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I went through your daycare adventures tag because I'm starting to work at one tomorrow and I'm hella nervous. What if I unwittingly ruin their future or scar them for life by accident?? Do you have any advice? You seem so good with your kids ;-;

so I wrote you a whole document but i lost it. here’s the tl;dr

DON’T DROP THE BABIES. Gravity center in the head. They WILL find a way to hit it on the floor if you don’t hold them right. Yes, even if they’re sitting.

Be chill, your only job is to keep them alive till 5pm, the rest is secondary

Treat them with respect, they are people, listen to them. 

Drink OJ because you’re gonna catch whatever is floating in the air

Watch where you step, there are toys everywhere. 

Be fair and authoritative. They won’t hate you, not if you’re fair.

Don’t worry about scarring them for life, that’s a parent’s job. You can do no lasting damage in the course of a day.

Count your chickens (helps to notice when one of them is hiding or climbing).

I think that’s all I remember from my über long post so yeah, you gonna do great, anon! Tell me how it went!


Mamoru pulled at his tie, cursing the fact that his idea of a beach wedding was shot down. Then again, he still had to wear a tuxedo at the beach, so perhaps it was a good thing. As you came towards him, a lovely smile on your soft lips of yours, Mamo knew he was in trouble. Shit, he was in big trouble. He didn’t have cold feet. He wasn’t going to leave you at the altar.  But, he was going to spend the rest of his life with you. Who would have thought that the little kid he woke up years ago on the hotel couch ended up being his wife? It was no small feat, what you’d done. You saved him. Might even have taught him how to be a better man, but the others might have a thing or two to say about that.

He couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering down your neck, to the cleavage you were showing. Eyes up, not down. Mamoru reminded himself. Of course, that did nothing to help. You locked gazes with him, a knowing smile on your face. It didn’t surprise him that you picked this particular dress. You looked beautiful. You were gorgeous. He wanted to kiss you right now. Come on, man. Talk a bit faster. As he droned on, Mamoru let out a sigh. After what seemed like forever, he finally slipped the ring onto your finger. For a moment, he stared at the ring on his finger, remembering when you gifted it to him. That was a good memory. Just like how this was. He pulled you towards him, your lips pressed together in a passionate embrace. 

“What a pain in the ass… You sure know how to make a man work, kid. You got me all dressed up too. Man, this suit is suffocating… Alright, alright. Don’t stare at me like that. You’ll frighten off the groom. But lucky for you, he’s gotten used to those glares. You’ve got me all wrapped around your little finger, ever since you held that bamboo sword and saved my life. Hell, even before that. Ah, what do I say now… Oh, right. Today, and for eternity, I promise to keep arguing with you. I can’t promise I’ll keep our house clean, but you can try bribing me with soba. I can’t help but adore you, from the bottom of my heart. I love you.”

BTS Reaction to You (gf) Being Good With Kids

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Namjoon: I feel like this would be a semi serious moment for our Namjoon just because of the fact you’re good with kids would lead him to think about your relationship’s future. I don’t think he would be debating whether or not he should propose or if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. I believe he would just imagine you interacting with the possible children you both have together. Namjoon would be thinking and imagining your future life together in a very lighthearted manner, he wouldn’t want to figure out any details but instead conjure up a broad idea. He could honestly just picture the two of you making their lunches for school and hanging up their handmade drawings on the fridge, playing together and watching cartoons in the early morning. Those future memories would be playing in his mind as you play with his little cousin or help babysit your friend’s kid and it would make him smile.

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Suga: You and Suga would be looking after his nephew due to the fact his sister and her husband were away and needed someone to take care of their 4 year old. I think it would be just before dinner and the three of you would be sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for your meal to finish cooking. You would have a small truck and would be playing with it with the nephew when suddenly the boy asks both of you, “Why don’t you guys have any kids?” Initially, you would be taken off guard and begin to laugh at what he asked you but Suga would smirk and stare at you with a questioning look in his eyes. Suga would probably wiggle his eyebrows and ask you the same thing because he knew you were good with kids. You would blush and swat at his teasing hands reaching for your waist, shooing him into the kitchen so that he could check on your dinner.

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Jin: This would really elate Jin just because he’s also very good with kids and the role of a leader or a “mother” comes to him easily. I can definitely see him wanting children in the future so the fact you share the same dreams as him would make him so happy. Another thing that would make him ecstatic is that around you, he’ll be able to shed his title of makeshift leader and act more like a kid himself. I don’t think he’s as childish as some of the members, but he definitely has some endearing qualities that just scream kid to me. I believe when the others are around, he kind of slips more into his mommy role and becomes more serious. When they’re gone and it’s just you two, he can certainly let loose and not have to worry about the wellbeing of the members. Finding out that you’re good with kids would encourage him to let out his more childish side.

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J-Hope: Jhope would be so amazed and in awe because he couldn’t believe that not only are you absolutely perfect in every way, you’re also good with kids. He would only watch as you fed one of your friend’s baby and gently wiped it’s chubby cheek with a napkin. He would probably walk over and kneel next to you on the ground, making funny faces which would effectively cause the baby to gurgle and laugh from the amusement. You would giggle softly as well and teasingly scold him for taking away the baby’s appetite but his next comment would probably cause you to turn your attention to your other baby. He would probably say something sly about the two of you having a baby together later in life and that would cause your heart to skip a beat. He would help you afterwards with the baby and you would only smile and imagine spending the rest of your life with him.

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Jimin: Jimin would be such a dork to be honest. The two of you would be taking Jimin’s niece out for lunch at a restaurant and when the food came, you reached for her plate and began to cut up her food. He would watch you do that and then begin to act like a baby himself, sneakily sliding his own meal over to you so that you would do the same. I think because he doesn’t see you as much as he wants to, Jimin would use any chance to recieve affection from you. Whether you actually did cut up his food for him, he would then stare at you until you noticed and turned to face him once more. He would probably puff his cheeks out and plump his lips, silently requesting that you feed him. This would result in his niece to burst into a fit of cute giggles and join in on the comedy act, and that would leave you hungry and having to feed both of your “children.”

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V: I think at first, V would be surprised to find that you left his side when he was getting you two ice cream at the park. He would be holding both of the cones and looking around for you desperately when he finally noticed your familiar jacket on the playground. He would notice that a little kid was crying and as he got closer, he could figure out that the girl must have lost her mother because she looked terrified. You would be on your knees, calming the girl down and asking her simple questions about what her parent looked like and telling her that things would be okay. At this moment, V would be so proud of you. He really enjoys kids so the fact you immediately took control of the situation and went out of your way to help an innocent little girl would make his heart swell with pride. His smile would reach the tips of his ears as the two of you found her mother and he watched the little girl beam and give you a hug. 

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Jungkook: It’s great that you’re good with kids because Jungkook is honestly still a teenager. A lot of people see him as an adult because he’s an idol and they expect him to act mature and spend his teen years working 24/7, but he’s only 18 years old. I think that when he finally returns home to you and once he knows that you’re really good with kids, he would just be himself. He wouldn’t feel pressured around you because no officials from his company are there to monitor or lecture him, he would just let loose from the constrains of his day to day life. He would probably snack on candy with you and watch silly movies while playing with your stuffed animals and giving them names. The most important thing is that he would feel normal for once, he would forget that he was an idol and instead slip into the life of a regular teenager. 

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"I won't let you sacrifice yourself Jin." Kurorin locks you into a room. You watch Kurorin fiddle with the buttons on the control booth sucking a giant computer monster into cyber space. "Jin, I love you. Please, live a good life for me." His body begins turning into dust. "Take care of the kids, okay. They need you more than ever." And then he's gone. All that's left of your best friend is a pile of dust. This time he sacrificed himself for you.

Jin didn’t really sleep much. He never really had before, and he really didn’t do it now if he didn’t have to. But sometimes, a body needs rest, and that’s what happens, regardless of how the inhabitant of that body feels about it. 

Waking up gasping and reaching for a hand in the darkness that wasn’t there, that had no reason to be there, was definitely a good reason for him to avoid sleep again. And before his brain could fully process the action, he was reaching for his phone and calling a number he knew by heart.


“You’re telling me,” they’ll say, “that you don’t want kids? Ever?” They shake their head, maybe roll their eyes, and dismiss my words with a final, “You’ll change your mind later.”
But they’re wrong. Because when I responded with “No,” to their “Do you want kids when you get older?” this was not what I was telling them.

I was telling them that children listen. It only takes one bad day at work to wrongly take out your frustration on a child who would carry your angered words with them for the rest of their life.

I was telling them that children learn. They learn from those around them, that is: the kids who pick on them at school, the teachers who dismiss their cries, the parent who swears on the phone sometimes.

I was telling them that children remember. From your childhood, you might have a few good memories, and a few bad ones, or maybe all bad ones, or all good ones. And no one gets to pick and choose the ones they remember, because you don’t remember everything. So even if your parent brought you to museums as a child, to parks and to playgrounds, it’s possible all you’ll remember is that they were drinking from a funny-looking bottle all the while you were there.

I was telling them that even adults make the stupidest of mistakes, the most self-absorbed of decisions. Genuine misunderstandings, genuine slip-ups. But the day you forget to ask your child how their day went could be the day the girl with frizzy hair wouldn’t stop making fun of their freckles.

I was telling them that the day you, as a parent, equate your teenager’s argumentative behavior to their age rather than their feelings as a person, is the day you’ll fail to notice cuts on their thighs or bags under their eyes.

I was telling them that, no matter how much you love children, no matter how much you try to watch them, to shelter them, to follow your own parent’s footsteps or adamantly ignore them, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes.

And, most of all, I was telling them that I don’t trust myself enough to not make the bigger mistakes.
So I think, mostly, it was not I who misunderstood your question. Because, truthfully, I love kids, I feel like I understand kids, and it’s not that I don’t appreciate the gift of bringing life into the world.

It was only you who misunderstood my answer.

—  Don’t You Want Kids?
The "Don't Judge" Challenge

why the fuck are teenagers doing this? how the fuck is this a challenge?





call me negative but for real guys, wtf are we promoting? don’t judge a book by its cover? I don’t get it. Bc that theme just doesn’t make sense.


Your girl got into her second top college (if not a tie for first?), Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo. I kid you not when I say I actually started to bawl. Not only did I get into one of my dream schools, but I was accepted to a college. That in itself was enough for me. On top of that, when I came home I got another acceptance letter from University of Alabama, another great school.

Guys, I’m just so happy!!! I feel like my work is finally paying off. My future suddenly looks so much brighter. Life is truly good.

Have a seriously wonderful rest of your Thursday, studyblr.