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The Batmobile

Dick: Bruce won’t notice if I go for a little ride. *Climbs in and starts the engine* *Calls Wally* Hey, You up for a race?

Jason: *Drives off* F*ck the police! *Crashes* And Im screwed

Tim: *Builds his own* I have achieved greatness!

Damian: *Drives away*

Barbara: *Walks around* Ok not going to touch that.

Steph: What? Wait! How did you even get this built?!

Cassandra: *Shrugs and walks away*

Bruce: IM THE GODDAMN BATMAN! *Drives away*

Alfred: *wipes the window* *Smiles*

Harper: Oh My Goood! *Climbs in* *Drives everywhere*

Posted with permission from @picklestpickle

When pickle opened up her comissions I knew, I KNEW, I had to request some JayTims and something with a chili dog. PICKLE I am in LOVE. This is SO much better than what I had imagined; it’s perfect and they’re so freakin cute. Thank you so much my love I will treasure it always <333

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Hi! I don't know if you've done this before, I couldn't find it if you did, but could you do a Tim Hortons masterpost? Please and thank you, have a great day~~~

Its in My master post, I just reposted it or the link is in my bio

One of the things I’ve learned is that it gets bad for everyone sometimes. Superman, Batman–everyone. I remember I’m not alone.  I remember things do get better. Sometimes on their own, most times when you work at them. And when I have trouble remembering those things, I find people to talk to. […] Your folks, an old friend, even a trained counselor you’ve never met before. Someone who has a totally different perspective because they’re not as close to the problems as you are. Maybe they give you advice, and that’s great…or maybe they just listen. Sometimes, that’s all you need. Anyway, that’s how I deal with it when things suck. And it works.

–Tim Drake (Robin #156 – The High Dive)

Today was a wild fuckin’ ride. Right so, I was just out chillin’ with my mates and then one of my friends was like ‘yo, sauce me a sick drink, you beaut’ and we’re like Alex, we don’t have any drinks. He got sad for a second but that’s when I got the idea to go to Timmies – I work there, so I can get us free French Vanillas and timbits. Everyone starts calling me a fucking legend and then we’re all making our way down to Tims to have some mad chirps and great food. Just as we’re about to get there, our friend, Michael was like ‘you guys, this rocket I’m wheeling is hitting me up. I’ve got to go.’ So, we’re all about to say goodbye and shit when Avery fuckin’ roasts him like a chestnut. This boy starts calling Mikey a duster and laughs at him for trying to wheel girls who clearly aren’t interested when the rest of us are gonna be chilling at timmies with our free food. I mean, he had a point, eh? Anyways, we all had a great ol’ time at Tims and the girl bailed on Mikey last minute… so, that’s why you shouldn’t be a duster. Stay in school, kids.