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All of the support class members are GODS of back hand slapping people. If Medic, Sniper, or Spy back-hand someone they'd have a mark on their face for weeks.

“Spy slappin’ my sentry!”

But no seriously, I love this idea. Medic has had to slap patients in and out of consciousness God knows how many times, so he’s perfected his slapping. Sniper has found that it works better on a lot of animals than punching them would, and so he’s turned to backhanding the rabid animals that attack him on his hunting trips. And Spy is a sassy little diva and he loves bitchslapping people to be dramatic, so of course he’s good at it. 

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Hellooo~ do you happen to have a link to the diva Legolas? I just find it so hilarious


the link is actually directly in my sidebar (below the ‘Mine’ link) and this question is also in my my faq BUUUUUUT since you were sweet abt it you can have a direct link 

HERE IT IS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER have a nice nostalgia trip down low quality gifsets from three years ago my friend 

GOOD TIMES i kinda miss it but also not

Congratulations Glee!

You’ve managed to strip Rachel of any redeeming qualities. My tolerance for her… which was waning… is officially at an end.

And why did you have to suck Mercedes into that diva pissing contest? Good job at making her look like a conceited ass too. Wanted to club the two of them over the head with a brick. And to spend half the ep on their little ego trip and have it result in nothing more than the “Oh look how wonderful we are” mutual admiration society? Great. Just what we needed… another person to tell Rachel how wonderful she is.

And I hate to break it to Rachel… except for the snark about the facial hair, everything Santana said was 100% true. No wonder she was crying, because Santana gave her a truth bomb with both barrels. And I wouldn’t let any of your cast-mates let you hear you refer to any of their parts as “lowly” just because they’re not the star.

The only real diva in that room was Kurt, who didn’t need to be told over and over how fantastic he is and didn’t bother taking part in their stupid vote on who was better because he doesn’t need to be told that he is.