. He clenched his fists, growling, “You don’t get to talk about my family.”

You jumped down the steps and pushed Isaiah hard into the wall, “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Tim mentally thanked you for doing what you did because at that moment, he didn’t care about Bruce’s rules. He was so close to punching Isaiah in the face right away. 

Isaiah rubbed his shoulder, “What the hell babe?!”

“Don’t call me that!”

He rolled his eyes, “(Y/N), when are you ever going to realize that we belong together?”

“How about never?!” You snatched Tim’s wrist and pulled him upstairs, “Where’s your next class?” You asked Tim, fuming. 

Tim answered you saying College Math. You looked back over your shoulder and smiled, making Tim blush, “Good! That’s where I’m going, too!”