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Kissing/Making out with Clay Jensen

anon:  hi i love your blog so much omgg :) could you do what kissing/making out with clay (13rw) would be like ? dw about doing it if you have too many requests or if writing it makes you uncomfortable, thank you and have a great day !!

a/n: thank you so much doll!! i hope you have a great day too <3

  • No matter how many times you guys kiss, Clay always catches himself losing his breath
  • He always tastes faintly of popcorn and chapstick
  • Clay always loses himself in you when your kissing
  • He can’t think straight for a few minutes afterwards
  • Making out with Clay Jensen is always a gentle experience
  • The first thing he does is make sure you’re comfortable
  • He hates the idea of making you feel like he’s pushing you
  • Clay’s always so hesitant and gentle
  • It’s like he’s afraid he’s going to break you 
  • But as soon as you start tugging on his hair, the kisses are a little rougher
  • He’s always mumbling something about how beautiful you are 
  • And every time you two stop, he’s always blushing and cannot form a good sentence for about a minute
Birthday Girl

P/N: This drabble is for the birthday girl @eighthmark. Meeting her was a gift. I am so thankful for the many times she’s put up with me. She made my last college years, the best years of my entire life. We’ve had so many laughs and great memories together. I know we’re going to have lots of amazing and hilarious memories down the road. Happy birthday gurlfran! I wish you so much happiness and success!

Birthdays are always a big event when you’re young. However once you hit 21, birthdays don’t seem as significant anymore. After 21, you’re just getting older. On the other hand, Sonny didn’t think that way. His family always got together for birthdays, and Sonny had a huge family. They would always throw a huge party, and that’s how he always celebrated birthdays. On top of the mountains of school work, Sonny was busy planning a sweet birthday surprise for his girlfriend. The surprise got him giddy with excitement, but he knew if he acted out of the ordinary, his girlfriend would notice.

It was late at night. He pretended to study in the living room, but really he was just reading the same line over and over again. His eyes would continuously dart up at his girlfriend, Joanna, who was watching TV on the couch. His leg was starting to bounce the longer he had to wait. He knew she had classes early in the morning, so he waited until she went to bed early that night to start decorating. He had written these little notes on stickies and he wanted to decorate the rooms that she would visit in the morning. That way, she would wake up to a great morning.

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Happy Birthday Ashley!! You’re an appreciated friend and a marvelous human being. May your day be as bright as your smile and as good as your heart. ♥

I Love You, Man (Part 1/?) (Avengers/MCU cast x reader)

Sequel to Why Do I Even Talk to You Guys

You looked down at your list of bridal party members, and it read like an awkward movie plot.  The mixture of Avengers and their Marvel counterparts would certainly create quite a scene with any media who caught wind of the event, and it made you wonder if eloping would be easier, but given this particular group they would probably just follow you there anyway.

“Steve, have you asked all of your groomsmen yet?  This list is a ridiculous number of people, and we need to be sure they aren’t out filming so they can actually attend.”

“What a coincidence that you should ask,” he smiled, leaning against the door frame to tie his shoes, “I’m on my way to meet with Chris right now.  You wanna come with?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi . Are your oc's vampires? Pls will you be so kind to say a few words about them ? Have a great day doll :D


Oh, I want to say about them so hard, but my English is such a disgrace

Anyway, yes, they are vampires, but in my “universe” of oc’s there is one more race, but I can’t translate it. Let me think. You know vampires drink blood, but other guys eat souls. Soul eaters? Devourers? Sounds silly, but nah who cares. So these two races fight each other because WELL YOU KNOW PEOPLE ARE THEIR COMMON FOOD. Soooo no, no werewolves. Only vampires and “devourers”.  BUT. Ordinary people will not be able to see these creatures. People don’t notice fangs, claws, or glowing eyes. Among people there are gifted dudes who can see vampires and devourers. Again, I don’t know how to translate it. It is characterized by only one adjective meaning “see” that is, “seeing the evil spirits”. And these people can controle their soul, like healing or create new materia.It’s really hard to explain where it is came from and why, JUST BECAUSE OKAY? :D
So we have a ooold vampire Charlie Hunt, “devourers” Arika Yanagi and his lillte brother-twin Alex Blackber – that very dude who can SEE. Alex was originally born a hybrid, because he carried in himself the gene of the devourer. Then, as the plot Charlie was forced to turn him into a vampire so that he would not perish. And here we are. Vampires don’t tolerate sunlight, getting severe burns, can’t eat human food, because they don’t feel its taste and their stomach doesn’t digest it. Unlike devourers who taste and are not afraid of the sun. But vampires are much faster and more efficient. They use fangs and claws to tear apart the enemy. The devourers use claws to pierce them into the chest and pull the soul out. Oh wow, sorry for all this о_о

hidden feelings ;; bucky barnes

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    Words: 1400+
   Summary: request by @michellexoxouniverse: Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day. I hope you feel appreciated. I hope you feel loved. I hope you ate all the food and cake that you want. I have some request if you want them, Bucky x reader. They like each other but Bucky kept pushing the reader away then a mission goes terribly wrong, resulting the reader almost died. That’s when Bucky can’t hold back and he confess and lots of romantic scenes aka fluff happens  
   Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x Reader
   Warnings:   um, injured reader, bucky being a dick and maybe language (i ain’t talkin’ ‘bout german)
    A/N:   thanks for your request darling❤ i rly enjoyed writing this one, although it may be shitty, but i like it. also, thanks for the birthday wishes and i hope you have a great day doll, lov u❤

    “Why is she coming too?”

   ’’Excuse me, I am right here, I can hear you, shithead!“

   ’'That’s quite the point, sweetheart”

   ’'Shut it, you two!“

   Steve looked at his friends with a warning in his eyes. For some reason no one really understood, Bucky Barnes and Y/N Y/L/N just couldn’t get along. At first it wasn’t that bad, for two first months they acted like they really like each other. But then, suddenly, out of blue, James started to be mean to her. So she did exactly the same thing.

   Right now, they were all preparing for a mission, that was all about destroying another H.Y.D.R.A. base. And as always Bucky and Y/N needed to argue. You just couldn’t call it a day without at least their one fight, usually over the stupidiest things, like a spilled milk on the kitchen counter.

   ’'Oh no, let them go on. It’s kinda entertaining” Tony laughed, already in his Iron Man uniform, only without the helmet.

   ’'Fuck you, Stark’’ both Y/N and Bucky said in unison.

   ’'Finally they agree in something’’ Natasha smirked, looking at the Y/H/C haired girl, who just rolled her eyes in irritation.

   ’'Enough’’ Steve said, raising his hands, to calm everyone down. ,,Everyone remembers the plan?“ he asked, looking at his team mates.

   ’'I doubt Barnes do” a smirk appeared on Y/N’s face, and everyone besides Bucky and Steve laughed at what she said. Especially Sam.

   ’'Well, it wasn’t me, who ruined our last mission’’ James snapped back at her and the girl stiffened. Nat gave Bucky a dead glare as she rushed over to hug the poor girl, who still didn’t move, overhelmed by memories.

   Their last mission was in her hometown, where her whole family was killed by H.Y.D.R.A. She just couldn’t focus on the mission and that resulted in her and Clint getting injured. No one blamed her for it, it wasn’t her fault that she watched her parents and siblings dead bodys when she was only ten. But she still felt guilty, especially now, when Bucky brought that event up.

    The only one in the team, who could understand her fully, was Wanda. Not only she went through similar things to Y/N, she even had the same powers as her. They soon became friends, found the same language. As Y/N was the youngest member of the Avengers, everyone were really protective over her, but it was Nat, who acted towards her like a mum. Y/N didn’t felt uncomfortable with it, not at all.

    “Nat is with Clint, Sam with Wanda, Bruce and Thor together, I will be with Tony and Y/N with… Bucky” Steve said, looking carefully at his two friends, who just looked away. “Be careful… All of you” Captain America sighed heavily, seeing that Y/N was already gritting her teeth, like she always did, when she was angry.

    Bucky and Y/N looked at each other. They weren’t even a little happy, that Steve paired them together. This was going to be a long, long mission.

    “On your left!”

    Y/N glared deadly at Bucky, as she knocked another soldier down. She hated being paired up with him, he thought he is so much better than her and kept giving her ordfers all the time. She just couldn’t stand being bossed around by him.

    It was harder than they thought it would be. There shouldn’t be so many highly trained soldiers. And even if Avengers were powerful, everyone knew they weren’t going to make it this time. Not today. Y/N tried as hard as she could, but with every minute she grew more tired than before. Now she was at this point her hands and legs were slightly shaking. Bucky noticed that and slowly started worrying about her.

    He didn’t hate her. How could he? She was such a happy, cheerful person, who always had a good word for everyone. He pushed her away only because he fell in love with her. And he didn’t deserve a sweet, kind person, like her.

    “Hey, Barnes, will you stop staring at me and start to fight alrea-” she started with a smirk, but was suddenly cut off by a loud sound of gun and a sharp pain, ripping through her body. She didn’t even have the strength to scream in pain when the bullet got stuck in her stomach.

    Bucky screamed her name, and then ran over to her almost unconsious body, laying on the ground. The wound in her stomach was bleeding so hard, it colored the snow around her from white to red. Her breathing was fast, air hitched in her throat from time to time. The dark haired man called Steve and informed him that Y/N got badly injured.

    “Don’t you even dare to die on me” he told her harshly, taking the small girl in his strong arms, helding her close to his chest. “I’m serious, Y/N. Stay with me, please. I need you. Don’t leave me” he was now begging her, tears forming in his eyes.

    A small smile appeared on her plump lips. She wanted to say something, anything, that she is not going to die, but before she even had a chance, everything went black for her. The only thing she remembered was Bucky’s face, the pain in her stomach and him begging her to stay and don’t leave him.

    “When will she wake up?”

    “In few hours, calm down Elsa”

    “Tony, shut the fuck up! He’s worrying about her, let him live, god dammit.”

    The whole team was now on the medical floor, where they were watching over sleeping Y/N who had surgery about two hours ago. Bruce and some other doctors needed to take the bullet out from her stomach. Now Bucky was sitting the closest to the injured girl, on the chair next to her bed. He held her hand and didn’t care that everyone was watching. He was so scared when they shot her. He was scared he won’t tell her how he feels about her, he was scared he won’t have the chance to apologize to her for being a complete dick towards her for past few months.

    Suddenly, he felt a light squeeze on his left hand. His head shot up and turned to the direction of now awake Y/N. Her lips parted and her eyes slowly opened. She took a deep, sharp breath and everyone looked at her with surprise. They thought she will wake up later.

     ’'Fuck, I feel, like I’ve been hit by a truck’’ she said, her voice still hoarse from long sleep. She looked at Bucky’s hand holding hers. He noticed that and wanted to take his hand away, but she didn’t let him, interwining their fingers. “What happpened?”

     ’'You’ve been shot’’ Nat sniffled. Her eyes were red. Y/N was like a daughter to her, she was so worried about her, she cried for about an hour. Even Clint couldn’t calm her down.

     ’'Oh, don’t think you’ll get rid of me that easily’’ Y/N tried to joke and laugh, but she felt a sharp pain appear in her chest. “Oh my God” she groaned.

     Bruce handed her the medicines and she let go of Bucky’s hand to take them. Everyone noticed the small sparkle in Barnes’ eyes, when he saw that she already woke up. Nat smiled softly. She knew from the beginning that he has a thing for her, so after everyone talked with her 'daughter’ for little bit, she pushed the team out of the room, leaving Bucky and Y/N alone.

     ’'You know…“ she started to say, not looking him in the eyes. ’'I thought you hate me. Why did you say that you need me, when I was shot?” she whispered.

     ’'I never hated you, doll’’ he shook his head, feeling the familiar feeling in his chest. “I-I… I think I love you. I just kept pushing you away, because… I don’t deserve you. You’re so sweet, so kind, so loving and… look at me. I killed so many people, I’m a monster” he answered her in a quiet voice.

     ’'You shithead’’ she punched his arm and he looked up at her to see tears falling down her cheeks. “I don’t deserve you. You’re not a monster. I never met so caring man like you. You’ve been through so much, but you’re still here. You’re so strong, James, never doubt yourself.” she blinked and even more tears streamed down her face.

      He brushed the the salty tears off and kissed her forehead softly, as she sniffled, hugging him lightly. She gestured to him to lay next to her and he did that happily, wrapping her up in his arms. She put her head on his chest and listened to his slightly fastened heartbeat.

     ’'Oh, and Bucky?“

      ’'Yeah, doll?”

      “I love you too, shithead”