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Today marks exactly one year since the Sewol Ferry tragedy in South Korea on 16/04/14.

For those who don’t know about this tragic event, Sewol Ferry was travelling to Jeju Island with approximately 500 or so passengers. around 300 were students and staff of a high school in South Korea who planned to go to Jeju Island for a school trip.

During the travel process from Seoul to Jejudo, the ferry started to tip and began to capsize. The captain of the ferry ordered everyone to stay calm and return to their rooms, which many obeyed, before the captain escaped from the ferry himself with some other crew members.

Rescue boats were immediately contacted and they hurriedly made their way to the sinking ferry. There were a number of passengers who didn’t go back to their rooms and stayed on the deck, waiting for help, and a majority of them were rescued. However, the other 300 passengers who obeyed the captain’s words remained in their rooms until the ferry completely capsized.

During this rescue process, families of the passengers of the ferry hurriedly gathered at the dock where the ferry had departed, hoping with all their might that their family member will return safely, even though the chances weren’t high. To some people’s absolute joy, they are assured that their loved one has returned. But for some others, they are faced with the harsh reality that they may never be able to see their child/sibling/friend ever again.

One mother of a survivor of the ferry shared that she had received a text message from her son, saying: “I don’t know when I’ll be able to tell you this again, Mom, but I love you.” The mother, at the time, was oblivious to the situation, and texted back: “Oh I love you too, my son.” Soon enough she was hit with the tragic news that the ferry was sinking, and quickly made her way there. Thankfully, her son was one of the few lucky survivors.

There have also been other stories shared from the students contacting their parents about the disaster they were involved in, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find them online. (Sorry).

Rescue divers have also shared stories of what they’ve seen while they attempted to retreat the dead bodies of the 300 students, staff and other passengers in the sunken ferry:

- Many of the student’s fingers have all be broken or crushed, most likely due to their attempt to escape the ferry before death hits them.

- Dead bodies of students have been seen to hold hands with each other.

- A boy and a girl have buckled their life jackets to each other, most likely not wanting to part with each other as their lives disappear in front of their eyes. The rescue diver shared that it broke his heart, knowing that he was only able to take one student at a time, forcing him to unbuckle the life vests of these young students.

Just like this, within moments, hundreds of lives have been lost. What makes this event especially heartbreaking is that a majority of the deaths are innocent students. Those students are just around my age, perhaps 1-2 years older. I can’t even imagine what their loved ones are going through throughout past year, knowing that they’ll never see their children again.

The vice principle of the school these students belonged to had also suicided by hanging himself, blaming himself for the cause of these students. The survivors have been going through a difficult time without their friends. The lower grades of the school will have no senior grades to look up to. As reporters visited the school, they have reported that many heartfelt messages had been written on the desks of the students who have lost their lives.

I am crying so much as I write this, and I just ask that everyone should pray for the people who have unrightfully lost their lives like this, and also for the families and friends of the non-survivors. Losing these students are a huge loss to their amazing country, and we should always remember such a tragedy and hopefully learn from this and do better in the future.

This may just be “just another accident” to the rest of us, but please think about it. 300 teenage students killed on their way to a school trip. This is just another level of innocence of undeserved deaths. Imagine if their trip was scheduled for even 1 day later. 300 young lives with bright futures could have continued living, and such a tragic loss wouldn’t have taken place.

2014 definitely wasn’t a great year for many countries, so let’s forget about these tragic events and move on, but also keep them in our hearts forever at the same time. Life goes on so let’s make 2015 better. When there is a chance for an act of kindness, do not hesitate and do it. The students who have lost their lives in the Sewol ferry would have certainly been kind people.

(Also, the captain of the ferry who escaped by himself has been sentenced 36 years in prison, 30 years for the chief engineer, and 5-20 years for the rest of the 13 crew members who escaped from the ferry before, leaving the passengers to fend for themselves.)


7/19/14: “Do you guys ever do sleepovers when you guys go to hotels?”

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I'm really interested in watching rvb! Is there anywhere you recommend a newbie to watch?

Oooooo awesome!! Are you talking about a website or a point in the series to start off at?

If it’s a place to start, the beginning! I’m v much a person that likes watching something from the beginning, but I know a lot of people look for the best starting off point. 

I’d really recommend starting from the beginning and watching in this order:

season 1-4
out of mind mini-series
season 5 
recovery one mini-series
season 6
relocated mini-series
season 7-15

If you’re REALLY keen on getting to story stuff/find the early stuff hard to get thru (I know some people do) then skip seasons 1-5, a.k.a the blood gulch chronicles, but keep both the mini-series bc they have later plot importance, i wouldnt rec this tho bc theres still plot important stuff in there + a lot of really good humor

As for a place to watch I’d recommend youtube or netflix. Netflix has them in the format they are on the dvds, which is giant chunks of video for each season so it’s really easy to binge, but it only has up to s13 and DOESN’T have the mini series. Youtube has an rvb channel where everything is in just about the right order on their playlist page here!

I hope this helps?? Sorry if you only needed one of these but I hope you enjoy the show!! I’m not as into it as I used to be sadly, but its very dear to me!

My favorite idols who have their solo careers

I first thought of making a top 10 list of kpop group members who have their solo albums but I had such a hard time choosing the tenth that I opted to just countdown my favorite 9. 

9. Bobby. This member of iKON won Show Me the Money (SMTM) 3 so that kind of stablishes the fact that this boy can rap. I know he technically has not put up a solo album but he did release his single Holup as part of the album of the unit MOBB (Mino and Bobby). I really think he has huge potential since he’s only 21. Maybe if he improves in his songwritting we can really see some interesting music from him in the future. He also has a nice singing voice that actually reminds me of GD not because their voices are similar but because they both have really unique voices.

8. Henry. For those of you who like watching korean variety shows you probably know who he is because he’s been in several shows. If you’re into kdramas then you must watch him in Oh my venus with Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub. However he is mostly a multi-talented songwriter and has a variety of music that has pop, ballad, classical and hip hop influences. He even wrote a song for EXO’s upcoming album The War. He’s canadian and was scouted by SM to form Super Junior M (the mandarin sub unit of Super Junior). 

7. Kyuhyun. I have a huge soft spot for Kyuhyun. My brain knows he’s actually not the best of vocalists and he doesn’t write his own stuff plus his ballads are not too interesting but there is something about the tone of his voice that makes me react emotionally to every song he sings. Needless to say he is my bias in Super Junior on top of that he’s super funny as he has shown in Radio Star and New Journey to the West. He’s currently doing his service and probably we won’t be able to listen to anything from him in two years. His only hit At Gwanghwamun is a must listen but I have so many songs I love like Blah blah, The parting, Piano Forest and Hope is a dream that doesn’t sleep (OST of Baking King Kim Tak Goo).

6. Jay Park. I know calling Jay Park an idol at this point is stretching it a bit and he probably wouldn’t like it but since he once was the leader of 2PM I feel he does qualify. Although I’ve been listening to his songs ever since I got into kpop I didn’t know much about him until recently which kind of only makes me like him more. Controversy aside I love how he rose to success after struggling as an idol. His r&b and hip hop music is so good. Also I think he’s a positive influence on the korean music scene. My favorites are his sexy songs like Sex Trip and All I want to do.

5. Lay. I actually don’t like M-pop. I think it always sound like something you’ve already heard but it’s Lay, my EXO-L heart is predisposed to like anything they do however I do think his first mini album is really good. He opted for an r&b classic sound and it really fits him. My favorite song is his title track Lose Control that shows his song writting skills. 

4. Taemin. In my opinion, Taemin (Shinee) doesn’t have a great live voice so when he released Danger in 2014, which by the way concided with me really getting into kpop (I only liked EXO before), I didn’t really understand it. However SM always does things right when it comes to Taemin, every come back he does whether is in Korea or Japan it always has a different sound and most of all a complex and distinct sound. My favorite song of his is Goodbye (Sayonara Hitori) but Press your number was drilled into my head for most of 2016. The new song Flame of Love for his japanese comeback is also amazing. Because he is such a flawless dancer his stages are always on point and he can really stand on his own.

3. GD. He’s just out of this world, isn’t he? A lot of people have called him a genius and he would actually be my number one if it wasn’t for the fact that the songs I like the most from him are Big Bang songs not his solo stuff. Having said that he’s just so good as a solo act. The range of what he can do is amazing. He’s a crazy performer, a great rapper and of course an off the charts producer. His singing voice is just plain weird and I’m not even talking about the way he bends the words while singing but just his tone. I of course like his album Coup d’etat but I’m so obsessed with Untitled, 2014.

2. Jonghyun. I’ve talked about this before in this blog, but when I listened to Shinee’s Jonghyun album She is I became obsessed with it and went back and listened to his previous records and his latest album all made me a fan of his music. I wouldn’t call him underrated but he hasn’t had a huge hit just yet. I think it’s kind of just a matter of time. Let me out, Inspiration and White T-Shirt are my favorite songs.

1. Zico. I don’t have much to say he’s just Zico. If you have been living under a rock or you’re not into kpop then I can say he’s a rapper and a singer member of Block B. Most of all he’s an amazing producer. I think what really showed that side of his was SMTM 4, in each stage of the competition he created beats for his team and the results were chart topping hits like Fear and Okey Dokey. Of course SMTM and Mino had to do a lot with the success of those songs but it still is impressive. I love when he does songs with an indie feel like She’s a baby and I am you and you’re me. but there’s really nothing I’ve heard from him as a solo artist that I haven’t liked. Of course his highlights have to be Eureka, Veni Vidi Vici, Bermuda Triangle and Anti


Through their artistry, wherever they wrought their magic, they made us believe, in place, time, light, story, or emotion. They mentored us, challenged us, inspired us, elevated us, and made us only want to be better. Because of their particular gifts, they gave us a greater understanding of the human condition and the human heart.We lost too many of them this year, but because of the great gift of film, they will live forever.

To those who are featured here tonight, and to the many deserving others who are in our hearts, we love you, we honor you, we miss you … but most of all, we thank you.

I have been shipping emison since 2014 and there were times (aka the great emison drought of seasons 5B-6A) where I thought they no longer stood a chance at being canon. But me being the relentless gay I am, stood by as irrelevant love interests were shoved down our throats and waited literally years for them to finally kiss again. Now almost 3 years later, I cannot believe we are finally going to see them have a real relationship where they talk openly about their feelings AND I JUST HAVE WAY TOO MANY EMOTIONS

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Assuming the turtles have dated their s.o. for a while, would they start considering marriage? And if so, how would they propose? What kind of wedding would they like? (In a romantic mood right now)

****They’d all have their weddings underground.


He’s the traditional man; down on one knee and take your hand in his.  It’s not a big party or ceremony, maybe a few decorations, some music and some food prepared by April and Casey (with help from his family).  Casual clothing and nothing too fancy.  Then afterwards once everyone is gone, it’ll be just the two of you until morning.


He’ll propose to you in a way that’s quiet, secluded, where it’s just the two of your and not in front of everyone.  He doesn’t get on one knee; the two of you would be laying on the couch, and all of a sudden he just blurts it out quietly, leaving you all perplexed and panicking.  “So that’s a no?” “I DIDN’T SAY THAT I’M JUST SURPRISED OF COURSE I WILL”  

The wedding isn’t big at all, most likely a private one.  A box of pizza, some small sweets and just being with each other.  He knows it’s a big moment in his life, but he wants it to be shared with only you; both of you can tell the others in the morning.


He plans to propose to you, but you end up finding the ring before he even gets to. He’s so flustered and panicky when you show him the ring, and he’s all “well you already saw the ring…. so will you?  Marry me?”

His family and April and Casey bring out the whole shebang; music, food, cake, and April makes you wear all white clothing and not a dress.  Too much of a hassle.  And somehow Don manages to find a purple bowtie.  It’s not a big loud party, but the two of you dance like idiots with the others and have a good time.


“Hey babe, we should get married…. like, right now.”

“Wait, wha-”


No big plans on how to propose to you; anywhere, anytime, he plops down on one knee and whips out that ring that you still don’t know how he got.  He gets so excited when you say ‘yes’, and peppers you with kisses and tight hugs.

SO MUCH CONFETTI at your little celebration party.  You don’t know how he got that either, but who the hell cares because IT’S A PARTY UP IN HERE.  Normal clothing, loud music and dancing, TONS OF PIZZA; you’re having a great time.  


Did you guys know? If you share a drink, you can become brothers. We may not be on the same ship when we become pirates, but this will bind us together as brothers! No matter where we are or what we do, nothing can break this bond…!! From today on, we’re brothers!“ - Ace

dedicated to bettina, happy birthday!!<3

More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 4

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


SUMMER 2014 (14 and 16 years old)

I don’t even know what to say. Thank you for trusting me with your story. I know that maybe this won’t mean much to you but you’re enough. You’re good enough. You’re more than enough. You’re the coolest girl I know and I haven’t even met you. You’re smart (way smarter than me) and funny and kind. And if those girls can’t see that then it’s their problem. And you’re probably going to hate me for this but I really think that you should tell someone, someone other than me, someone that can help you, that can defend you, someone that can be there for you in a way I can’t.

I guess this may sound selfish but I won’t be able to sleep at night until I know that someone is taking care of you. You deserve the world girl, and I wished I could give it to you.

PS: in case it isn’t clear, of course I want to be friends with you.

PS2: Just so you know, I’m also muslim”




“I almost didn’t write to you. When I came here I spent a week not daring to look at the paper, afraid that you hadn’t answered. But I couldn’t sleep at night, there was something inside me that told me to look and I’m glad I did.

THANK YOU. Thank you for listenting to me and for your words and for being there. You say that you can’t be there for me, but you are, you’re here for me in ways no one can and for that I’m grateful.

I’ll think about talking to someone, maybe it’s time for me to trust other people

Thank you again

PS: I don’t want to stop being friends either

PS2: Is it weird that reading that made me happy?”


AUTUMN BREAK 2014 (14 and 17 years old)

“Believe it or not this time I was the one that almost didn’t check if you had answered. I was afraid. Guess great minds think alike (although we both know your mind is greater than mine. Yeah, I’ve accepted that)

I’m glad that e both want to keep taling and no, it’s not weird that it made you happy. It also made me happy when you told me, considering the circumstances, of course.

Well pen pal, (or was it anonymous friend?) I’ll read you in Christmas. Hope you have a great autumn.”


CHRISTMAS 2014 (15 and 17 years old)

I’m glad you finally accepted that I’m smarter than you. It was a matter of time.

I have news!! I’ve told someone. I followed your advice and I finally told someone.

My brother’s girlfriend was at my middle school and she had some suspicions about what was going on. She’s not there anymore, she’s in high school now, but still I thought that maybe she could help, she’s always been so nice to me. And she did help!! I told her and she said she would take care of me. Since then she’s been dropping me off and picking me up from school. And let me tell you that she and her friends are so badass so the bullies were scared and haven’t bothered me again. So…yay!! Thank you for your advice and for being there for me. And don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that I’m changing you for her, you’ll always be the first person I told.”




“It makes me really happy to hear that they’re not bothering you anymore!! Your brother’s girlfriend sounds great, I’m glad you have her. You deserve to be surrounded by people that care about you. And thank you for not forgetting about me, I’ll always be here for you.

I need to tell you something though…My parents told me that we’re not coming back to the cabin anymore.

My father is starting his own business so he won’t have a holidays for awhile. I know this sucks but I really don’t want our friendship to end so this is what I thought…Are you from Oslo? I really hope you are ‘cause this will only work if you’re from Oslo like me.

Well there’s this book shop new Nissen, the high school, which is both a book shop and a café. It’s really small but it’s such a lovely place. Anyway, in the young adult section there’s this spot where the fuse box is supposed to be but it’s not, it’s empty. I thought that maybe that can be our next secret spot. Maybe you can leave your answer there. Since you won’t read this until the winter break, I’ll wait a few days after that to go there and look for your answer. If there’s nothing there I guess that would mean that either you’re not form Oslo or you don’t want our friendship to continue.

I really hope that you like this idea.

I’ll be waiting xx


MARCH 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

Hi! I really hope that this is the book shop you were talking about. If it isn’t and some other person is reading this…hi, I guess?

I like your idea or “meeting” here now. This way we won’t have to wait till the holidays to get our answers…still…I’ve thought about something.

If we do this, we won’t know when the other is going to answer and we will drive ourselves crazy. So here’s what I thought: one month.

I’m leaving this here on the 1st of March and I’ll come find your answer on the 1st of April. Not sooner nor later. This way we a) will know when to expect an answer and b) will have a month to think about our answer and to focus on the rest of the things in our lives. I just don’t want us to leave everything behind for this, you know? I’m sure if we didn’t put any limits we would get obsessed and I don’t want this to be ruined.

So yeah, that’s my idea. Hope you like it. I’ll read you on the 1st of April xx


Oh! And just to be sure you’re you, answer this: when did we start talking and what advice did you give me?”


APRIL 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

Summer 2011. I told you to be careful with the wardrobe’s door because it was broken and you told me it was too late, you had already hurt your foot

I really love your idea, once again you show me that you’re the smart one in this relationship…friendship…relationship of friends. Well you know what I mean.

Is it embarrassing that I’m really glad that we’re going to talk more often now? It probably is but oh well, it’s out now so whatever.

I’m really looking forward to your answer. I’ll read you on the 1st of May xx”


MAY 2015 (15 and 17 years old)

You passed the test!!! You’re definitely my anonymous friend about whom I know nothing.

And of course I’m the smart one in this relationship.

Also, I don’t know if it’s embarrassing or not but I’m also really happy that we’re going to talk more often!!

Oh btw, I don’t know if I told you but…I’m starting high school on September (I guess you should know by my age). I’m really nervous. My brother’s girlfriend will be there but still, I’m getting anxious. What is I don’t fit in? Any tips you can give me since you’re already in high school?

I’ll read you in June xx”


This is chapter 4!

As you can see the dynamic is going to change, now instead of just talking on holidays they will talk every mont.

Oh btw the coffee shop/book shop is not real, I invented it

Next chapter, Elias will introduce Sana to a new friend he has, his name is Yousef. 

Hope you’ve liked this

Thank you for reading!!!

[10asia INTERVIEW] Eternal Highlight

[10asia=Reporter Son Yeji]

Group Highlight Son Dongwoon (from left), Lee Gikwang, Yang Yoseob, Yoon Doojoon, Yong Junhyung / Photo=Photographer Oh Seho, Location=Studio Haru

They started off as ‘small company-dols’, and along the way, a member left and they lost their name. This is what they went through in the last 8 years. They were scared and anxious. Though it was not easy to overcome that anxiety, with the thought that “the five being together is the most important”, they endured it. They succeeded in extravagantly opening the second act of their lives. It is the reason Highlight have confidence in an eternal highlight.

10. You’re already going into your 5th month of starting anew as ‘Highlight’. What score would you give the promotions for ‘Plz Don’t Be Sad’ which was technically your debut song?

Son Dongwoon: 100 points. I can’t get full on the first drink, but thank you for giving it a lot of love. I think it was a promotion period that became a stepping stone on the path that Highlight will be going forward on.
Yong Junhyung: 100 points for me too. It was given a lot of love and it was beyond our expectations. It made me feel like we could reach for the next one and the next one using this as our driving force. We started off with a good feeling.
Lee Gikwang: 99 points. I’m giving this score in the hopes that our future promotions do even better. In order to fill up that 1 point for 100 points, we have to do more.
Yoon Doojoon: Then 101 points for me. Out of 100 (all laugh). We received so much from the fans that we are grateful for to the point that we were able to shake off everything we were worried about. More than a score for ourselves, I want to give this score to the fans.
Yang Yoseob: The members’ scores were all high so mine could seem a bit low (laughs), but around 90 points? There were a lot of changes when we went from the name BEAST to the new name Highlight. There were some awkward aspects within that. I thought I could have done a little better, so there’s some disappointment left.

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