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I have been dead inside for awhile now and the only days I feel alive is usually when I can’t decide when to love or to reforget. They say that great writers can make words out of snow and turn it into a paradise filled with treasure and gold. They say that great poets turn their depression and passion into art and that’s how we get the beating of broken hearts. What do I say? I know I’m not great, I’m far from it. I do have one good quality. I’m good at destroying. I’ve destroyed my brightest stars and in return they’ve given me an eternal black eye somewhere lost between tomorrow night and a day of when we lost track of time, we’ve been counting down how long it’ll take until our next conversation. I can make the bristles of a toothbrush clean away each secret I’ve been saving for our next kiss or I can make each stroke of a paintbrush forget the way we tried to hold each other because what’s perfect writing without a little fantasy, nothing that has happened, happens for nothing. Everything has a reason. We hurt each other to shine brighter, eager personalities that gravitate towards the brightest minds. Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to take up your time. We’ve lost our way and you can say we’ve lost meaning. We have lost depth and that’s why a seashell contains the apology of the ocean. I’m sorry seems like a paragraph when my tears begin every sentence I’ve been meaning to give to you. So I’ll start it out. I’m sorry that I hurt you and yeah, you say, I forgive you. I forgive you seems like a slap on the wrist when my mind starts bending my fingers backwards, you’ll write each I’m sorry, damn you. Now then, start again. I’m sorry that I hurt you because it is my curse to overthink when I’ve been forgiven more times than lips can mouth those very words… words we always want to hear especially if it’s sincere, and I am, I am sincere. It won’t fix a thing, you say, the past is in the past so don’t let that shit last, I say, the past is my future because how will I become a better person unless I confront my mistakes and fears every day and yeah, you can forgive me, but the real question is when will I forgive myself? I have been dead inside for quite some time and yes, we turn emotions into a sea meant to drown every ship and yes, we turn passion into a hand, you’ll choke me, but just enough for me to turn purple, but not enough for me to die and it’s such a silly thing, this thing between you and I. I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around my I’m sorry just as much as your lips say, you are forgiven, now forgive yourself. That’s the thing. I can’t. It’s just who I am. I’m not bright. I’m not brilliant. I’m not great. I’m just a simple soul trying to make paintings out of my fragments. I’m just a heartbeat fixated on the idea that if love was a poem, I want to be tender enough to be spoken into your ears. I’m just a human struggling with how to turn ghosts into wine, I’ll drink your memories into mine. I’m just a poem waiting to be written one last time, and if that day never arrives I think somewhere within our short connection, you felt in your heart like the same way I still do for you. So like the end of every page, I think writers should always leave a signature to remind the world that pain and love can all be fixed with a simple string of words that means something just between you and someone special–

come back to me.
—  Incandescent ghost

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Yes to book recs!! Please!! LGBT YA is a big interest of mine!

YAY okay so my goodreads read list is here so like, that’s got a bunch of stuff (I’ve rated everything there and written some reviews, nearly everything I’ve read since starting using goodreads is LGBT YA) but I figure I will give you five specific recs. A lot of these deal with Issues so ask if you need me to try and do content warnings?

  • Radio Silence by Alice Oseman - Oh My God this book is so incredible? It’s not a romance story, but it’s got a bi girl lead and is an amazing story about fandom, and shared creation and the struggle of growing up. The characters are wonderful, I loved this so much. I was in a bookstore yesterday and had to resist buying multiple copies just to give people who I think should read it.
  • Not Your Sidekick by CB Lee - This book is so FUN and INTERESTING and such great characters. This is a Superhero book set in the future, our lead (who is bi and Asian American) is the child of two Superheroes who just wants to be super herself… and then starts an internship with their nemesis. This has a great mix of heart and action-adventure, and I love the ensemble (especially Bells, one of her two BFFs who is a black trans guy and has a huge crush on their other BFF <3).
  • You Know Me Well by Nina Lacour and David Levithan - I LOVE FRIENDSHIP STORIES I mean, there is also romance and stuff, but at it’s heart this is a story about two young queer people who meet and have a really intense friendship from the off, set over pride week in San Francisco. It’s a friend-love story.
  • My Year Zero by Rachel Gold - This is such a lovely book, about finding yourself, and isolation, and how easy it is to fall for something that seems incredible on the surface but isn’t inside. Jewish lesbian MC, and it’s about a group writing a collaborative Sci Fi story. The group includes multiple bi people, and nerdery and finding the lines between the story and their lives a complex thing
  • Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire - trying to decide one more was tough and then made me realise I hadn’t put this book on my account there. This has an ace lead which is so cool to see. It’s a story about a boarding school for kids who have been kicked out of their portal fantasy - so like, the kids who went to places like Narnia, Neverland, Wonderland, but now can’t get back and are supposed to go back to their lives, this is where they end up. It’s actually a novella, so a quick read, and one of the secondary characters is trans and he is <3 so another reason to read!

I could rec SO MUCH MORE but that’s why I linked to my Good Reads up top (like omg I just read “Not Otherwise Specified" last night and black bi girl recovering from eating disorder who is a passionate performer it is SO GOOD shh no *you* sneaked another rec in) but trying not to overload.


This is a mille fleur d'uccle bantam. I have one living in our yard so it was great to have the live model as an inspiration. This one is life size, needle felted over a wire armature. Beak sculpted of Fimo and then painted. Glass eyes.

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my little brother called me yesterday for my bday and i told him about my new tattoo, and how it was a wasp, and he said, “a wasp?” and i said, “yeah, it’s a reference to a song by sufjan stevens - do you know who that is?” and he goes, “yeah! dad plays him all the time in the car! and he knows all the backstory and stuff, he’ll be like, ‘this is sufjan stevens, every album is about a different U.S. state, this one is about oregon, we have a lot of great memories in oregon” i’m ;_;

Tutoring//Josh Dun

Requested: how about an imagine where y/n meets josh through tutoring/helping his little brother.


               “Ah just the person I’m looking for! Y/N, do you have a second?” Mr. Harrow asked, he was the school’s science teacher. He was a friendly guy, loved his job and his students more than himself at times—considering his motivation was to have his class succeed and feel fulfilled with themselves. Not just high test marks. Which was probably why he was approaching you; when you had went through his class 2 years ago you were a great student. You understood the material, you got great grades. You loved his science class. “I have this one student, Jordan Dun I think his name is and well he isn’t grasping the concepts as well as he should. He’s talked to me about wanting some one on one help. Which is why I’m walking with you right now, would you mind tutoring him? I know senior year is beyond busy and you’re probably stressed already which I’m sorry for.”

               “Sure Mr. H, I’ll help the kid. Which unit are you guys working on right now?” You asked, watching as the teacher’s face lit right up. He had apparently arranged to meet this guy afterschool in his class, so all three of you would discuss it then. It wasn’t like you had a lot of free time, but you weren’t a social person. You typically hid out in your room, did homework. Normal stuff that you’ve been doing since you first made it to high school. With that being said you did have friends who you hung out with sometimes, but senior year for them was different than for you. Different aspirations, schedules, lives in general. So you could afford to take a couple days a week to help this poor kid.


               “So you’ll come to my house Tuesdays and Thursdays?” The boy mumbled, obviously grateful for your offer to help him. “I do have 3 other siblings, so are you sure you want to do it at my house?” You merely shrugged; siblings couldn’t be that bad.

               “It’ll be fine. Easier for you anyway. If I help you at your house, your mind will be able to take in the information easier. Or something like that—psychology stuff.” You shrugged, grasping the piece of paper firmly in hand as you said your goodbyes to the sophomore. He had given you a scrap piece of paper with his address on it, just in case you didn’t catch him afterschool Tuesday. This couldn’t be too bad, you thought anyway.


               “So this is the hardest part of chemistry is balancing the formulas. Well science chemistry anyway; not to scare you but Chem 20 and on is something.” You laughed, pointing to the notes you had written out on a looseleaf piece of paper. “The main thing you want is for everything to balance out. The same amount of each element on both sides of the arrow.” You pointed, the boy was about to ask a question when a guy who looked like an older version of him walked into the kitchen where the two of you sat.

               “Remember J. The only chemistry here is on the paper, not between you two.” He teased, causing the boy’s face to burn bright red. “Nice to meet you, I’m Josh.” The guy smiled at you, holding a hand in your direction.

               “Y/N. The tutor who would appreciate if you didn’t interrupt and embarrass him.” You deadpanned, causing Josh to back off awkwardly. You had no intentions of being rude, but you had limited time to help Jordan figure out the basics of chemistry before he’d be tested on it. Not to mention you also had homework sitting at home awaiting to be done.

               “So, I have carbon on this side, but carbon dioxide on this side. What do I do now?” You began explaining the concept when a woman—probably his mother walked into the kitchen and began preparing supper. You were awaiting another interruption as you spoke, only to hear her speak when you were done explaining.

               “Oh you must be Y/N! Thank you for coming and helping him. Mr. Harrow raved about you—would you like to stay for dinner?” You tried declining, only to have the woman insist that you stayed.

               “Thank you Mrs. Dun, that’s very kind.” You smiled, grabbing the paper to write out another example.  

               “It’s Laura, and no worries! It’s the least we can do for you helping. Just let me know if you need anything.” She smiled, she seemed like a wonderful lady. You heard the boy beside you mumble something about locking his brother up in the basement so he couldn’t cause anymore embarrassment.

               “So, how about with this reaction?” You asked, pointing to the next example.


               “So last session; crazy right?” You laughed, it had been 2 months since you started tutoring Jordan and you’ve gotten closer to his family than you ever expected. Every time you came over you would stay for dinner. You even went as far as helping tutor him with biology too. You were going to miss coming over here all the time. But it wasn’t like you were about to admit it—and you definitely wouldn’t admit how you’ve found yourself maybe slightly, sort of liking Josh. Since you started tutoring his brother you noticed him more in the hallways; noticed him sitting a bit closer to you in class (though never directly beside you). You’ve noticed the two of you would partner up or end up in the same group for assignments in your History class. Needless to say this isn’t what you had planned.

               “I’m going to miss you. I think we all are.” The boy laughed, before opening his textbook to a page of questions. He started independently answering them, only grabbing your attention when he needed help with a concept. Which had been going on since they started their biology unit. You would bring your homework over and work alongside him, pausing to answer any questions he may have had.

               “Hey J, hi Y/N.” Josh walked downstairs, reaching into the fridge to grab a drink. “Uh Y/N, I was wondering actually. A few friends of mine are having a bit of a get together tomorrow night, since there’s no school. I was uh, wondering if you’d want to come along. It seems like it would be fun, and our classes have been busier than ever. So it would uh be a well needed break for both of us.” You could’ve swore he was about to raw out the back of his neck due to how much he was rubbing it in this moment.

               “I’d love to Josh. I’ll meet you here and we’ll go?” You smiled at him, did he seriously ask you on a date?

               “Sweet. Does 6 work?” You nodded and watched him walk out of the room trying to contain the smile that was spreading across his face.

               “Did he finally ask her out?” You heard one of Josh’s sisters yell from the family’s Livingroom causing your face to burn red. Was he thinking it would be a date? No, the two of you rarely talked besides the dinner conversations like twice a week. No. His younger siblings must be dreaming. Right? Josh wouldn’t want to go on a date with you.


*Waves* Hii! :)

It’s been a while and I’m sorry for disappearing so bluntly ;-; School’s been keeping me busy by having me take 3 tests a week of the content we have discussed in class and we need to pass 9 out of the 12 tests in total, so that’s what’s keeping me busy these weeks ._.

I haven’t been able to read anything, let alone wanting to play a game that’s laggy and takes 124634 hours to load .-. 

ANYWAY, I’m definitely not back but I’m trying to play sims whenever I have time and I made this cutie from my base sim, which was weird but worth it because look at her 8_8

I hope everyone’s having a great day or had one and will have one tomorrow ;)

*tunes out for 9 weeks*

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I love your Meulin! Could I request lip biting, boobplay/boobgrab, nippleplay, finger sucking and booty wiggles please? Just whatever you're comfortable with but I'd love to see any of that, thank you. Keep up the amazing blog and have a great day! x


MEULIN: Or maybe two…

MEULIN: Kitty is in heat…

MEULIN: If only Kurrloz was here..

MEULIN: He would help me

((I may have gone overboard, whoops. Oh, and I did do booty gifs, but I didn’t like them, because I don’t have much of a booty, oops. lol, and thank you!))

((Hope you enjoy them!))

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hi! so i have an opportunity to start a new language course and here are my choices: german, spanish, italian, russian, or latin. i have a background in linguistics/languages, and already speak a slavic, a germanic, and a romance lg. i know you're probably a bit biased by german but i would just like an honest opinion on what i should choose because i've run out of ways in which i could randomly pick one. thanks and have a great day!

u should learn old church slavonic!!

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Have you ever done something sad? I've always seen happy faces in all of your draws: I'd like to see how you could be so amazing making sad people too c: Whenever you want, of course ❣

That’s a great Idea for my upcoming monstober project I have told no one about yes 🤔
Thanks Anon 😘💕💕

But do you remember this?

Or these:

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hi my name is Nova and I have a problem called Roslin and Adama are destroying my life and why the hell didn't we get a reunion scene post new caprica. WHY. on that note, do you have a fav fanfic reimagining of it? I need it in my life. For science.


You know, @nervouspearl did a great two-part one that helped MY Bill and Laura pain, but I’m on mobile and can’t link you…nervouspearl, do you have the link to help out our poor suffering brethren?

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Yay! So at what point in the story did Kei start subconsciously having feelings for Kakashi? There were obvious hints in recent chapters, but ones have we missed? Thank you for another great chapter!

Lang: Funny story about that. Kakashi’s been my favorite character in the Naruto franchise since basically forever, so you might say that Kei was predisposed that way. (And yes, this does mean I lied about it when asked a long time ago.)

That said I swore to myself and to Beta that if the pairing didn’t happen, then there would be no forcing them to get together. No OOC crap. Any relationship would need to develop organically or not at all.

Which is one major factor in why this took so long.

The other major factor (that I can think of right now) is the open question of Kei’s relative maturity. Or it would be an open question, if I didn’t hammer home “she’s mentally twenty” every single time this topic came up. It’s another thing that was sort of dealt with when she almost died via Shadow Clone shenanigans in an earlier chapter and ended up having a talk with herself about letting go of her baggage from her last run at life.

The two factors together, before relatively recently, interfered with Kei’s ability to see Kakashi as a potential romantic partner. Before, she just sort of figured he was someone from canon whose life she could influence into being something better–though her friendship was genuine, there was a hint of detachment. And, as mentioned before on different occasions, Kei has had a history of not viewing the world or her impact on it as fully real as a result of the baggage mentioned before.  That extends to not seeing how or why anyone would view her as a potential romantic partner either.

Particularly since Kakashi’s canon incarnation basically never shows legitimate attraction to another character, aside from possibly Gai (Beta: QPR!). Kei was working off a faulty data set, but refused to abandon it for a very long time because it served her so well in the past.

So basically the last year or so, in-story.

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I'm going to jump into your discussion with that anon. It would have been great to see Raven and Lexa working together. No one said a word when Bellamy and Lincoln started to work things out and he tortured him for days. Lexa punished Raven because she was framed for trying to kill Lexa.

^^!! i think raven and lexa would take a long time but they’d eventually be good pals. probably for clarke.

korra: i have to find my own path as the avatar.

katara: i know you do. aang’s time has passed. my brother and many of my friends are gone.

zuko *flies by on his dragon*: KATARA WHAT THE HELL

toph *pops up from a hole in the ground*: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE WE’RE DEAD!

katara: sometimes i can still hear their voices…