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여름이 얼른 왔으면 :) 챙챙챙
여러분 좋은 하루 되세여 소중한 사람들과 함께 맛있는 저녁 드시구요 🌹

오랜만에 챙뮤직 !!
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If summer would arrive quickly :) Chaeng Chaeng Chaeng
Everyone, have a great day and have a delicious dinner with your precious ones 🌹

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DAY 3286

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Mar 27/28,  2017                  Mon/Tue 1:16 am

Birthday - EF - Ambar Nath Mukherjee  … Ef Pratik Vora    …  Tue, March 28 and there are wishes for you both from us all here at the Ef brigade .. love and have a great day .. 

There is a certain passiveness in life today .. one that languishes between wanting to meet or not .. whether one should get out of bed or not .. whether certain appointments kept be deleted or postponed .. and there is no single explanation for it .. but there it is .. lethargy and the avoidance of making decisions, is Libran astrological pattern behaviour .. trying to defeat it is like seeking to rearrange the cosmos from Jalsa .. !!

So best to succumb to it than try for change .. that is another wonder quality of these ‘balanced’ people .. trying for change .. we do not appreciate it and never wish to practice it either .. it is another matter that it never rules true .. not in my case at least ..

Financial and business meetings are another aspect of these ‘horse’ bodies .. they are never able to understand a word of it .. or them .. and when you have to conduct in a most officious manner them that present themselves in droves, you step back and start writing a Blog ..

Some comments with regard to the Blog state that my texts here are not making any sense at all .. and that they wonder if my brain is in the right place ..

It actually is .. there is deformity, yes .. but it actually is in the right place .. it may not give an impression of being there .. of being of certain caliber, but .. there is little to challenge those aspects .. and that is as immodest as I can get .. any further and ye shall have to deal with another aspect, which could be somewhat surprising to all ..

I did a photo shoot :

there are more impressions of calibrated brain in there .. but I refrain from doing anything that may disturb those very delicate issues .. so I shall reserve them for another rainy day ..

I am to work early in the morrow and I am already late .. so 

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan

I love that at my job I can take vacations pretty often, I just have to get shifts covered sometimes. But I build up vacation hours pretty easily. I could just use em anytime, while still working, as a bonus but. I like taking time off. I literally just had some time off in November and I’m BACK AT IT SOON because my girlfriend is visiting :’)

it’s fine to try new things, but don’t lie to your significant other (or even your friend) about whether you like their interests. just don’t. it does count as a lie, they will find out eventually, and that shit hurts

clinicallychronically  asked:

Are there any more active chronic illness blogs or spoonie fandom blogs that I can follow?

SpoonieStrong is one of the big ones I follow. They’re like, award-winning for their blog. There’s also LymeFight, and she posts lots of inspirational quotes and stuff that brighten my day. HospitalGlam is another that posts selfies of spoonies. There’s also  Wheeliewifeespooniepets
i-need-that-seatperksofbeingdisabled, and heyatleastitsnotcancer that I personally follow. 

Anybody else have great blogs to follow?? These are just ones I know are active and have followed for quite some time.

My Rosmarinus Headcanon

I had this come up earlier, where Rosmarinus was an actual person like Lady Evelyn of Cainhurst and had a weapon named after her. She was a respected and much loved member of the Healing Church/Choir.

She may be long gone, but her transcended consciousness still lives on in the sacred mists of her namesake’s weapons and it’s her haunting singing that can be heard. Sometimes her face can be seen in the plumes of the sacred mists.

She was one of the very gifted few who could directly communicate with the abandoned Ebrietas and it was the Great One that bestowed upon her the understanding of the Cosmos and the arts of the Arcane.

For some reason, I feel as if Great Ones have the ability to telepathically communicate with certain humans (those who were naturally born to gain Insight). After all, Caryll had the gift of translating the language of the Great Ones.


After the great missing knee saga i thought we’d be done with this but. no. of all the conceptual sequel-cover missteps ???? why do these look like they’re books from two different series?? Why are both of them bad??? why on god’s green earth would you REUSE THE SAME STOCK PHOTO YOU USED FOR THE FIRST COVER BUT EDITED/EXECUTED DIFFERENTLY??

kookiebuff  asked:

hey skye, i just wanted to drop by and tell you i've only been in the fandom for a few weeks but following you was one of my earliest choices and definitely one of the smartest! you have a great blog in general and make beautiful gifs and i just hope you have a great day/night ;; c:

first of all, welcome to the fandom!! 💐✨  

and ah omfg thank you so much! i truly appreciate that and honestly, you’re too kind ;_; i’m having a good evening hehe. i hope you have a wonderful day/night as well!!! 💞

Monday Morning Update

Hello friends!! It has been ten days since I was up this early, but so far I’m determined to kick today’s butt!

I have a Dean x Reader one-shot for you coming out today, and I’m continuing to work on my Jensen x OFC series. I’m already so in love with it!

If you haven’t already, check out the post for my Two Prompt, One-Shot Challenge. I have had some great prompts come into my ask box and I am so stoked to see what people come up with for their fics! Props to @d-s-winchester for already posting her fic, Through the Pages - I wasn’t ready for it to end!

As always, my asks and messages are open for whatever questions, concerns, and comments you may have. I’m working at the hospital tonight so my first day back from Spring Break is going to be a long one … yikes!

Have a great week everybody!

anonymous asked:

THANK YOU for reminding me of the amazing pay off after Last Rite!! It makes it easier to endure the angst before they are finally reunited and Hook proposes again, this time with nothing hanging over them anymore!

As soon as things went angsty and the proposal was a bit mucked up I immediately thought of how great it will be to have another one that is even more epic.

One of the things that’s coming up is Tiger Lily, too and I saw some people worrying about Hook’s past with her and I do think it might be another villainous history but they threw it in to have Killian have an opportunity to show all the growth he has made and how he will be honest with her no matter what.

theatre songs that could resurrect me

• the bitch of living

• ring of keys

• blackout

• schuyler sisters

• la vie boheme

• bad idea

• defying gravity

• tomorrow is a latter day

• king of new york

• this world will remember us

• no one else

• one day more

• into the woods prologue

• all that jazz

• gimme gimme

• naughty


I think my ❤ is gonna burst! I’m inspired by ALL of you. #ThankYouFor sharing ur stories and hearts with me. I see, hear, and love you all 😌