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Ross is becoming so cruel, what with comments like “not every man in Cornwall is besotted with you” and “look elsewhere for a pet”. I’m hating him as much as I did in season 2. (In season 2 he was a fool and an ass, but he wasn’t saying cruel things like that.) I don’t remember Ross being that way in the books. But I know why they’re doing it…to make everyone root for Demelza having a fling

Don’t hate Ross, anon. Just don’t. He doesn’t deserve it.

comments like “not every man in Cornwall is besotted with you”

I was irritated by this first time around, but when I watched it again, I took more note of his tone of voice. He actually doesn’t say it cruelly, he says it with a measure of fondness.

What he doesn’t do, however, is match Demelza’s teasing tone. She is clearly a) slightly flustered by Hugh’s attention, and b) trying to have a teasing conversation with him along the lines of the conversation they had in bed after Ross’s return from Roscoff (about French beauties and whether he partook of them). She’s trying to draw him into that flirty, teasing banter that they’ve shared before. When he dismisses her with ‘I didn’t notice’, she’s the one to say perhaps she imagined it - and Ross doesn’t hear the way she suddenly sounds subdued, and so doesn’t respond to it. He makes a fond comment about not every man in Cornwall being besotted with her, but the implication in that is that he is besotted with her.

What upsets Demelza is that he doesn’t register her intention of flirting, and I think, also, it’s that it comes in the wake of what happened that day: he didn’t want to dance with her and he was so eager to get away from the party (which was, after all, the wedding reception for their dearest friends). Ross dislikes the attention he’s getting as ‘hero of Quimper’, but though I think Demelza knows that, she’s also very proud of him and so can’t really understand why he dislikes it (there is a difference between knowing something and understanding it). And also, she enjoys these events. One could argue that she should accept what he wants and agree not to go to them, but one could also argue that Ross could stomach them and behave better towards her on the extremely rare occasions when he agrees to them in the first place! We are literally talking a handful of occasions across eight years of marriage, at this point. I don’t think she would be asking for the moon in wanting him to at least dance with her when appropriate - though I can also understand Ross feeling that he’s getting attention he doesn’t deserve because of one risky adventure he undertook to save a friend, in the process getting another friend killed. I can see both sides here.

The problem is that they’re just not communicating well enough about it - which is frustrating to watch, both because that’s the same problem they had all through s2, and because by this point in the books they’ve both got a heck of a lot better about actually talking to each other.

On a side note to this - Ross actually does like taking her places in the books. He doesn’t like the events, looks for all excuses not to accept invitations, but he finds pleasure in Demelza’s happiness, and likes that she’s grown more confident. We got a bit of that in the episode, with Pascoe prodding Ross to take Demelza to Tehidy because she enjoys it (hi, Pascoe, Demelza’s biggest cheerleader!) but they could have added in a brief word, say in the entrance hall at Tehidy, between Ross and Demelza to the effect that he’s pleased she’s happy. Not those words precisely, but something to that effect. But that’s by the by, and not really relevant to the point, heh.

“look elsewhere for a pet”

Okay, agreed, that was a particularly harsh comment. Ross ought to have a better understanding of Demelza than that. She doesn’t want a pet, a husband content to do her bidding and acquiesce to her opinion over everything, she wants a partner, she wants her husband to remember that she is intelligent and capable and full of common sense. She doesn’t want him to do what she wants, but she does want him to at least consult her and listen to her opinions. He knows these things about her, he has already accepted and acknowledged her great sense and capabilities - for example, making it clear to everyone that she’s in charge of Wheal Grace while he went to Quimper. So many of the problems they had in s2 came from Ross not respecting Demelza’s intelligence and not consulting her about things - again, it’s not about her wanting him to do things her way, it’s about wanting him to treat her as an equal. Think about that conversation in the barn about building a cache under the library, in s2 - she demands to know how he dares ask for her permission when he’ll go ahead and do it no matter what she says. She’s not angry because he doesn’t do what she wants, she’s angry at the pretence at consultation.

So yes, a harsh comment and completely uncalled for given how well he knows her. However! I have two things to say in his defence.

The first is that Ross, when he’s angry or upset, has a sharp, cold tongue. He does that again and again. To Demelza particularly, but to others also. When he’s hurting, he lashes out and is very capable of finding a weakness and poking at it. Sometimes it’s direct, sometimes less so, but it’s a character trait that is not new. Think about 1.03, when he comes back drunk after failing Jim Carter - ‘If you don’t take it off this minute you can pack your things and go back to your father!’.

Or 1.07: ‘Your ignorance. Your arrogance. Your utter disregard for truth and consequence?’ ‘All I’ve done is make two people happy!’ ‘Oh, Demelza, do not underestimate the scale of your achievement.’

Or even the more casual, less deliberate/more provoked 2.03: ‘Just be careful his uniform doesn’t dazzle you. It has that effect on some people.’ ‘Especially a common miner’s daughter who don’t know any better?’ ‘That’s for you to demonstrate.’ (more provoked in the sense that he doesn’t actually say the words, but he certainly uses them against her).

So yes, this is not the kind of comment that particularly surprises me coming from Ross when he’s hurting and angry and backed into some corner. Unlike most of his comments, it’s not actually particularly based in an understanding of her character, which is unusual, but even so.

And that’s the second thing I would say in his defence: he is hurting. He is angry. He has just had a letter from George Warleggan to say that his great-aunt has died. The last of the Trenwith Poldarks, one of the last connections to a different life, a woman who Ross loved and cared for and respected. And, knowing George, it was couched in the plainest, most unsympathetic terms. Ross doesn’t ever deal with loss well: we know that. Think of Jim Carter, of Julia, of Carnmore Copper Company. Think of his struggle to cope with the loss of more intangible things, such as his idealised love for Elizabeth, and the family bonds at Trenwith. This is not a good day for Ross. Then Demelza comes after him and tells him that George doesn’t mention anything about funeral arrangements. That’s another weight to carry, another bruise to a bruised man, particularly since Ross must know, as we do, that George would never ever allow Ross to actually take care of funeral arrangements himself (and, on that note, George you do NOT get to do that, how on EARTH did Elizabeth not tell him what it would look like in the county, to quietly and without ceremony bury Agatha Poldark?!?! And what about Verity?!?).

And then Demelza raises the issue of the MP nomination going to George, and she argues with him about it. I won’t go into all the whys of why she argues for it, why she wants him to be an MP, because it’s not relevant to the point - which is that this is not a good time for anyone to be prodding at Ross’s open wounds. And one of those open wounds is the news of Agatha’s death, but another is George’s continued inability to just act as if Ross and all those around Ross don’t exist - which is, after all, what he and Ross had agreed to. Ross knows how George treated Agatha. He knows that George likely hastened Agatha’s death. And setting aside his feelings about not wanting to be in a position of having to bow to another man’s judgement, hearing more bad news about George is really not going to produce any other result than it does: Ross grows more angry, more hurt, and lashes out in typical fashion.

As I said, setting aside her reasons for wanting him to be an MP and his reasons for not wanting to, it’s bad timing for Demelza to bring it up then. So don’t hate Ross for it, anon. He’s just…reacting the way he always does. Trying to inflict hurt on others because he’s hurting himself.

I don’t remember Ross being that way in the books. But I know why they’re doing it…to make everyone root for Demelza having a fling

No, in the books Ross is rarely cruel to her. He has mostly grown beyond sharpening his tongue on her, because she can’t cope with it, it destroys her, and he hates doing that to her. But also their relationship doesn’t develop this strain, at this point. The way they were in the early part of the episode? Friendly and loving and teasing, supporting each other? That’s where they are for the vast majority of The Four Swans.

And yes, unfortunately it seems likely that they’re building up to the reasons for Demelza’s infidelity. Her muttered comment of ‘perhaps I won’t have to look too far’ seems to suggest that - using his (in-character) sharp tongue as a reason for her to look elsewhere for some kindness. I don’t want to speculate too much, though. What comforts me is the fact that Hugh Armitage, so far, is absolutely book!accurate. Somehow it comes across so unmistakeably clearly on screen that he is not in love with her, he thinks he’s in love with her. He’s a Romantic, he’s idealistic, he fancies the hell out of her, but he cannot be in love with her because he does not know her. So Hugh’s flattery, his deceit (it is a kind of deceit, to be wooing the wife of a man who he calls friend, a man who saved his life), is absolutely not being watered down. I just hope that it’s not all made so horribly black and white as it seems to be. Demelza doesn’t have sex with Hugh because of Ross. Ross basically has nothing to do with it. It’s her wish to be two women, just for a day - to be Ross’s wife, loving him and happy with him, but also to be able to share her happiness with Hugh, who is young and innocent and who appeals to her physically.

Anyway. I’ve talked about all that before, and I won’t bore you with it again, because this answer has grown quite long enough :D just don’t hate Ross, anon. The only character who deserves your hate is Osborne Whitworth, who is a vile, disgusting creature.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“Ah… this guy’s a crafty one…”

Please do not repost gifs

Summer Asks

☀️- Do you like the heat?
🌟- Summer days or summer nights?
💛- Have you had a summer fling?
⛈- Stormy or sunny days?
🏝- Are you going on vacation?
💰- Do you have a summer job?
🌅- Can you swim?
🎇- Do you like fireworks?
🍦- Ice cream or popsicles?
🍨- Favorite ice cream?
🌭- Favorite summer food?
👗- Typical summer outfit?
🕶- Hats or sunglasses?
👒- Beach or pool?
🐥- Favorite summer movie?
🎠- Dream vacation?
🌊- Lake or ocean?
🎫- Ever been to a summer concert?

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Have you had a straight guy crush/fling? If so, do tell :o

I mean, the straight guy crush is an almost universal thing. I have no idea what a fling would be, though.


if you’re a hot mess of feelings and a general embarrassment to humanity because of your OTP, clap your hands

[clap clap]

I’ve been thinking about professor!magnus and soldier!alec since yesterday and idk if I want to commit myself to writing something like that when I know nothing about the army but I feel like there could be something very heartbreaking about it. 

Like maybe Alec is about to be deployed and it’s his what… 2nd? 3rd? tour and he’s happy to be unattached, despite what his siblings always say, because he knows how hard it is to be separated from the ones he loves but also to be left behind and he doesn’t want to do that to someone. So he doesn’t date and he doesn’t have a lot of close friends apart from his family and it’s ok, hes doing something important, serving his country and following his family’s footsteps (ofc they’d be a big military family) but then he meets Magnus … Idk where, somewhere random like a bookstore or grocery store or the outdoor market Izzy dragged him to and sparks  f l y. And Alec is confused/overwhelmed and reluctant despite Magnus flirting 110% with him. Maybe they exchange numbers maybe not, maybe they randomly meet again and Magnus is like uh funny twist of fate *flirty grin* and Alec is just…. abort mission holy shit help ???Because even though he’s had flings and hooks up, he’s never had a crush or somebody that made him go w o w  like this and it’s new? But he kinda wants to break his rule and say yes when the hot college professor asks him out and that’s new and kinda scary but he blurts out yes before he can fully think about it or change his mind. Of course, he has a nervous breakdown afterward and Izzy is like pls find your chill but he can’t find his chill cause he’s going away to get shot at in less than 3 months and the timing couldn’t more off and that’s not fair to Magnus to get him involved like that… Because, of course, Alec is the type of person to worry too much before anything even happens. Anyway, so they go on a date maybe a walk at dusk and some ice cream?? Idk why but I’m imagining this is set in a small coastal town? They can walk near the water while talking about everything and nothing?? I’m seeing a make out session on top of a lighthouse? Anyway, when Alec tells Magnus what he does and where he’s going he’s all sorry about that I should have told you straight away when you asked me out but Magnus is all its ok lets just see where this goes, it doesn’t have to be serious since you’re leaving so soon and they agree to have a fling… but feelings happen and it’s inconvenient!!!

I like imagining Alec walking Magnus to his classes when he’s stayed over the night before (Magnus teaches history in this, I feel it). And maybe on mornings he wasn’t at Magnus’ he does a little detour on his morning run to buy him breakfast and he leaves it in his office during the 8am lecture that Magnus hates so that he’ll have something nice after that hardship, a little muffin and a coffee with a cute note on the cup ‘cause Alec is sappy af even though he tries very hard to hide it. And maybe he buys Magnus peonies at some point, just because they’re pretty and Magnus is pretty and he’s never bought flowers for anyone before and he wanted to… And Magnus keeps teasing him flowers are not casual Mister!! because it’s easier to flirt and tease than to acknowledge the fact that Alec is leaving really soon and he might not come back, and Magnus isn’t even important enough to be considered someone he’s leaving behind (or at least that’s how he feels). Magnus tries not to think about it but he’s obsessing over the idea that he doesn’t even know Alec’s family and friends, doesn’t know anyone who would tell him if something happened??? But he doesn’t want to bring it up because it’s supposed to be casual and meaningless, something that ends when the semester ends. So they keep going on dates and Alec cooks for him and Magnus tries to ignore the uneasy feeling growing in his chest as time flies too fast. Until there aren’t any time left and Alec is leaving. So they take a walk just like their first date and they have ice cream and they make love and they definitely don’t talk about it even though they both know that they should and Alec just… leaves. 

And Magnus tries not to have a hard time about it but it’s tough and he’s grateful it’s the end of the semester ‘cause at least he’s busy between marking terrible essays and correcting exams. He goes out with his friends from the history department once they’re all done and he tries to have a fun time, but truth is… he’s worried. He starts watching the news a little too obsessively and his friends don’t like it but he can’t help himself. 

Alec has been gone three weeks when the first letter comes. It takes Magnus by surprise at first because in all the times they’ve been together Alec has always been a man of little words. That’s not to say he was emotionally unavailable or unwilling to discuss things and his feelings, but this is new, the way the words flow easily on the page like it was no hardship at all to put it all down, descriptions of his unit and where he is, a full paragraph about how much he misses Magnus’ cat and nothing about them at all. But Magnus gets it, he sees it for what it is, a peace offering maybe or a stubborn unwillingness to let go, so he writes back. He talks about his students, their successes and their struggles, and his friends, little things that have reminded him of Alec since he’s been gone. Soft stories for a soft boy in a hard place. And they keep going back and forth, sending each other little pieces of their respective lives and it should be enough, it’s more than Magnus expected, but it’s tough and he misses Alec like a limb, misses him in his bed and in his kitchen, misses him when summer classes start and he has no one to hold his hand on his way to work, no callused fingers to wrap around his… But every new letter is a blessing. It says many things but underneath it all, the most important message is I’m still here, I’m alive and I’m thinking about you. 

Okay so maybe it all comes to a halt one day when his phone rings and it’s Alec on the line, after all those weeks, all those months, and he sounds like h e l l  and he’s there on the phone, apologizing to Magnus because his phone bill is gonna be awful but I …. I just… I needed to hear your voice Magnus, I’m sorry. You… you c-can send me the bill if you want, I just… and it takes everything Magnus has for him not to break down and cry right there and then because Alec really doesn’t sound okay and he has no idea what happened and he has no idea what they are but that’s his boy there on the phone who’s hurting and he hasn’t heard his voice in weeks… So Magnus is like Please shut up about my phone bill, I don’t give a fuck about that. How are you? Are you okay? What happened? And Alec is reluctant to talk about it, doesn’t want to give any details, just keeps saying rough day, Magnus, rough day in this small voice and Magnus hates it more than he’s ever hated anything in his life. He doesn’t want to push Alec too hard so he just asks what can I do? and he hates the way his voice shakes, he wishes he could be stronger than this but Alec doesn’t seem to mind, he just sighs like he’s tired deep in his bones, deep in his soul, and says: just talk to me. So Magnus does, he rambles on nervously about what he had for breakfast and what he taught today, his lecture plan for tomorrow, his neighbor’s hatred for his cat and his favorite designer on the new season of Project Runway. He just babbles on, hoping it can help. All he wants to do is help. Alec hums here and there, asks a few questions, especially about Magnus’ work and at some point he runs out of things to say. There’s a beat of silence before he whispers I love you and he knows that won’t help but he can’t keep it inside anymore, he can’t live with this trapped inside of him, fighting to break free. Alec sighs again. I.. I w-wish… You… you shouldn’t say that. Don’t say that, please. It shouldn’t take Magnus by surprise but it does and it hurts. Me not saying it won’t make it untrue Alexander. Alec groans in frustration and Magnus can picture it perfectly, the way he’s probably bent over, head between his knees, one hand harshly buried in his hair. I didn’t want to put you through that. I didn’t want to put anyone through that but especially not you. He’s so noble and he’s so caring and Magnus knew that already but it hits him again, hard, that this is a man who puts others before himself every single time and who will fight tooth and nail anyone who dares try taking care of him. So Magnus does his best to sound as stern as he can:  Well just too bad because I’m here and you’re there and I love you. And you wishing it hadn’t happened won’t change anything and if you like me even the tiniest bit you’ll call me again because I have been worried sick. 

Alec calls every week after that. There’s a new kind of anxiety that comes with waiting for the phone call, waiting for the confirmation that Alec is okay, but Magnus is happy to live with it when it means he can hear Alec’s voice once a week, warm and soft when he asks Magnus what he’s been up to and insists to be put on the phone with the cat. I don’t want him to forget me! 

That boy. 

They don’t talk about what they are again and it takes until Alec is back on American soil, his head buried in Magnus’ neck so no one can see him cry, for him to say I love you back, but it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need it. For now, Magnus cherishes every time his phone rings and he gets connected to Alec, he cherishes every time he can make him laugh, he cherishes every single plan they start making, every single hint that they can have a future together. 

It’s enough. 


Scenario: The temp agency sent you to a new job that was supposed to be something simple that came along with easy money: lots of easy money. But simple is far from what you get when you realize, being the secretary for Jeon Jungkook, comes with his own form of demands.

A/N: this is part one of the obsession series. I blame Jungkook with his stupid sultry looks and how damn good he’s looked in suits the whole BS&T era. I ended up writing this last night sitting in my car for almost two hours.This is honestly going to be dirty and kinky and I’m not gonna apologize. I hope you all enjoy!

Genre: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 3100

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

Warnings: Smut, oral, and slight rough play

“I am a professional. I. Am. A. Professional. I’M A GODDAMN PROFESSIONAL!”

Your hands smacked down on the marble of the bathroom counter. The words you’d been muttering to your reflection over and over like a damn mantra somehow becoming less effective. You felt like you couldn’t breathe in the high-waisted pencil skirt, which wasn’t a ludicrous assumption since you could barely walk properly in it with, or without, the heels.

The reason behind your anxiety ridden pep talk: Jeon Jungkook.

One of the youngest high-ranking executives in the company, he was known for being incredibly smart; thinking outside the box to close deals and create new overseas partnerships, charming, and a decorated athlete. Before you’d been assigned to the company as his latest secretary, the only time you’d actually ever seen him was on the cover of magazines and photographed next to expensive people with beautiful faces to match. Jeon Jungkook held a life you envied.

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Give me angry Pansy pining after Draco who's pining after Harry who's pining after Ginny who's pining after Dean who's pining after Seamus who's also pining after Dean

Give me Pansy who tries something new every year to get Draco’s attention and being so angry when he doesn’t notice
Give me Draco ignoring Pansy because Potter is nearby and that Granger girl is far too close to him Pansy /look/
Give me Harry ranting to Hermione about Ginny because she’s been spending a lot of time with Neville, are they dating? And Hermione patiently explaining that, no, they aren’t dating because Luna and Neville are dating
Give me Ginny ranting to Luna about Dean because he’s always with /Seamus/
Give me Dean talking to Ron in a hushed voice in the common room at night about Seamus and how he totally likes me, right?
Give me Seamus having the same conversation with Ron the next morning at breakfast and being confused when Ron sighs and mumbles something about pining idiots

Give me eighth year friendships that turn into relationships
Give me Hermione and Pansy who try and get Draco and Harry together and end up having a fling. It doesn’t work out because Pansy starts thinking that maybe she doesn’t want a relationship
Give me Pansy who gets a dog and names it Clifford because what, Hermione, I’ve watched the show
Give me Draco and Harry who are pushing into a relationship by Pansy and Hermione and are reluctant at first, but then they realize that, hey, they actually work
Give me Ginny who gets even closer to Luna after the war and when Luna and Neville break up, is confused as to why she is relieved because she doesn’t like /Neville/
Give me Dean who draws Seamus in all his free time because he has a really nice smile
Give me Seamus finding the drawings and confronting Dean about them because these are /good/ but there are so many and how long has he been doing this?
Give me Seamus getting confused when Dean gets flustered because he doesn’t like him, right?
Give me Dean who kisses Seamus on the spot because it’s now or never
Give me Hermione who is fed up with all of this pining
Give me Ron who laughs harder everyday because these gay idiots have no idea they like each other
Give me Neville who ends up in a relationship with Hannah Abbot because she shares his love of plants and he really loved Luna, but more as a sister than anything

Give me Weasley dinners with Ron and Hermione, Draco and Harry, Neville and Hannah, Luna and Ginny, Dean and Seamus, Pansy and Clifford
Give me Molly going frantic because /so many jumpers/ and how do you even make a jumper for a /dog/
Give me couples swapping jumpers

Give me happy Hogwarts kids in happy, loving relationships

Gency Week: Day 6 - Dragon //

When Genji first notices he has Feelings for Angela, he doesn’t know what to do. In his past he had no problem finding a partner with whom he could have a fling, but this is different. He’s never cared for someone before in the way that he does for her and it scares him. 

Que Soba acting on Genji’s feelings against his wishes. Angela is just excited that Soba has grown so fond of her. 

Tantalizing: 05

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Tantalizing: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader
Description: Back in high school, you were nothing more than a nerd Jungkook wanted to deflower, to get a good fuck from. When he sees you at the club, though, things have changed drastically, and his dominance starts to teeter on the edge.
Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Sex Toys, Degrading Names, Choking, Spanking, Slight BDSM, Handjob, Oral, Orgasm Denial, Exhibitionism, Fingering, Gagging, Blinfolding, Slight Violence? Slight Angst?
Word Count: 7,599

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#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 12)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 986

‘#DateMeBuckyBarnes’ Masterlist

A/N: Enjoy :)

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“Run, Y/N.”


"Run away from him now before it’s too late.”

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The Louvre (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

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You were the only daughter of one of the wealthiest pureblood families, everyone thought you would’ve been sorted into Slytherin but you were instead sorted into Gryffindor. The first couple of years you mostly kept to yourself, but then you met the infamous golden trio during your third year and now you were the fourth member of the former trio; after sharing a cabin together on the train, you instantly clicked. You were as studious as Hermione, as daring as Harry, and as carefree as Ron. 

Soon enough no one found you without one of them, from studying late at night in the common room with Hermione to raiding the kitchen with Ron. Well that was until the last week before the summer term. During Potions, Snape had decided that he would switch partners for the final exam and to your luck, you were paired up with Draco instead of Harry.

“If you cost us this exam I swea-” Draco began off coolly, but you cut him off with an air of confidence.

“Your father will hear about it? Don’t worry Malfoy, I’ll make sure you get to tell daddy dearest that you got an Outstanding.” you replied, arching an eyebrow at him while he instantly shut up, clearly not used to someone speaking that way to him. It unnerved him, but in a good way.

And you weren’t wrong, you and Draco got an Outstanding, something that surprised him considering how he didn’t even manage that on a weekly basis.

“Told ya so.” You said as you gathered your things and headed out the door, leaving the Malfoy heir speechless for the first time in his life.

The rest of the week flew by and next thing you know, you were hugging your friends’ goodbye at King’s Cross, promising Mrs. Weasley that you will stay at the burrow for the second half of your summer vacation.

As you and your family made your way across the station with your trunk you spotted Draco, you thought he would throw a dirty look your way but much to your surprise, he simply smiled at you, not a big toothy grin, it was a rather shy smile but a smile nonetheless. You returned it and carried on towards the family car.

A few days had gone past and so far your summer vacation was proving to be quite boring, until that fateful Tuesday. You were strolling down Diagon Alley, waiting for your father to finish doing whatever he had to do at Gringotts, you were so engrossed with all of the colorful summer flowers that adorned the window sills of some of the shops that you weren’t paying attention to where you were walking. Next thing you know you literally bumped into none other than Draco Malfoy.

“Woah, are you alright there, Y/N?” he said, his hands holding your waist to keep you from falling. You didn’t know what shocked you the most, that you were clumsy enough to fall in public, that you fell into Draco or that he knew your name.

“Um, yeah, I’m sorry, I should’ve been watching where I was going.” You said, blushing slightly at just how close you were.

“That’s quite alright. Rather bump into just you than the rest of your quartet.” He replied in a light, teasing tone.

“Are my ears deceiving me or is Draco Malfoy joking around?” you laughed, as he shrugged.

“I don’t know, let me take you out for a sundae at Florean’s and we can discuss it.” he said smoothly. You eyed him wearily, unsure whether or not to take his offer, but you weren’t one to get scared from the unknown so you smiled brightly and said,

“I would love to.”

And that was just the beginning.

Well, summer slipped us underneath her tongue
Our days and nights are perfumed with obsession
Half of my wardrobe is on your bedroom floor
Use our eyes, throw our hands overboard


After that Tuesday afternoon at Florean’s you spent every other day at either his manor or yours. Your parents absolutely adored him and his parents loved that he was seeing such a promising young lady, even though you were a Gryffindor. The fact that you were a pureblood made up for it.

Nights turned into days and days turned into nights, summer was passing by way too quickly for your liking and you were wondering just what this was, were you two just having a summer fling? Were you dating?

You were pulled from your thoughts by Draco calling your name over and over.

“You alight there love?”

“What are we?” you bluntly asked.

“Come again?” Draco said, clearly confused by your question.

“Us, what is this? We go back to Hogwarts in a month and I don’t know, we never stated just what this is. I mean you met my parents for Merlin’s sake!” you ranted, standing up from his bed, throwing the book you were previously reading to the side as he chuckled.

“Considering that I have at least one jumper of yours for every day of the week in one of my drawers because you always forget them here, I would safely say that we are dating, Y/N. Not to mention that I know for a fact that you steal my jumpers. I saw one on your bedroom floor last week.”

“You could’ve asked…you know, formally.”

“Are you seriously mad I never properly asked you to be my girlfriend?” he asked, laughing as you pouted, looking away knowing that your cheeks must resemble Ron’s hair.

“Y/N L/N, will you be my girlfriend?” he asked, bowing deeply as he were some sort of knight.

“Oh sod off.” You said laughing as he captured your lips with his.


A rush at the beginning
I get caught up, just for a minute
But lover, you’re the one to blame, all that you’re doing
Can you hear the violence?
Megaphone to my chest


You were hastily packing your trunk as Draco lazily played with your tabby cat, Harold, a scowl on his handsome face.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, as you shut your trunk with a flick of your wand, coming down to sit next to him on your bed.

“Nothing.” He said curtly.


“Do you really have to go spend a week with the Weasleys?”

“Like I told you a thousand times, I do, I promised my friends I would. Besides it’s just a week, then I’ll go stay at the manor until the term starts, I promise.” You said kissing him softly.

“Very well, but I’ll pick you up tomorrow bright and early so we can go have breakfast together one last time.” Who knew Draco Malfoy would be a lovesick puppy.

Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make ‘em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it


While you were at the burrow you kept looking for the right time to tell your best friends about you and Draco but it never seemed like the right time. The week flew by and soon enough you were using the Floo network to get to the Malfoy Manor where Draco was waiting for you.

What little remained of your summer break was filled with end of the summer parties from pureblood families, which meant that everyone that was anyone knew about the wealthy power couple that you and Draco were. Which meant that your friends would bound to hear about it.

You were sitting in the garden, taking a breather from the stuffy party crowd inside. Lost in your thoughts you didn’t even notice Draco coming up behind you.

“I told mum not to make a big announcement like that about us but you know how she is…I’m sorry.” He murmured as he wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing your shoulder softly.

“It’s not that Draco, it’s just that…” you trailed off.

“Go on, love.” He encouraged you.

“It’s a well-known fact that Harry, Hermione, Ron and you don’t get along. And I’ve grown rather fond of you… I just don’t want you to hurl insults at them and vice versa. Merlin knows just how much they hate me for not telling them about us.” You admitted, adverting your gaze from his piercing grey eyes.

“Well you’re not wrong. I’m rather fond of you but not of them, but for you, I’ll try to be civil. I won’t be best of mates with them, but I’ll keep the comments to myself.” He said, with that you let out a sigh of relief at which he chuckled.

“Now come on, they’ll think we’re up to no good if we don’t go back in there.” He said taking your hand in his as he led back inside.


Our thing progresses, I call and you come through
Blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you
But we’re the greatest, they’ll hang us in the Louvre
Down the back, but who cares, still the Louvre


Okay I know that you are not my type (still I fall)
I’m just the sucker who let you fill her mind (but what about love?)
Nothing wrong with it, supernatural
Just move in close to me, closer, you’ll feel it coasting


Just as you predicted it, Ron and Harry were beyond livid once they spotted you at King’s Cross. Your mother suppressed her laughter seeing them flail their arms, asking you a million of questions.

“YOU DO KNOW HE’S DRACO MALFOY RIGHT?” Ron yelled, scaring your cat as you looked between him and Harry.

“Y/N, IS HE BLACKMAILING YOU? We can call Snuffles or Remus!” Harry added.

“Is it a love potion?! Maybe we can contact Dumbledore before we get there so he can have the antidote ready!”

“Guys, GUYS! Shut up! Yes, I know that he’s a Malfoy, no, he’s not blackmailing me and we do not need to contact them, and lastly, it is not a love potion, you git.” You listed off as you tried to calm down your squirming cat.

“But Y/N, why didn’t you tell us? Mr. Weasley came home three days ago saying how everyone at the ministry kept buzzing about the latest Malfoy soirée and how his parents made a big announcement about their son. It was about how he was dating another powerful pureblood heir, you.” Hermione said, finally speaking out, a tone of hurt and resentment in her voice.

“I just didn’t know how to tell you; I know how ever since first year you all have not been in the best of terms with him. I was scared that you wouldn’t be my friends anymore.” You confessed.

“Now that’s bloody ridiculous. We’re just worried for you and yes, this will take some time to get used to but we’re here for you and we will try to be civil.” Harry said, hugging you softly, soon enough the rest of trio were hugging you, amidst the commotion your cat broke free from your arms and ran off straight into a tall, blonde figure.

“Missing someone, love?” Draco asked, holding your cat tightly since he was squirming so much.

“You know Harold; he doesn’t like it when he’s not the center of attention.” He chuckled and then noticed the golden trio, who were watching him apprehensively. He nodded politely at them and they returned the gesture, although it looked like it took Ron all of his will power not to shout at him.

“I’ll go get us a cabin, I’ll take this fat fluff ball with me.” He said, kissing your cheek and taking Harold along with him. You turned back to your friends but before you could get a word out, Ron cut you off.

“I take it you’re not sitting with us on the way to Hogwarts, eh?”

“I’m sorry Ron, but I’ll obviously sit with you guys during the feast.” You promised, hugging them one last time before you followed after Draco.

Once classes started, everyone kept talking about you and Draco, and how could they not? It wasn’t every day that a Slytherin prefect dated a Gryffindor. They constantly saw you bantering over the silliest of things, and it was a daily occurrence that Draco would be spotted running after your cat. No one could’ve imagine that the once cold Slytherin prince was now nothing but mirth and joy, well around you, around others he was still that cold prince. Just like at all of those summer parties, people looked and talked about the two of you with an air of awe, you parted hallways as you both walked hand in hand. Even the paintings themselves would coo over you both.

A rush at the beginning
I get caught up, just for a minute
But lover, you’re the one to blame, all that you’re doing
Can you hear the violence?
Megaphone to my chest

“They’re cute, don’t you think?” Hermione asked Ron and Harry as she spotted you two down by the lake, relaxing under an old oak tree.

“A little too cute. It’s like they’re living in a photoshoot, they’re so perfect!” Ron exclaimed.

“Oh hush up.” Hermione laughed as Harry snickered.

Even though you were deemed as the it couple at Hogwarts, that didn’t mean that everyone thought so. At the beginning of the term, the twins and many other Gryffindors would keep a close eye on you whenever you were with Draco. Draco’s friends were still weary of you, especially Pansy. But you both learned to ignored the whispers and snide comments because it didn’t matter to you both.

Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it

It was almost midnight and you were up at the astronomy tower, watching the clear night sky. Harold was purring next to you, and you were twirling your wand in in between your fingers, waiting for Draco to finish up with his prefect duties.

After a few minutes the door opened and he came in carrying two mugs of hot chocolate, Dobby trailing behind him with a plate of cookies.

“Dobby has come to help Draco! Dobby likes Draco very much because Draco treats miss Y/N kindly.” Dobby said cheerily, setting down the plate next to you.

“It’s so nice to see you, Dobby.” You said, smiling at the cheerful house elf. After a few minutes he bid you both farewell and went back to the kitchen.

You were both quiet for a few minutes, enjoying each other’s company.

“Who would’ve thought that we would be here…you being nice to house elves, and civil towards my friends.” you mused.

“Well, people do crazy things when they’re in love.” He answered, smiling as you moved closer to him, resting your head on his shoulder.

Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it
Broadcast the boom boom boom boom
And make 'em all dance to it

I feel pretty confident in saying that if Vetra is romanceable at all, she’s gonna be a romance option for fem Ryder.

And the reason I feel comfortable saying this is because of Bioware’s track record with romances, especially in Mass effect. Let’s quickly compare all of male Shepard’s love interests with Fem Shep’s.

Everyone Femshep can do the do with (excluding minor characters like Kelly chambers and Diana Allers):

(The bottom three you can have flings with in the citadel DLC)

And all of Male Shep’s love interests (with the same exclusions):

And I feel it should be noted that Tali’s Canon appearance under her mask is this:


What’s the most obvious difference between the two lineups?

(besides gender ratios of course)

The difference is that fem Shep has three bizzarre looking aliens in her romantic gallery whereas male Shep’s options are all very very human looking.  

With fem shep you can romantically pursue Garruss (s seven foot tall chicken dinosaur), Thane Krios (an, albeit sexy, frogman), and Javik (a four eyed… lizard man?).

The most alien you can get with male Shep’s options is Tali with her full body suit, but even then at the last second they revealed that underneath all that she really just looks like a slightly photoshopped human with luscious locks (which is what she is. Seriously. It’s a ‘shopped stock photo. I’m so mad). 

The reason for this difference (I think) is that there’s this belief, at least among most big-name media creators, that women care less about the physical appearance of their romantic interests then men do.
 How true this statement is is up to personal opinion I suppose, but it’s reflected in the options given to us by the game designers. They’re not going to put time and money into coding a full romance route they don’t think players are going to pursue, and they don’t think many male players are going to pursue a romance with anyone that doesn’t look at least mostly like a sexy human. 

Now let’s take a look at our lady Vetra:

She looks kickass, she looks awesome, she looks like the love of all our lives, but she very much does not look human. She’s seven feet tall, has a spiky bone plated face, and where are her bobbies??????

So here’s how Bioware is thinking about it: if we give players the chance to romance her, what demographic of players is more likely to pursue that romance? Women, obvi. 

Do I think that’s fair? No. Do I think male Ryder should be given weird alien love interests to smooch? Yes. And I really hope they do this game. 

But if they make Vetra a romance option, which i think they’re likely to do based on what they’ve been teasing, then I am certain that she is going to be an option for fem Ryder at the very least, if not both. 

i really fucking hate charles and erik the xmen movies bc their story is so SAD like its. honestly just a tragic love story, and really whether you view it as romantic or not, it’s still so heartbreaking. Any other time/place/universe they’d be together????? and happy???? And good???? But theyre NOT and despite all these conflicts they still love and care about each other…years later but they arent Together. They clearly should be but they ARENT and its….sad


Request: “can i request a draco fic where you move to hogwarts from another wizarding school in like year 10 (10th grade idk how you might say it) and you come from a really well known Gryffindoor family, you know the Weasleys, but get sorted into Slytherin and everyones really shocked and you become friends with Harry and Hermione (you already knew Ron) but you have a secret fling with Draco and it somehow gets revealed and backlash from Pansy and Harry, Ron and Hermione of course. Thanks so much xxx”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2216

Warnings: implied SMUT boiiiiiiiiiii also i feel like this fic is v incoherent and messy but i hope u guys enjoy it anyway hehe

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

You were green in a sea of red. Since your first day at Hogwarts, you had felt misplaced. There had been many hushed meetings with the sorting hat, with Dumbledore too. You asked and asked until you had more questions than you had started off with. Your Father’s side of the family, all Gryffindors, and your Mother’s side all American Thunderbirds. Neither pointed towards the outcome that occurred the day you arrived at Hogwarts, the same week you had returned to the UK to live with your father.


And yet, you felt shunned by them. Your last name carried deep significance to all Gryffindors, the name engraved in many trophies and plaques. The day you joined the cunning house of Slytherin was the only time you sat at your table, for even though you now wore the green robes, the only people who you felt at home with were the brave ones; the lions. You were a snake amongst strong beasts, and it really showed. That was, until you met a young blonde boy who helped you understand where you belonged.

You had met him on your first day, his eyes quick and calculating as you walked down the hallway, surrounded by your new supportive Gryffindor friends.

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